Orrin Hatch Loves Hispanics!

Orrin Hatch Loves Hispanics!

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now and one more fun to within about a so my or news should we consider her hispanic
background well uh… their is the republican
senator who has because you’ll say about this this orrin
hatch now he didn’t quite say that bout sonya
sort of my order but he did say that another study was coming up for his
important position things over to the results and when he was up for attorney general
on every jew uh… what or has had to say and we’ll see if the
republican being consistent on whether we should take in a town at someone’s
ethnic background or not uh… he says called look this is not
just a nomination use a nomination for the turning building that sits in
america this is the first hispanic ever
nominated for that position or for any of them in for positions in
the cabinet of any president we work with hispanic people all over
america or every bit as the vote or country as
any citizen was ever been in this country by personally marv hispanic people dekat pause here come i you give me a man for soft you have to clarify that
hispanics are every bit as american is a really else of course there are less than already
enormously pay patronized and then includes you love hispanic people at that addy here well today come on how over the top region as it is
the story continues frankly final my friends in the senate
community and hispanic people all over america are
watching this debate and assessing something very unfair
going on here and a half this may come from the most
humble circumstances which took a place the struggle every
immigrant family in this country is gone through and nothing in this opportunity ways
fully qualified for it would be act travesty regularly pause here notice have he
doesn’t mind using hispanic art at all he said look at the democrats will
confirm alberta results the first-ever hispanic attorney general obviously they seem to be a hispanic i’m
not saying i’m just saying i love the hispanic people solicited in one more quote here when i talk to people around the country
i sometimes sell them that within hispanic communities that
share hope for an opportunity to succeed just give me a chance to prove myself
that’s a common prayer for those in my community i asked my college students acree that give judge who is also a chance to prove
himself he will not let you down religion or in he’d ever let us down but i loved the court had is speaking
for the spectrum he’s gone around the country saying look
you know i’ve talked to my friends and hispanic
community first of all let me say i love the second of all here’s what they say they say they’re all federal prisons are
and if you vote yesterday your guests and so what is a republican the end of a mortal words of uh… the
whole o_j_ to you uh… the dealt with the senate card but from the bottom of it but if it now it’s autobiography
intermission issues hispanic that would be racist in et cetera sem almost as if these politicians are a
little bit the critical begin the piece that together

85 thoughts on “Orrin Hatch Loves Hispanics!

  • Propagandhi900 Post author

    It does not matter whether the person Obama picked was anything other than an old white guy. The conservatives would still be all obsessed with the race of them etc.

    Even if he did nominate n old white dude they'd still find a way to make him seem like Josef Stalin incarnate or something.

  • crowdaddy13 Post author

    orrin hatch likes hispanics when they mow his yard

  • Melchor Villarreal Post author

    Those Republicans! Even when they love us, they are still full of mierda.

  • G Post author

    oh yes they love us as long as we follow them and do exactly what they want and yeah we must stop speaking with accents and yeah we must all go back no matter if we are not illegal

  • Dantinus Post author

    I didn't even know Judge Sotomayor was Hispanic until I read her wikipedia article. I thought she was of Greek or some Southern European heritage… Seriously.

  • JacKn1feSugarTrucK Post author

    I can't wait until the GOP is down to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

  • JacKn1feSugarTrucK Post author

    And pretty much all the rest of the Fox News team.

  • Unekwu Post author

    she is "the best 'woman' for the job" she has more experience than any of the other justices had before they were nominated…

    she is extremely qualified

  • tofumar Post author

    Did it not occur to you that there may not be one "best qualified person?" In a wealthy country of 300 million people, there are likely to be many extraordinarily well-qualified people. In that case it makes good sense to take diversity into account, both because diverse groups are more likely to render a better decision, and because the SCOTUS then seems more legitimate to the population at large.

  • xCrimsonGear Post author

    hispanic definition:the term is used to describe the culture and people of countries formerly ruled by Spain

  • key jackson Post author

    Im hispanic and im cute :]

  • Heavy Distortion Post author

    I'll bet The Hispanics don't like Orrin's hatch.

  • RacerEckss Post author

    "Ain't nobady tryin to blow Orin Hatch!"….Chris Rock

  • ebutym11225 Post author

    I always thought of the term in the manner xCrimsonGear defines it. So I can agree with your comment, except for the 'Middle Eastern' bit. I don't know of and colonies Spain had in the Middle East. Nor do I know of any great movement of Middle Eastern people who moved to a country colonized by Spain.

  • NafeesLACC Post author

    Utah does have a growing Hispanic population so ……..

    I love that people have to defend the position that the 100 Million + minority Americans are just as "American" as the 200 Million Whites as if Hispanics,Blacks,Asians,Native Americans have not fought for this country and or aren't average people.

