Quantum Success Show-Law of Allowing…. Part 1

Quantum Success Show-Law of Allowing…. Part 1

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Hi this is Christy Whitman and welcome to the Quantum Success Show where you can information and inspriation on how to manifest your desires. Today I am am going to be talking about the law of allowing. The law of allowing is is one of those laws that really people have a hard time getting their mind around and once they do it’s like how you apply it. How does it apply to me. How does it apply to how I relate to other people. How does it apply to when I want to create something in my relationship with the universe? The way to think about the the law allowing is really the principal
of no resistance. What I mean by that is anytime you feel your self constricted cuz remember everything is energy. If you find yourself constricting, if you’re judging someone, your constricting.
If your criticizing someone you’re constricting. If you’re not
appreciating or respecting the pace at which things are going you’re constricting. When you want
something to be different than it actually is; you’re not in
allowing. It is what it is is a really good mantra for the law of allowing. Now I like to think of the law of allowing as three different aspects. One: the
relationship that you have with yourself. Who are you? You know.. how do you show up in the world? What are the issues that come up for you? What are patterns you need to change? Things like that. Then there’s also relationships you have with others. Th energy exchange that you have with other people. Do you constantly want other people to
be different in order for you to be happy? Their
behavior needs to be changed in some way and then you’ll be happy because that is
certainly not place of allowing. When you can accept someone or something the way it is that’s being in a place allowing and I am going to talk about that in a second. Then there is the relationship that you have with the universe. when you put out there something that
you want to manifest; do you allow the universe to bring it through in perfect right time? Do you trust that the universe is going to bring it through or are you fighting against the timing? Your own
timing of when something should happen. Whenever you are saying the word should, this person should do something
different, I should do something different, I should have done that. The universe should be giving me my you know job at this point or my partner. whenever you are shoulding, you are not in a space of allowing. You are wanting something to be different than it is. Think of it this way. There’s a difference between approving of
something and allowing or really accepting something. So I will give you an example. I will give you a couple of examples. My sister had committed suicide almost 15 years ago and although I miss her
very much, I will never approve of what she did. Never in a million years will I approve of what she did. But for me to get my own sense of peace in my life and to be back in that space of allowing and to feel that higher connection I needed to accept what she did. If I was still pushing against and questioning why did she do this? How could she do this? What was she thinking? You know… what could I have done differently? That’s not being in a place of acceptance. I had to go to the place of acceptance to really allow myself to move forward. I will never approve of it but I definitely accept it. I will give you another example. There are family members that I
have and they are very much rooted lack and we are going to talk about the law of sufficiency and abundance in another video. When you are when they are rooted in lack, it is very uncomfortable. I don’t approve of the way the talk. I don’t approve of the way… their perspective is always about it’s never enough but I’ve gotten to a place now
where I can at least accept that that’s their reality and if I accept that’s their reality then I can have compassion for them. I can actually come from a place of that’s theirs. This is mine. They are the way they are. I am the way I am and because they are the way they are that’s not going to affect what I create in my reality. Which is I choose to tune into abundance. So when I hear something coming that sounds like
something I don’t want or something should not be saying, I then reaffirm to myself what I want in my own life. So if they’re saying oh there’s just not enough jobs out there. The economy is ……… I affirm that you know what? I live in an abundant universe. In my universe there are plenty of job opportunities for many people. There’s plenty of all sorts of good things to go around. That puts me in an allowing space but if I tried issue change their mind or change what they thought or even fought against… no that’s not true. We are in an abundant world. That’s not true.. then I am constricted as well. So the law of allowing really is about acceptance. It’s about……. another way of thinking about it would be surrender. If you surrender into what is. It doesn’t mean you never want to you know create something else or different in your life. That’s not what that means. But it means this….. looking at your life really looking it in truth. This is what your life is. This is what it is right now. I know I had some
resistance going from a single woman, to a married woman, to all the sudden having two children. There are moments where it’s like oh, man parenting is hard and I just want to be that single woman again. You know not have any responsibilities. When I am in that moment of resisting what is.. Then I am miserable. Then its hard for me to really show up as a loving parent. But when I get you know what? It is what it is. This is my life now and accept it and find the appreciation in that what is… that’s when my heart opens and I can settle down because then
I am in no resistance. Resistance is fear, doubt. You know pushing against anything. Resentment, anger. and it’s always cuz we are wanting something to be different then it is. We are not a space of allowing. We all have that moment, we all have that opportunity in every moment to either look at something and go…. I don’t it to be this way and push against something or go it is what it is. This is the situation. It is what it is. That puts you in an allowing place and with things being the way it is then I can chose what I want to create in my future. So it’s important to know that when you are in a space of allowing, your energy is open. You can connect more with yourself. You can connect more with divine. You can certainly connect more with the people around you in your life like your husband, your wife, your children, your extended family. Your mother, your fathers, your brothers, your sisters, and your friends and support system. When you are accepting everybody is who they are. Nobody is
perfect and we all have ideas of how people
should be and that should or that judgment is wanting someone to be different than they are. Opposite of allowing. Now there’s a whole side of the law of allowing when you know someone is hurting you or they’re
being disrespectful to you and its up to us not to try to put boundaries for other people. Like you cannot treat me that way….. That’s not about boundaries. It’s about coming from our self and feeling our own edges. Feeling where ouch, that hurt. You know….So it’s communicating from the I……… that this doesn’t feel good to me. Then there’s the extension of the universe and when you are wanting to create something, being in a space of excitement, being in a space of expansion… That’s when you manifestations can come through. That’s when your flow can come through. When you think of a relationship with the universe with people in your life and even with yourself, everything is energy. If it’s constricted, love cannot flow. If it’s expanded it can flow all day long. That’s when manifestations come through. So in order to master the law of allowing instead of trying to approve of everybody; just accept everybody. Instead of approving of the situation you are in maybe financially. Maybe with your job, with your boss, with your husband or wife, or your children. You don’t necessarily have to approve of it but get into that place of acceptance and you will be well on your way to feeling that expansion that it feels
like when you’re in alignment with the law of allowing. Thank you so much. Have an awesome week.

