Queen approves Johnson’s request to suspend Parliament ahead of Brexit

Queen approves Johnson’s request to suspend Parliament ahead of Brexit

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100 thoughts on “Queen approves Johnson’s request to suspend Parliament ahead of Brexit

  • Archer Cillian Post author

    Noice. 😀👍

  • late fall chill Post author

    As an American I say the United States should suspend all Diplomatic Relations with the United Kingdom to protest this suspension of Democracy in Britain. This is a totalitarian move by Boris Johnson.

  • AARM-USRA Post author

    There will be better trade deals between the US and U.K. than the trade deals between U.K. and EU

  • OldieBones Post author

    It's so good to know that during these trying times, our friend the UK is in the capable hands of a 93 year old woman and an aging surfer bro.

  • Stu Mac Post author

    The Queen is just about the only person in a position of power we can trust at the moment.

  • Andrew Gockel Post author

    Johnson will do a great job for the British people.

  • Tom Golledge Post author

    Trump and Boris… two winners that always win….

  • Thrawl Post author

    The people of Britain have spoken… twice now! Hey citizens of Britain… those that want out of that crap are welcome to swap with the liberal socialists here in the US. It's a win win… plus this saves them from the coming purge they will subject themselves to when they rise up and demand our taxes pay for their narcissistic life choices.

  • n s Post author

    Well…to be sure…the UK is a dictatorship ran by the royal mob family and the people of Britain are still slave property of the queens…am I the only one to see this….geeeez. you have no real chance of having a free country with the same royal mob family being able to just suspend the representation government…..good to know…GOOD TO KNOW!!!

  • tcr333 Post author

    The queen knows not to say no at this very sensitive time with all the allegations swirling around her son and deceased pal epstein.

  • NPC #76409543 Post author

    Nice work Your Majesty.

  • OG Herefano Post author

    Parliament just got flanked.

  • Laurence Friedman Post author

    It's so hilarious that people actually believe that the UK is a democracy and the queen just holds a ceremonial position. Why would Boris need the queen's approval for anything at all??? Answer: because it's parliament that is ceremonial and the monarchy that holds the power.

  • Mike Post author

    Actor Gary Busey runs England now?

  • Name Post author

    The Brits voted Brexit and The Americans voted trump, and so it was, globalism began to be dismantled.

    Three cheers for red white and blue – hip hip hurray! hip hip hurray! hip hip hurray!

  • Bozorgmehr Bahmani Post author

    I start loving Boris!

  • Doris White Post author

    Am a US citizen living in the US. However, am happy about this.
    Good for you, Boris. Good for the UK.

  • Rose White Post author

    Queen Elizabeth rocks 👍👍

  • Roger Bennett Post author

    Go go you jocks you don't need a referendum just declare independence now.

  • Rose White Post author

    Boris Johnson 👍🇺🇸❤️🇬🇧

  • Peggy Englebrake Post author

    I thought the Reptilian queen died this week.

  • Martin Britton Post author

    Boris has done a Trump and the U.K. left-wing are triggered. So funny.

  • Carmen Peters Post author

    No she didn't. Fake news.

  • Pepe Grillo Post author

    good to see the old fart agreeing with Johnson

  • Dantè Spardason Post author

    Every remainer up and down the UK having kittens right now 🤣

  • Carmen Peters Post author

    I wonder if Kim Jong is getting his hair done blond 🤔

  • Smeag Scientist Post author

    Comments are disabled for this video

  • tony tucker Post author

    i am sorry that the queen decided to interfere in this manner ………. sigh ;(

  • A R Post author

    Wow. The Queen put her foot down.

  • Tim Hunt Post author

    Civil war, bring this government down the country to a halt.

  • MrMeatWad Post author

    I’m confused when it comes to all this … not sure if I’m for it or against it

  • Bunker Buster Post author

    The people vote to get out of the European Union and the vote dosent count this is what the Democrats want for America Failed Corrupt Leadership

  • Bradley7 Johnson Post author

    Leave eu means leaving draconian laws set forth by undemocratic failed eu political body that allows mass migration to take place uk is once more sovereign without it

  • Ted371 Post author

    Boris Johnson had no choice but to request the suspension. Their Parliament is too dysfunctional.

  • Andrew Macdonald Post author

    The President’s new “communications director” just said the media misinterpreted some of what Trump had to say recently. Maybe he should buy himself one of those new Japanese language translator devices, to interpret what he says into English for the rest of us…

  • Nimrod Quimbus Post author

    God bless Britain.

