POND MONSTER SPOTTED HIDING in BACKYARD SWAMP!! (Found Grace Sharer in Beach Safe House)

POND MONSTER SPOTTED HIDING in BACKYARD SWAMP!! (Found Grace Sharer in Beach Safe House)

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– So Sharers, we are in,
yuck, the swampland right now, looking for the monster.
– Look at my knee. – Okay, this is gross. It smells disgusting. This is the bottom of the bay. Wait, hold on. Wait, wait, there it goes, there it goes. Whoa, whoa, whoa, there
it goes, there it goes! (screen beeping) (door creaking) Come on. – All right, let’s go in. – [Stephen] Hello? – Anyone home? – [Stephen] Close the door. Hello? – [Grace] Stephen? – Grace? – Stephen! – [Stephen] Grace, there you are. We made it. – Wow, come on in, come on in. – [Stephen] Grace, wait,
whose house is this? Whose house is this? – I’ve been working with the lifeguards. This is our mission house. – Oh. – I look like a lifeguard. – Like, lifeguards like John? – Well, you aren’t real. – Oh, I feel pretty real. – Well, you guys look pretty goofy. I did tell you guys to get disguises, so you guys did pretty good. – Yeah, so Grace, what’s up? I don’t understand. What are we doing here? – Well, Stephen, it has been crazy. I’ve been lost for 24 hours, but I finally made it
back to the mission house, so this mission house is to
keep us safe from the monster. There’s been pond monster
spottings at the beach. Here in Avalon is where the
pond monster originated from. Come check this out, look. I put a little sticky note
’cause I was reading this while I was waiting for you. But look, on page 152, check that out. Look how big that monster is. – [Stephen] Whoa, it
dates all the way back to November 7th, 1891. – Yeah, that was a long, long time ago. Yeah, this was the very
first sighting ever, in 1981. – [Stephen] 1891, Grace.
– 1891. – Even older than that. – Yeah. – Oh yeah, it must be because
it’s all marsh out there. I bet this whole place used to be a marsh. – [Stephen] Whoa, Grace,
we got a good view. Oh, take a look, oh
there’s the pink balloons. – Oh yeah, that’s what
we saw from the drone. – Yeah, did you ever see my
pink bright shirt on the drone? – [Stephen] No, did we? – No, just the pink balloons. – By the way, Sharers, if you’re wondering why
we’re wearing these outfits, make sure to check out the last vlog. It was pretty crazy. Okay, so this, oh wait. That makes sense. It’s all swampland back here. – Yeah, ’cause look at this book. That was way back ago, and
look, it was all swampland. – Oh my goodness,
there’s no houses at all. – [Stephen] This must be
where all the monsters grew up and where they can hatch
and lay eggs and stuff. – Like out there, down
in the trails and stuff, through the woods. – But I don’t get it, what’s
so special about this house? – Oh, Stephen, check it out, look. It used to be the lifeguard lookout tower. – [Stephen] Oh, and that must have been why they were able to
spot the pond monster. – Yeah, all in there. They used to be able to watch for it. – But wait, I don’t get it. What’s the point of us
being at this house? – Wait, Stephen? – What? – What’s that over there? Do you see it on the bank? – [Stephen] What is that, what is that? What is that, what is that? – We need to get closer. – Wait, that looks just like
the photos I’ve been seeing. – [Stephen] Quick, go
back to that photo, 152. – [Grace] 152. – [Stephen] There, it looks
like that thing, look. That’s actually something out there. – [John] It’s moving, too. – Wait, hold on. Let’s get a closeup. Wait, there’s a kayak down there. Quick, let’s hop in the kayak. Wait, Sharers, we might be onto something. We might have spotted the pond monster. Quick, get downstairs, go. We gotta get down to the kayak. Come on guys, let’s go. Grace, come on. – [Grace] I’m coming, I’m coming. – This is it, this is
our chance to catch it. Let’s go, grab some gear. Let’s go, guys. Is there a life vest? Grab a life vest, grab
a life vest, let’s go. – Here we go. – [Stephen] Come on, come
on, let’s go, let’s go. – Whoo, here Stephen, I got you one. – Perfect, thank you. Let’s get this thing in the water. – [Grace] I still see it out there, guys. I still see it. – It’s still there. Quick, hop in. – [Grace] I wonder if it’s
its little house over there. – Okay, quick, hop on. – [Grace] Is this a two-seater? It’s a one-seater. – No, it’s two, right? – It needs to be three. – We gotta go, come on, hop on, hop on. Come on, John, get on. Whoa, John, it’s very tipsy-topsy. – [Grace] Here, I’ll sit in the front. – Oh, it’s sinking, it’s taking on water. Okay, grab a paddle, quick. John, quick, quick, grab the paddle. Let’s go. All right, push off, John. You got the paddle, or oar. Okay, so Sharers, we have
three people on a kayak. This is not good news. Grace, are you okay up there? – I don’t know, I’m trying
to balance ourselves. – Whoa, John, this is crazy. Okay, keep going, keep going. Sharers, never put
three people on a kayak, but I see the pond monster. There it is, straight
