Off the Rails – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/6/19

Off the Rails – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/6/19

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welcome to still entitled the Adam
Savage project I will and I’m norm Wow some people just don’t know how to tell
a joke Adam some people have a way with words and some people uh so spider-man
finally we went out to the movies recently we saw Once Upon a Time in
America Once Upon a Time in Hollywood let’s put
I’m in America I because he in the theater again yeah I would too but what
I don’t really want to talk about what’s on the time in Hollywood I haven’t seen
it yet I will say that my new thing to do now after watching new movies is
Vanity Fair it’s a really great web series called notes on a scene Oh give
that a recommendation and with new releases and with old releases they get
directors actors and even like stunt coordinators and production designers to
basically do a sometimes it’s 30 minutes like if they did one on Fast Five okay
fast six like the deconstructing oh just chase him jumping out of the plane on
that one it was the one of the car jumping the Meridian yes rating it at
the time it was really cool and that’s a thirty minute like scene-by-scene
to like a ten minute thing on like Forrest Gump and how they made a Vietnam
scene look like Vietnam in Forrest Gump from production design standpoint and
there are really great little meditations on production and that come
from the filmmakers themselves and I appreciate those a lot more than
sometimes some of the essays that’s what is it what is it called notes on a scene
if anything I mention that because Quentin Tarantino and Leonardo DiCaprio
but did a co one for that in which they deconstruct the character Rick Dalton
the fake Hollywood character made for this movie and I think probably Quincy
aren’t you know maybe just win are the two people the two writers who when they
write films they have like in the fire Kim Cameron fits in that one to know oh
yeah yeah yeah yeah I guess so now that Tony Jaa’s
no still no longer making every frame a painting but this is what we have to
would I I want more from Tony I miss Tony
Tony and Tony and his partner on that I mean that pairing their their
partnership and the work that they did was stunning I still go back and watch
them ago they’re good they’re still good Mikey Newman does a lot of good stuff
with movies with Mikey if it’s a little more poppy yeah so like he does he does
he does good at it like he does very I would call them sassy edits I think but
they’re great we’re not on Pacific Rim week and it’s a lot it’s not just like
taking footage from the movie and cutting together no no yeah it’s a whole
journey takes you want he kind of he kind of breaks down and analyzes the
whole thing he did one for Shrek of all things a few weeks ago they got into
like the Eisner I guess I can’t remember who who the person in the DreamWorks
side but like the Disney DreamWorks beef and how Shrek was a direct response to
Disney being shitty and and kind of snarfing up all IPs for all time it
wouldn’t let Shrek shave his mustache digitally replay yeah well and but it
was specifically like the I mean the thing that that Mikey got into was how
Disney told these public domain fairy tales and then made them not public
domain by by bringing them into the Disney can and I and how like part of
the the creative underpinning of Shrek which I really never absorbed before was
this was this whole idea that – hey it’s weird that somebody can come through and
own essentially Grimm’s fairy tales a large chunk of Grimm’s fairy tales I um
so anyway Mikey’s good you should watch movies were like okay related to that
one if you haven’t seen the Pacific Rim one the question he brings up is King
Kong kaiju no I’m gonna go up the video is that is a hot dog sandwich yes for my
server for movies the enterprise courses language of course so sorry it’s King
Kong rails right away I love look is King Kong a kaiju is a terrific question
from which to unpack yeah a whole bunch of ones in that’s how he starts at all
so shut your mouth unpacking he does I’m sorry i watch the recent way I can’t get
out my head he goes and talks about and I can’t do it as good as him but the
Zillah the film popularized in the US was a popularized version of a bad
dubbing right so the American version that we got in 58 I want to say was
basically the Japanese version with a new American actor put in to do vo and
then even was Ray Milland I have no idea yeah anyway in the Japanese scientists
that even though what they dub wasn’t what they were actually saying complete
miss arbitration just appropriation of oh my that story which tends and created
the Godzilla fad in the US which then spawned things like Jurassic Park to the
point where he goes to drastic porked lost world in which there’s a scene
where the t-rex is walking down LA and you have the Spielberg Cassidy’s Chaplin
or San Diego sorry has a Japanese businessman screaming and
misinterpreting then the t-rex as Godzilla and then it all comes full
circle great yeah I mean Godzilla was yeah I remember specifically finding out
like we grew up with Godzilla’s bad guy yeah but it’s yeah that’s awesome
I thought Matthew Broderick was the bad guy but what do I know it’s Hank Azaria
I’ve had speaking of fun YouTube videos we’ve seen this past weekend there was a