  • Marco Polo Post author

    Wonderful…. we are going to witness the collapse of the UK as a christmas gift…..Brexit is a failure and it will bring trump down.

  • Oliver Lofthouse Post author

    Bollocks to Brexit and Trump! NO DEAL, NO MANDATE!

  • yukonjeffimagery Post author

    God Bless the Queen !

  • Larry James Post author

    Wow! The UK is proving itself to be dumber than America, and I didn't think that possible.

  • Toots RR1 Post author

    God save Our Gracious Queen & Britain Great News to wake-up to from NZ 😍

  • very confused Post author

    It is going to be quite something to see the Queen realising she just approved breaking the UK.

  • LEE DARLEY Post author

    We, are most definitely amused.

  • Iam N. Post author

    We Approve! You may rise now. 👑

  • Claudio Saltara Post author

    In other words the Queen is kicking asses?

  • Patrick G Post author

    In matters of sovereignty, Royal Prerogative allows the Queen to suspend Parliament or fire it entirely if required. On a daily basis though, she cannot overrule the workings of Parliament once she has given her consent to it.
    The UK is a constitutional monarchy, not a democracy. This means we are subjects of the Queen, not citizens.

  • Oddjam Post author

    This is a coup and it's terrifying to see it happen in the UK

  • Dothemathemathics Post author

    Independents for N Ireland and Scotland?

  • I'll B watching U Post author

    Just saw on Twitter that TRUMP just threw fox news under the bus saying their viewers should find another network. I knew being his propaganda channel would eventually backfire 😆

  • mike smith Post author

    Good for the Queen!

  • Santa Clause Post author

    Stop disabling comments you low life scum bags. You're just as bad as CNN

  • WTF Again? Post author

    A formality and she cannot refuse the request as long as it is properly brought I believe.

  • Jesus is God MAGA Post author

    Mom says it's okay.

  • Charlie hustle Post author

    That's the bowliest bowl cut I've ever seen in my life. He be like, "I shall place this jolly olde candy dish upon me noggin and then proceed to cut around it, I shall."

  • arnoldtm31 Post author

    Go Boris..Go.

  • U 812 Post author

    If lame-stream media wasn’t so busy bashing POTUS Trump & PM BoJo, they would’ve noticed the Queen, who admired n respected Winston Churchill … sees a lot of the same in President Trump as Churchill… and PM BoJo is a lot like Trump. She knows Britain won’t fail. Trade w USA could be Huuuge. 🇺🇸 🇬🇧

  • jmarie8408 Post author

    Go Boris!

  • mojtaba mm Post author

    مرگ بر روسیه …مرگ بر چین …down with russia…down with china…viva american people

  • Rodney Rodgers Post author

    WaPo says this is wrong and dangerous etc etc….that's how I know Johnson is right

  • B H Post author

    Just watched @FoxNews heavily promoting the Democrats through their DNC Communications Director, spewing out whatever she wanted with zero pushback by anchor, @SandraSmithFox. Terrible considering that Fox couldn’t even land a debate, the Dems give them NOTHING! @CNN & @MSNBC….

  • Pohlhammer Odinson Post author

    Monarchy showing its value even when its limited. God bless the queen

  • A B Post author

    Remainers who want to scrap Brexit — I mean you want to avoid a no deal Brexit — democracy voted to leave; please respect that vote and support both democracy and the people's decision.

  • Brave Heart Post author


  • Devin C Post author

    Lol getting an ad for a 30 second video clip.

  • Deplorable B.R. Post author

    EU go to hell and take that pig Merkel with you. Up with the Brexit my British friends!!!!

  • Keith Mc Post author

    The British are going to have a rude awakening once Brexit is accomplished.

  • Craig Barker Neo Post author

    …Interesting move…

  • 1MicrosoftCPU Post author

    My only king 🤴 has a kingdom that is not of this world, the I am, king of kings.

  • Ryan B Post author

    Hopefully Italy will leave EU too.

  • Jamie M L Post author

    Hail to the Queen!

