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– I’m actually excited to see what is going to be in this clutch and just kinda see what they look like. Let’s go ahead and get into
this first egg and ooh, whoa! Right off the rip, that is a pretty snake. I’m gonna try to digest this for a second because I think this is. Hey good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog. Take a look at this purplish
snake, almost a solid purple. I mean it’s not bright purple, but it’s darn pretty
purple-lavender looking snake. Well actually, I’m gonna
take you back a couple days to tell you the story behind this one. What do you say we have
a great day together and get it started. This ball python clutch was
actually a cinnamon female. It was bred to two males. One was an enchi pin banana,
but then we backed it up with a woma lesser pinstripe. The reason we do that is just in case one male isn’t breeding,
so if we see one male not really showing interest, we’ll throw a second
male in just as a backup. So we don’t know who the father is, I hope it’s the banana enchi pin because I love the way the
banana and cinnamon mix together, but we don’t know until
we cut into our first egg, and hopefully we’ll start
to solve the mystery. Now keeping in mind that we can
have a dual-fathered clutch. Haha, and the first egg is a
normal ball python, so, yeah. I mean, that isn’t gonna
solve anything for us, I’m not gonna lie to you. So, let’s go to the second egg and see if the second
egg maybe helps us out, solve this mystery of who the daddy is, and hopefully we’ll produce
some really cool stuff. The next egg is a pinstripe, too, so that doesn’t solve the mystery either because both the banana enchi pinstripe and the woma lesser pinstripe
have pinstripe in ’em. So, we don’t really know yet. So we’re gonna go onto egg number three. It’s kinda rare to get into three eggs and not even know who the dad is yet. Okay, what do we have here? Let me, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
what do we got here? Okay, so now we’re pretty sure that it is the woma lesser pinstripe, at least for this particular one because this is actually a
cinnamon lesser ball python. And I really do like the
cinnamon lesser stuff, that’s called lithium ball pythons. I really like ’em, so although
I really wanted the banana to be the father because
of the cinnamon stuff, this is a really beautiful snake so I can’t be that sad about that, right? So let’s keep move on, and again, there could be a dual
fathered clutch here, too, so we could get a little bit of both. But nope, so far we’re still
stickin’ with the same one. This is actually a woma lesser pin, which is the same thing as the daddy. So we’ve got three more eggs, we’ll see if that male
fathered all of these clutches or if there’s a chance there’s
a dual fathered clutch. Weirdly enough, okay this is a woma, just a normal woma ball
python so no other genes. Only one cinnamon so
far in this whole clutch which is a little bit
bizaar, but that’s okay, we’ll just keep on rollin’
it, see what we got. Okay, this is, okay this
is just a woma pinstripe. So our combinations have
been a little bit off in this clutch, I’m not gonna lie to ya, but we got one last egg, I’m not even sure what I’m gonna be hoping for here to be totally honest with ya, I guess a cinnamon woma lesser pinstripe. And guess what guys,
I think I actually hit the cinnamon woma lesser
pinstripe in that one. I’m pretty sure that’s what that is, so I called it, and it seemed to work out, so, that is the all gene animal there. All in all, kind of a weird thing. I was really thinkin’ that
that banana enchi pinstripe was the father ’cause he was
in there the most of the time, but, hey, that’s the way it goes. This is a pretty cool
clutch, this is actually a lemon blast female which
is a pastel a pinstripe, it’s actually bred to
a black pastel cypress. The cypress is a kinda newer gene over the last several
years, really cool stuff, produced some cool things
so I’m actually excited to see what is gonna be in this clutch, and just kinda see what they look like. Let’s go ahead and get into
this first egg and, ooh, whoa! Right off the rip, that is a pretty snake! I’m gonna try to digest this for a second because I think this is,
I actually don’t know what this is to be honest with ya. I, gosh that thing is crazy! Woo, it’s almost like a
paddleish, purplish snake. So I’m thinkin’ it’s
actually the all gene animal. I think it’s a pastel, it’s a pinstripe, it’s a cypress, it’s a black pastel, but I didn’t expect it to
not have any pattern to it. So that is crazy! It almost looks more like a super cinnamon which would be the two genes, but there’s only black
pastel on one side, so, wow! I don’t even know what
to think about this. I’m gonna keep cuttin’
guys because that is crazy! If we get another one like that we’re gonna know for
sure what is goin’ on. Okay, this is interesting, this looks like a black pastel pinstripe cypress. Now you can really tell the cypress ’cause it cleans things
up, so it’s usually really a lot of dorsal striping. That’s a pretty snake. So I think that is the exact snake as the first snake minus the pastel. That doesn’t make a whole
lotta sense to me but whatever. I can’t wait til that snake hatches off. Let’s see if we get another one. Okay, let’s see what we got. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Wow, I tell ya what
guys, this whole clutch is confusing me a little bit. Maybe this is the black
pastel pinstripe cypress because this almost has a
purplish hue to it as well, but you can see the actual