video that came over tension I’m sure many people tweeted to you about it
about a guy who turned your book into a hammer yeah that guy oh my god Brown I
believe his name what’s that Peter Brown what and he has a significant YouTube
following I have I it’s on my list to go check out his output cuz what he did was
stunning an awesome what how did you do it he basically so Kristen was telling
me about it if she’s like hey some guy turned your book into a hammer and I
said did he infuse all the pages with resin and then make a hemp cut a hammer
out of that she’s like yes and I’m like that’s how I would do it when you when
you that laminated paper and resident basically makes micarta so he
effectively turned my book into micarta and then carved a hammer on it and used
it to hammer and nail that is exactly the kind of absurd overly literal
perfect thing to do with my book I hope he read it before he did
I should send him a free audio book just so I could yeah we can do easier while
he’s working on the next one I had turned that offering to send you the
hammer – really you want the hammer oh my god I totally want the hammer
right that belongs in here well I run away every book is a hammer but only
this hammer was a book yeah oh go ahead and I was gonna say last week cuz guys
too polite Chipmunks today yeah oh no entry you know but of course the other
thing I wanna we did we alluded to this last one we recorded but we finally put
the video out you have behind us it’s not in frame in the camera but the alien
suit that was the one thing I wanted to see when I hit the door and I completely
forgot but I can see it it’s in my view and they did an exceptional job that
astounded is amazing so but what we have here and the video is up today post a
picture at the bottom is the alien environmental spacesuit made by the
North Bergen high school New Jersey students that put on that incredible
production of alien early this year under the aegis of their teacher Stephen
defend Dini they did such amazing work it was I’m so
glad we get to highlight it untested they we were texting them pictures of
the unboxing as we were filming it and they were all like super excited to see
the pictures of their helmet next to my helmets gorgeous
Stephen told me that the patterning of that helmet out of camping mats and hot
glue was the most difficult aspect of the costume yeah I’m a bunch of
iterations but we’re how do they make the dome the dome was the one thing they
spent money on I was actually an acrylic light globe but they bought from a
lighting website and that was the most expensive part of the entire high school
production they crochet the the sleeves they cut that off of something and just
glued it on to fabric it it’s very good I’ll tell you ryan Nagato was here last
week and there you have some videos coming up soon of his visit because we
have some show and tells but one of the things he brought to show us was a
spacesuit he made when he was 14 and he took a pair of coveralls and cut them up
but he couldn’t sew so he glued the parts back together make it we’re
totally reasonable and in fact when we held up his original parts next to some
of his recent parts it’s impressive effort for a
fourteen-year-old might buy suit that I made in my early 30s didn’t even come
close to the level of fidelity is that the one that was on Mythbusters yeah
yeah his was far better to be there I mean the neck ring and being the top of
like a gallon bucket you know I have the treatment that you get just so it has
the drywall bucket exactly yeah well but but the energy within his spacesuit
reminds me of the energy in this alien suit and my hat has to go off to them
because one of the hardest things to get his size and they got the size of that
the ratios on everything’s worth yeah and I put that on and we took some
pictures of me and I was scrolling through my phone to show some friends at
dinner last night a picture and I came across the photo of me wearing that suit
that the high school students built and in the small thumbnail my phone I was
like when did I put on my alien suit like it doubled me three days a bit of
that reads perfectly yeah one of the things that we talked about early on we
first started doing this podcast and people were asking a lot of questions
about like how do I learn how to make stuff I think you said go sign up to
volunteer or get a job working at a prop Department of like a community theater
or something like that and this is like this is the epitome of that advice that
is this is there all the actual raised lines on the helmet and the other stuff
is literally hemp twine yeah glued with hot glue now you might normally feel
like you’d rather use like a tygon tubing or a surgical tubing and stuff
like that the fact is all of those are really hard to glue because they’re
vinyl and they don’t like to stick to stuff and this is a perfect solution
because from three feet away you can’t tell that it’s rough and tumble all of
that all that edge detail disappears and just the gesture of the typography
remains and they nailed it in every case well also it has that what you do what
you see when you get close to like Star Wars miniatures and how they could bash
and how I all Mars found parts like you get close to the top of the helmet and
they did kit bashing here but you see the sprues and you see things like toys
and GI Joes and transformers yeah and they’re all painted over and it’s a even
extra extra detail when you get up like I’m eight feet away and it looks the it
