President Trump Makes Remarks at the 2017 NABTU National Legislative Conference

President Trump Makes Remarks at the 2017 NABTU National Legislative Conference

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The President: I know
these people well, you wouldn’t believe it. I know them too well. (Applause.) I know them too well. They cost me a
lot of money. (Laughter.) I spent a lot of money, but I love them, and they’re great, and their people are fantastic. And nobody does it like
you people, right? Nobody. We talked about
that — incredible. Incredible people. So, it’s great to be back
with America’s builders. (Applause.) So, did you ever think you’d see a President who knows how
much concrete and rebar you can lay down
in a single day? Believe me, I know. I know. (Applause.) We’re a nation of builders, and it was about time we had a builder in the White House, right? (Applause.) We have a builder. I want to thank Sean
McGarvey and the entire governing board of
presidents for honoring me with this great invitation. And I love that it’s in
Washington, because I don’t have to
travel very far. Worked out pretty well,
I have to tell you. Five minutes. Sean took part in one of
our very first meetings at the White House — he
mentioned it — and I promise you that America’s
labor leaders will always find an open door
with Donald Trump. Always. (Applause.) Just look at the amazing talent assembled here. We have ironworkers,
insulators — (applause) — never changes, does
it, with the ironworkers? Let’s hear it. Laborers. (Applause.) Painters. (Applause.) Fitters. (Applause.) Plumbers. (Applause.) Operators —
they’re operators, all right, I’ll tell you that. (Laughter.) Electricians. (Applause.) Not that good. Where’s my Local 3? Where’s Local 3? That wasn’t that good, the
electricians — well, they became so rich they don’t
have to — (laughter) — let’s do that again. Electricians. (Applause.) That’s better. Bricklayers. (Applause.) Boilermakers. (Applause.) Elevator constructors. (Applause.) Good job. Sheet-metal workers. (Applause.) Roofers. (Applause.) Plasterers — plaster, well, yeah, that’s — not using as much plaster as we used to, fellas, right? No matter how you cut it. Sorry about that. I’m not sure I can do much — we brought back the coalminers. I’m not so sure
about the plasterers. We’ll do the best
we can, okay? We’re going to do
the best we can. How about the
cement masons? (Applause.) And, of course, our wonderful Teamsters. (Applause.) Oh, that wasn’t very good, James. But really, you’re the
backbone of America. With the talent in this
room, we could build any city at any time, and we
can build it better than anyone. (Applause.) But we’re going to do even better than that. Together, we are going
to rebuild our nation. (Applause.) You’re the keepers of the great trades and traditions that built our country from the New York skyline to the Golden Gate Bridge. You represent the workers
whose hands, skills, and dreams will build the
great landmarks of our future. Every day, your members
live out what I call the American Creed. They’re on the job before
dawn and after dusk, and they never quit until
that job is done. You know that. True. True. (Applause.) We saw this grit on display when the construction trades helped rebuild New York City after 9/11. (Applause.) That was a terrible time — we were all there — that was a terrible time in this country’s history. Worst attack in the
history of our country. Worse than Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor they were
attacking military. Here they were
attacking civilians. Worst attack. And I saw what happened. Within a very short period
of time, we were back rebuilding, and
rebuild you did. And I really congratulate
— that took a lot of courage and a
lot of strength. Thank you. (Applause.) The fact is you take pride in every part of your work — every joist, bolt, and rivet. You’re not only builders,
but you’re artisans, very talented people. A lot of people don’t understand, you’re very talented people — enriching our cities and landscapes with works
of great beauty. And just as you take pride
in your work, our nation takes great, great pride
in you, believe me. And it’s time that we give
you the level playing field you deserve. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you, folks. Washington and Wall Street
have done very, very well for themselves. Now it’s your turn. And you’re going to be
also sharing the wealth. (Applause.) And you know, for many years, we’ve been taken advantage of by other countries. All over the world they
took advantage of us. We had leaders that didn’t
have a clue or worse. That’s not going to
happen anymore, folks. That’s not going
to happen anymore. And you see what’s
going on right now. In fact, the trade deficit
went way down — just announced before
I got on stage. And I will tell you, we’re
going to have a whole different set of values
when it comes to representing our country. That I can tell
you right now. (Applause.) This election was all about returning power to the people. I’ve spent my life working
side-by-side with American builders, and now you have a builder as your President. (Applause.) One of my first acts as President was to stop one of the great sellouts of the American worker — I immediately withdrew the United States from the disaster — this would have been a disaster — this would have been another NAFTA, which, by the way, is a disaster. I took you out of the
Trans-Pacific Partnership. (Applause.) Thank you. That one wasn’t even close. And you know it and I know
it, everybody knows it. Next, I cleared the way
for the construction of the Keystone XL and
Dakota Access pipelines. (Applause.) And it’s looking like that’s going to have about 42,000 jobs involved, those two jobs. That’s some number
of great people. That’s a big, big,
beautiful — lot of people. And Sean actually, and a
whole group joined me in the Oval Office when we
approved the Keystone permit. And I joked that day — I