  • Peter Shearer Post author

    No problem. Rod Rosenstein will declare the queen non compos mentis, invoke the 25 Amendment and relieve the queen from office. Unfortunately, for Rosenstein, Donald Trump will declare him nonsense compost mentis (dumb s**t for brains) and appoint Milo Yiannopoulos as Queen of England. Both halves of Ireland will revolt because neither one of them can remember whether they are Catholic or Protestant so they aren't sure if they can support a Catholic queen. Both halves agree they don't like Milo's choice in dresses and amicably bring Ireland back together as one country.
    The European Union, watching all these shenanigans, will vote to disband itself because there is too great a danger that Britain will end up remaining and that means they will be stuck with Milo, whom they believe wears worse dresses than the previous queen. This objection is expressed vociferously by Macron's wife who prefers the dresses given to her by Queen Victoria during her diamond jubilee. Prince Charles will do himself in because he finally realizes that he will never be king.
    Final analysis: everybody wins (except for Rod Rosenstein)

  • MD Supreme Post author

    The Queen loves her country obviously

  • Stone Artisen Post author

    Wow I'm actually starting to love this guy

  • Changing of the guard Post author


  • john osborn Post author

    Churchill didn't suspend Parliament during World War II, who is this Trumpian clown to think HE can.

  • acidtooth Post author

    Brexit or DIE!!

  • Uncle Randy Post author

    Can we suspend Congress here in the US?? Just imagine how much we could get done, the wall, tougher immigration laws, infrastructure development………………..

  • Robert Kubrick Post author

    Remoaners are crying that they can't undo the DIRECT will of the people made in a referendum? Shocking. You can't negotiate a trade treaty while you are still in, you have to leave on WTO terms, then each party can negotiate in good faith, of which there has been none of to this point. May didn't even sign the nullification of EU law that would only be triggered upon leaving the EWWW! Because she had no intention of leaving the EWWW or she would have signed it long ago.

  • Tom Campbell Post author

    The queen eats baby fetuses when she going to be held accountable for that

  • Taylor Allen Post author

    Yay Brexit !!

  • FR MM Post author

    Boris and Trump must be brothers and their Queen Mother

  • uncle Poobie Post author

    Don't worry I have stuff on you all too

  • MasterSwo Post author


  • Cowboy Dan Post author

    Yeessss lad

  • Aryyan Sarma Post author

    Hey people can anyone tell me about some of the changes that will happen after the Brexit ?

  • Agent Ninja Post author

    Let the games begin.

  • Icontrolltheworld Post author

    Welcome to the comment section filled with complete uneducated American stupidity.

  • Agent J Post author

    So… Parliament just got placed in timeout, while the adults fix the children's mess, once again.
    Do better, argument isn't accomplishment.

  • Cliffhouse97 Post author

    I imagine the 52% are pleased that this man is doing what he can to honor their vote in 2016.

  • feral vicar Post author

    Boris Johnston would make a far superior first lady than melania.

  • Bowen Post author

    This is how the British civil war started. Just FYI

  • Paul Thompson Post author

    The queen is still the queen 💯

  • whatsyurprob ? Post author

    If anyone wants PROOF that you were LIED TO all of your life, this is it. I'm 57, and when I was growing up we were ALL taught that the Queen was just a traditional figure head with no power at all. Mof, we were taught that all of Europe was influenced by the French Revolution to end Monoarchy, so it therefore didn't exist anymore.

    In their "PANIC IN D.C.", and now DESPERATION, this govt. has shown its hand. I have now lost faith in, America.

  • Malcolm Mills Post author

    Johnson the lying clown with his lying Kipper story, so afraid of a vote against him he dissolves parliament and sticks two fingers up at democracy. He has no idea how to reach a deal so is happy to go with no deal. Johnson got what he stabbed Cameron and May in the back for and endangered UK prosperity for I.e to be the primeminister.

  • Jim Man Post author

    looks like Great Briton wanted a Trump and this guy even looks a little like him…lol i hope they get their freedom back by leaving the Globalist controlled EU.

  • Indigo Misfit Post author

    Thank you Epstein .

  • William Levy Post author

    The majority of "her subjects" NO JOKE. That's what all citizens of the U.K. are, voted to leave. She's going to do what she can to move that along. Not surprising except to all those who thought the Queen was powerless. 😂

  • Chuuhi L Post author

    It is often useful to give the slight impression that you are deliberately pretending not to know what is going on, because reality maybe that you don't know what is going on but people won't be able to tell the difference.

    – Boris Johnson

  • Amsterdam Post author

    ayyyyyy lmbo. Good times, good times

  • gustacular Post author

    That escalated quickly… from Democracy to tyranny in less that 30 days.

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