looks like space trucker grungy yeah the kid is exactly is so well done
I know so it doesn’t it endlessly inspires me it will always now live next
to its brother the real thing that’s so cool and I’m so chuffed I am beyond word
how did they do the hexes on the wrist do you know what they are are they just
like cut out pieces of rubber with a ball form exactly I think that’s exactly
it with a button in the middle and it’s all hot glue super super hot glue the
moment in the video were you turn over and there is they’ve sent a dummy framed
and signed a hot glue gun the hot glue gun they use the weapon that’s very good
I was so stoked that they got to do the second show the the second showings and
all that I hope I hope that I mean it’s just rad it’s so cool the the and I’m
really pleased with how this did I talked about this about copyright issue
I think I’m late a little bit odd cast yeah we talked about a little bit the
thing that I love is that it opens up the cultural mind to something new yeah
which is you know if you choose your director wisely you you could do
probably any Favreau film you wanted and he would be super stoked yeah you know
this is this is what it is to take something and transform it and this is
what fair this is the soul of fair use so I want to see more high schools doing
high budget Hollywood blockbusters as school plays for tiny budgets and I want
to help them if I can the Cabrillo Elementary School in Pacifica California
presents swingers speaking of people making things that I
didn’t know we’re fascinating to watch yeah
I have watched all of the Netflix blown away show the glass like if I’m gonna be
reductive and lame its Top Chef with glassblowing instead of food okay okay
but it’s a it’s a fair it’s a fair comparison because they do a really like
I know nothing about glassblowing other than what I’ve learned from this show
and it’s Netflix YES on that folks it’s a Canadian production I think I don’t
know if Netflix paid for it or if it’s if it’s something that they brought in
but it is it feels respectful in a way that a lot of like American
kind of people building things being respectful to the craft itself to both
to the craft and the contestants like I do it I don’t get the feeling that
they’re giving unreasonable time limits for the for the people to build it to
make stuff under I feel like they’re giving them reasonable constraints and
and like it the challenge is the art not the challenge is making people pissed
off and angry because they it makes for a better TV right right yeah
yeah the the ginned up competitions and this guy’s the bad guy yeah like for
example there’s a moment in one of the early episodes that I almost turned it
off during because like somebody leaves there’s these things called anneal errs
where you put the hot glass in so it cools down gradually over time and
doesn’t explode and somebody left the door open for too long and they’re like
one of the other contestants yelled and was like hey you got you’re leaving that
open too long and then they’d rather than interviewing somebody to make him
seem like that those people were having beef they interview somebody else and
he’s like yeah well actually leaving the door open on the annealer too long can
cause her her sculpture to shatter or sag or you know whatever like it’s it is
a real problem and she was probably right to say hey shut the damn door
it’s it is it’s fascinating I didn’t know about blowing glass at all but the
medium like the show is about the medium in a way that’s really fascinating cuz
it’s like they all take a lot of time and plan they figure out what they’re
gonna do and they have a good game plan going in and they have four or five
hours to do their to do their their their piece and then all hell breaks
loose but yeah it’s very improvisational because like like what happens after
they get the glass hot and like when a torch goes out or something like that
right they have to figure out how to work around that and the contestants are
all lifting each other up it’s it is it’s entirely possible that people who
actually blow glass we’re living like man this is grade-a bullshit that’s the
thing is that I in DC I met somebody who a local glass blower gave me a couple of
pieces of his one for her tested one for me and I said oh your glass floor that’s
awesome how do you like that new glassblowing
show because I just heard about it and he went
and I don’t know what that you don’t know why that I don’t know why he said
look it could be a host of reasons it could be that the art is not as fully
covered as glassblowers would like and I’d love to hear in the comments what
actual glassblowers think of that because again like you I appreciate the
craft shows that put the craft and the desire for craft front and center not
the desire to win yeah I’m always I’m always in to watch people who are among
the best in the world at any given thing do that thing well those are best when
the final result is something that everyone is super proud of yeah it’s
hard to make a decision as opposed to someone failing well yeah and and the
challenge with glass is that like the failure can happen right up until the
moment that they put it in the box oh my god right like like like at one
point a guy was done with the thing and just barely grazed a sculpture against a
too cold caliper as he was moving into the bot and it just exploded oh my god
