Reacting To True Story Scary Animations! Part 5

Reacting To True Story Scary Animations! Part 5

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he realized that the man was some sort of taxidermied here with Blackstock eyes had been taken out and upon popular demand we are here to check out some scary animated horror stories maybe guys on watch original video it is by Wayne C entertainment make sure to go check them out like and subscribe let's do this Crystal Chiara and Melissa I'm the youngest and only boy growing up we lived in a haunted house in fact the neighborhood was haunted all the neighbors had experiences apparently it was all built over a military grave site but I'm not sure how true that is this was years ago I was about five I think and my sisters were around their early teens our cousin Vincent who we call Vince II was staying over he's the same age as my sisters we used to play hide-and-seek with all the lights in the house turned off apart from any room our parents weren't here so this set was going great the only source of light was a flashlight that the seeker had crystal was usually found quickly because she had and still has really long curly red hair and it almost glowed bright orange in the light Chiara has long straight blonde hair so she was found quickly too but Melissa and I have black hair so we could blend in better however this night Chiara was the seeker she found us fairly quickly and only had Vincey to find so she went to our parents room and shined the light inside wardrobes that were attached on either side of a white dressing table with a mirror on top of it Chiara could see one of the Wardrobe doors was slightly opened and inside of it in the darkness she could see eyes staring out at her she laughed and shouted found you Vincey but the eyes didn't move they just stared at her I see you Vincey she left again suddenly on the opposite side of the room the curtains of the window flew open and Vincey jumped from the window ledge laughing he are looked at him in confusion but I thought suddenly the confusion turned to fear when she looked back at the Wardrobe the eyes were still there wide and staring at Vincey but then slowly looked back in her direction Chiara screamed and quickly turned on the room light and they could both now see that the Wardrobe was empty nobody hiding no pets no boxes nothing hide-and-seek in the dark soon became a memory after that yeah never again no oh oh this happened a few weeks ago I live in California and have always been good friends with this kid named Ethan we had all the same interests so we got along great but that's besides the point there's this old abandoned house a few blocks away that has been vacant for years I have no idea why it was never fixed and sold the point is it's abandoned all the neighborhood kids are always telling rumors about the place and to be honest with you I never thought they could be true the house was creepiest though so one night while Ethan was staying at my house for the night we decided to sneak out it like what I am no to explore the place we brought along our phones for flashlights into record so we wrote our bikes down the block and found the house it was two stories high and made of brick with broken windows and an overgrown lawn basically all the natural traits of an abandoned house Ethan and I hid our bikes in a bush and went around the back side oddly enough the back door was unlocked one of the rumors is that local homeless people frog addicts and gang members all hang out here so the fact that someone seemed to have been here kind of freaked us out inside it smelt like shit it was so dark that if it weren't for our flashlights we definitely wouldn't have been able to see anything we walked through what appeared to be a kitchen around through a living room into a foyer no just as we were about to go upstairs no it was a sudden load thump young guy both jumped and stood frozen dude I think someone's up there no I whispered to Ethan yeah no kidding he said back let's check it out no excuse me watch way too much scooby-doo check out for what yeah I mean that's real why do you get crazy I said but Ethan either didn't hear or ignored me as he was already halfway up the stairs as much as I did not want to go up there I decided to anyways because there was no way in hell I was staying down in the dark alone we got upstairs and heard an identical thump down the hall holding up my phone to continue recording I reluctantly followed Ethan down there we approached the doorway and glanced through to see someone standing by the window it was so dark oh he could make out was a brown sweater he was wearing we knew he had to know we were here because we had already shown the flashlight on him Ethan began to cautiously walk towards the gun I'll feel bad this guy lives I stood back by the doorway he then walked up to the guy strained his body to look at his face and screamed he shoved the guy who fell to the floor stiff like a statue and grabbed my shirt collar as he tugged me away from there who dropped my phone as we nearly trampled each other one even the stairs and out the back door know who did it got on our bikes and pedaled fast as possible' back home then you deserve baby bitter than parently when Ethan had walked up to the stiff man he realized that the man was some sort of taxidermied human with black sockets where his eyes had been taken out at the same time he heard a crack in the floorboards from across the room and saw the silhouette of a man huddled in a dark corner watching him we had the nerve to go back to the house a few days later yeah I needed to get grant even y'all need to get eaten alive y'all dough to try and find my phone no but it was gone as the taxidermied human and whoever was in that house we didn't dare report it to the police for fear of getting busted for but you'll go you'll walk up to people in a dark abandoned house not for fear of being e breaking and entering and sneaking out at night I know I guess that sounds stupid now Ethan and I are still great friends in high school in this memory is still one we will never forget for as long as we live a few years ago while I was in high school the deep web was becoming very popular I never really got into it until my friend told me about it because he was into that weird stuff one day after school I had nothing to do so I went on to the browser tour I didn't really see much so I called my friend over so he hooked me up once he got to my house we started searching more and more we saw a lot of drugs and illegal weapons and stuff like that then he clicked on a link that was in a chat room and the link said watch this as we're sitting there we were just staring at the screen that went from black to the outside of a building within a few seconds and out of nowhere a sticky note that said want to see something cool so then I thought yeah sure know what was weird was the guy wouldn't type he just showed sticky notes in the camera and he also never spoke all of a sudden the camera started moving toward the building that it was facing as we're watching him moved towards the building we noticed that the building was in our neighborhood then he quit moving and put another sticky note that said lol that kind of creeped me out and then a person entered the building which was eerily dark the camera stopped at a padlocked door and then unlocked it and open it the camera moved toward the back of his darkroom and there was a dog bowl on the floor now at this point the camera was only facing the dog bowl a few moments later whoever the person was that was holding the camera put something in the boat that looked like just slop honestly it looked like feces then you hear another door open and a girl crying in the background along with a change right this girl shows up in the camera chrome was a chain around her neck and the guy shoved her face in the bowl and puts his sticky note in front of the camera that said cool right then the screen goes black we set there for about 10 minutes and disbelief but the stream was still alive then out of nowhere the camera was back home and it was in the corner of my street then another sticky note that said five four five East ninety-nine Street off a st. Clair that was my address then another sticky note that said opened the door we set there confused then out of nowhere a knock at the door guess what man you go get filled with so many holes you're gonna get filled with so much stuff people gonna mistake you for a 20-something year old pornstar the minute you step past the cusp of my door I own you now shoot somebody inside your house Hey look it was just a time ago they did some stuff I told not to do and they got God gave him a dolphin blowhole I grabbed my jumped up and we both ran to the back door then we heard a knock at that door right before I grabbed the handle at that point we had someone at the back door – someone at the front door nothing real stuff I'm not trapped down here with you you're trapped in here with maybe that's real I wish somebody would throw up make freshly squozen o ji today frame at that point we ran upstairs called the cops and locked ourselves in my room the talk shorted on that roll it was I saw only items were tops down there 100 sticky notes all of my address written on one I told the cops about the building with the girl and they found it the girl was 14 – had been missing for five weeks we moved out of that house within a week but I would never visit the deep or the dark web again hey man stay out of the deep somebody show up at me with all that man it's not it's just not gonna be what you thought it was gonna be man I'm telling you man it's hope you guys know this video ma'am you did make sure to comment like and or subscribe double blast HD twizzles

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