PUBLIC CHARGE NEWS! FINAL RULE; Facebook LIVE; Immigration Lawyer in New York (2019)

PUBLIC CHARGE NEWS! FINAL RULE; Facebook LIVE; Immigration Lawyer in New York (2019)

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hello hello hello hello let’s talk about public charge who is out there with me who is out there today it’s Monday friends if you’re on if you’re commuting home from work it is after 5:00 here Eastern Time if you’re commuting tune in tune in tune in and go ahead and share this video with your feed because we’re gonna talk about public charge public charge it’s back so soon friends on Friday I did a facebook live and during that discussion I said at the very end of that video that I’m going to do a video about public charge right because it is so hot and you guys have been asking me for an update now I didn’t think that come Monday I would be before you again with a huge huge announcement that the government issued today so let’s get going let’s get going share this with your feed thank you guys for chiming in for those of you who are with me go ahead and give me some hearts tell me where you’re watching me from and let’s just talk about public charge also this video will be uploaded shortly thereafter to YouTube on mcbean immigration TV so for those of you who have not yet subscribed to make be an immigration TV go ahead and subscribe today also get on my email list friends get on my email list because I’m going to be providing more tips about this very issue as I dive a little deeper into it over the next few weeks it’s that there’s a lot to this there’s a lot to unpack so get on my email list so that you can get some of my tips on how to even overcome the grounds of inadmissibility based on public charge so the link to my email address it my email list I should say is in this base a post and yeah so go ahead and sign up for my email list and friends let’s get going we all have a lot to do I hope you guys had a terrific weekend and that you did something fun with someone that you love now let’s talk about public charge first thing I want to say about this issue is that I’m only going to tell you about what I know there’s so much there’s so much to this friends the government issued a rule a final rule today that is 837 pages long there is no way anyone there is no way anyone knows fully about this issue as of today really it just came out and it’s 837 pages so I’m only going to share with you what I know so far about this issue and like I said as I dive deeper into it I will be sharing some tips and some more information to my email subscribers my email list so go ahead and subscribe today now what is this so public charges you guys know you’ve been following the issue you’ve been following some of my videos about this issue I did a video about this last August and I had to disable comments friends I had to disable comments on YouTube because this issue of public welfare public benefits benefits going being accessed by immigrants is so hot there were so many awful comments by those who are anti-immigration and so I had to disable comments and if things get ugly with this video in terms of comments I’ll have to shut down comments as well so my job here is just to report to you what I’ve learned thus far and what I’m going to be referring to primarily is the announcement that USCIS issued today now the other thing before I get into their announcement is that you should know that the government is denying more and more people for the green card or what we call the immigrant Fiza they’re denying folks the green card on this ground on the ground of public charge because the government doesn’t think these individuals can ourself sustain it okay maybe because they have access benefits okay we’re going to talk about which benefits apply here but just to give you a quick update in terms of how many people have been denied so far what we do know is that between October of last year in July 29th the State Department the State Department denied 5343 Mexicans okay this is Mexicans the immigrant fees that denied the immigrant visa applications to these individuals from Mexico compared with only seven denials in 2016 which President Obama you know he was in the White House at that time so we’re talking seven people were denied in 2016 from Mexico compared with over 5,000 that was denied between October and July okay so that’s a huge huge huge jump and then also overall taking everybody into consideration are all countries into consideration or nationalities into consideration twelve thousand one hundred and seventy nine visa rejections occurred during that same time period so as you can see the government is using this issue of public charge to deny people of their immigrant visa okay or the green card so this rule that what government is expected to impact friends nearly 400,000 immigrants okay 383 thousand people is what I’ve seen in my research so far so this is big it’s big news and so let’s talk about USCIS as announcement about this public charge issue because some of you are out there and you know you know you know you know that you have accessed some benefits right and so you’re very concerned about what that means for you in terms of being eligible to either apply for a green card or to adjust your status obviously or to change your status or to extend your stay here in the United States so I need you to listen carefully to what I’m about to share and I want you to share this video with your feed as well because if you’re in this situation chances are other people are out there in your feed right who needs this information so here’s what the government said today in its announcement call USCIS announces final rule enforcing long stand in public charge inadmissibility law now first thing that you should know is that the government is putting in place and I don’t know specifically the terms of how this is going to work yet I’m gonna have to dive into the rule but they’re putting in place a bond bond Bo and D okay a public charge bond for those who are seeking to adjust their status okay they’re putting in place this bond and the minimum bond amount is eight thousand one hundred dollars but the actual the announcement says the actual bond amount will be dependent on the individuals circumstances so the government is going to look at the totality of circumstances age background all sorts of stuff all sorts of factors I should say to determine what your bond amount could potentially be and yes you heard me correctly I said bond bo n d thank you guys for commenting below I cannot monitor all of your comments as I’m doing this video but please go ahead and comment I’m going to review them after this and I will be responding to some of your comments okay go ahead and comment below thank you very much for doing so now what else does this announcement say it says that public charge