and he had to start over right like it’s but they give them enough time that they
can’t start over multiple times they give enough time they can do like color
tests and stuff like that because one of the things I didn’t think about but when
you’re dealing with molten glass like the you can’t tell what color it’s gonna
turn out when you blend all the different colors together because it’s
all is red hot enough to tell you you can’t work on it anymore necessarily
that’s the part of all these type of competition show is right whenever
they’re coming over the idea they want to find a process that one is gonna have
some tension and excitement that you can capture on camera won’t necessarily be
like a seven-day process or two-month long process that sometimes many
processes you take and then that’s actually fitted with the constraints of
a production you know they probably only film for three days 22 days and so how
do you make a schedule that works you know every show whether it’s from
cooking to the the makeup shows special shows the sword making shows they all
have these the kind of variables that they have to work with well and the
thing that I love that they did the the choice that they made on this is they
show the glassblowing part but they don’t show like the Assembly of the
actual sculpture so if it’s like a three or four piece multi piece piece then
they’ll come back the next day after the stuffs cooled off and do the
presentation and then they just present it to the judges at the same way the
audience sees the finish these photos time so it’s like toys you
know you watch the problem but I mean that’s where they put them they put the
drama with the art rather than with the process and the people which is a nice
thing yeah so yeah it’s been fascinates got blown away it’s on Netflix oh good
yeah good name yeah before we can you all in the conversation I want to let
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slash untitled now back to the conversation I watched a Guardians
Galaxy 2 last night again it’s still good still great yeah great you’ll be
happy to know it’s still awesome I think it was only three weeks since I thought
you said young Kurt Russell still my third favorite young Marvel performer
you know the thing about Russell is it was it’s like what is this like it’s
it’s like when Sylvester Stallone was in Copland and you got to see him hold his
own against a roster of highly respected actors and at that point in time he
wasn’t among them as like highly respected for
acting chops and there he is opposite Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel and a
host of other wonderful actors in Copland and you’re like right I guess
you don’t even get to be Sylvester Stallone unless you’re really good I
mean maybe he chooses different no clearly he chooses different movies to
be in than they do but he has real acting chops and he’s shown it
repeatedly since then and other movies like Creed and Rocky Balboa and other
stuff like that in this one Kurt Russell just shows why he’s been a movie star
for like 50 years everything here charisma yeah total
crazy he has that he has the factor they expect yeah right up onto long because I
think I just talked about it stop Brett but it’s at one point you mentioned
because that one does open with and they made a big deal about that Lola doing
the the de-aging makeup got some effects which we see a lot in Marvel films and
Captain Marvel Sam J when our kids are our age they’re going to be like did
they move you come up before or after and it’s gonna be hard to know it’s
because of all this digital scrubbing I mean you look at Sam Jackson and Captain
Marvel you look at the work they did with Robert Downey’s juniors dad and oh
yeah in endgame and I mean I everybody an
endgame yeah II is it’s just astounding it’s really why in the same aging up at
the end and I feel like that aging up at the end of endgame was less good than
the aging down oh no I was fantastic okay and so much that was in the
performance that was his unaltered acting voice yeah it’s it’s amazing how
far that’s come even from like rogue get rogue one oh yeah well we’re because
that’s a completely digital human and so there are two trailers just came out one
the Irishman so that’s zero I have a wife that and people were making big
deal about their somedy aging there right and watching trailer I didn’t
notice it because in my head it’s the DeNiro like Google DeNiro 2019 like you
guys oh wow you know it’s way loose he’s older yeah and so that’s passes as a
great effect and then the other one that Will Smith movie Gemini man yeah read
that that younger Will Smith is a completely digital person really
but Will Smith did the performance did the performance but what a digital was
like face capture performance the performance
capture for the face stuff but it’s not makeup it is what you’re seeing is a
head completely replaced with a digital I didn’t know that and they think it’s
the first time they can you know passing chemical you know back to guardians for
Smith thank you I came to our guardians of the galaxy to podcast garden I came
across this thing that it turns out that a lot of the movement acting of rocket
was done by James godmother yes Oh rocket yeah Sean gun does the
stand-in for rocket and Sean gun is a character in he’s one of the Marauders
yes James Gunn does all the body stuff recruit oh he does oh so when like crew
dances in the beginning oh that’s dad’s Jones gun I was he not too in Miami’s in
