President Donald Trump Picks Jeffrey Epstein Lawyers For Impeachment | All In | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Picks Jeffrey Epstein Lawyers For Impeachment | All In | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Picks Jeffrey Epstein Lawyers For Impeachment | All In | MSNBC

  • Tereasa Carty Post author

    Clinton’s took out Epstein

  • Imani Shakoor Post author

    No word on Border They Nedc Help Aswell… GO COVER

  • Creator Post author

    All the Predator's Enablers.

  • Carolyn Talbot Post author

    Trump would be gone by now except for his appointment of this profoundly corrupt AG. We have to focus on impeaching William Barr, and investigating Epstein's death, Barr's pressure on Mueller to conclude prematurely, the disinformation campaign following the release of the report, the political scam investigations of various Trump "enemies," and Barr's knowledge of (and possible participation in) the Ukraine scandal.

  • Ambushofblacks Post author

    Not a fan of Chris or MSNBC, but man at times they can reveal some horrific evidence, yet next week they will have forgotten all about it, but I love the exposure in this piece. Get'em

  • Shadowman84FS Post author

    Oh my gosh, I just spit up some of my boyfriend's doo doo through my nose!

  • John Clarke Post author

    Yes. All we need is a real attorney general and everything will come out for all to see.

  • mjs1231 Post author

    Omg this is a travesty lol
    Networks just sitting around trying to look busy. Liberalism….find a cure

  • David Aponte Post author

    Problem is Chris, and this is what MSNBC never seems to get, the DEMOCRATS who hate Trump were right there in Epstein's plane along with Trump and the rest if the corporate elite who run corporate MEDIA like your show Chris. You see, Americans view your critique as the height of hypocrisy, as with Russian collusion and impeachment. When will MSNBC learn to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

  • KB Motorsports Post author

    I give you props for the spin, but what a bunch of fake news.

  • Annie Siphan Post author

    Trump, the trashiest human filth of the 21st century

  • filippo rossignolo Post author

    However Mr. Dershowitz kept his underwear on when he got tha massage from the young masseurs. Case Closed

  • Turnible Spencer Post author

    It's a right wing conspiracy because projection is all they have. " I didn't do the thing YOU did the thing!!" It wouldn't surprise me after all this time if Trump was the Kenyan born Muslim all along.

  • will Henry Post author

    Even cnn is right more often than last plae MSNBC.

  • FrEdDiE Post author

    Criminals associate with criminals

  • Raul Garcia Post author

    Makes more sense either don the con (or brtish royals) had him killed (with trumpf help of course) than the Clintons who dont have that much power.

  • Laurie Huntley Post author

    The government killed him because who he knew! Simple . And Trumpmhad. Something to do with this…Re: Barr

  • Alex Hoo Post author

    Trump was afraid Epstein would talk. Lucky for Trump Epstein killed himself. It's amazing Lev Parnas hasn't "had a little accident". Any other potential witnesses feeling unwell or feeling a need to look over the edge of any tall buildings? I wonder what Rudy would do if the screws were applied to him? My guess is that he would squeal like the little piggie that he is.

  • Gina R Post author


  • pedro almeida Post author

    lol the mental gymnastics that trump supporters have to make must be tiring.
    Trump literally spits on their face daily but they pretend they don't see it because of their ego.
    You guys voted for the swamp monster.

  • bubba luv Post author

    with some luck it goes as well for dump as it did for jeff

  • Chris Post author

    Witness protection program.

  • S Anderson Post author

    "Birds of a feather…"

  • john norris Post author

    When you're a true Trump hater you will believe anything, of course as long as is against him it's the truth. That's called having Trump derangement syndrome from too much fake lies pounded in your head 24 hours a day. Also called brainwashing.

  • Chabbaquq Yahudah Yahisreal Post author

    Wonder if he is dead at all.

  • James Butterson Post author

    Birds of a feather! ?

  • Phil Bake Post author

    CNN/MSNBC/MSM, –> F A K E "N E W S" S T O R I E S, Rating online & on Cable Have both T A N K E D . . MSNBC is accusing CNN of Lying, & CNN is accusing MSNBC of Lying, Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit's for Defamation-Slander, & FAKE STORIES/State Propaganda against the PEOPLE of The USA!! UM.. NOT LOOKING GOOD!! LMFAO!!
    ! ! T R U M P – F R E E P R E S S 2 0 2 0 ! !

  • Lets use Common Sense Post author


  • Karvert Post author

    Epstein would have ratted out Trump that's why he had him killed

  • Mcfishy First Post author

    Is it know who Use In or ripe with collusion?-)-;

  • abdul muhammad Post author

    birds of a feather flocks together

  • Barbaste Post author

    Barr is the worst criminal ever to work for the gov, except for his boss.

  • Robert Lee Post author

    Chris Hayes what a joke

  • Robert Lee Post author

    Trump 2020

  • johnny rotten Post author

    Or you could say Clintons wedding guests.