is now defined in this final rule to mean an individual who receives one or more designated public benefits for more than twelve months in the aggregate within any 36 month period okay it defines the benefits that is part of this whole public charge inadmissibility ground okay and so if you have received cash benefits to maintain your income to help you maintain your income right cash benefits or if you’ve received SSI Supplemental Security income or TANF Temporary Assistance to needy family supplemental nutritional assistance programs snap okay and then it also says friends it says most forms of Medicaid okay in certain housing programs are part of this public charge definition so this is you know this is interesting because you know quite a bit of people may have access to one or two of these benefits okay so we’re going to talk a little bit more about who it specifically applies to and who it does not apply to okay now the type of government programs that are excluded excluded from the public benefits definition are the following first of all individuals who are in the military who are serving an active duty or in the Ready Reserve Component of the US Armed Forces they’re excluded from this and their spouses and children are also excluded from this okay now what’s also excluded is public benefits that are received by certain international adoptees and children acquiring US citizenship what’s also excluded Medicaid for aliens under 21 and pregnant women okay also excluded Medicaid for school-based services and also Medicaid benefits for emergency medical services excluded so what I just went through with you are those benefits that people may have accessed that’s now that’s excluded from the definition of public benefits or public charge okay it’s not included okay now let’s go on what else does the USCIS announcement say about this issue the regulation does not it says the regulation does not apply to folks who have who are who have who are seeking an immigration benefit based on a humanitarian program for example people who are Rev considered refugees under our law asylees special immigrant juveniles people who have who are victims of trafficking okay or your victim of crime certain qualifying crimes okay or you’re a victim of domestic violence among others that’s what the announcement says among others don’t know who those others are right now but if you’re seeking a humanitarian based benefits okay or a benefit based on humanitarian needs you’re basically excluded from this it does not apply to you okay I’ve mentioned the fact that there will be a bond that the government it will set up for those who are seeking specifically seek an adjustment of status okay and the minimum bond amount $8,100 I don’t know how that’s going to be structured yet I have to do a little bit more reading again the rule is 837 pages okay so there’s a lot to unpack here I mentioned at the top of this video I believe that this applies to people who are seeking a green card or if you’re seeking to change your status from one non-immigrant visa status to another or if you’re seeking to extend your stay this includes you as well now who doesn’t it who else does it not who does it not include now I jumped over to the rural friends and I just read the first two pages just the first two pages and on page 2 of the actual rule it says it does not apply to u.s. citizens even if the US citizen is related to an alien subject to the public charge ground of inadmissibility so if it’s your wife who’s an immigrant seeking to adjust her status and you as the husband you’re a US citizen and you have access public benefits during the course of your your time as a US citizen it does not apply to you okay even though maybe your wife had sought benefits as well it applies to her okay but it does not apply to the US citizen okay it also the the rule also says that the public benefit must have been received directly by the alien and for the aliens benefit okay meaning that the alien is a beneficiary of that benefit some of you may be saying well your situation may look like this you’re you you you have a child a US citizen child and you access food stamps you’ve access certain other benefits TANF maybe you’re getting cash assistance you know the it’s so the question who is the beneficiary of the benefit is it the child or is it you if it’s your US citizen child that’s not an issue but if you’re the you’re the beneficiary then that’s going to be a problem okay the rule says DHS will not consider public benefits received on behalf of another DHS also will not attribute receipt of a public benefit by one or more members of the aliens household to the alien unless the alien is also listed as beneficiary of the public benefit so again that summarizes what I just shared with you that you have to be the direct beneficiary of that that benefit so that’s where we are today in terms of my understanding the public benefits based on the announcement that the government has issued it is going to impact quite a bit of people here’s what I did not say it goes into effect in 60 days so we’re talking about sometime in October right now the thing is that various organizations nonprofits have announced to my knowledge they’ve announced that they will file a lawsuit to challenge the implementation of certain aspects of the public charge rule that was issued today so who knows you know you guys have been following developments since President Trump took office and you see that sometimes these groups are very successful and stopping or pausing for a brief moment certain changes until the court decides ultimately whether the government had overreached its powers or not so we don’t I don’t know how this is going to be resolved chances are who knows they may be successful in getting an injunction to temporarily stop the implementation of this rule or aspects of this rule until the court rules so if that happened obviously I’ll try my best to update you on those developments but this that you should be concerned okay who you should be concerned if you are seeking to get a green card or seeking to extend your stay here or change your status and you’ve sought those benefits that I discussed earlier that those you it may impact you it may impact you in a real way so that is public charge that is the the issue of the day friends comment below and tell me what questions you have about this perhaps I’ll cover it in my next video as well but I will be reviewing your comments thanks very much for watching subscribe to mcbean immigration law TV and get on my email list the link is in this that this post get it get on it so that you can get more free tips and tools from me thanks so much for following and go ahead and give me some likes and thumbs ups and share this video with others have a great afternoon bye bye

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