Opinion | Trump’s impeachment would be a constitutional, not a political, question

Opinion | Trump’s impeachment would be a constitutional, not a political, question

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-Impeachment is
a political question, though, not a legal one. -It is by design an inherently
political process. -Impeachment is sort of the
atomic bomb of political tools. -This has become the soundtrack
of our age, that the decision to impeach
is political, not legal, not moral,
not constitutional. Don’t listen to this drumbeat. If you hear someone say
impeachment is a political question,
don’t buy it. The framers of the Constitution
certainly didn’t. See, the Constitution
is a legal document, and impeachment is
a constitutional mechanism. Therefore, impeachment
is a legal mechanism. It was designed by the framers
to permit the republic to hold the president
accountable for wrongdoing while in office. -Then it’s time for new leadership for the United States
of America. -Yes, members of Congress,
politicians, must judge whether a president’s
actions are treason, bribery, or other high crimes
and misdemeanors. -President Clinton
has been impeached. -But the Senate makes
its judgment on oath and under the presiding
authority of the chief justice of the Supreme Court. -The Senate adjudges
that the respondent, William Jefferson Clinton,
president of the United States, is not guilty as charged in the
second article of impeachment. -The view that everything
is just politics reduces the world to the cynical
pursuit of power over others. -If we don’t get what we want
one way or the other, whether it’s through you,
through a military, through anything
you want to call, I will shut down the government. -Okay, absolutely.
-This tactic will never build a healthy, prosperous society. The framers of the Constitution
created impeachment as a legal mechanism
to pursue the common good. That’s how we should think
about it, not as a political tool
to serve one party’s interest. -Essentially impeachment
is a political process. -Impeachment’s
a political process. -Yeah, it’s political,
but, you know, it’s supposed to be high crimes
and misdemeanors. -Otherwise, we’ll let this
insidious soundtrack corrupt us, too.

40 thoughts on “Opinion | Trump’s impeachment would be a constitutional, not a political, question

  • RowRedRound Post author

    These are like cheap looking versions of now this

  • damncows Post author

    Thanks, I was taken in.
    Clarity is key

  • El Loco Post author

    Impeachment is a political question, only because your constitution is a complete joke and you don't have an independent judiciary.

  • Jeremy Boulat Post author

    every argument must start with a definition of terms. If you don't define what the word political means you've already lost the argument. Even though I agree that Trump should be impeached, you need to define what you mean by political. Without this definition, your argument is meaningless and goes nowhere.

  • Heros and Zeros Post author

    Criminal conduct in our government undermines us all…Donald Trump had made everyone who disagrees with him his enemy…He loves people who hate people…

  • Linda Minton Post author

    The same democrats that were all in on the russian hoax might as well amuse us with an impeachment charade, especially since their media lapdogs could use some ratings.

  • Homebirth Homeschool Homestead Post author

    Politically it's the wrong move to impeach Trump (ensure his 2020 victory). But. Do it anyway! – The Deep State

  • Homebirth Homeschool Homestead Post author

    The reason they keep saying it's political is because there ARE no crimes… now you're going back around the circle and saying ignore that it's politically bad. So now there is no reason AND it hurts you. Wow, you have to be really brainwashed by the mainstream media to do this.

  • R V C Post author

    ❣️Keep doing what you do WP💖

  • John Miranda Post author

    FINALLY!!! some common sense! Thank you.

  • I love noodles Post author

    This whole title and description is completely wrong. The
    The left was scared from the minute that Trump said he was going to run for POTUS! They started saying they're going to do everything weather legal or illegal to get him thrown out.
    Everyone praised the illegal part.
    That's a shame.

  • b camp Post author

    Big surprise, another garbage anti Trump hit piece from the WP. Nothing more than the propaganda arm of the democratic party

  • Daisy Ding Post author

    Send him to jail than impeachment.

  • Agusta Sister Post author

    I sure dont see ANY high CRIMES and treason except feom DEMONKKKRATS

  • Shawn Corbin Post author

    Keep on lying to yourselves to imagine Trump's impeachment as anything BUT a political hit job, and a really flimsy one at that. Good luck impeaching the most accomplished president in history. IMBECILES!

