Pruitt called Trump a threat to constitution in 2016 interview

Pruitt called Trump a threat to constitution in 2016 interview

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[00:08] Scott Pruitt: And I will say that. You know you say that Pat but do you know what’s interesting? I believe that Donald Trump in the White House would be more abusive to the Constitution than Barack Obama – and that’s sayin a lot. [00:16] Pat Campbell: Wow. That’s a news clip. [00:20] Scott Pruitt: I really believe he
would use a blunt instrument. I really believe he would use a blunt instrument. This president at least tries to nuance his unlawfulness. [00:27] Pat Campbell: Right [00:27] Scott Pruitt: Donald Trump has said many, many times they want… I’ll do this I’ll do that. And those things that he’s mentioned cannot be done. I think executive orders with Donald Trump would be a very blunt instrument with respect to the Constitution. [00:39] Pat Campbell: So this is amazing because, coming from you, as the state Attorney General, and obviously the credibility you’ve got with our audience – you’re echoing basically what Glenn Beck has been saying for months. Everything that we loathe and detest about Barack Obama and the abuses of power, Donald Trump is the same thing except he’s our bully. [01:03] Scott Pruitt: That’s right. [01:04] Pat Campbell: And even with the executive orders because Ted Cruz has promised on day one he’s going to overturn every executive order. [01:05] Scott Pruitt: And he should. [01:06] Pat Campbell: That Barack Obama’s done and so has Donald Trump, however, when confronted by a reporter who said, does that mean you don’t believe in executive orders? Oh no, I’ll use them, but mine will be good ones. [01:24] Scott Pruitt: And unapologetically. I mean, this president – I’ve been in DC the last couple of days. I was at the Reagan Library over the weekend, as I was sharing with you, speaking about federalism principles to the Federalist Society. This president has basically taken an approach that says that if Congress doesn’t act or they don’t act the way that I want them to, then I can act in their place. [01:43] Pat Campbell: Right. [01:44]Scott Pruitt: Well, that’s just not how our system works. This, if Donald Trump is the nominee and eventually the president, he would take, I think unapologetic steps, to use executive power to confront Congress in a way that is truly unconstitutional. [01:57] Pat Campbell: It’s funny because I had a conversation with my dad not long ago, and my dad is an immigrant. He came here as a young child after World War II. And he doesn’t – he’s not real long-winded, like me. He summed up Donald Trump in one word. He said: he’s dangerous. [02:14] Scott Pruitt: You know, your dad is very astute because I’ll say to you – I think he has tendencies that we see in emerging countries around the world where – he goes to the disaffected – those individuals. And says, look you give me power and I will give voice to your concerns. And that’s a dangerous place to be. And rule of law today – this president has done more to injure rule of law – he owes President Nixon an apology with respect to the use of executive power. But President Obama, we don’t need to replace him with another individual – as you said, our bully – in the White House, to do what he’s done from the Republican side of things.

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