Real Lawyer Reacts to LEGAL MEMES // Legal Eagle

Real Lawyer Reacts to LEGAL MEMES // Legal Eagle

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– That is a striking resemblance between Larry King and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. (whimsical music) Hey Legal Eagles, it’s time
to think like a lawyer. Today I am outside of the Eagle’s Lair doing a live video from VidCon, although, by the time that you watch
this it probably won’t be live, it’ll be long after VidCon. I asked you guys to help out
and send in some legal memes that I can comment and respond to and you guys did not disappoint. We got some great legal memes
to talk about today, so, it’s time for our very own (drum break plays) Meme Review! Meme Review® Trademark of
PewDiePie, All Rights Reserved. All right, so, let’s
dig into our very first Legal Meme Review on this channel. (drum break plays) All right, would the defendant
tell the court exactly what kind of whale are you? Well, I’m, uh, objection! Oh my god. It’s a dolphin defending a killer whale but the prosecutor is a seal because killer whales kill seals. Aww. That’s kind of
sad, but also hilarious. You know, you gotta be careful, sometimes even things like names can be more prejudicial than probative and they are not allowable in court. (drum break plays) How you feel when the
jury laughs at your joke. (laughing) And, it’s Joe Pesci, not wearing an Indochino suit, by the way. So, you always wanna build
up a rapport with the jury, and when you have a joke
that lands with the jury, or the judge, it is a
really, really great feeling, although, it is in
contrast to when the judge makes a joke in court. You’re basically obligated to laugh whether the joke is funny or not, and all Federal Court Judges think that they are just absolutely the
funniest people on the planet. (drum break plays) I hereby sentence you
to 68 years in prison. Me: Whispers to my lawyer. My client has requested
you add one more year. Nice. (drum break plays) Lawyer: My client is
trapped inside a penny. Judge: What? Lawyer: He’s in a cent. Judge: You’re going to jail with him. Yeah, well that’s what
happens when you make a joke and the judge doesn’t laugh. (drum break plays) Defense lawyer, attack lawyer. I place one lawyer face down
and end my turn, your witness. That’s gotta be a board game or something. I’m sad that I don’t recognize it, I feel like I’m pretty
well versed in board games. Is that a Dungeons & Dragons thing? Let me know in the comments! (drum break plays) When the partner tells you to hurry up and finish that assignment. Oh my god, that hits so close to home. Sometimes you have a deadline, and, you just can’t spend hours and hours working on a beautiful,
finished, masterpiece of a brief, and sometimes a managing
partner comes in and tells you that you have exhausted all of your time, and you just have to get it done, and that basically turns
and amazing legal brief into converting a picture of a cheetah into the mascot for Cheetohs®. But, sometimes getting
it done is more important than getting it perfect. (drum break plays) According to multiple sources, Ruth Bader Ginsberg died six months ago, and Larry King has been
standing in for her ever since. No! Ah, that is not cool, but
that is a striking resemblance between Larry King and
Ruth Bader Ginsberg. That being said, everyone
knows Ruth Bader Ginsberg is never going to die. She has an exercise routine that would run circles
around Arnold Schwarzenegger. – I don’t think Paul Ryan could do this. – This is totally inaccurate. RBG is gonna live forever. (drum break plays) Lionel Hutz, Esquire! Works on contingency, question mark, no money down, oh my god. This is one of my favorite
episodes of The Simpsons. I don’t know if the joke comes
through in text like this, but I think this is the episode
where Lionel Hutz represents Bart against the people
that make Itchy & Scratchy, they bring in an ad and it says Lionel Hutz, works on
contingency, no money down. Lionel Hutz looks at it and says. – Oh, they got this all screwed up. – It’s actually works on
contingency, question mark, no, money down! – [Lionel Hutz] No. Money down! – I have to do a reaction to
Lionel Hutz at some point. He is such an amazing,
ridiculous character, and, RIP Phil Hartman, one of the best cartoon
voices of all time. (drum break plays) Sending emails to opposing counsel. Thinking about the email I
sent to opposing counsel. Oh, no! This one hits really close to home. As a lawyer you’re constantly sending emails to opposing counsel,
and, we call them nastygrams, because they are very sternly worded. They’re trying to get opposing counsel to do something that they don’t wanna do, and you are negotiating
on behalf of your client, so you have to put usually
an aggressive stance forward. So, it’s like, you know,
granny holding a gun here. But then the minute that you send that email to opposing counsel and you’re thinking about it, you’re probably gonna go
into your sent folder, you’re gonna open up that email, and you’re gonna check to
see if there were any typos or you said something stupid
or, you left a word out. It’s just like this. It will cause an asthma
attack or panic attack in so many different
lawyers thinking about the email that they sent, as opposed to the email
that they intended to send. That is definitely one of the harder parts of
being a lawyer, is stressing out over the stuff that you
sent to opposing counsel. I feel it. I feel that. (drum break plays) Approaching the jury
without permission be like. (laughing) Yeah. Yeah. The bailiff will tackle you
if you get too aggressive, just like Jason Mamoa is
doing with Henry Cavill here. (drum break plays) Lawyer: May I approach the bench? Judge: You may. Lawyer: (walks up and whispers) That other guy’s being
like, super mean right now. (laughing) Uh, yeah. Yeah, we tend to be a
little mean sometimes, and I can’t tell you the number of times I have litigated against,
I mean, I’ll say it. (bleep plays) They really just shoot
themselves in the foot, because either the judge or the jury doesn’t like putting up with their crap. I understand the sentiment when the other side is