pattern with the pinstripe. Wow, I’m blown away. I literally am looking at this clutch, I’m three eggs in and I don’t know what the heck is going on. Wow. This is, I love this. This is why my life is so awesome, is because I get to do this all the time. Again, ooh, this is just a
really pretty pinstripe cypress. I mean, just clean as could be. That cypress gene is
such an enhancing gene. Wow, that thing is gorgeous. I think it’s only a two gene animal, but that is a gorgeous two gene animal. Let’s go ahead, I tell ya what guys, this is a fun clutch to cut. Oh my gosh, another
patternless purple snake. This has gotta be the all gene animal and now it’s repeated so I know that it is definitely something goin on. Wow, I didn’t expect this, guys. This is awesome. Holy moly, I don’t know
if anyone’s ever produced a black pastel pinstripe
cypress somethin’, whatever the heck that is. I don’t know, maybe no ones
produced, ’cause I’ve never seen a picture of one, and that thing is crazy. This one, I’m tryin’ to think
what’s goin’ on with this, I’m just tryin’ to get
it to move a little bit. See this is crazy! This is like the first
one, it almost looks like a zanthecey silver, purpley, but you can see the pinstripe pattern. I, man, I cannot wait
til this clutch hatches ’cause I have to hold
these things in my hand and just try to figure
this whole thing out and see what the heck is goin’ on with it. Okay, so what do we have here? What do we have here? Let me see. Okay, this just looks like maybe a black pastel, maybe a cypress? It’s hard to say, it’s
kinda laying in a weird way, but definitely just a
black pastel something. Okay, we’re gonna go ahead, keep on going, wow this has been insane. Okay, this is weirdly enough another just black pastel right here. Wow, these are great. Okay, last egg. Let’s see what kinda mystery
this egg’ll have in it. Let’s see what we got! Okay, yep, yep, looks
like a lemon blast cypress in this last one, so no black pastel, but, still a lemon blast cypress. Wow, guys, now that was frickin’ awesome. I’m glad I’m gonna end
the egg cutting on this because this was absolutely epic. As we’re getting down
to the end of the year, you can see a lot of these animals are just needing a little bit of beef after the breeding season. You know, basically there’s
a lot of energy for males that go into breeding,
females like this Guyana here of course that laid clutches of eggs need to put on weight,
all that type of stuff. So basically what we do is we go through and we kind of assess every
animal and just get a game plan for how to feed it,
because it’s important. About a month and a half or so they go off of food for brumation, and we keep ’em off for about a month, something on that line so
that they’re ready to go. So we have to get these guys beefed up, so basically Eric’s task
for today is to go through, make sure everything is getting
the proper amount of food, increase food for animals that
need a little bit more beef, and start to taper off for
the animals that look good that are already ready
to go for brumation, ’cause again, we’ve got maybe
six, seven weeks of feeding, and then we’re done for the year. (upbeat music) All right guys, there
is only two days left for the Ben and Jerry
BCN, all that other stuff, merch, that’s right. Today and tomorrow and it is gone forever. So if you were thinking
about getting a shirt or you’re thinking about getting a hoodie because hey, listen, fall
is here, the time is now. As of tomorrow they’re not
gonna be available anymore. Go ahead and check out barckzykboys.com, I’ll put a link down in the description, and thank you guys for making this the most successful merch run we’ve ever done, I love you guys. Ooh doggy, these are actually white sided everglades rat snakes. And I dare not really
get these guys hyped up because if they start movin’,
they’ll be all over the place. These guys are really fast, and they’re really
pretty amazing as babies. And look at how feisty these
little monkey’s are right here. I love everglades rat snakes and again, this is like a white sided version, used to be called ghost
glades to be honest with ya, but now most people call ’em white sided ’cause they have those white sides where all the pattern is out of ’em. And look at, we got a
whole swatch of ’em there, and again, if I even made an attempt to try to pick some of
these up, I’d be chasin’ ’em all over the ground ’cause
they are super fast as babies. Awe, this clutch here
is absolutely amazing, you know, this is actually
that coral ghost stuff, which is that extremely
pink ghost and snow, so these guys, although this is just a little ghost corn here,
these are some anerythristic and of course a little
snow corn right here. The fact is, is that this bloodline turns extremely pink when it gets older, wow, that is gonna be amazing. This ghost corn right here, here in about two or three months, all of that gray is gonna turn bright pink, unbelievable. I couldn’t be more happy. And we’ve got a bunch more babies that are about to come out, you can see the little heads
stickin’ out right there, how cute is that? Got a nice little clutch hatched out here, this is actually a pastel female
bred to a pastel kingspin. Now that kingspin is actually a het russo, so there’s all kinds of cool
stuff goin’ on in it right now. We’ve got this little pinstripe here which looks like it’s maybe
just a normal pinstripe. Again, lots of different genes
going on in this combination. This one is really pretty right here. This is actually a pastel het russo, which is part of the pastel kingspin because it’s got spider,
pinstripe, het russo, pastel in it. And then this because it
has pastel on both sides, both the mother and
father side is actually what they call a super
