Ohio Subsidy Sausage

Ohio Subsidy Sausage

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As the old saying goes, politics
is a lot like making sausage. It’s messy, ugly, and watching
it being made can turn your stomach. The people of Ohio recently
witnessed a sausage-o-rama of energy policymaking. And a lot
of people want the smelly pork sent back to the factory in
Columbus. HB-6 as it’s known in the Buckeye state, is one
of the strangest pieces of energy legislation we’ve seen
in quite some time. It’s got bailouts for nuclear and coal
and subsidies for solar. At the same time, wind power gets
left out completely. See what I mean? Under this new law, First Energy
Solutions, the only operator of nuclear plants in Ohio, gets
about $1.1 billion in ratepayer money to prop up the Davis-
Besse and Perry nuclear plants. Ohioans will recall the company
filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and threatened to close the plants
in a few years if it didn’t get a ratepayer bailout. Under
HB-6, Ohio Valley Electric coal plants will be given
nearly a half billion dollars by 2030. And finally, residents
will fork over $20 million a year for seven years to build
some utility-scale solar plants. Wind, which is usually first
in the subsidy line, gets zippo. Of course, natural gas is
not in this pork product. As everyone should know, natural
gas plants don’t need a handout to keep everyone’s electricity
flowing. Here’s another odd twist. The law decreases the portion
of electricity that has to be generated from wind and
solar beginning in 2026. These days it seems every
government agency is worried about C02 emissions. So why
would this subsidy sausage include coal, but not wind
and decrease future renewable mandates? We think you know
the answer. It’s politics. Legislators in nuclear districts
needed some extra votes and they found them in coal districts.
Special interest lobbying played a big role all the way around,
which is why solar gets tossed into the hopper. In the end
the people who keep their jobs are happy, but everyone
else in Ohio picks up the tab. The good news is… most people
in Ohio do not approve. Polling shows about 70 percent of the
public thinks this sausage is rotten. A referendum to repeal
the law is picking up serious momentum. One of the more
troubling aspects of HB-6 is how the votes came down. Ohio
is full of politicians who claim to be big believers in the
free market. And yet 26 of them ignored their stated
principles and voted for an anti-free market bill. That
includes Senate President Larry Obhof and Speaker of the House,
Larry Householder who shepherded the bill through their
respective chambers. Some legislators who claim
to be free market advocates say they voted for the bill
because it replaces existing renewable portfolio mandates
and will actually save Ohioans money. Call us skeptical. Why not just bypass sausage
laws and instead do away with subsidies and mandates altogether?
Let the free market do what it does best—create efficiency and
lower the price of goods and services for everyone. For the Clear Energy Alliance,
I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

3 thoughts on “Ohio Subsidy Sausage

  • Terry Kimball Post author

    Hey Clear Energy Alliance your favorite O-crazy-O AOC is now trying to break up the Green New Deal to "make it easier to pass"

  • Tim Daniels Post author

    Thanks for shedding light on the lunacy. Hopefully, my fellow Buckeyes will catch wind of this insane policy and the referendum will gain strength. The media has done a great job hiding the truth about HB-6.

  • 4TIMESAYEAR Post author

    CO2 isn't a problem. Stop all subsidies and mandates. Period.

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