Orlando Divorce Lawyer Explains Top 5 Mistakes Made in Divorce. Call (407) 834-3245

Orlando Divorce Lawyer Explains Top 5 Mistakes Made in Divorce. Call (407) 834-3245

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Hi, I’m Steve Kramer of the
Kramer Law Firm. I am a Florida family and divorce attorney.
Today, we’re going to be talking about the top 5 mistakes people
make in divorce cases. The first mistake that people make is
engaging in domestic violence or stalking. This can really have a
detrimental effect on your case because one of the things it can
lead to is criminal charges and domestic violence injunctions.
And the thing about either of those is both of them can have
long-term consequences on your future. If you have security
clearance, you can kiss that goodbye if you wind up with a
criminal charge like that. Or even with a domestic violence
injunction. It can also affect background checks for work and
otherwise. So you gotta be really careful with stalking and
domestic violence. You gotta stay clear of the spouse. I know
things can get tense and heated but you gotta watch yourself.
Number 2: leaving email and voice messages. You don’t want
to be leaving hurtful messages. You don’t want to be leaving
angry messages because they have the tendency to pop back up in
cases. The same holds true for Facebook posts or MySpace, or
whatever. Be careful what you put out there. Put yourself in
the position of a judge looking at this email or listening to
this voicemail because that may be the very position that you’re
gonna be in later on. The next thing that we want to look out
for, and a huge mistake, is what’s called “parental
alienation”. And that is where you start talking to the kids
and you start telling them how awful your spouse is. “Your mom
is such a terrible person,” “your dad is such a terrible
person,” but I guarantee in most cases it’s not quite that
nice and the words aren’t as diplomatic as the words that I’m
using. The thing is, this can have a consequence both on your
case – because a lot of times it comes out later. If you ever
have a child psychologist in the case or what’s called a
“guardian ad litem” which is a neutral party there to look at
the whole situation and give a recommendation to the court.
This kind of alienation can come out and really affect your case.
The other thing it does is it puts the children in a really
awkward position that can have some real consequences on their
future and their psyche. And you really want to look out for that
because what we want to do is have as good of a divorce as we
can and protect the children. And that’s really, really
important. The fourth thing you’ve gotta look out for is
using litigation as a tool for revenge because at the end of
the day you will have spent a lot of money and you will still
not have dealt with the issue and the anger that really
prompted this whole thing. Litigation shouldn’t be used
as a tool for that. Use your divorce to protect your rights.
Use your divorce to make sure you have a good parenting plan
for your child. But don’t use your divorce to beat up your
spouse. And the fifth and final one is ignoring claims of drug
or alcohol use. If your spouse is accusing you of using drugs
or alcohol, that’s a claim to take very seriously. My
recommendation a lot of times is immediately preempt that by
doing drug testing. If you’re not taking drugs, do the drug
testing so when they come into court and say “she’s doing
drugs, she’s doing drugs,” you can show them right away: “Look,
Judge, I’ve done a drug test every week for the past year.
There’s no chance I’ve been doing drugs.” And what that does
is not only does it paint you in a good light because now you’ve
shown you’re clean and sober, but it destroys the credibility
in the false accusation that your spouse is making. Now they
look weaker because they look like they’ve been
misrepresenting themselves to the court. And that’s gonna have
a big impact on your case. And that’s something we can look at.
There’s a lot more we can talk about with family cases and
divorce cases, but these are five things you really should
consider. Now why am I telling you this? Because these are
things that you need to keep in mind when you go through a
divorce and any good attorney should be going through this
information with you. So, if you have any questions, call me. I
deal with this stuff every day and I’d love to help you out in
any way that I can. Thank you for watching. Also, if you’re
watching this on Facebook or YouTube, click on the “like”
button below. That way, you can share this information with your
friends and family. I appreciate you watching our video. I’m
Steve Kramer of the Kramer Law Firm. Thanks.

23 thoughts on “Orlando Divorce Lawyer Explains Top 5 Mistakes Made in Divorce. Call (407) 834-3245

  • comingout05 Post author

    excellent information. thanks.

  • Steinger, Greene & Feiner Post author

    It is best to be level headed in this situation and practice common sense and what this video suggests "be diplomatic."

  • Legal Broadcasting Network Post author

    Nice job on your videos and channel.

  • Walt Ciesla Post author

    Steve, sound advice. Thanks.

  • Robin Marie Ewers Post author

    So basically, don't go psycho.

  • Attorney Services Post author

    Those are very good tips. #3 is super important because my brothers ex spouse is, to this day, still doing 'parental alienation'. It makes me so mad to have to see it.

  • cutie pie Post author

    What if your lawyer tells you that the parent will be drug tested, before visits takes place, and this does not happen, can I not sign the custody papers, isn't that false repetation!

  • jpeg movement Post author

    Thanks for the info. I need your help ASAP

  • Broxterman Alicks McFarlane PC Post author

    Great vid Steven! We see these mistakes being made all the time too!

  • Divorce Lawyers & Attorney Post author

    Thank you for this video! It's really important to show us those points.

  • Jonathan Noble Esquire Post author

    As a family law attorney in Pennsylvania, I want to thank you for posting this video. Terrific general information for those going through a divorce and or child custody battle. Well done, Attorney Kramer.

  • Robert Jonasson Post author

    Great advice,Steve.You should have added that a domestic violence charge can forbid you from owning firearms possibly forever if you are charged with a felony.

  • Elba Toro Post author

    What to do to file for alimony payments?

  • Wolfgang548 Post author

    The top mistake made in divorce is getting married in the first place. With how the gynocentric system works in favor of women over men, more and more men are going MGTOW. Men are outsmarting the system. I wonder what attorney's are going to do when there's little to no work left. Women all over social media are screaming, " Where have all the good men gone?" There's plenty of men in the world. The problem is there aren't enough rich men for these women to marry them divorce rape them in court. Karma's a bitch.

  • orlando florida Post author

    I could've gotten better advice from the mailman. law school?

  • Mistah FTM 7394 Post author

    Another alogrithm fail, only into bio feminine women, not married, single. Annoyed by this crap. Single Proud Independent Dreadhead Dark Skin Hetero FTM, live my life as a straight man. Y'all troll MI with lies, MI speak truth.

  • Larry A Post author

    No marriage = No alimony & No divorce attorney cost. If you have children, child support for unmarried parents is usually set by income of both parties. He or she that earns more pays. The more kids the payor has with another woman or man, the lower the payment of child support will be via credit approved from a family law Judge. Try to avoid the distasteful family law court arena.

  • timothy lines Post author

    to little to late mother fucker.

  • van2dan Post author

    Prosecuting lawyers compete against Defense or Criminal lawyers. Divorce lawyers compete against other divorce lawyers, correct?

  • Mr Man Post author

    Only mistake is getting married. Go MGTOW men.

  • Brackett James Post author

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    Good advice

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