blast, but I think this is actually a super blast het russo, making it really purpley and beautiful. I tell ya what, and again,
super blast just means it’s a super pastel
pinstripe and a het russo, oh my god I’m loving that thing. And then here’s another
really cool het russo combo, this is just a spider and a
het russo combo bred together. The two mix together really, really cool, I absolutely love these guys. Looks like we’ve got a couple
spinner blasts right here, just two of these guys right here which is actually a pastel,
a pinstripe and a spider, so those are, it’s a great combination animal I tell ya, I love that. This is just a little lemon blast here, which is a pastel and a pinstripe, and then we have this little
dude here, which of course, is the pastel kingspin just like the dad, unfortunately it’s not a
super so it didn’t carry the moms gene as well, but, nevertheless, really beautiful clutch,
absolutely incredible animals, I love this little
purple monkey right here. That thing is awesome. This is from Hope and it’s
from St. Petersburg, Florida. And it says, if possible,
open on the vlog. All right, so we’re gonna
open it on the vlog. Like I said it’s heavy,
so it’s gotta be good. Okay, first off I would like
to say thank you both of you, I’ve always been a fan
of reptiles growing up, I never was allowed to have
a pet reptile of any kind. After getting married
to my lovely wife, Hope, I learned that she was
not a fan of reptiles I told I would never have
a snake in the house. I now have two ball
pythons, a bearded dragon, best of all my wife loves them! – Hey!
– I love that, that’s great.
– Nice. My wife makes custom cups and decals, seeing you open it in the mail in the vlog so we’re gonna see what’s goin’ on. – All right, I’m just gonna say. – You guys know how to pack things. – This is not a sharp knife
and these are very well packed. So,
– You guys packed ’em really good.
– That’s not a sharp knife, we need to be careful. – Don’t worry,
– I think we need to sharpen it.
– I’m a professional. – Are you?
– I’m a professional. – He’s not. Not at all.
– Geez, wow, I think these are
– You are really good at packing.
– Gonna be really great. I think these are gonna be really nice. – Chloe Rose Creations.
– Eventually get to ’em. Oh my god, they look really cool! – Tune in tomorrow to see. – Welcome to the vlog! Oh my God, they look so cool. – Still unpacking. – They look super cool.
– This is the worst knife! Good God.
– That knife is perfect. – It is not sharp at all! – Someone sent me that knife. – I know, but you need to sharpen it. – So if anyone has some
really cool custom knives, go ahead send me another
one because that one– – This is like a game we play
at Christmas where we make the saran wrap ball.
– Oh yeah! The saran wrap balls and you put money and lottery tickets in
it, and whoever can get to ’em first–
– And I suck at that game too. – I thought that once I got to this bottom it would come out, but,
– No! Oh my God, that’s so cool!
– And by the way, – It has your name on it!
– these are super unbelievably cool, I win! I win.
– All right Guy and Hope. – All right,
– Jeez! – We only fear what we don’t understand. I love it, it’s got
Brian on it, snakeskin. – And this is Lori.
– Because you went the wrong way! You gotta go from the top end. You gotta go from the top and down, you can’t go from the big end up. (Lori laughing) I wanna see this, that
first cup was so cool! – I wanna see it too, but! (laughing) I’m running out of steam. – I got it. – All right. – I think it’s got the same saying on it,
– Oh, okay. – and then it just has your
name but in pink scales. – Oh, that’s so cool, so it’s got an iguana and a ball python. These are, that’s so
nice, I love these cups. I have a couple that I use all the time. These are so nice and they’re metal, they keep stuff so cold. – Yeah, they’re cool, they’re great. – Well mine is very well protected.
– Well thank you, thank you, no but seriously,
we do love the cups. – Yes, it does have my name on it. – Yeah, so we’re gonna,
– And we’ll unwrap the rest later.
– Yeah, we’ll save you guys from an unwrapping. But thank you
– Thank you. – So much, who was this from? – Hope and Guy. – As a lot of you guys know our mossy frog laid eggs like a month and a half ago, and unfortunately it didn’t
hatch, I was so bummed, I was so excited to hatch
out frogs, well guess what! They laid eggs again! That’s right, there’s 23 eggs, you could see ’em all
along this tree branch. Now last time I think the
big problem that we had, was we had the waterfall going and there was a lot of
spray from the waterfall that was getting the
eggs wet, which I think kinda drowned the eggs,
which I realize is weird, but what you really want is just like this where the wood itself is
actually wicking up the water, which means it’s just absorbing the water so that it is damp, but you’re not actually getting water on ’em. So we’ll probably spray
’em down just a little bit to keep ’em a little bit moist, but other than that we’ll let ’em go, and if any luck here in
the next 10 to 14 days we’ll have some little tadpoles! So fingers crossed this time we get it right, I’m super excited. Those two purple hatchlings
are absolutely incredible, I cannot wait til they climb out the egg and see ’em and show you guys. Should be out within the next couple days. If you enjoyed that egg cutting, here’s another egg cutting video, and an entire playlist of me cutting eggs if that’s what you like. Hit that subscribe over here and turn those post
notifications on, enjoy your day, be kind to someone, and I promise, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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    why cant you just let the,m hatch alone

