Overview: Judges

Overview: Judges

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The book of Judges. So remember after Joshua led the tribe of Israel into the Promised Land he called them to be faithful to their covenant with God by obeying the commands of the Torah. And if they do this, they will show all the other nations what God is like. So Judges begins with the death of Joshua basically tells the story of Israel’s total failure. The book’s name comes from the type of leaders Israel had in this period. Before they had any Kings, the tribes were all governed by these “judges”. Now don’t think of a courtroom. These were regional, political, military leaders more like a tribal chieftain. And you need to be warned the book of Judges is very disturbing and violent. It tells the tragic tale of Israel’s moral corruption, of its bad leadership, and basically how they become no different than the Canaanites. But this sad story is also meant to generate hope for the future, and you can see this in how the book is designed. There’s a large introduction that sets the stage for Israel’s failure as they don’t drive out the remaining Canaanites. Then, the large main section of the book has stories about the growing corruption of Israel’s judges. And the progression here shows how Israel’s leaders go from pretty good, to ok, to bad, to worse. The concluding section is really disturbing and shows the corruption of the people of Israel as a whole. So let’s dive in and we can explore each part a bit more. The opening section begins with the tribes of Israel in their territories in the Promised Land, and while Joshua defeated some key Canaanite towns, there is still a lot of land to be taken, and lots of Canaanites living in those areas. And so chapter one gives a long list of Canaanite groups and towns that Israel just failed to drive out from the land. Now remember, the whole point of driving out the Canaanites was to avoid their moral corruption and their way of worshiping the gods through child sacrifice. God had called Israel to be a holy people and that does not happen. Chapter 2 describes how Israel just moved in alongside the Canaanites adopted all their cultural and religious practices. and it’s right here that the story stops. For nearly a whole chapter, the narrator gives us an overview of everything that’s about to happen in the body of the book. This part of Israel’s history, the narrator says, was a series of cycles moving in a downward spiral. Israel became like the Canaanites, and so they would sin against God. So, God would allow them to be conquered and oppressed by the Canaanites, and eventually the Israelites would see the error of their ways and repent. So God would raise up a deliverer of a judge from among Israel, who would defeat the enemy and bring about an era of peace. but eventually Israel would sin again and it will all start over. This cycle provides the literary design and flow for the next main section of the book. It gets repeated for each of the six main judges whose stories are told here. Now the stories of the first three judges Othniel, Ehud and Deborah they’re epic adventures – they’re also extremely bloody stories. Either the judge themselves or people who helped the judge – they defeat their enemies and deliver the people of Israel. The stories about the next three judges are longer and they focus in on the character flaws of the judges which get increasingly worse. So Gideon, he begins pretty well, he’s a coward of a man but he eventually comes to trust that God CAN SAVE Israel through him and so he defeats a HUGE army of Midianites with only three hundred men carrying torches and clay pots. But Gideon has a nasty temper and he murders a bunch of fellow Israelitas for not helping him in his battle and then it all goes downhill from there. He makes an idol from the gold that he won in his battles and then after he dies all Israel worships the idol as a god and the cycle begins again. The next main judge is Jephthah who’s something of a mafia thug living up in the hills and when things get really bad for Israel the elders come to him begging for his help. And Jephthah was a very effective leader, he won lots of battles against the Ammonites. but he was so unfamiliar with the God of Israel he treats him like a Canaanite god – he vows to sacrifice his daughter if he wins the battle. This tragic story it shows just how far Israel has fallen, they no longer know the character of their own God, which leads to murder and to false worship. The last judge Samson is by far the worst. his life began full of promise, but he has no regard for the God of Israel. He was promiscuous, violent and arrogant. He did win brutally strategic victories over the Philistines but only at the expense of his own integrity and his life ends in a violent rush of mass murder. Now a quick note here, you´ll notice a repeated theme in the main section of the book that at key moments God´s Spirit will empower each of these judges to accomplish these great acts of deliverance. Now the fact that God uses these really screwed up people doesn´t mean he endorses all or even any of their decisions. God is committed first and foremost to saving His people but all he has to work with is these corrupt leaders and so work with them he does. This whole section is designed just to show how bad things have gotten – you can´t even tell the Israelites and the Caananites apart anymore, and that´s just the leaders. The final section shows Israel as a whole hitting bottom. There are two tragic stories here and they are not for the faint of heart. They´re structured by this key line that gets repeated four times at the close of the book In those days Israel had no king and everyone did what was right in their own eyes. The first story is about an Israelite named Micah who built a private temple to an idol. And that gets plundered by a private army sent by the tribe of Dan. So they come and they steal everything and then they go and burn down the peaceful city of Laish and murder all of its inhabitants, its a horrifying story. When Israel forgets its God might makes right. The final story of the book is even worse, it’s a shocking tale of sexual abuse and violence which all leads to Israel´s first civil war. It’s very disturbing and that´s the point. These stories are meant to serve as a warning, Israel´s descent into self destruction is a result of turning away from the God who loves them and saved them out of slavery in Egypt, and now Israel needs to be delivered again from themselves. The only glimmer of hope in this story is found in this repeated line in the last part of the book. It actually forms the last sentence of this story. Israel has no king and so the stage is set for the following books to tell the origins of King David´s family, the book of Ruth, and also the origins of kingship itself in Israel, the book of 1 Samuel. But the story of Judges has value as a tragedy – it’s a sobering explanation of the human condition, and ultimately it points out the need for God´s grace to send a king who will rescue His people. And that´s the book of judges.

