Opinion | The winner of the Democratic debate is … Spanish

Opinion | The winner of the Democratic debate is … Spanish

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-On January 20, 2021,
we’ll say adiós to Donald Trump. -For many years, we in
the United States have debated whether to establish
an official language. On Wednesday night, various Democratic presidential
candidates ended that debate. -Every voter
needs representation. And every voice needs
to be listened to. -My name is Julian Castro, and I am running for President
of the United States. The very fact that I can say
that tonight shows the progress that we have made
in this country. -Welcome, America, to the 2020
immigration debate, Democratic style. I am Erik Wemple, journalist
in the Opinions section of the Washington Post
covering the media. If you didn’t know
that Cory Booker, New Jersey senator
and presidential candidates, could express a talking point
in Spanish, well, then have a listen. -The situation right now
is unacceptable. The president has attacked
and demonized immigrants. It’s unacceptable. I’m going to change this. -Why did we see an outbreak
of Spanish in a presidential debate
for the first time in history? Two reasons. One, the Latino population is
critical for Democratic candidates in this election,
and, in fact, all of them. And the second factor
is Telemundo, one of the hosts of the debate
along with NBC News and MSNBC, the US cable channel. Telemundo reaches millions
of Latinos in this country each night. And one of its hosts
is Jose Diaz-Balart, who asked a dramatic question
in the debate. -Congressman O’Rourke,
what would you do Day One if you were president about
the reality we are living in? -We are going to treat
every person with the respect and dignity
they deserve as humans. -The campaigns are trying
to create a glorious moment in a debate, but what happened was a cultural
moment for the whole country. A corporate conglomerate created
a moment for Spanish in a presidential debate,
which has never happened before.

51 thoughts on “Opinion | The winner of the Democratic debate is … Spanish

  • ivan cruz Post author


  • LiberalWeirdo Post author

    Yeaaaaaaaa Trump’s getting re-elected we keep worrying about speaking Spanish on TV to look “understanding”

  • Hermitey Perez Triana Post author

    Se agradece el esfuerzo pero hablan muy mal en español.

  • dutchgala Post author


  • Matthew Chastain Post author

    They all are a joke. el democratos is crapo. Who would vote for these losers?

  • Jman thegiantsfan Post author

    As an American this was so cringe. The amount of pandering on stage was unbelievable

  • Pat Hunnicutt Post author

    These guys are all in the wrong Country..

  • Brett Schlee Post author

    Tragically, this is a cultural moment… showing we have lost our heritage from English common law and values.

  • Kimberlee Pearson-Kinder Post author

    What a sad day in America. It is clear now, Donald J. Trump, will be re elected in 2020 for President of the United States of America, truly the most worthy to lead this country forward. Re Elect President TRUMP 2020! This was a great comedy show!

  • Randy Mont-Reynaud Post author

    Hats off to Beto, anyway. And now, let’s come together, build bridges not walls and wake up to the reality: Spanish is important, and all lives matter…and so do all votes! But again no this: it’s not about winning those hearts and minds it’s the electoral college, people! You’ve got a win those states, and I say, by all means – that is or means short of hiring the Russians

  • USA Arts Post author

    ⭐️Mayor Pete is an educated, intellectual, emphatic , respectful Presidential candidate.

    Never too late to bring it up for the record trump rape his ex wife & another woman.
    Clash of the liars? Who is the bigger liar? Trump or moron trump?
    Not right, lock up sexual assaulter corrupt trump – a moron.❌❌❌
    Get corrupt moron liar trump (putin's puppet) out of the White house
    ⭐️Vote Mayor Pete Buttigieg for President 2020⭐️

  • John Burrows Post author

    And if I’m elected there’ll be free Taco Bell for everyone. No work. No worries. Government will pay for everything. Just like Venezuela.

  • Gordon Adams Post author

    I found the questioneers cringeworthy because of the excessive time used to set up questions.