  • lugiamasta Post author

    oh i would love to raise one of those gorgeous purple snakes, they are gonna be real beauties when they grow up

  • Arthur Morgan Post author

    Those purple snakes are so beautiful. Kinda looks like Ekans from Pokémon. Lol

  • Lemon Post author

    Why the hell are you cutting the eggs, surely that slows there development and leaves them more vulnerable. Animal abuse in my eyes

  • Anna J. Post author

    I just came across a comment that said “OMG NO! You are CUTTING THE BABIES! Do you NOT see all that BLOOD, if you cant cut an egg correctly you shouldn’t be breeding snakes. Smh”

  • TashieLee Post author

    Cutting like this scares me, even if someone says that it is alright. I love how mutation creations canada cuts thier eggs. There is no blood and more baby window =]

  • SnakeBarExotics LivingArt Post author

    wow amazing clutches now i want cypress

  • Amanda Shaw Post author

    The new gene could be a honey! Or honey spice if you ever got purely har snake. It pulls the oranges and the browns and blush tones together? Just a thought! 🙂

  • jennifer eastman Post author

    Does anyone else realise he's cutting open these eggs . With razorblades!

  • Alex Brossette Post author

    Love the video edits! Your video are 20x more sharp!

  • Ooshy Bermi Post author

    Loved the "EriC RockS" shot x

  • Philip Mead Post author

    Always interesting to see the egg cutting and seeing what is inside. Good luck with the Mossy Frog eggs this time. I hope all goes well with them.

  • victor10161 Post author

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  • Darrel Fox Post author

    Can someone point me in the direction of where to get those mugs? They look great!

  • Barbara Lucero Post author

    Where do all these baby snakes go? Brian, I am sorry, but it sounds more like a puppy mill for snakes, than a reputable, conscientious breeder. I used to enjoy your videos so much and that was why I got my first ball pythons. I can't support this anymore. I hope things change.

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