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    this book in the bible is soooooo disturbing. I couldn't finish the whole chapter of 19

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    When I heard, "Gideon started out as a coward of man!" I laughed out loud SO LOUD. I needed to hear that, thank you.

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    Deborah and Jael are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shiloh Wall Post author

    Deborah was called by the Most High to be a Judge over Israel, and Jael was supposed to kill Sisera!

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    Are Ebzan, Elon and Abdon judges (Judges 12 : 8-14)??

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    How was Samson corrupt?

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    Jephtan didn't promise to sacrifice his daughter he said he would sacrifice the first thing he sees when he returned from the battle he was not expecting it to be his daughter and he promised God and in sadness he kept his word and his daughter who understood that a promise to God must be kept accepted her fate…… not saying that it was right eh.

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    Judges 19-21 is uh.. wow. I don't know what to say.

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    I hate for this to be my first comment on any of the videos that y'all have produced because I love the work that you guys are doing in explaining God's Word for all to see. With that being said, I could not help but comment on the last comment of Samson's story when you guys said: "His life ends in a violent rush of mass murder".

    That is not how Samson's story ended. In fact, I would say that this was God showing two of His attributes in one event: his redemption and His justice.

    Redemption in that Samson was finally able to fulfill God's will for his life (to be protector of Israel and to destroy the evil and wickedness of the Philistines)….see Jud 16:13 where after destroying the temple, the narrator says "thus he killed many more when he died than while he lives". Essentially, because of his faith, he was finally able to accomplish what God has set out for him to do!

    Justice in that the Philistines had assembled there to "offer a great sacrifice to Dagon their god" and to celebrate the victory over Samson (and really the God of Israel). This was not a "mass murder" It was God's justice against a wicked and perverse people through the faith of God's appointed servant (see Samson's appearance in the hall of faith).

    I love your guys' work, but I truly believe this is a gross misrepresentation of God's Word. Please consider this.

    God bless!

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    ..I strongly dis agree on the story of Gideon, and I believe adamantly, that Cornelius was , is, an avatar, ..why am I bringing Cornelius into the story of Gideon?because I know he never made a golden calf for the Israelites to bow down to..these books are mixed with deception.. honestly people, why would there be a bible guide identical to the K.J.V., placed by Gideons, in hotels all over America, if he made a golden calf for Gods people to bow down to?? I swear on the seed of Onan, what I know is that the man who buried his talent in the sand, tried to profit off led bullets to save a Common Law Marriage in distress, by a challenge to the abuser, in a proper dual,…I know yer sayin uh, there were no guns back then dude,..but thats exactly why he was banished for knowing the end of the story ahead of its time !, it was the good thief who restored Gideon by telling him this parable, remember who was on the right hand of Christ who entered the gates of heaven first, the good thief was the angel of Gods voice and said cast these ingots into gold bullets, not led ! I know yer saying how did the good thief travel clear back to that time of messed up judges just for Gideon ?, because this is why, when you die, you go either backward or forward to your place written in the Manifest , which is Gods shipping log known as the Lambs Book of Life, the Christ died to make Gods name MANIFEST, he is all of us in an overall conscience of mixed synapse, connected by string theory formed words of all different languages..so heres what happened, the avatar took the Gold bullets that Gideon was making for the man who buried his talent in the sand, so that God would be well pleased , and he posed himself as Gideon and melted the bullets into a Golden calf and the Israelites fell for it again ! ! the reason the good thief chose Gideon is because he knew that the house of Zion would sell a slogan to make women join men on a field of battle..that slogan today is ..Valor knows no gender..Wrong! Gideons spells it correctly in Judges chpt.6 vs.12 as VALOUR not valor..bullets are made of gold people, and they are there to save a true marriage..I know yer saying but dude how? when the dual is over the winner gets the hand of tne bride in distress, it dont matter who wins the dual, God gets the gold..you signed onto it before the marriage when you dunked each other in baptism of holy Spirit…yeah, the priest has absolutely nothing to do with a marriage…believe it…these jesuits and whats in the basement of that Vatican are a conspiracy to collude secret societies…I swear it..

