Powell says risks to global growth have increased

Powell says risks to global growth have increased

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You ask what has changed. A lot has changed since
December including, for example, estimates of global
growth for 2019 have come down substantially. In fact quite a lot has
changed since May 1, which is only eight weeks
ago, as I mentioned. At the meeting that
ended on May 1, we had, coming out of that
meeting, an excellent job report. Very strong job
report that Friday. We were looking
at what tentative signs that the
crosscurrents were abating. There were tentative reports
of progress toward reaching a trade deal with China. There was better data coming
out of China, better data better coming out of Europe. So all of that changed
coming out of that meeting, beginning with the news that the
trade negotiations with China had moved away from
agreement and toward greater confrontation. And I think I would just say
that my colleagues and I still see a favourable outlook
as the most likely outlook. But we do see that the risks
to that outlook have increased. We’re very mindful
of those risks and prepared to use
our policy tools to support activity as needed. More policy accommodation,
lower interest rates would support economic activity. Which would put more upward
pressure on inflation. And I would say that’s an
argument for lower interest rates. As I mentioned, I think
that the independence of the Fed from direct
political control is an important
institutional feature that has served the country well,
served the economy well, served the American public well. And it’s also the same sort
of broadly similar protections that other advanced
economies’ central banks have. And I think we have
long experience that when you see central banks
lacking those protections, you see bad things happening. And that includes, by
the way, our experience here in the United States. So I do think that
that’s important. At the Fed, we are a strictly
non-political agency. We are doing our best to serve
all Americans with our tools. We understand that we
have a very important job. And we’re very focused
on doing that job.

29 thoughts on “Powell says risks to global growth have increased

  • JERRY RICHARDSON Post author

    Powell knows his job, can't say that about a lot of other Trump appointees.

  • Steven Scully Post author

    This dipshit needs to be put on a cell. The only threat are ppl like him.

  • ba sook Post author

    is Fed helping government or it's people????

  • Michael Laverty Post author

    ANY … ALL… EVERY….Human being who has any commonsense has got to know that at the head of every bad idea every terrible outcome has been some kind of CFR policy or agenda… The CFR is NOT capable of making decisions that Benefit the lower 99% of the economy . The policy of the CFR Is to cater to the upper say 10% regardless of what impact it may have on the grater number of people in the category below .. The very moment Venezuela moved to Nationalize it's Oil Field's it opened up a huge can of economic hit men to that corrected with speed..The Same goes for any other Nation State who try's to do the same thing .. Which brings up Libya and Iraq . Iran many of the South American Nation's that have immigration issue's has them because of the Clearly Oppressive nature of Puppet Regime's trying to Bring it's people under Brutal control …

  • John Klett Post author

    The 'Council on Slave Relations" with their chief spokesperson BS'ing the crowd!

  • Lukasz Dziubalski Post author

    Powell has/is really surprising me. First he raises like a weirdo (too fast), and now he backtracks with a potential near future cut.

    Wouldn't it be in the interest of a stable economy to leave rates unchanged for a bit, and see if the economy can take it? Is going up, and immediately down in the interest of stability?

    Is he really aiming for deflation?

  • Ryoki Nor Post author

    "Serve all Americans with our tools…" I've noticed they use the screwdriver often to put the screws to the working class while building a solid future for the rich.
    What I'm seeing is two very frightened men who know that all they built is about to come crashing down around them. And there is nothing they can or are willing to do about it.

    “I am opposing a social order in which it is possible for one man who does absolutely nothing that is useful to amass a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars, while millions of men and women who work all the days of their lives secure barely enough for a wretched existence.”

    – Eugene Debs

  • Rigor Mortise Post author

    The Fed is no longer independent. QE is another version of currency manipulation. The contradictions of a flailing empire!

  • professor moriarty Post author

    Birthrate in Niger is 7 children average…that's growth

  • Jerry Mathurin Post author

    Lol. Keep Bankers away from Public oversight and scrutiny while they control our money supply. I mean what could go wrong?

  • meli meli Post author

    lol explain global growth? US is waging war against everyone who wanna get far far away from US. US is loser country who will fail

  • Bubba Nush Post author

    Prepared to use our policy tools to support our control as needed, I couldent make this up if i tried" https://youtu.be/keR4eZvod-8?t=84 ". So the tail is wagging the dog and its a good thing, here is a treat, go back to in fighting and arguing over where and who you have sex with. The emperors are hiding and they have no cloths.

  • Irish Home DeeMob Post author

    Trump economics has always been bankruptcy !

  • Zeek M Post author

    Global Growth = Globalist Banker Cabal Terminology.

  • Jared Highlands Post author

    So what this means is your full of crap and are bull [email protected]&tting as usual

  • FightWorldSlavery Post author

    Council on Foreign relations are part of the machine that is global control. They do nothing but push lies. I hope these fuckers get cancer.

  • MrJoedotmac Post author

    Powell needs to shut his mouth. Every time he gets in front of a microphone or a camera his words drive the market down, loosing hundreds of points and billions in valuation across the board. The hedge funds and investment banks are in on the gig, position/trade, short sell on these announcements. The pathetic means of which most of us are trapped in a hostage 401k can't trade and move on this news as it takes days to execute a buy or sell. Powell and the rest of the investment cronies know this and simply use the trillions in 401k's an asset trove of which they can manipulate and take a few billion here, another billion there on this public guidance.

  • james T Post author

    You know the ponzy scheme Federal Reserve is coming down soon and people know this. Inflation is SKYROCKETING over the past years compared to previous decades. It was created in secret because the public knew it was a scam. You took us off the gold standard "temporarily," yet were still not back on and weve been coincidentally going to war with any country that is on a gold standard.. hmmmmm… 🙄.. Americans need to wake up and realize that's why they're trying to come for the guns!

  • zacho cracy Post author

    This criminal enterprise, independent of the US, has literally done nothing since they began extorting money in 1913.

  • zacho cracy Post author

    Audit the Fed
    when it is seen by the public they are stealing from tax payers
    End the Fed

  • zacho cracy Post author

    When a monetary system depends on an independent entity to tax whatever money is created, without approval of congress, not only is this unconstitutional, it is entirely nefarious and disgusting.

  • zacho cracy Post author

    Jay Powell
    tell the truth for once in your life, you are shaming your family's name

  • Rabinowitz Shekelstein Post author

    Central Banks = One World Government

  • DR J WINGS Post author

    In other words , too many hungry mouths want my steak and lobster!

  • John Brown Post author


  • John Brown Post author


  • benny ballejos Post author

    Damn it's hot today. Oh wait its summer. That explains it.

  • Carl P Post author

    Non political, sure

  • Dow Under Post author

    Powell needs to ignore Trump and tank the market.

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