ahead, straight ahead. The faster we row, the better. (screaming) We just sunk, we just sunk. John, save the boat, save the boat. (Grace screaming) – Get back, this is not working. We should get back. John, this is not good. Grab that boat. John, quick, save the boat, save the boat. – I touched something,
I touched something. – [Stephen] Get out, here. – Grab the paddle. – That pond monster’s still there. The pond monster is still there. Quick, quick, quick, give
me this kayak, quick. John, John, here. – [Grace] I thought
you were the lifeguard. – Ready? Come on, get out. Okay, false alarm. That didn’t work. – No. – The pond monster’s still there. Grace, do you see that? – [Grace] Yeah, I do. – How are we gonna get over there? – I don’t know. – [Grace] We gotta retry it, I think. Right, guys? – We only got one kayak. How are we gonna make this work? Is there a tube or something? Let’s go in the garage and see if they have
supplies or something. – [Grace] Yeah, yeah. – Come on, careful, it’s super slippery. – [Grace] Ooh, I just slipped. Okay, coming. – Wait, Stephen, what
if we use one of these? – [Grace] What? – Maybe I could ride on it. – [Grace] Is that a float? – And then get over there. – No, that’s not gonna work. We need something bigger,
like a surfboard or something. – [Grace] Okay. I wonder what’s in the garage. – Oh check it out, they got
some boogie boards in here. – [Grace] Ooh, grab them. – This will be perfect. Let’s go, let’s go. – Go, go, go. Okay, let’s go, let’s go. I still see the monster. – Let’s go see the monster. All right, everybody
hop on a boogie board. Let’s go. Go Grace, go. – Okay, here I go. – [Stephen] After the pond monster, go. Here we go. – My turn? – Ready, John? Three, two, one, go. After the pond monster. There we go, there we go. After the pond monster, let’s go. Here we go, let’s find this thing. Grace, do you still see it up there? – Yeah, I see it, let’s hurry up. – I see it, too. Sharers, good news and bad news. Good news is, ah, there’s
a horsefly near me. But good news is we found,
we spotted the pond monster. Bad news is we lost the kayak. It tipped. It won’t work with the three of us, so we are currently on this boogie board trying to get as close to
the pond monster as we can to get shots, so make
sure as we get closer to comment down below any clues you see, anything that defines the
pond monster that what it is so we can really describe it. Guys, keep going. Grace, you good, you hanging in there? – Yeah, I’m kind of getting nervous. We didn’t bring any spy
gadgets or anything. – [Stephen] No, John, are you okay? – What are we gonna do when we find it? – I didn’t think that far through. – At least we’ll find it. – At least we’ll be able to find it. We can spot it. You can report it back
to the lifeguards, Grace. – Maybe it’ll think you
are another monster, ’cause you guys look funny. – What? I don’t look funny. – I just look like a life guard crab. – [Stephen] Oh, you can kind
of disguise as a crab, John. – I can go underwater. – [Stephen] Try it. – Ready? – [Stephen] Yeah, three, two, one. Let’s see if John looks like a crab. – That looks like a crab. – [Stephen] Uh, kind of. Wait, try it one more time. – Wait, check this out. – [Stephen] Actually, that kind of works. You kind of look like a crab. – Perfect. All right, let me put my disguise back on. – Wait, it’s right there, do you see it? It’s right behind the thing. All right, hang on, hang on. Okay, Sharers, hang on. We’re getting closer to this monster. I don’t know if it sees us or not. Oh, I see it, I see it. Do you guys see it? – It’s right there. – Shh, we gotta be a little quiet. We’re gonna try to get up, – It’s building a tunnel. – We want to try to get up on land. If we scare it, it’ll run off, though. So we gotta be careful not to scare it. Okay, Sharers, here we go. I’m gonna point the camera
at the pond monster. Comment down below any clues that you see. Three, two, one, here we go. Take a look at it, John. Do you guys see it? It’s right behind the bush,
behind that bird right there. I’m touching the bottom,
I’m touching the bottom. We’re hitting the shore,
we’re hitting the shore. It’s very shallow. – Maybe we’re too close. – No John, we gotta get up on land. – Wait, we gotta go quiet and steady. – Quiet and steady wins the race. We’re getting super shallow right now. All right, I’m here. I’m on land, I’m on land. Are you guys on land? – Almost. – Oh, I’m slipping back. I made it, I made it. I’m up, I’m up on land. There goes my boogie board. Okay, quick. Shh, shh. Get up and stay down. Grace, you gotta act quick. It’s quicksand. I know it’s quicksand,
but you gotta act quick. Quick, get down, get down. All right, hang on. I think I see it. Oh my gosh, this is totally quicksand. Look how far in my foot is. Oh, it’s so sticky. – [Grace] Are you stuck? – No, I’m not stuck. So Sharers, we are in, yuck,
the swampland right now. Looking for the monster.