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    At first I thought Jephthah was great for sacrificing his daughter. Like Abraham almost did to Isaac. But then I remember that he first thought about his dog. That the dog would come out first and would be his sacrifice. He tried to "trick" God.

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    Talking about chapter 19 to 21, Israelites were lucky they were not treated like Sodom and Gomorrah, because YHWH still honoured the covenant.

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    Think about it this way, when our children do something wrong do we allow them to get away with it or are there consequences to their actions? We discipline our children out of love. God disciplines us out of love. God always has the best intentions for us. If he did not love us there would be no consequences to our sin. In Judges, we see this over and over again. We also see how God does not abandon us regardless of the terrible things we do. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.

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    I don't know if you got the narrative of Jephthah right. It didn't feel right to me. Jephthah didn't knowingly offer to sacrifice his daughter to God. He just said to God "the first thing that got out of my door will be sacrificed to you" without knowing it would be his own daughter that would come of that door and when he saw his daughter be the first to come out to celebrate his victory, Jephthah was very sad.

    The narrative you pushed was as though Jephthah knowingly offered to sacrifice his daughter. There's a big difference. That being said, I still appreciate your works. Thank you

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    I just caught, and realized; "Or people who help the Judges.", could mean a possible total of 12 actual "Judges"? Is that what your getting at?

  • cloud nine Post author

    I have been really enjoying the Bible Project narrations and illustrations as I move through the O.T. But I have to disagree with the narrator when, in talking about Samson, refers to Samson's final act against the Philistines as 'mass murder'. God's purpose in raising up Samson at that time was for defeating these enemies of Israel. The narrator's description of Samson's life was quite accurate, he had plenty of failures. But at times, God raised up individuals and the armies of Israel to purge Canaan of the decadent and perverse people groups living there. God had a purpose in choosing Israel as a nation through which He demonstrated His holiness and justice and mercy and eventually sent Jesus Christ to the nation as fulfillment of the Law. The Law demonstrates how sinful man cannot measure up to God's holiness and therefore subject to the judgment of God. 'The law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ'. John 1:17. God has wiped out individuals and populations that were very depraved and He has the right to do so because He is the giver of life. Under the Mosaic Law, He gave Israel the mandate to drive out their enemies from Canaan (not from the whole world) because the iniquity of the Canaanites had reached a point of requiring God's judgment. For those of us who are in Christ, we demonstrate what Christ has fulfilled in us, mercy and truth. We don't have that same mandate from God as Israel did. While being God's chosen people, they were also a nation with civil laws. The universal church of Jesus Christ is not an earthly kingdom and is made up of people from all nations. We are to give people the Good News and allow them to freely make the choice as to whether they believe and receive Christ or not. Samson's mandate from God, while under the Mosaic law, was to defeat the Philistines, and his largest victory was at the end of his life. Remember, Samson is one of the 'heroes of faith ' in Hebrews 11. His greatest demo of faith was at the end where, as a captive of the Philistines, and with his eyes poked out, he was a languished prisoner. He was brought out to be mocked by the people during a celebration to the idol god of the Philistines. Samson seems to be at the end of his own conniving and pride. With his arms around 2 of the main support columns of this idol's temple, he humbly asks God to give him strength one more time. He bore hard into the pillars and collapsed the place, killing more Philistines, along with himself, than he had at any other time in his life. God answered his prayer and gave him and Israel a great victory that day. IT WAS NOT MURDER. It was the judgment of God against the perverse and rebellious nation of Philistines. And in humility and faith at the end of his life, Samson submitted himself to the power of God for this great victory over God's enemies.

