Pedro Gets Bad News From Immigration Lawyer | The Family Chantel

Pedro Gets Bad News From Immigration Lawyer | The Family Chantel

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How are you doing? Uh, good. Great. What can I help you with? OK, permanently live here? OK. You need to be a US citizen
before you can sponsor them, OK? ERIN ELLIOTT: Pedro is
able to sponsor his mother after he becomes a US citizen. So the timeline for that– he’s got two years
before he’s a citizen. And then his mother’s
process will probably take about a year and a half. But there is an exception. If you’re married
to a US citizen, then you are
eligible right away. In order to fall
under that exception, you have to show that you’re
still married, that you’re living together. You’re providing additional
evidence of the relationship. And then you have an
interview together with you and your wife. ERIN ELLIOTT: But the
requirement is that she would need to attend the interview. So for naturalization,
you’re looking at about maybe $2,500 with
filing fees and legal fees. And then once you’re able
to sponsor your mother, you’re looking at probably
about $3,500 for that process. Mm-hmm. So for your sister, the fees
for that are about maybe $2,000.

100 thoughts on “Pedro Gets Bad News From Immigration Lawyer | The Family Chantel

  • honey badger Post author

    Well–he can get the fuck out of the country. TRUMP 2020

  • honey badger Post author

    He's obviously dumb, 2500 + 3500 = 6000, not 7000.

  • M St. Clair Post author

    Considering Pedro and his family's behaviour and motives, why is there a spin off? Money really is a hell of a thing!! I have to laugh though when he heard the fees to sponsor his mother alone!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rolanda Loathe Post author

    Well well well. Guess who needs who. 😂

  • Charlotte Cannon Post author

    He has been USING Chantal all along, and the guy was telling the truth who told Chantal that Pedro's mom, sister planned the entire marriage to come to the U.S., and NOW we all know for sure that Pedro was in on it too from the beginning. Chantal needs to annul the marriage on grounds of fraud.

  • Tee Kaye Post author

    Pedro you should go back and live with your evil mum and rat sister. 100% using Chantel!

  • Charlotte Herring Post author

    His mama is suppose to be an immigration lawyer…right? Lol. Glad to see Pedro have to "eat crow" in this matter. If Chantel has any sense at all…she would not only block his mother and his creepy sister from coming here..she would also send his ungrateful, narcissistic butt back to his mama and sister. Chantel has created this mess for herself and her family and she needs to clean it up.

  • Supreme AliBabee Post author

    EVEN IF CHANTELS FAM IS CORRECT ABT PEDRO N HIS FAM, CHANTELS FAM ARE OVERBOARD ANTAGONIZERS! Disgusting and I cannot stand them for it! Just do ur due diligence n prove ur shit no nd to invite him to a vacay only to torment him! So stupid all of them

  • Lebo Ramaphiri Post author

    Is this guy sleeping with his sister?

  • Sharmila Antoe Post author

    Don't lawyer please don't bring them in America nooooo

  • Yumi Chocolate ASMR Post author

    😂🇺🇸Chantel isn't going for that… Lip balm🐄💩💦

  • Fishing Men & Fish! Post author

    Send tape to immigration…keep them out!

  • Vedel Carby Post author

    What a bell end pedro is

  • ChntalX Post author

    Does he even have 10k or is he gonna take chantel's money xd

  • Lord Burlap Post author

    If Pedro learns to speak English correctly, I will stop watching this program!!!!!

  • Nadia Pier Post author

    I can not understand why Pedro and Chantel are still married.
    They are not in a healthy relationship. Pedro can not see how wicked his sister is.. when she will come to the US Pedro and Chantel mariage will end for sure.

  • Claudio Faundez Post author

    Pedro 👉😎

  • Riley Ware Post author

    So like, what is it that Chantal sees in him?

  • joe n Post author

    is nobody gonna talk about how she said the total would be 2500 and 3500 and pedro said 7000

  • Robert Guevara Post author

    How did someone like chantel gets stuck with this guy? Smh. Lol

  • fantacybab3 Post author

    I hope he never EVER EVER gets a green card 😠!!!!!!!!! Also hope everyone is having a good day 😁. EXCEPT YOU PEDRO!!

  • S. Post author

    Can’t stand this sack of garbage. Even I hate your mom and sister, Pedro.

  • Big O Post author

    I wonder why they want to come to stupid America?

  • DeeDee Inc Post author

    Well of chantel goes along….they deserve eachother. Its her own fault. He has a good lifr, look at his face all fat. He is a user, and a fraud.

  • Anabella Bella Post author

    Now i understand Trump

  • Andres Morales Post author

    This is why I’m still single 😂

  • WildCat Sal Post author


  • Elaine Ferreira Post author

    Dublado 😢

  • Valerie Post author

    Sound right to me !

  • Andrew KO Post author

    Sweet Jesus comes to Chantelle rescue. Pedro is like whaaaaaat??

