R. KELLY DEFENSE: Lawyer Says Wait Until You Hear The Singer’s Story

R. KELLY DEFENSE: Lawyer Says Wait Until You Hear The Singer’s Story

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half of myself. x ne ale Sorry folks wre gng out live right now to Chicago this is R. toheedia rig nowfterhe speaking singer – Pleaded not guilty tay. Th’sheree pads not ilty pd notuilty all Th’retill gting t bon the oyouere fromut or townn Ilnoie . ouelve. sortf disaocia om thaprocs s wheI’m Wh kno autondage just wa giv was somimes theim I Actu cash toy. Afterix olock foro n’t want tstand out In theold — Andefore nino’cloc toght. so wean getut diover ty’re gonna sd ue wee goa lookt it wreth this casen the crt rm.nna val ay No gng ttry is cen the mea I’m ta . What Iay issll y myord Is younow theospel on ings going to hdle t case le w ndle eve oer case le Co couy and ande’llo dor.–ofas. at wgottdo. gher a highe With hOne otr thg Wh. Weid nsk today tt t bond be lowed saw tte asd t jud t from N so so tre’seen ary somnet lot confe bott wt he nds. F there wa a chiupport bk chil suppt ord. have to post that to get out of ja wdidn’t askheudge to reduce or lower the bomb. Today at al we just. Clify dide don’t nd host The civ. Befo he gets o of ja caus tre w somconfion m no a dorce lawr. So I don’t kno That thas up tthat judging o’s er hdling tt ca entyevenf I ow i. I ow thatMar thi. Noo no I’m not representing a n any civil matters cmina defense lawyer. metis weo cil rights. Hold on holon hold the’s the cond o is in a y all Caforn sayg.udie] tryo defeat him now vers two thound two wdows I wa’t invod . de wit procutors wdealase we wi judgewe dea witjuri. Ifomeoneants tinfleconal. Slow ba protehemsves I can’t do ythingbouthat younow we havethic res he. In Illois I a lensed atrney iIllino I’m cstraedy the r e constraid boracle res. Thernow and the peoe we fu svice ain will vestateTo sta up here and insultd riin o sysm anday tt u kno hera co county wer ateur is callounty ste is fu wonderfulawyers. Grt lyersawyers go al over t cous . Civil lawrs criminal fens lawys. wheverhey nt som kind of aageatch or methinut we’r gonna e courtoom we’rgonna seehat worry out me gndstanng [iudible] The cld sport [indibl Td dolls. . We givyou a ttle. Wh theres a cl*** charge uer Ill? Wectuay havto he aourt orr.o be aeo se i crimal act.it’a sepates eryime e gorn.rerta rul that The case in particul. haens theapes ares I ll tl y tha to the extent someo is someone is watchs suosed hasalue wairses. Andnd wll s whe it take us f no . a expected under t rcumstces the jail aff has beenreat theve got h a eryo kwshat e hoital it Notecau he’sick or ythingike tt buecause hi tbe a heertalypceor ping. get o of he was . e genel pulatio treay it’sette forhe sre cits a ccernk not genal popation. Th’re charge of thatnd a foru. Wherev they e fi potion is ‘s n o Kely theideo I’m notoing t saying ithat if meon has.culat. Posss*a they think they’ve got the ses tk th’ve got sseson o chi **-heyhour right away se sg and dance inront ofhe mia Iotne tay I got oneomorro on the ow this one. Andll that a if th’re ing tt eanstae othat crinal a but’mot gng. goi tget to it at’s not don’t a] . mots mager of e sto manager I dot kn anying the are the are seval of our fe cook cnty jges Righthere Is Thon’t kw me they don’ all wor . n asthe cal peoplee’ve don Pret wes prty successl wita wi. Everyase. ents ociviases tt we wellnd is not. out thevidee it’s abo in fro of all of you andsays.cas know someo suld be li that’s iou. t’s lkt thsystem worke shld b waiting I I give credit to mi allight. caus msllred s can s wh she gonna say sho in a clas manne. Than what the system Look thethe. In this instanceecause that’s the easiest place for them attoey goe all ovetheorld. Tryin. u chge yr potionn my wha I sa thet. aid afar aI know ty’re al lying I crinal fens wyer okay I’vgot clit who ys. ‘s iocenled tuilt at’sur pitio younow in and a I kw in this area. Evere u havet se the evince ovided sd well ey’rell tellou treed mike for attoeyight.tr get a fferent So ynow o positn at s int isr Clies de abluteothing wng a n onhashowe us a evince that he s . g . lik a oth cas we’ goin to t t e’ e Wee gonn me a terminion of how ws point in time. I have no reason to believe that there is any tape Miste Kly actg appropately i rigion. Or tt he de wrg wi. Absolute I wouldontie to reesent h se everydy and ansomeonstitional lawase eryby is entledo a defense eryboo . e constent witthe esumion f iocen w should allustep ck Don’t dece all the cases citedhet Ion’t dide al the ks starte a of. diculousremature And t’see wt hat y havan awer iand how thingslay. Toveryefendants entled to it Ihid t oces ts islayi out tt way [inaud] only o one aolutelook coty is a gre placeo try cas [indible] Eaier- e ca. Ye Seed ithe st feways You n still a uble jpardyn Ilnois is not. It’sot t se asort of t nstituonal there’s twoinds I don’t wanna getomplated lee it to do you rard a to toeach thelass. But thers tre’soubl jeopdy wch io constitional then there tually statu Illins Sameax the’s also somech talks . ring thealk abt. Ac w known or should hav know or shld he beennown back then ere mit be different so ere’aotfiffent You know a wide area ofegaloubl Thsame pson at sameersoin thexactamee leme crecthat it’got be. e same. Person at e same time dog. Anhe same time frame. othe wordsf something happened o o day and tn something happed a week ter. reas tha there are a lot of lawys. Is because theaw it’ complicad. Moing d yo. sdemnor He’s in jl no oneants toe inail Sorett preytrong and he Henows what’s therend he knows thathat what kind of a Heas i it fore so is hing toet out todayinaudie] rhap [audie] toet outonig wil.he’s goi youys n’t ve to std out theold sexu parersinauble] o Well. Chargewithssaultgy wl you’vg alletions ainst.e I’ gotteast s difrents I took off offf ovaristatemts ft ov thelace I mn so youll dilosure aeements whyoexpect so? th have tse thehave tse to ptect. ainst allegations [inaudible] Hi [inaudible] Thank you. All right that was Steve Greenberg R. Kelly’s defense att- The singer pleading n guilty todw e

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