– Look at my knee. – This is gross. It smells disgusting. This is the bottom of the bay. This is so nasty. The pond monster is literally right over the top of this hill. This must be, look, this
is where it makes its nest. Look at all the stuff here. – [John] Maybe those are babies. – [Stephen] I don’t know what it is. There’s holes for the animals
to dig in or something. – They’re way too small for it, though. – Okay, only thing I can think of. I don’t know what to do now,
what are we supposed to do? Grace, I’m gonna give you the camera. Can you peek around the corner and try to get a better
angle of the pond monster? – Yeah, I can do that. – [Stephen] Okay, you ready? – Sharers, tell us what you see. I’m gonna stick the
camera around the corner. – [Stephen] Okay, you ready? – Yeah. – [Stephen] Be very careful,
Grace, be very careful. – [Grace] Okay, here I go. Let’s see. – [Stephen] Do you see it? Do you see it? What’s it look like? – [Grace] I don’t know, I don’t know. I can’t really tell. Let’s see, let’s see. – [Stephen] Get a closer look. What is it? What’s it doing? – [Grace] I can’t tell what it’s doing. – [John] Do we have enough
room to move any closer? – [Grace] I can’t tell,
it’s like staring at us. – Are you serious? – [Grace] Yeah. – Is it digging a new hole? – [Stephen] John, can you take a look? – Yeah, I’m here. – [Stephen] Okay, just be careful. – Three, two, one. – [Grace] Go, what do you see? – [Stephen] What’s it doing? What’s it doing? – [John] It looks like
it might be digging. – [Grace] Digging for what? – [John] Maybe it’s trying to get away. Maybe we need to move closer. – I’m gonna move in for a closer look. – All right, here. – All right, I’m gonna stay down low. – Okay, so this is the plan. I’m gonna start crawling
closer to this end right here. I’m gonna go right over this hill. I’m gonna go fast, like
I’m about to go after it, and see where it runs, see where it hides. – Okay. – You ready for this? – Let’s do it. Wait, what is that? Wait, there it goes. – There it goes, there
it goes, there it goes. Whoa, whoa, whoa, there
it goes, there it goes. Go get it, go get it. It went under. Where’d it go? Hold on, hold on, I’m coming. I’ve gotta grab my board. I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming. I’ve got my board. Okay, I definitely don’t want
to go farther down there. Sharers, that might be where
there pond monsters come from. Guys, I’m coming. Grace, don’t lose it. John, don’t lose it,
I’m coming, I’m coming. Here we go. Let’s find it. Go, go, go. Where is it, where is it? Grace, John, where’d it go, where’d it go? – It went right down here. It went under. – [Stephen] Did we scare it or something? – I’m not too sure. – What kind of monster was it? – I couldn’t see, it went so fast. – It definitely looks a little different than our one at home. – Okay, hang on. How are we supposed to find it now? – Well, the problem is, the bay
leads to the ocean, Stephen. – Yeah, maybe it could swim
upstream for miles over there. – Yeah, it’s like endless miles. – Wait Sharers, I think I
see it, I think I see it. Do you see that? It’s going over there. Quick, go this way, go this way. Quick, I think I see it. Sharers, I think I see it. Off in the distance, do you see it, Grace? – Yeah, go, go, go. – All right, quick. Full speed ahead, we gotta
get another spotting. Sharers, comment down below
what you think it looks like. Okay guys, keep your eyes out. It’s somewhere around here. Whoa, there it is, there it is. Whoa, there it goes. Quick, go, go, there it is. Go, go, go. Okay quick, get up on the dock. Get up on the dock, go. It’s somewhere around here. Quick, quick, quick. Quick, go, go, go. Quick, John, go, go, go. Grace, come on, hurry, hurry. Get out, get out, get out. – Here, get your board Stephen, here. Grab mine. – It could be in the water. – One more time. Whoa! – [Stephen] What is it? It’s somewhere around here, John. – Let’s see if we can
hit it with the paddle. – [Stephen] Keep an eye out for it. Go to the front, it’s in the front. Up here, it’s somewhere around here. – [Grace] Definitely down there. – [Stephen] Do you see
anything, do you feel it? Whoa, there it is! It inked itself. It’s inking, it inked the water. – We know that technique. – [Stephen] John, it’s the same species. It’s definitely the same species. – It went underwater. – So Sharers, we definitely know it’s the same type of
species that’s at our house, ’cause it definitely, that inking is definitely the same thing. – Yeah, it’s inked before. – Okay, you know what I’m thinking? Let’s go in, let’s grab some supplies like some bait and
tackle at the bait store. – Oh yeah. – We need a good plan. – Giant nets, we definitely
need a bigger boat. We gotta figure this out. – Yeah, we got this, though. – We know it hides out over
in those dunes right there, in the swamp, that’s its home. So let’s go to the store,
let’s grab some supplies, and let’s get going. – Yeah, but wait. First I think you should
take that stuff off. – The disguises? – Yeah, you guys look so goofy. – You think? – Yeah, a little bit. – [Stephen] Okay. – Oh, yeah, maybe you’re right. All right, well, let’s get to the store. Come on, let’s go. (ominous music)

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