  • Geraldine Vd Berg Post author

    Well we know the real reason why he Married Chantal

  • Daniela Mazeron Post author

    This show is so fake

  • Elaine Green Post author

    I love his expression when she explain the value of money to bring his family

  • Emilia Ashby Post author

    The case of Pedro is very sad! His mother and sister have their claws on him for financial support and to manipulate him. Neither one of them want him to be happy. These two women are not only evil and would do anything in their power to have him divorced, knowing that he feels "something," for his wife, not sure if it is love but obviously he feels something. At times, I even feel sorry for him, between his wife and evil family. The mother speaks like she is "his" woman, saying that she is going to be in the States and that, "Chantel would have to pack her bags." The whole comment smells incestuous! Chantel has been very immature and the relationship has suffered. They are both extremely immature and don't understand marriage is between TWO people only. His family is toxic, and her family is overwhelming and overbearing. He is an uneducated man and she wants him to have the sensitivity and sensibility of a man with dignity and respect. He is wanting in all these aspects. Nevertheless, he is not an evil man, I think, which says a lot about him coming from the family he comes from. If they both don't cut their umbilical cords..divorce, is written on the wall!

  • Fiona Goode Post author

    His sister and mother are terrible people. His sister is the worst though. There’s a reason why it’s expensive, because it makes it harder to get terrible people over. Now, I’m not racist or against immigration, I just hate those two lmao

  • Mercedes R. Post author

    The nerve Pedro, quit scamming

  • Doreen Forauer Post author

    It makes me very angry to hear an Attorney tell an immigrant how to get his other family members here sooner and I am betting its ALL on the American Taxpayers that pay HER paycheck. WHY? There are too many immigrants coming and then sucking off ALL of the Taxpayers. I am sure HE has no bank account to even afford this Attorney. Dont want the stress dude, go back to your country.

  • Violet May Post author

    Sent this dick back. He does not respect his wife.

  • K J Post author

    He's gone when he gets his citizenship.

  • Elaine Green Post author

    Am in UK,! Every time the advertising come on tv the Chantel family Pedro is heard to be saying I MARRIED A CIRCUS 🎪 I HAVE TO SAY TO PEDRO WELCOME TO AMERICA,! You have not lives yet,!

  • K.Nuyts Post author

    He is such a fraud, and everybody knows. He is the only one thinking people don’t see him through, he is a clown. He doesn’t live in the reality.

  • Nonjabulo Shandu Post author

    Chantel is annoying, she'll probably help this guy out 😐

  • Zeko Azar Post author

    i became so disgusted when i see your comments guys. I hate the american arrogance so much!! .. Don't forget Guys that you are more or less just IMMIGRANTS and your ancestors are Europaen occupiers!. imagine the world without this America. No wars, no troubles, no terrorism, less poverty. the world would be much more peaceful! .. this is the reality, which american arrogant people don't want to see

  • JOKER FACE Post author


  • Gudrun Van Steenbergen Post author

    Like she would ever sponsor his mom and sister

  • Bec SocSci Post author

    Why bring his mum and sister there?? They called Americans “stupid Americans”.

  • Tashana scott Post author

    Ahhhhhh, haaaaaaaaa! Asshole

  • Tashana scott Post author

    I don't like him at all. Only because he takes up for his mom and sister like he's married to them or some isht

  • Patricia Patterson Post author

    Why his sister can’t get her a man and marry him and get him to sponsor their mother …why is everything on him

  • letmetellya Post author

    Well he found $8,000 to pay a coyote to get here.

  • rebeccawcleung Post author

    I hope the immigration officers who interviews them have watched this show….

  • Spencer D Post author

    its a con

  • Deborah BOYETTE Post author

    Pedro is obnoxious and his mom and sister remind me of vultures waiting for Pedro to bring their prey to them

  • selfhumour Post author

    So he basically marrying Chantelle only for opportunity to bring his family to America indefinitely. Most likely.

  • Taiwan Friendly Post author

    The way his parent treats Chantal , shows me they are just using her .

  • kobe jones Post author

    He’s needs to work on his English before he bring his family here.

  • time4growth10 Post author

    She is going to allow him to bring the family over. She loves him. Regardless of her not getting along with them she will cave in. On the other hand, the money from the show must continue. Once they are they will keep fighting like backyard chickens and that creates ratings. Truthfully, it’s getting old the feud between them: I can’t stand the Pedro sister to begin with. She acts as if she is entitled. When she comes here, she will have to learn the real meaning of hustling for a dollar!

  • Hibo Samatar Post author

    Chantel will help for sure. She is a bloodless and brainless . No feeling, no thinking just a soul🤕

  • Eduardo Rodriguez Post author

    Tu lo que quieres son los papeles deja de estar jugando te lo escribo en Español x eres latino solo lo que das es vergüenza hojala Chantel te mandé de regreso a República Dominicana eres un tipo muy sucio y aprovechado…

  • Virgen Torres Post author

    Realy don't like him!!!!!