  • Eve Rabi Post author

    Impeach and imprison corrupt trump and make America safe again. Lock his children up too!

  • US Of Zion Post author

    Trumpturds still believe he's done more for them than any Presidents in History. 😂😂😂💩💨

  • extra solar Post author

    rather cowardly and predictable that our thoroughly corrupt polluted dishonest disgraced dnc press scam would not attempt to leverage their totally political unacceptable expectations and increasingly compromised conditions onto the president and nation with more persuasive passion, that being their supposed respect. a very poor and traditionally sloppy job of failing in all ways to communicate reality or the actual context of concern by our clinton catastrophe crew reporting ventures, which is in essence their policy and popularity and 'power'. the print and cable industry political agendas are in their own ultimatum and angrily attempting to still play dr ford. sad lol.

  • Gambit08 Post author

    Law grad here, I understand what the Op-Ed is trying to say, but when we say “political question” we don’t mean something is “just politics” we simply mean that the courts in their normal function do not make the ultimate decision. Yes, according to the constitution the Chief Justice has a role in the impeachment process, the the Court itself usually avoids taking cases with a “political question” which would be better served by the normal political processes.

  • Sweet Brothers Post author

    Yes impeach this clown who support biggest terrorist countries in world saudia and emirates

  • slovokia Post author

    The question is can we even agree what the common good is when at least 1/3 of the population is in thrall to a cult leader that regards the executive branch of the federal government as his personal plaything.

  • Blud Clot Post author

    Will never happen.

  • bngltinkerbell Post author

    Yes but politically speaking, Democratic leadership have to ask themselves whether or not Democrats want Trump impeached. And the answer to that question is overwhelmingly yes! They need to worry about increasing Democratic voter turn out which was poor the last election and not what conservatives/swing voters want.

  • Rocket Man Post author

    Whatever the House thinks impeachment is, the president will not be removed unless two thirds of the senate agrees to do it and that will NEVER EVER happen. So basically, impeachment is a Democrat fantasy.

  • life long Post author

    1:22…the little boy….If we..(I) don't get what we ..(I) want I'll shut the government down…look at his face, his demeanor, his need to control..he is truly repugnant…And, I'll be ok taking information from outside of the USA…so that I win….The National Emergency in this country is the President…that was then….A christmas gift for government workers…..he has only become more of an issue since then

  • ginger infinte Post author

    The view that everything is just politics reduces the world to the cynical pursuit of power over others.
    Uhhh you mean like reality.

  • Julie DonCarlos Post author

    It can have significant political consequences however.

  • Keith Nieves Post author

    Revolution!! People need to storm the white house demanding he be taken out

  • L Benson Post author

    AMEN!! If not Trump, WHEN would Congress ever impeach??

  • Lord Baelish Post author

    Your right it's a mechanism.
    ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴
    But you need proof.
    (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)
    Not just being mad you lost the election.
    ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

  • Bernard Martinez Post author

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • 王母娘娘 Post author

    Opinions from fake news propaganda networks are worthless cow farts.

  • Jacob Black Post author

    I am sorry for what I said in the past plase frogeve me I don't hate burne the man just his ideas if he wins ok only 4 or 8.

  • Joey Harper Post author

    Trump isn't getting impreached. Keep crying.

  • Mark Benson Post author

    TRUMP is truely MAGA!!! The LOSERS in the demoncrat party are sooooo jealous!!!!

  • Denis Bailey Post author

    Just in fox News reported Trump must resign from office

  • Maxwell Montgomery Post author

    There is a serious problem with this country if a president is impeached simply because the House doesn't like him. The Left is setting a terrible precedent. They need to calm down and head to the voting booth if they really want to see this president removed from office.

  • D DN Post author

    you people have worms in your brains

  • Keoki Ciervo Post author

    Liar King meets the criteria for impeachment. Are Democrats willing to put country above party?
    Is it "the right thing" to do? IMO … yes and it certainly could negatively impact Dems. ….. or not??? Either way I want fighters for our democracy/rule of law/Republic. If Dems won't fight they ought to run home and hide under their beds. I will not vote for a docile Dem.

  • Ken Konard Post author

    Go for it, Democrats. We Trump supporters love the excitement and final results.

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