22 thoughts on “Quantum Success Show-Law of Allowing…. Part 1

  • TheSugarl Post author

    Hello, Christy! First off, I know this has nothing to do with the main issue but, is it possible to get the name of the song playing at the beginning of your vids? Lol! I don't know there's just something to this music! Also, I want to thank you So MUCH for your valuable insights, I look forward to them in my emails, (YES, I am subscribed!) & have been working to apply them to my life & GROWING :). With continued appreciation, I thank you…ABUNDANTLY!

  • Steph Duffield Post author

    Thank you so much Christy. Been practicing restriction and feeling terrible. I really needed this reminder!

  • Christy Whitman Post author

    Hi. We don't know the name, but it was part of the itune/imovie software. Hope that helps: And thank you!

  • Christy Whitman Post author


  • menderfire9 Post author

    Very well done and well said. Visuals are good, voice is good, volume is good, MESSAGE IS PERFECT! ! !


  • N Hudspeth Post author

    This is a great video. I needed to hear this today!

  • Ani Manukyan Post author

    thank you very helpful i was trying to help others… change them but now i know they are who they are

  • Joshua Audain Post author

    how about anticipation does that stand as a restricting state … accepting the current and anticipating the future?

  • Innerdepths Post author

    I can see the personal vs objective approach with this. Allowing what is vs personal view feeling/opinion of something. Working through this issue now.

  • Ari Post author

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. For my journey, this is the most important law that I must practice (after this is detachment). Thanks again!

  • N Hudspeth Post author

    Thank you, Christy! What a wonderful teaching of truth!

  • Bruce Lee Post author

    This is very good, your message has helped me to better understand what allowing really means.  Thank you.

  • Debra Goring Post author

    Love it, thanks! Does it apply equally to fears, cos fears = constriction? Don't try to change them, just accept them?? :O)

  • TheBrakedown Post author

    I watched this video a year ago and here I am again. This time I understood it much more. Thank you!

  • Mamunur Rashid Post author


  • Ashley Haboud-Camp Post author

    Sounds like Abraham Hicks material…love it!

  • Ashley Haboud-Camp Post author

    Christy…how can I message you privately?

  • Louise Henry Post author

    Hi christy thank you so much for sharing your law of allowing knowledge. I so understand what you are saying and find myself at a place where I need reminding of what I need to do in order to allow. Namaste

  • Douglas Wallace Post author

    So the only time I can teach this idea is when someone comes to me and asks. If I say "you should" even tho the suggestion may be right, it is restrictive and not allowing. Dr. Wayne Dyer quote: "In an argument, I have 2 choices, to be RIGHT, or to be KIND." I know a few marriages that could use…..( oooops ! ) that's not allowing ! This is really good !

  • Tina Armendariz Post author

    how absolutely certain are you about your theories, and what proof do you have to support them? For instance do you consider global warming a myth? environmental damage, toxins, a concern? How do you apply your theories for practical application in a social economy where greed and extortion is creating massive poverty and starvation?
    are these laws based on scientific evidence or fanciful ideologies derived from one of many perceptions of reality?

  • Esther Ofori Post author

    Can just tell you how much i love your channel. Thanks for putting the content out in the universe! Keep up the good work.

  • REPUTATION Post author

    Dear Christy, Thank you so much.

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