being mean, and you know, you just want what’s best for your client. (drum break plays) All right. Do you swear to tell the
truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Me: No. Judge: (covers mic) What do I do? (laughing) I have never seen that happen in court. It certainly would not help your case if you are trying to get people
to believe your testimony. (drum break plays) Kanye’s ready to teach 1L contracts. Kanye West: We need consideration. (laughing) Oh my god. Okay, this might take a second. This is a fantastic 1L contracts joke. So, there’s a standard
concept in contracts that says you have to have consideration
for a valid contract. Consideration is just some thing of value that is exchanged between parties. Really what it’s done is to prevent people from having what is called
a gratuitous contract, where you write down a contract, but, it’s only the one side doing something and the other side isn’t
getting anything as a result. So, the famous example is an uncle who tried to contract with his
nephew to go to college, and the uncle isn’t necessarily getting anything out of that, but the law doesn’t wanna have
enforceable contracts where both sides don’t get something out of it and that thing is called consideration. So, the fact that Kanye is
saying “We need consideration.” and this person is saying that Kanye is ready to teach 1L
contracts is so funny. (drum break plays) Me as a lawyer: Your honor, when does the Law & Order theme song play, or do we have to hum it ourselves? (laughing) Oh, god, I love Law & Order. Sadly, it does not play when you walk into a
courtroom dramatically. When I was a kid, my
parents had a strict limit on how much regular TV I could watch, I could only watch 30 minutes
or an hour of TV a day, but there was no limit to how much educational TV I could watch, and I convinced them that since I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up, that I should be able to
watch Law & Order the series because that would be educational TV. I think I won that argument
and I was allowed to watch reruns of Law & Order on TNT for basically as long as I wanted. That, my friends, is some
good lawyering right there. (Law & Order Theme Song plays) Dun dun, da na na na da! Bow wow bow ma mow ma mow mow mow. Okay. (drum break plays) Here we have a Spongebob meme. Isn’t this a material fact? Judge: Yup. And the parties dispute
this material fact. Judge: Yup. The parties disagree
about the material fact, therefore this issue should be decided by the trier of fact instead of the judge. Judge: That makes sense to me. So, let’s go to trial. Motion for summary judgment granted. This may not make sense to everyone, but, this is absolutely fantastic. A summary judgment motion is
basically a trial on paper. You submit your best arguments and the other side submits
their best arguments, and, the thing about a summary
judgment motion is that the factual basis must
be uncontested by both sides. So, if there is an issue of material fact that both sides disagree about you can’t grant summary judgment
and it has to go to trial. That is great when you
are a defense lawyer like I tend to be, but, you know, I’ve been on the other
side of that as well, on the plaintiff’s side, and it sucks when the judge grants
summary judgment against you. (drum break plays) Imagine spending seven years
in college to become a lawyer and your client shows
up to court like this. (laughing) I remember this, this wasn’t
actually that long ago. This is Takeshi6969, and
he showed up to court, and I think he was convicted
of a gun related charge, and I think he got substantial jail time. Yeah, you can’t show
up to court like this. Now, obviously, you’re gonna swim upstream when your face is covered with tattoos, that is definitely not going
to put your best face forward. (rimshot plays) Ba-dum, ching! Yeah, you can’t show up with
a ridiculous tie like that with your shirt completely untucked. Now, obviously, when you go to court, you have to wear a suit,
but I’m not always in court, as evidenced by this actual video, and when I’m not I love to wear things like what I’m wearing right now, which is a polo from Mack Weldon. It’s hard to explain how
soft and light this polo is. I absolutely love it, and I’m thrilled that Mack Weldon is now a sponsor. I’m also wearing their world
famous boxer briefs right now, but I can’t, obviously, show that to you. Well, unless, hold on. (grunts and strains) Ah, these are their famous boxer briefs, incredibly comfortable, super soft. I really like the pattern on them as well. Here’s a picture of me wearing them. This is definitely me
wearing them, obviously. I don’t know why the camera
cut my head off there. But, I’ve been thrilled
with the Mack Weldon shirts, shorts, and underwear
that I purchased from them, and I’ve been putting
it through the ringer, including playing multiple hours of tennis in all of the clothing and
it has held up beautifully, and has stayed unbelievably comfortable. Mack Weldon is a men’s
essential clothing brand that focuses on smart
design and premium fabrics. The smart design goes beyond
just the clothing itself, it goes into the website. When I had to order this
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I had it shipped overnight, I tried on the clothes,
I kept the ones that fit and I sent back the ones that didn’t using the included return shipping label, and it was a wonderful experience. Mack Weldon says that their stuff is the most comfortable underwear, socks, and other clothing that
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their famous boxer briefs and you don’t like it for any reason, you can keep it and they will still give you a refund without sending it back, because who wants to get used underwear? (dog yipping) So, do you agree with my
reviews of these legal memes? Leave your objections in the comments, and of course, check out
this playlist over here, where I have all of my
other legal reactions including reactions to lawyer jokes, movies, television shows, you name it. So, click on the link and
I will see you in court.

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