  • ecwaufisxtreme Post author

    Orrin Hatch is Sarah Palin's DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY! Palin is a SUPERIOR politician and statesman than this ass-clown could ever be. She is also MORE MAN than he is for Hatch wears the skirt in his family while his wife wears the pants!

  • Voodoo Ray Post author

    Stop stop stop.


    you have been posting this shit since palin ran with Mc Cain. this shit is old and tired! give it up…It was funny back then and it's not funny now.

  • JimisJames Post author

    Cenk, you are suha fucking racist. If any one besides a white guy said that, you would not even had mentioned it. But clearly a white guy can't say those things. You are such a fucking liar and hypocrit yourself. Why the fuck do I watch your tired ass.All you do is piss me off with your obvious bias and lack of perspective.

  • RacerEckss Post author

    Yes, they will. Spam the shit out of em'.

  • TC1024 Post author

    I think the point here is the hypocrisy of the republicans. The issue is surrounding the appointment of a hispanic woman, and the reps are trying to use her race against her; whereas before this senator was using alberto gonzalez' race in his favor… I dont see wat is wrong with bringing this up?!
    And how exactly is cenk a liar?

  • Regset Post author


  • Kamicolod Post author

    no you

  • JimisJames Post author

    um,you're 12, goto sleep

  • P1ranh4 Post author


  • JimisJames Post author

    drink your bottle kid

  • Regset Post author

    you're name should be generic james..please come back with something better

  • lostinseganet Post author

    He is going against all the anger towards illegals. That is very clear. Good for him.

  • JimisJames Post author

    you're 12, how hard do you really think I should come at you….lol

  • Superplatanoman Post author

    Orin Hatch lives in the Whitest State of them all

  • K1ngmaker Post author

    Even if he was an old white guy, they'd have bitched and moaned that he wasn't a sufficiently racist old white guy.

  • Richard Hunter Post author

    The Republican criticisms of Ms Sotomayor have been retarded. Anyone with any sense can see that. I would be embarrassed to be a republican right now.

  • ex yzee Post author

    I love Hispanics – especially female, age 18, with a little hot sauce and KY on the side. Yum!

  • negrowithabrain Post author

    You're still a MORAN

  • negrowithabrain Post author

    Republicans are the new HATE group…

  • NeoYorke Post author

    morAn or moron?

  • MercifulMing Post author

    Hatch sounds very progressive for 1950.

  • [email protected] Post author

    not a surprise, hispanics,latino what ever you call them are good looking plp, hottest culture, viva latino america

  • pongman Post author

    I'm waiting for the first gay homeless Haitian American to be on the US Supreme Court then I'll know for sure that America is no longer a racist and homophobic country. lol Let's see, my guess it will be in another hundred years after the Hispanics, Chinese, and Native American. Everybody has to wait their turn. Oops I said Native American. They aren't still ready yet.

  • Larry Burke Post author

    you must have meant MO RAN. Where?

  • lota68 Post author

    I love rhubarb pie, with custard

  • alejbr4 Post author

    im part cherokee, and im still waiting for my holiday!

  • lota68 Post author

    Rheum is a genus of perennial plants that grows from thick short rhizomes. The genus is in the family Polygonaceae, and includes the vegetable rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum or Rheum x hybridum.) Makes Great pie!

  • checkurself Post author

    As Mexican American born here in California. I feel such ire when politicians appease me for votes then turn around and use Mexicans as escapegoats. Propaganda here is beyond reproach. I am sick of it. It just causes hatred and injustices towards Hispanics who are Americans. Politicians can't have it both ways. I realize we need to protect the border but people entering this country are not all Hispanics. Europeans and others come here illegally, too. Demonizing one group doesn't help.

  • isaacsenglish Post author

    If you are waiting then sit down!

  • Regset Post author

    you know repeating the same thing over and over again is not going to make it true..just give it up

  • yes4me Post author

    well it is nice to heard them changing their stance and realize they cannot move forward if they don't kiss the ass of democrats a little, rather than trying to deny everything that democrats touche… but man was that a bit over the top? It almost sound a bit gay =)


  • Misty Cockroach Post author

    Escapegoat? LOL

  • JimisJames Post author

    you're right, I am a man and you are a child, why would I fight you?

  • Regset Post author

    lol shut that shit down 40 year old gay virgin

  • Smartassawhip Post author

    Maybe he just loves hispanics men because he certainly doesn't like Sotomayor. He is such a hypocrite.

  • checkurself Post author

    she's not even liberal. she sided with Bush on the case upholding the Mexico gag rule funding. If she were a liberal would she not be against anti-abortion funding?

  • checkurself Post author

    Liberals are not globalist either. That's the bankers and the major corporations agenda. More profit if you expand your business globally. It's all about profits.

  • checkurself Post author

    That's rich. I am Mexican American. Born and raised here. I have voting rights because I am American who just happens to be ethnic Mexican. You just are a hater and a racist.