  • Kat London Post author

    Maybe if his mum and sister were kind to Chantel and not so mean she would be fine about it. They were horrible to her from the beginning.

  • Martha Felix Post author

    Punchi viejo horrible k lo Mande mucho….

  • boat buddy Post author

    And I want the American tax payers to pay for everything including medical and a new house and car.

  • Bertha Post author

    Lol good luck with the interview pedro!

  • Joey McNew Post author

    It seems like the time of denominator here, is he's people from other countries just want to marry Americans, so they can bring their families over. That is totally using someone.

  • Marcia Nickerson Post author

    I cannot believe that all you people who commented on here are all making Pedro and his family the bad guys. Chantels Mother is the most interfering woman I have ever seen. She is constantly stirring trouble with Pedro & Chantel—along with her husband and her kids—ridiculous. They have no business doing all the crap they do. I am not saying Pedro and his family are angels but the Chantel family are truly from the devil.

  • Noreen Farrell Post author

    Pedro’s Mother is a nightmare, she manipulates her own son to get what she wants. Really hope that bitch never gets to the U.S. – Pedro and the US would definitely be better off without her!

  • Lorena Rodriguez Post author

    So true that's why he marry Chantel to fix his mom and his sisters papers but I hope that never happens Chantelle you just need to leave him and find someone better than that cuz his family is never going to let you both be happy

  • Daniela Baci Post author


  • Cassandra Bannerbie Post author

    Not an American citizen himself but wants to file for someone else 😁… Chantal need to look at this and know he's using her.. she needs to divorce his s** the 🍆 can't be that good

  • Solett Smith Post author

    Bro you are only using Chantel.

  • l xerxes Post author

    Dont you got to wait 5 years before u can apply to be a us citizen?

  • lilrichgrl94 Post author

    His mother is not coming here….. Chantel is not going for that interview

  • WAKA DOO Post author

    Why stay in the u.s when you have a good life in your country

  • Chris Lovitt Post author

    Pedro is so stupid 😂😂😂😂

  • Chris Lovitt Post author

    She doesn't "feel" like his worthless family doesn't treat her right. THEY DON'T TREAT HER WELL!

  • Annaliz Herrera Post author

    Mom and sister are pretending like they can’t find their own ticket to USA.

  • Trinada Griffin Post author

    I want them to come and get beat up by stupid Americans. They act like everyone owe them something. Divorce this clown!

  • Lesley Allinson Post author

    If chantel says yes to his mother and sister live with them, she might as well jump off the end of a cliff

  • Rene Ling Post author

    Chantal should dump him!

  • rainbow goal Post author

    Pedro your face is too ugly haha

  • Maricela Sanchez Post author

    Tell your family to start saving or you take another job you think you are smart and handsome but in reality you are a jerk, Chantal deserves someone better educated and someone who respects her

  • Barbara Gangaram Post author

    “I go there to find a solution, but when I coming out I got more problems “ 😂😂😂Pedro u always gives me good reasons to have a hearty healthy laugh….you come clean with your thoughts 😂😂😂

  • aurayia linton Post author

    My question is, who will support them when they get to America.

  • mcgee mcgee Post author

    and this sums it up

  • Conrod Martin Post author


  • Jacob L Post author

    Is this guy stupid? He thought he can just come to America for two seconds and then bring his whole family here? And he thinks it'll be free? Do some research before you hatch your master plan. Sloppy.

  • Tamara King Post author

    Its been the plan all along. Anyone can see that.

  • Chantal Noisin Post author

    This lawyer has a way to get parent & sibling in the USA right away as opposed to Loren & Alexi’s lawyer who told them that Alexi’s brother would have to wait 13 years before he became eligible to apply.

  • Russell Smalls Post author

    She'd be a fool to help them get there paperwork right Ps where does he theyre goint to live..

  • Gabriela Vaskez Post author

    I never understood why a girl like Chantal. Is married with this man..i hate him.he is a despicable man..and the family ..

  • Riley Samuel Post author

    2,500 and 3,500 Is 6k not 7

  • Kikibelle Love Post author

    It would be nice if Pedro did not turn the diner table upside down, may be all would go smoothly for him. His mother she think before acting, I would not sign and not even go to the interview, thinking a few days spent with his mum and sister was he'll, why bring them next door.

  • M.L. Lee Post author

    Hop he have plan where hes family is gone stay. In usa. But not in hes place.

  • Angel Post author

    I would punch his lights out!

  • Mike Hartsell Post author

    .hey Pedro.. keep your scabby family out of the USA…

  • boobie1967 Post author

    This is B.S. He knew this already.

  • Karla Gonzalez Post author

    He’s tripping over a totally of 6Gs 🙄 we have to pay 8Gs FOR ONE PERSON!

  • Johnn Goode Post author

    can't stand his family,if they get their citizenship I will leave the U.S.

  • Michael Khukhama Post author

    TLC i need some cash too please come to my family 🙂

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