said, can you imagine the head of this big Canadian
company, in this case, they build pipelines — and they failed, didn’t work. They paid millions and
millions and hundreds of millions of dollars to
consultants and lawyers, and they failed. And it was over. And then one day Trump
wins, and a few days later they get a knock on the door — sir, the Keystone pipeline was just approved. Can you imagine? I want to see the
expression on his face. And he’s a nice guy. He actually — they
came to the office. Because I did say you have to use American steel, you have to fabricate it here. Now, they had already
bought 60-70 percent of it. So, you can’t be
too wild, right? But I was signing the
order, and I said, where did they buy this steel? I didn’t like the answer. I said, who fabricated the steel? I didn’t like the answer. I said, from now on we’re
going to put a clause — got to be made in America. We want American steel,
made in America. (Applause.) Right on the box. 100 percent, right? (Applause.) And you’ll be hearing more about this in the very near future. But as time goes by, let’s
say, over the next seven and three-quarters years
— meaning eight years — (laughter.) We believe
in two simple rules: Buy American, and
Hire American. That’s what it’s
going to be. (Applause.) And that’s not just a slogan, it’s a promise. Believe me,
that’s a promise. (Applause.) The era of economic surrender has come to an end. It’s come to an end. We have surrendered as
a country to outside interests. The era of economic
victory for our country has just begun. You will see. No longer will we
listen to those failed consultants who’ve made
one wrong prediction after another — delivering
nothing but soaring trade deficits and a big, fat,
shrinking workforce. For decades now, we’ve
watched as our factories have shuttered — almost
70,000 factories — our jobs have been stolen, and
blue collar wages have declined. We’ve seen the economic
pain inflicted on our fellow Americans in
Pittsburgh and Detroit and Baltimore. We didn’t just offshore
our jobs, we offshored a big, big part of
the American Dream. We enriched foreign
countries at the expense of our own country, the
great United States of America. But those days are over. (Applause.) I’m not — and I don’t want to be — the President of the world. I’m the President of
the United States. And from now on, it’s
going to be America First. (Applause.) We’re going to bring back our jobs — and, yes, we’re going to
bring back the American Dream. As I traveled the nation,
I heard the pleas of the forgotten men and women of our country — the people who work hard and play by the rules, but who don’t have a voice. Together, we are their
voice, and they will never, ever be
forgotten again. That I can tell you. (Applause.) I don’t know if you saw, but if you watch the Democrats now, the anger — the anger and hatred, and they’re trying to figure out where did all these people came that voted for Donald Trump? Remember they said —
because the Electoral College is a very, very
hard, they say, almost impossible for a
Republican to win. The odds are stacked. And they would say there’s
no way to 270 — you need 270 — there’s
no way to 270. I heard that so much for
a year — I kept saying, maybe I shouldn’t be running. You know, Sean, I said,
maybe I shouldn’t run because there’s no way. The people are telling me
— the same people that say all of the bad stuff, they’re saying, there’s no way to 270. But there was
a way to 306. But wasn’t that
an exciting one? Places that nobody entered — Donald Trump has won the state of Michigan. They go, what? Donald Trump has won
the state of Wisconsin. They came out of the blue,
and we didn’t even need them. And we love those two
states — because we won the state of Pennsylvania,
and we won Ohio, and Iowa, and North Carolina, and
South Carolina, and Florida, and
so many others. We ran the coast. And if you don’t run
it, you can’t win. Huge disadvantage,
Electoral College. It’s very, very tough. They say almost impossible
for a Republican to win. But I had the support of,
I would say, I would say almost everybody
in this room. We had tremendous — we
had tremendous support. Oh, we did. We had tremendous support. (Applause.) We had tremendous support. And I’ll tell you, we
really had the support of the workers. We had tremendous
support of the workers. But would you like to
make a change, folks? Would you like
to make a change? Because if anybody wants
to make a change, you won’t be having
so many jobs. That I can tell you. Your jobs will be — it will be a whole different story. Because in the last
decade, you lost over 750,000 — think of this — 750,000 construction jobs. Real wages in the
construction sector have fallen more than 15
percent since the 1970s. We rank 39th in the world for construction permitting. And approvals for
infrastructure projects can take up to 10 years. Since taking office, I’ve
signed one action after another to eliminate
job-killing regulations that stand in the way. I had a chart — is that chart around here someplace? Do you have that? I have to show this chart
to you because it’s amazing, actually. This is — if you want to
build a highway in the United States, these are
some of the permits that you need. It’s a process that can
take way over 10 years. And it just never happens. Then at the end of the
period they vote against it. And we’re getting rid of
many of these regulations. (Applause.) You have to go through 17 agencies, many permits in each agency. In February alone, we
added almost 60,000 new construction jobs
in the country. I ordered expedited
environmental reviews for infrastructure,
environmental and energy projects all
across the country. No longer will you have to
wait year after year for approvals that never come. I also took historic action to lift the restrictions on American energy production and to put our miners, who have been treated horribly, back to work. (Applause.) They’re great people. Consumer confidence is at its highest level in more than a decade. You’ve seen all of the