  • checkurself Post author

    Separate and conquer. As long as they have us bickering about such nonsensical things, they rob us of our country all in the name of profits.

  • checkurself Post author

    Oh really? So the conservatives don't want me to have a vote like you stated in your previous comment…you are a conservative right? So conservatives are not threatened by Hispanics? And you think liberals are misguiding me. you are racist.

  • checkurself Post author

    I didn't realize I was talking to someone under the influence of drugs. That explains everything. Get a help.

  • dinobrya Post author

    I am sure how you do not think this is not a racist statement. Moreover, you are clearly promoting hegemony. I hope you are not serious. Perhaps you are merely bored.

  • David Katzevich Post author

    Wow, you're either a troll or a SUPER racist! I am strongly leaning to the former, although I suspect there exists some truth in the latter.

  • ennuieffect Post author

    i'm almost positive that you're throwing in comments for pure shock value. i refuse to believe that anyone in this day in age with access to the world wide web can be so blatantly racist and ignorant. if you are being sincere then i hope your children grow up to hate you and everything you believe in.

  • Juniversal Post author

    He is indeed a troll. friction00815 (formely pulsar/motion) automatically gets a thumbs down from me the moment I see his post. I don't even need to read them lol. He adds nothing to the conversation but flame bait.

  • pongman Post author

    Lol, I hear you dude! Yeah my grandmother is Cherokee. Yeah the Indians should have scalped Christopher Columbus when they had the chance.

  • leafsgirl7 Post author

    Yes, there is. Hispanic means "Spanish-speaking" and is not a race. It is incorrectly used interchangeably with "Latino," which IS a race.

  • liberosveritas Post author

    So did hatch say something against Sotomayor, because you can't lump him with all the partisan hacks in the senate. He has a bipartisan track record when it comes to supreme court nomination hearings in the senate judiciary committee. If Hatch said mentioning someones hispanic background is racist, then yes, it is very hypocritical, but if it was just another conservative goon you can't say he was.

  • gonyea12 Post author

    So …. I guess we should consider causation heritage when scrutinizing all people who ascend to positions of government.

  • sisforshayla Post author

    damn hatch really went all out on that back then, haha

  • Sylvia Willhite Post author

    well f–k you then b—h…

  • David3188col Post author

    lol what the fuck are you talking about?

  • Junky Bob Post author

    im white but yea, me too

  • Barbara Williams Post author

    Maybe Orrin Hatch can write a job recommendation for Alberto Gonzales. I hear he's still looking for work.

  • Annie Marggraff Post author

    FIRST put both hands on your chest

    SECOND think of something you want

    THIRD tomorrow you will get a surprise with the thing your wished for.

    FOURTH heres the catch write this to five videos

  • PrairiePie23 Post author

    LOL! "Some of my best friends are [black]/[Hispanic]/[Jewish]" ROFL

  • cjfilmproductions Post author

    republicans seem to not understand that simply repeating something over and over does not make it reality.

  • Kunjaku Post author

    Orrin Hatch just being the naive Mormon republican senator he's always been

  • Kunjaku Post author

    Some Mormons inadvertently discriminate against "laminites". Shit I've lived in Utah for over 20 years and plenty of Mormons are cool but as a black man I know there is a fucking stigma out here so think before you retort dipshit.

  • mypeace00 Post author

    This is a great video, "I love hispanic people" lol. Do you know the origin of the word politics? poly- meaning "Many" and -tics meaning "blood sucking parasites."

    Anyway, Kanjaku, by using the word "Mormon" like its an adjective that furthers your point "those naive mormon republicans," you're showing how naive you really are lol

  • stihlms Post author

    again you lie so bad !

  • TheOriginalemoticon Post author

    USA is more hispanics than all you immigrants. They have more mitochondrial dna native american than any other ethnicity. So bite you toungues all you dip shitts.

  • mucura1 Post author

    hipanics…….smaller than blacks but still bigger than whites………lol.

  • Kyler Williams Post author

    borrrrrrin' Orrrrrrin'

  • Javier Charlier Post author

    Hispanics > everyother race haha

  • Multi0703 Post author

    Such nonsense and bullshit !
    We Latinos are very proud of being Catholic and the Catholic Faith is one of our biggest prides !

  • Isaiah Montoya Post author

    can a latino join the kkk?

  • Isaiah Montoya Post author

    Hispanic isn't a race – most Hispanics are racially white – haha

  • Jose Martinez Post author

    You should have run this with your hate video on George Zimmerman Scenk. You,Ana and the rest of the TYT labeled him a racist from the beginning. I do believe you hate Hispanics.

  • Javier Charlier Post author

    yeah cuz the white people had their time of persecuting every other race. White people are getting shit now from all other races.

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