One POWERFUL Advanced LAW OF ATTRACTION TECHNIQUE To Instantly Change A Negative Belief!

One POWERFUL Advanced LAW OF ATTRACTION TECHNIQUE To Instantly Change A Negative Belief!

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One Powerful Advanced Law of Attraction Technique to Instantly Change A Negative Belief (The Secret) our personal choices beliefs and
decisions each day create the outcomes we experience we become so invested in
the decisions and beliefs that we have that it can feel uncomfortable to
attempt to change them or admit that there might be another way of viewing
things and this can sometimes block us from having the life we want to live
there’s a science to decision-making and many of our automatic decisions come
from our subconscious mind where beliefs are stored but the subconscious mind
would rather keep things the way they are for familiarity reasons then attempt
to discover new truths that align with a more fulfilling life in psychology the
term confirmation bias is used to explain the human tendency to search for
interpret favor and recall information in a way that confirms one’s
pre-existing beliefs we tend to focus on any evidence available that confirms our
prior expectations once we become fixated on any belief our minds go to
work to find the evidence of that belief and as a part of human reasoning we all
do this the evidence is used to support and reinforce what has already been
established and this happens whether the belief we hold is beneficial to our
lives or not our brains continuously make predictions about everything they
predict such things as what might happen One Powerful Advanced Law of Attraction Technique to Instantly Change A Negative Belief (The Secret) if you call in sick to work but that guy
or girl you like might say if you approach them and even what the next
word in a sentence your reading will be many behavioral psychology and cognitive
science studies demonstrate that humans find it difficult to change their
opinions and beliefs but we can override this function of the mind in a very
simple way when we become aware of any incorrect predictions it’s easier to
create new beliefs that are productive to our manifestation efforts on the flip
side of the confirmation bias coin is one of the most important skills in
science or personal development noticing the unexpected but this is not generally
something the average person is trained to do by learning how to notice the
unexpected you can work on dismantling any negative beliefs that might send in
the way of having the life you want because this process teaches you to
gather new evidence to the contrary and through actively looking for signs that
our negative assumptions might be wrong we can begin to challenge the validity
of them consider this have you ever noticed how a moment of surprise can
lead to a change in perspective a surprise outcome cues us that our
expectation might have been unwarranted it’s something we don’t anticipate and
it challenges an assumption that our mind has created and by making the
conscious effort to record outcomes that surprise you you reveal blind spots
lapses in vision or erroneous judgment this gives you the opportunity to make
instantaneous changes in beliefs because One Powerful Advanced Law of Attraction Technique to Instantly Change A Negative Belief (The Secret) new evidence is presented to the
contrary here’s how the process works keep a journal with three columns label
those columns as follows my moment of surprise why the moment is surprising and what it
tells me about my belief keep this journal with you throughout your day and
begin logging outcomes that you didn’t anticipate or expect to happen here’s an
example moment of surprise the new yoga class I started was easy and I thought
it was going to be hard why it was surprising because it was new to me and
I thought it was going to be challenging what this tells me about my belief just
because something is new does not mean it’s going to be difficult when you go
through this process it can be extremely useful for disputing the validity of
beliefs you no longer want it’s a great way to shed light on your expectations
and the truth you carry regarding a number of things you can use it to gauge
your results when performing a new task One Powerful Advanced Law of Attraction Technique to Instantly Change A Negative Belief (The Secret) going to a new place anticipating
another person’s reaction or assuming any result of any experience before you
actually have it and when we’re looking for these types of surprises we will
notice more of them which helps us open ourselves up to new possibilities it’s
human nature to avoid the unpleasant experience of admitting that our
assumptions beliefs or behavior might not be accurate the deeper areas of our
brain don’t like to change but when we reframe negative beliefs as surprises we
give ourselves a reason to notice them and another way to make the process of
creating the life we want easier this gives us better reasoning skills that
open us up to more opportunities if you notice something surprising and don’t
know what it means just yet that’s okay simply ask your subconscious mind what
this surprise might be telling you and then write down the new insights as they
come to you try this journaling process for 30 days to begin challenging the way
your brain thinks and creating new truths that align with a happier more
fulfilling life One Powerful Advanced Law of Attraction Technique to Instantly Change A Negative Belief (The Secret)

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    This is a good video. Basically, we all need to train ourselves to look for the good in our lives – what's working out rather than what isn't. Over many years people have become negatively programmed into looking into the things that won't work in life. When you watch TV or listen to negative music or the media you are programming your mind negatively. In fact ppl love watching soap operas etc what's that all about? In the main tuning into other people's misery! And the funny thing is people enjoy it. No, the answer is to reprogram your brain using techniques like the above over and over again until you see success! It will come – it might come slowly at first but it'll come if you are persistent! Good luck – and thank you πŸ™‚

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