my head that was in my head they like brought in Vin Diesel for a day to do
all sorts of QT really like look I really I had built up this whole fantasy
of Vin Diesel being really like kitty attend one of the premieres like on
stilts giddy as I think is this is this gonna be Vin Diesel’s only appearance in
the MCU that could be next the cool Marvel stuff that was announced at
comic-con what do they know it’s tough at comic-con so much whole face for I
didn’t think there was a comic-con this year guys like there it’s all off the
whole face for the whole day for the whole we know what it all is now yeah
okay oh you’re you serious yeah the best name
of any Marvel film coming up Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness and
it’s that was first MCU horror film yes that’s I totally did that in the mouth
in the mountains of madness they’re quoting yeah that’s yeah quoting uh some
Lovecraft there yeah if I’m my god that immediately making that connection
tentacle particles and magic oh yeah yeah yeah I am the one that I the one
that I was excited about I guess that was probably one I was excited about
wealth or for yeah Thor for door look it’s just love reciting tour-46
what’s the other one that some and that one’s definitely really exciting one
division know that the next Guardians film which is all about Rockets
backstory oh yeah James Gunn is very clear that in the in his MCU rocket his
hammer oh and rocket is absolutely
my wife’s favorite character in the entire rocket the the arc that rocket
has had so far dude is like the fact that he took the the most ridiculous one
of the most more ridiculous characters in the Marvel Universe and turned it
into this thing that everybody empathizes with and and is like the
heart anchor of the first half of endgame that’s amazing no it’s totally
incredible and I mean again like an end game when rocket and nebula hold hands
Hannah Bueller returns like I just met which is that also last week and it
brought me to tears in Canada let’s say that next week we are also going to be
at your first big comprehension in a long time
we’re be a Silicon Valley comic-con that’s a two weeks of weekend and and
yeah yeah yeah impression last week that it was next weekend I was kind of
freaking out about my costume but luckily I have an extra week to cut or
you’re gonna get Groot all together it’ll be fine I wish I would love to I’m
know yeah I need it actually if Doug Jones listens to this podcast Doug do
you think maybe you and Rick Baker and I could work together on a group costume
would that be the best I think you should do a baby Groot costume in the in
the little in the little pot and you know with Avery yeah or yeah I think a
rocket racoon costume for a rocket racoon because there’s nothing cuter
yeah then a baby raccoon a baby a baby and that it’s the only time the raccoons
are cute Easy’s book for high war gets baby Hellboy baby think that’s yeah but
yeah so Silicon Valley comic-con will be there
yes you are doing incognito I’m doing an incognito I’m working on it right now in
the cave Mel and Jen are furiously working away some friends are 3d
printing me some stuff this is more 3d printed stuff than I have yet had in a
costume this costume I mean it’s your path
through 3d printing siren when we first started talking to you yeah you’re not
so sure about this stuff well I’m just not sure how useful it is to me yeah
yeah and then and then with the mecha and the mecha han-shan did a lot for you
Sean and it was amazing what he did um the the the thing about it is that the
Sean did it in conjunction with this other guy from the RPF Joey trash on the
RPF was a longtime friend and collaborator and actually he’s helped me
out with some of the files for one of the things I’m working on soon oh cool
but that millon mom motivator as it’s such an old 3d print that it’s bending
under the torsional load of just its aesthetics so it needs a complete run in
titanium and so I know some people know I am gonna get it done in aluminum okay
that is gonna be the machining what’s that machine it no no 3d printed and
that’s the goal what um how often do you dust in here we
have I’m just looking around I was like man yeah my house I have to dust all the
time thank you so much cleaners come once a week drilling that could to clean
the whole facility but I mean it’s not like they’re dusting the c-3po space or
anything and that’s why a lot of the stuff is in cabinets okay yeah I mean
that makes sense I just I’ve been in here for 10 years almost now and I’ve
never never never even occurred to me speaking of things that are close by
that you hadn’t thought of I had breakfast this morning at a San
Francisco institution a diner that many people don’t know exists on Market
Street between between Valencia and Guerrero on market called it stops oh
and it is a little greasy spoon with vent at it’s a gut exactly what you want
scrambled eggs with bacon waffles pancakes compromise hash browns I can’t
I don’t know I actually didn’t get the morning I just got scrambled eggs and
bacon but it’s right out of central casting it’s a beautiful okay like you
know in your head when you think diner this is the space you think a little
table to us yeah pretty good I’ve been going there for years I wouldn’t go in
there for decades but you just ruined it I’m sorry no no people are always asking
for recommendations Oh visiting San Francisco for the first time I’m great