  • Brian Nave Post author

    Jeffrey Epstein was happy and free under Clinton, Bush and Obama. Epstein only started having serious problems after Trump won the 2016 election. That can’t be a coincidence. Clinton was friends with Epstein, Weinstein, Weiner, and many others. Clinton would have protected Epstein.

  • Ian the beer rabbi Post author

    Fake news tinfoil hat lair and frauds

  • Tony Bell Post author

    Donald John Trump is a good leader, putting American citizens first. Globalist and the MSM take issue with that, otherwise the media would tout America's progress due to his leadership. But that is not dramatic enough to draw huge crows of sheeple. It all about profit for them, people be dammed.

  • Steven Dean Post author

    ARE Jeffrey Epstein and Jeffery Epstein's Lawyer the SAME Person? what are you complaining about what?

  • october71777 Post author

    All that evidence seized just disappeared huh? Right.

  • The Eternal Hermit Post author

    Does he think that William Barr directly oversees Prisons? Does he think that William Barr can remove at will anyone who runs one of these prisons? This is dumb, there are layers of permanent government employees between Barr and the Manhattan prison. Also no mention that Epstein was kicked out of Mara Lago. No mention Clinton's much deeper ties to Epstein and the fact that Epstein was a huge democratic donor. Also MSNBC didn't care about Epstein until they found a way to connect him to Trump. Some other left wing media organizations even quashed Epstein stories.

  • Clarissa Park Post author

    well, that worked out so well for Epstein…

  • snoop alert Post author

    PMS DNC is at it again Rudy Giuliani is the only lawyer that represented Epstein
    And yes here in America even bad people get attorneys get over it Jeezy people

  • Edward Bell Post author

    Good reporting
    It will be interesting to see how this plays out as Trumps defense team is on record as having embraced completely different views on the subject or merely off the rails in relation to arguments in relation to the Constitution. arguments

  • daveharpe Post author

    Isn't this the guy who was going to "drain the swamp"? Thanks for speaking about this, the silence in this area has been deafening. That's more than a "right wing" conspiracy theory, it is there because of the appearance of incredible incompetence and stupidity by everyone whose mistakes led to Epstein's death. It just seems very unlikely that they can all be morons, and if they are, why do they still have jobs? This rock definitely needs to be turned over so we can see the icky things creeping around under it. Many powerful and influential people profit from Epstein's death, and the bizarre circumstances surrounding it scream for investigation.

  • Sharon Davis Post author

    The choice of these two lawyers by the "occupent" stink. In my opinion its dirt hiring dirt.

  • Hildebeast Clinton Post author

    Chris, the perverts you work for. It’s them too.

  • Dewin Vega Post author

    Something tells Trump has dirt on both Ken Star and Allen D….Probably threatened you protect him or else….

  • Jake Spur Post author

    American allies will
    Know we cannot trust Americans if the Senate does not conduct a fair trial and allow witnesses. Trump is not the only one on trial here. The Senate is as well. Their decision will send a message worldwide that America as to whether America is a democracy or an autocracy

  • T D Post author

    Why did the Dems not call these witnesses before? …. Because for those witnesses and documents the dems would have had to go through the courts which could have taken months…pushing them now speeded up the process for them…Don't fall for their BS!!!

  • T D Post author

    Jeffery Epstein was MURDERED!!!!!

  • Rog cree Post author

    Makes you wonder how much little girls did they molest and gotten away with it.

  • T D Post author

    Don't forget to tell the public that Bill Clinton had been on Epstein's island over 20 times.

  • Christina C Post author

    In the next 50 years we are going to know more about Trumps dark past 😱

  • Lynda Mackrous Post author

    Odd Epstein && Clinton’s, Weinstein & Clinton

  • Lynda Mackrous Post author

    Maybe Clinton’s had him killed. Democrats team up with criminals , Avenatti, now Panas,
    Yep trump was friendly with Epstein until Epstein assaulted staff at mar a lago
    The Clinton family including Chelsea befriending Epstein, Clinton’s befrienfef Weinstein, Obama’s daughter appeared in one of Weinstein production .

  • Tony Harris Post author

    The whole meeting of trump trial between the Dream Team all took place on Jeffrey Epstein's Island.

  • Tony Harris Post author

    The elitist run the world. We just live here.

  • Tony Harris Post author

  • Tony Harris Post author

    If you look closely just might be able to find Jeff Epstein walking around her house. Americans This is where your tax money went to those one percenters.
    These 1 percenters make me sick.

  • Tony Harris Post author

  • Edward MacLennan Post author

    Bondi is there for the same reason. They are ALL guilty of crimes, that trump knows about. They will defend to the death, BECAUSE they are crooked and compromised.

  • Tony Harris Post author

  • Tony Harris Post author

  • Tony Harris Post author

    Donald Trump only picks the best criminals in the world to protect him.
    If at first you don't succeed, lie lie lie again.
    Trump you lie like a rug that's on top of your head.

  • Edward Sessions Post author

    They need too check every body in that jail because Barr was their did he do it or did he promise some body something to do it. That’s why they’re no tape because it was planned. They need too talk too the people on his floor in jail you might have to give something to get something but i think it’s Worth it……If you won’t justice.