charts, all of the studies. The National Association
of Manufacturers just the other day reported the
most optimism in the entire history of its survey — which is a old survey — 93 percent of manufacturers are optimistic about the future. It was almost 27 percent lower than that just a few months ago. The Home Builders Confidence Index is at its highest level in 12 years. And now in breaking news,
it was just reported today, the monthly U.S. trade deficit declined
by 10 percent — for a reason. Not by accident, believe me. It was for a reason. We’re also going to
protect your jobs by protecting our borders. My administration is —
just a matter of weeks, literally, a short period
of time — has brought record reductions to
illegal immigration. Record reductions. (Applause.) Down 61 percent since inauguration. General Kelly is
doing a fantastic job. And we’ll crack down on
visa abuses that undermine the American worker. And we’re doing
that right now. (Applause.) These, and so many other great achievements, have defined our first 10 weeks in office. We’ve done so much
for the worker. Done so much for
the military. We’ve done so much for the
police officers, our men in blue and women in blue who are not treated fairly. We’re fighting for workers
of all backgrounds and from all walks of life. But to achieve true progress, we must remember our legacy. We’re the nation that
built the tallest skyscrapers on what was
once the Hudson River, and put neon lights of Las Vegas in the middle of the desert. But if government
continues to punish America’s builders, then we will not be that nation any longer. I’m calling on all Americans — Democrat, Republican, independent — to come together and take part in the great rebuilding of our country. (Applause.) That is why, in my address to Congress, I called on lawmakers to pass legislation that produces a $1-trillion investment in the infrastructure of our country. And we need it. (Applause.) With your help, we can rebuild our country’s bridges, airports, seaports, and water systems. We will streamline the
process to get approvals quickly, so that
long-delayed projects can finally move ahead. And with lower taxes on
America’s middle class and businesses, we will see
a new surge of economic growth and development. All of you have come to
the nation’s capital to call members of the House
and Senate to action. You’ve also called your
President to action. When you see them, you can tell Congress that America’s building trades and its President are very much united. (Applause.) Together, we are ready to break new ground. We will build in the
spirit of one of the great projects in our nation’s
history — an enduring symbol of American strength. The Empire State Building
was forged in the Great Depression, and provided jobs for more than 3,000 workers. We’ve all seen the
pictures — rugged workers perched dozens and dozens
of stories up in the air. Workers like these moved
almost 60,000 tons of steel, installed 200,000
cubic feet of stone, and laid 10 million bricks to
build that American icon. And they did the job in a
record time — 13 months. Hard to believe. Think of that — the
Empire State Building built in 13 months,
during the Depression. Nowadays, you couldn’t
even get a building permit or approval in that
amount of time. When the workers had
secured the last piece of steel in that amazing and
beautiful structure, they marked the moment — as
we still do today — with what is called a “topping
out” ceremony: 1.050 feet above the streets of New York City, they hoisted a beautiful and great American flag. (Applause.) Male Speaker: The ironworkers! The President: They
did a good job. They did a good — those ironworkers, you better believe it. It was an American flag
that represented American projects — the big, bold,
and daring dream of one man, and then one city, and then finally, one people. That banner marked our
nation’s proud climb to the top of the world. Our people endured
through the hardships of Depression and the battles
of World War II, and they emerged from these trials stronger and more united than ever before. Now, we must again summon that same national greatness to meet the challenges of our time. Only miles from the halls
of Congress and the newsrooms of Washington, you will find once-thriving cities marred by empty lots and once-booming industrial towns that have become rusted and are in total disrepair. Standing before me today,
in this very hall, are the men and women who, if
given the chance, can transform these communities. You are the citizens who
can rebuild our cities, revive our industries, and
renew our beloved country. And I know you will stop
at nothing to get the job done. (Applause.) For the rest
of their lives, everyone who worked on the Empire State Building knew when they looked up at that
great New York skyline that they had lifted the
Stars and Stripes atop the tallest flagpole on Earth,
and that somewhere high above the city streets,
their place in history was carved into
beams of steel. In the future, when we
become — the trials — and we are — trials of
our times — we too will emerge stronger and more
united than ever before. It’s happening, you watch. When we rise above the
cynics and critics who live only to defend the
status quo, and to defend themselves from failure, then we, too, will construct a lasting monument to national greatness. In this future, our
nation’s workers and craftsmen will look way
out at the vast open landscape, and they will build new bridges and new schools and new landmarks,
and they will proudly raise up for all to see our bright and beautiful American flag. And when we see that flag,
we will remember that we all share one American
home, one American heart, and one American destiny. May God bless our
nation’s builders. May God bless our
nation’s workers. And may God bless the
United States of America. Thank you very much.