  • Rajuggwggegeg Gentes Post author

    TRUMP 2020,2024,2028,2032

  • Sada Ruchi Post author

    I'm very nervous about any American politician that speaks Spanish. They'll be the ones that tear down the wall and open the southern border to all Mexicans who want to takeover our country. BTW the Washington Post is owned by the Unification Church and Editor in Chief is Rev. Sun Young Moon. From what I remember from my encounters with the Moonies in the 80's, they're all like your typical misfits with very low intelligence and can't think for themselves.

  • Resellers To resellers Post author


  • Jack Sparrow Post author

    I no can comprende plz teach spanish as first language in school so i can order adult diapers in 20 yrs ty

  • Jack Sparrow Post author

    Did he just say we need to make spanish our national language while hundreds of thousands of spanish speaking people are conducting a soft invasion?

  • Enlightened Awake Post author

    Latinos speak English

  • Enlightened Awake Post author

    Pandering barf

  • Enlightened Awake Post author

    Son ratones los demócratas

  • Dirk Scholten Post author

    Democrats have completely lost it just like many left wing parties here in western Europe. They destroyed England, Sweden, Germany, France etc. etc. with their policies and their immigration disaster, rape, knife and acid attacks are things we see every day multiple times. Muslims are destroying our beautiful Europe and our politicians don't care!

  • don't care Post author

    All these People Got sh*t for brain !

  • walter thompson Post author

    All losers

  • IndependentAbolitionist Post author

    I speak Spanish and I feel this was certainly pandering! And the accents were very cringe-worthy!

  • Robert balibrera Post author

    they need to practice on their Spanish they sound like tourist about to get kidnapped

  • Maximo Abril Post author

    'Identity Politics' at work, trying to awake The Latino sleeping giant. Good luck with that guys!

  • Gaithe Alwahab Post author

    If they think this will win the Hispanics they are wrong. And even if they do they will lose everyone else the arabs will want them to speak arabic, the Nigerian will want them to speak Nigerian and so will everyone else. This is the most efficient way to divide a country

  • Cobra Kai Post author


  • Damien INSANE-O Post author

    The virtue signalling olympics. This only helps Trump. Middle America rejects Press 2 for English.

  • Barzillai Mathias Post author

    BS video. SPEAK ENGLISH! This is America, stop the Hispandering, for crying out loud!

  • John Rutkowski Post author

    Me no electo you as El presidente

  • Maxy Kazuya Post author

    Lol this people can run Mexico and Venezuela to be a president they will be worth it

  • Alexander Post author

    It’s funny as it is msnbc don’t ruin it!

  • Edwin B Post author

    If donkeys voted these morons would be braying on stage. Wow.

  • Edwin B Post author

    T R U M P
    2 0 2 0

  • Jayden Clarke Post author

    Do you want right-leaning individuals to vote? Because this is how you scare right-leaning people into voting.

  • R Alexander Stevens Post author

    I expected Beto to speak in Klingon to pander to the nerds.

  • christian coss Post author

    I’m pretty sure they lost a lot of Mexican voters just by speaking broken spanish

  • Keneth Lewandowski Post author

    Is this America?

  • Jay N Post author

    It was incredibly stupid and transparent what they were doing and a real news organization would call them out for it instead of acting like it was some major culture shift.

  • KST Post author

    Their spanish suck, its a shame

  • Hernando Aviles Post author

    This is America, we speak English here. Pathetic attempt by these candidates to gain The minority vote without real plans on the table. Embarrassing

  • Zach s Post author

    Who will be the next president of Mexico? That's what I was watching right?

  • Ben Dover Post author

    Less Spanish. More English. Spanish is not the language of anything. English is the international language of business.

  • Ben Dover Post author

    If illegals aren't voting, why bother to pander to them in Spanish?

  • Eric O Post author

    Americans should really stooooop looking down on other people .just stop !!!!!

  • mrkjsmooth16 Post author

    Trump gonna get it

  • Lawrence Ding Post author

    Well that probably cemented Trump's 2020 victory.

  • Sea shadowbanned N.Christopher Post author


  • solid snake Post author

    No bueno

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