  • Edward Sessions Post author

    Because he was murdered for a reason he knew to much,who took off suicide watch,when he committed suicide previous to that so why in the world would they take him off suicide watch because Trump and friends wanted him dead 💀.

  • Edward Sessions Post author

    Just like They tried to leave Igor holding the bag and he knew how he would’ve ended up if he wouldn’t said nothing,this is how Trump treats his friends your only there to server him and you’re to sacrifice your life for his. not cool if you do the crime you most be ready to do the time,not lie and throwing your friends under the bus. That’s why everybody is so quick too say what he did.

  • Jim Curram Post author

    Michael Avenatti wasn't available?

  • Billy Sava Post author

    This isn't a right-wing conspiracy theory. It's a anybody with a brain Theory

  • Jim Curram Post author

    You left out the fact Trump kicked out Epstein out of Mar a Lago.

  • Jay Gibson Post author

    Acquitted for life.

  • Gail Em Post author

    Those are the only lawyers's conniving and ethically inept enough to defend Trump. No moral lawyer is going to take this on.

  • Brandon Condon Post author

    Wow this goes deeper than I thought.

  • philosophicalreason Post author

    Any surprise?Trump even said he loved the fact Epstein had very young girls.

  • Phinneus Prune Post author

    And By the way … Bill hug out with Epstein. I wonder how Hillary felt about that … we could've ask Epstein. Seems convenient

  • psycleen Post author

    conspiracy theoryst chris hayes transgender woman

  • James H Bond Post author

    You people are fools…as you're about to find out this week…you are no longer the news.

  • EffenBrutal Post author

    You are such a tool. I laugh at you loser boy.

  • Hal Everett Post author

    You get right to the point and stab Trump with it. Well said!

  • Darling BR Post author

    I wonder how much trump was involved with Epstein for many years.

  • Dianne Lo Post author

    This is so staged it’s ridiculous.

  • John Rogan Post author

    Chris Hayes…🤮

  • First Name Last Name Post author

    "It was all on William Barrs watch". These news people need to be eliminated, one at a time for lying to the public.

  • Kit Caldwell Post author

    The pedophile Clintons had him killed.

  • rleb blco l Post author

    President Donald Trump Picks Jeffrey Epstein Lawyers For Impeachment | All In | MSNBC

  • rleb blco l Post author

    President Donald Trump Picks Jeffrey Epstein Lawyers For Impeachment | All In | MSNBC -YES! THE LAYER IS REGULARLY THE LAYER FO THE HI CRIMES USUALLY! and the most expensive lovey! for hi crimes! THE MOST! HI CRIMES !! AND MOST NOTORIOUS CRIMINALS! all WERE IN WILLIAM BARR! WATCH!

  • Rachel Menendez Post author

    I just said it before in Chris Haye's Podcast Comment Section, and I will now say it again in this video's comment section: Donald Trump makes his choice of who he picks, based on their Records of CORRUPTION! HE WANTS HIS PEOPLE TO BE CORRUPT! He has Demonstrated that he believes that: THERE CAN ONLY BE LOYALTY AMONGST THIEVES!!!
    Y'ALL DIDN'T KNOW??? Smh!

  • Peter Ford Post author

    Man, film footage gets lost at same time he's left alone? No,, nothing suspicious there.

  • marte thompson Post author

    and none of this is made up.

  • J Cliatt Post author

    You Sleepy Sheep will never get it. You are all blue pilled idiots. Division continues as usual. Why dont we all just cut this short and demand one world government and our UPC injection marks and get on with the end as soon as possible. WTF wake up people. United we stand , Divided we fall.

  • monstersince Post author

    trump was implicated in Epsteins testimony for the worlds eyes to see. the u.s didnt want it in public domain. its a stretch only security services know. epstein was murdered for american national security

  • debra borich Post author

    Try hard..trying to besmerck Trump..also misquoting…low life presenter…

  • Elisa Castro Post author

    This is like complaining that Trump drank from the same straw as Hitler. You guys are pathetic.

  • Candace Coran Post author

    Trump picked Epstein lawyers because they are as corrupt as he is. What did he do along with Epstein that he is trying so desperately to hide. Maybe you should ask Barr. That is why we needed witnesses.

  • chief0129 Post author

    Do you think Epstein would have been arrested if Hillary had been elected?

  • Just Me Post author

    Jesus man, how much pot did you smoke last night?

  • Joseph Carroll Post author

    Oh he definitely ain't dead… he was the Rothschilds blackmail arm, he is very much alive…

  • Joseph Carroll Post author

    Right wing, left wing, it doesn't matter, they're all funded by the same Zionists.. See how they purposefully try to keep everyone divided?

  • Joseph Carroll Post author

    Now Epstein will never be caught and get away with his crimes for the rest of his life because the media says he's supposedly dead.. Even if someone from law enforcement with good intentions actually found him and apprehended him justice would never be served cuz they'd just claim he's a look alike and let him go…

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