Parliamentary standoff worsens over fast-track legislation

Parliamentary standoff worsens over fast-track legislation

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now in other news South Korea’s National
Assembly has descended into chaos after a physical standoff over attempts to
fast-track key reform bills the committees for judiciary and political
reform on Thursday were planning to grant fast-track status on bills on
electoral reform and on creating an independent body to investigate
corruption among high-ranking government and public officials for parties without
the main opposition bloc agreed this week to fast-track the bills legislation
however their plans have been put on ice due to fierce resistance from the
Liberty Korea party which blocked the conference rooms for the meeting saying
that election law needs bipartisan agreement the ruling Democratic Party
condemned the Liberty Korea party for what it said was illegal violence saying
they will sue those involved it was the worst violence scene at the
parliamentary since the parliamentary acts was amended in 2012 to outlaw
physical violence that was long prevalent in South Korea’s Parliament
parties are holding meetings with their lawmakers this morning to discuss how to
proceed on the matter

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