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    Well said Mr.President

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    Builders….that is his profession.

  • Speed Post author

    twitter #FANNIEGATE

  • Abdulrahman Hummadi Post author

    President Trump is a new Founding Father.

  • kenikki Post author

    Most of the people who do those jobs here in New York City are illegal immigrants. Immigrants have built cities like New York City, my father is one of these builders and if he were not so lucky he would be part of these people you are trying to deport. All you have done is built up your ego.

  • Scott Cammell Post author

    uncle sam needs youbto protectb max

  • Patty Preston Post author

    So great to listen to an American instead of the muslim lizard that we had to endure for 8 LONG years. God bless President Trump,and God bless America

  • CarsAndGuitars 270 Post author

    I love how he calls himself a builder and acts as he supports our unions. he's doing everything he can to down the unions. at the beginning he tries to seem as he is supporting us but if you don't understand what right to work is, I'll tell you that what it does is make it where anyone can join our unions without paying any dues. you know that does? it makes it where our unions will no longer have funding coming in to keep our unions going. he already started cutting funding to osha which is who keeps our safety and labor laws in place and protects America's workers. and another thing is, what full of himself, punk talks about his votes MONTHS in. trump did not have support of our union workers like he said. He will just sit there and lie right to your face. and what idiot cuts regulations that are put in place to ensure your safety on a structure. would you prefer crossing a. bridge that had regulations before building or one that had very few?

  • Scott Cammell Post author

    911 did kill as many people as what shooters with guns have caused over this year and if there are so many deaths by guns then what realy caused 911 why not gun control 2 dead presidents and at least five other presidents shot and your friends in congress what causes this much hate in usa its almost like the suicided bombers because there county has been invaded by the us but these lone gun men live in the best country in the world why is that

  • Scott Cammell Post author

    how can the state empire building still be up underneath is a river bed and the tallest building must of been a great achritect that the problem with new building not as good design as some of the old ones like sysdny opera house not the tallest but a icon of austrila

  • The Truth Post author

    Robert Mueller as special Counsel just wants a pay check. He knowsΒ nothingΒ was done by Trump. They all need to be fired! Mueller, Strock and his girlfriend, Rosenstein, Wray, Sessions, and all the other Colluders.

  • Freedom Patriot Post author

    I wanna rock rock! I wanna a rock.

  • Mariee Southard Post author

    hall ass i have no patients. now my glasses. ? with the lord ship. and i..? no written garantees.. the labels will read one . one .. boy warren is pissed. love forever … mariee .south/Shaffer. .

  • AliceTheMad Post author

    wow, what a moron :O

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