place can answer all the emails but it stops
and then you went to a place I saw over the weekend with an amazing sandwich yes
I had what Julie and I went to she introduced this to me over 15 years ago
Mario’s cigar store oh yes their sandwiches in North Beach are
mind-blowing and specifically their sandwich
the combo which is Hamid mustard on a roll and it’s just oh it’s stunning
I am please ham mustard yeah I had like in a childlike ass like a two salami
yeah three salami they have a lot of sandwiches and they’re all really good
and their best sandwiches the combo we used to go there I’ve never um we maybe
I went there with the Giant Bomb guys okay over the North Bay yeah got it
Maria’s totally amazed huh and this past weekend I went to the
farmers market local one close to where I live and had an amazing crab melt and
the guy who make the crab mouth says he listened to our podcast and falls asleep
every night to it so hopefully hopefully you’re really hungry after the end of
this pot can I see dreams of home yeah maybe the sandwiches chasing you
maybe that’s oh no that’s a scary trip controlling his dream first prize first
prize first prop my my favorite place that I’ve started going lately in San
Francisco is the dancing yak it’s a Nepalese place it like 14th and Valencia
ok 14th or 15th yeah and they have Momo like I’ve eaten a bunch of stuff there
it’s whenever I have like vegetarian or vegan friends that want to go someplace
yeah and I don’t want them to get stuck eating eggplant that they’re not gonna
be excited about we go there because they have a ton of vegetarian food but
like the Momo’s okay are exceptional I mean dumplings always good but like
these are notable and and the goat is there’s a curried goat that they do
that’s delicious amazing yeah alright that’s a great place to end hungry yeah
inspired to eat inspired to make stuff have a good nap I thing a little bit of
positivity is great for this week indeed I am on to Portland to do an appearance
tomorrow and I’ll see you guys later on this week well we film some of the final
build and assembly of my Silicon Valley comic-con Casa for one day builds please
check out some of the videos are coming out this week last week we had the video
of Adam me Neil Armstrong’s suit was saying how
beautiful was so beautiful yep at the Smithsonian Air and Space
Museum education I was all iana got a space you were TOMS shoes yes yes
everyone was with me Anthony Kovacs checklist pocket was also
there it’s very good and this week I believe we have the videos of the
projection mapping on the Washington Monument
oh cool and the whole process of that was made you get a lot of the animation
which I didn’t see until watching the video it was totally amazing and there’s
one thing I want there’s a factoid I want to close our podcast wid that we
got told to by the projection team so we got to meet and interview the team fit
from 59 productions in London that did design and executed the incredible
projection show on the Washington Monument during the Apollo 50th
celebration and they they were commissioned to project the rocket they
came with all this other wonderful elaboration and the execution was
amazing I mean we watched it several times but at the it was a it’s we got a
lot of insight baseball about how difficult it is to do something that big
in public in Washington DC of all places and one of the things that occurred was
when they finally got permission to do the projection from that side the parks
department explained to them that if they were going to do two projection
then they had to be responsible for lighting the monument when they weren’t
doing the projection for that hole you have the what’s gonna be a dark and and
they weren’t and the parchment wasn’t turn out the lights on that side Wow so
you have to be responsible for it but two projectors what they explained to us
is the projectors are so bright and hot that you can’t just remove a slide and
project the raw light because we actually took on low it out yeah so they
projected the monument on itself yo dawg i heard you like monuments it wasn’t
even a matter of why that was non-stop it was about getting an image it needed
an image in order to color balance and light balance that side of the monument
with the other three sides i would have looked right and that is that is an
that’s amazing that’s a magnificent attention to detail right okay that is
something that no one knows about that they did because they but like the
beauty of that is that they have like the problem
is hey we in order to get the light right so that it matches the other sides
we could just balance the you know we we could spend a lot of time to figure out
how much we need to dim the projector what screen but virtual screens we need
to put in front of it or we could just take a picture of the monument and put
on the monument that’s amazing I know it’s it’s the lo-fi hi-fi genius
workaround that makes me so happy when I heard their attempt to deal you have
spider-man swinging around the top occasionally hey 59 productions when you
guys come to California please come by the cave you have an open invitation we
heard from their staff that many of them are listeners to the podcast absorbers
of tested content and we are now in a mutual admiration society because those
guys killed it in DC I went to the dog surfing in Pacifica this weekend and
that’s what the podcast

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