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    My own personal take on the Caananites is that they were being led by giants. This is why the spies that were sent into the land came back saying "we were like grasshoppers in their sight." The women and children had to be killed because the giants had corrupted the entire bloodline of these people.

    I do love your videos! You guys have done an amazing job bringing the word of God to so many with these awesome capsule videos for each chapter. God bless you all!

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    Thank you so much

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    You don't believe that the fallen Angels and Nephilum hybrid Giants…

    That's why God had all the pagan tribes destroyed by Joshua after the destruction of the earth with the flood.
    GOD has compassion for humans that sin and fail…
    But the Nephilum and fallen angels,are cursed and receive NO Peace from GOD and are destroyed in the old Testament so that the Hebrew bloodline,(the line of David),can birth YESHUA our Savior.the Messiah!
    That's the whole reason that GOD Invented the Hebrew Race.And thats why God was strict in everthing the Israelites Did,Because he would be born from a clean unblemished Nazarene Jewish bloodline.Pure and clean . Thats why YESHUA said that he would return in a time that was like the days of Noah…
    Meaning huge amounts of death destruction, sexual perversion,Hybridization with animals and the seed of the serpent,….and the return of the Giants.the FALLEN ANGELS and unclean spirits.These things are reserved for the final generation.mens hearts will fail them with what they will see on the earth in those days….

    We are

    The final generation.

    Please make a video explaining how the line of seth produced giants,just by breeding with fair women?

    Giants and Nephilum hybrids were conceived ,without Gods Consent,by the 200 fallen watcher Angels that descended on Mount Herman in the days of Jared.

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    Key line in those days Israel had no King and people just did all that they like.
    When Israel forgets His God !
    Might make Right!
    These are a warning even to us especially those of us who profess to know the book of God and Love Jesus!
    A sobering expression of human failure and condition!
    And a need for grace and a Saviour to point them back to God!
    May we not take Him for granted!
    No matter what the cost!

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    I think these videos are really interesting and Iโ€™m learning a lot from them, however I donโ€™t understand entirely your take on Jepthah. You say that he vowed to sacrifice his daughter, but the Bible says (Judges 12: 30-31): โ€œJephthah had vowed to the Lord that if God would help Israel conquer the ammonites, then when he returned home in peace, the first person coming out of his house to meet him would be scarified as a burnt offering to the Lord.โ€ It doesnโ€™t mention his daughter specifically. And when his daughter was the first to leave the house, I was expecting God to intervene like with Abraham, but instead he allows the sacrifice to take place. Just out of genuine curiosity (promise Iโ€™m not trying to be snarky haha, sorry if Iโ€™m coming across that way) why do you think God did this?

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    about the last bit of judges, i dont understand why the benjamin tribe was so opposed? from what i understand the rest of the israel tribes wanted to punish the guys that raped and killed the women and mutilated the body into 12 pieces, then spreading each piece to each tribe. so the crime took place in the benjamin tribes area right? why didnt they just give the criminals up? with that there didnt need to be a stupid civil war.

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    Jephthah said in verse 31 of JUDGES
    " Then it will be that whatever comes out of the doors of my house to meet me, when I return in peace from the people of Ammon, shall surely be the LORD'S, and I will offer it up as a burnt offering."

    It later reads in JUGDES 38-39
    So he said, "Go." And he sent her away for two months; and she went with her friends, and bewailed ( mourned ) her virginity on the mountains.

    And it was so at the end of the two months that she returned to her father, and he carried out his vow with her which he had vowed. She knew no man.

    We all know that GOD despises human sacrifice, especially in the way pagans preformed it. Brutal and crule.
    My question is did GOD stop Jephthah from offering his daughter as a burnt offering; or did he allow his thoughtless attitude to show him how stupid it is to promise something to GOD? In this case it turns out to be his daughter the person he loved the most. You can't promise GOD something, and then go back on that promise, but it doesn't say GOD has to accept his promise/offering. As we know GOD has rejected offerings in the past. And hates human sacrifice.

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    When are you guys doing the book of Jasher, which is mentioned in Jude?

  • Kelly Adams Post author

    I read books and I thought Samson was good he just sined I do not get it??????

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