Obama Lawyer Neal Katyal On Denying Migrant Kids Soap & Blankets | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Obama Lawyer Neal Katyal On Denying Migrant Kids Soap & Blankets | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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presidents have often argued that he's not moved by Press reports or criticism but that's his words if you watch what his administration does time and again facts and pressure do shift things today Trump administration on defense over its treatment of migrant children and it's acting to remove 300 from a Texas federal facility that had horrific conditions ten-year-old children taking care of sick toddlers because there was no one else to untreated flu and lice outbreaks and on this program we've reported on the Trump DOJ going to court to argue that they want to be able to legally deny those very kids who are in detention so toothbrushes blankets now few politicians in any party want to be seen supporting that kind of position but it is factually the current position of the Trump administration vice president Pence just conceded that quote of course children should be provided toothbrushes and blankets and then he goes on to try to pretend he doesn't know that he and his boss are doing the exact opposite our toothbrushes and blankets and medicine basic conditions for kids aren't they a part of how the United States of America the Trump administration treats children well of course they are Jay well the lawyer was arguing I can't speak about that lawyer was saying we have money to give toothpaste and soap and blankets to these kids in this facility in El Paso County right now we of course we do so why aren't we my part well my point is it's all a part of the appropriations process Congress needs to provide additional support to deal with the crisis at our southern border acting general Neil Koch all whose argue dozens of cases before the Supreme Court and leads our opening arguments series and Neil I want to get right into it take a listen to that very Trump lawyer who was just referenced getting grilled on this in court and this clip not only did we hit it on that hit it on the beat it's also gone viral online if you're putting two people into a crowded room to sleep on a concrete floor with an aluminum foil blanket on top of them that doesn't comply with the agreement I mean it may be that they don't get super thread-count and linens I get that but the testimony that the district judge believed was it's really cold I find that inconceivable that the government would say that that is safe and sanitary if you don't have a toothbrush if you don't have soap if you don't have a blanket it's not safe in Santa Fe well wouldn't everybody agree to that well I think it's I think those are there's fair reason to find that those things may be part of C maybe are Neil there's layers to this I want I want to hear all of your views one thought that came to my mind is even good lawyers can struggle if the position they're asked to defend is basically empty amoral and defensible I wonder what you thought of what we learned from from watching that yeah I mean I thought that that struggling was the least that should have happened there I mean that was a horrific policy decision by the Trump administration to say that safe and sanitary conditions don't include toothbrushes don't include blankets forcing people to sleep on concrete floors with only a sheet of aluminum foil over them as a blanket saying that sleep is not part of a safe and sanitary condition I mean all this stuff is horrific and you know I do think that the Trump administration deserves all the condemnation that they received in the wake of that these are not you know even the Geneva Conventions require prisoners of war to get toothbrushes and so I mean the idea that we can't do that or what the vice president said the appropriations process prevents it that's just flatly wrong and the idea that he would laugh and talk about this stuff is so unbecoming of a President of the United States you know incoming from this administration which can find money anywhere they declare emergencies for all kinds of bogus things like building a wall but when it comes to finding toothbrushes for five-year-old children who need it they can't find it you know that's just so implausible to me any third grader can read the federal budget and find the dollars for this with out resorting to all their crazy executive power schemes which they do for things like the wall but to come from this administration it's sorry well a little bit rich I also want to get your sort of views in fact check on the the Trump claim that he's got to do this stuff because of either past precedent or past presidents take a look we've ended separation you know under President Obama you had separation I was the one that ended it now I said one thing when I ended it I said here's what's going to happen more families are going to come up and that's what's happened but they're really coming up for the economics but once you ended the separation but I ended separation I inherited separation from President Obama Neil oh my god where to begin so the idea that he ended separation I mean right now these are separated children that's what these stories are about so I don't know what you know what kind of facts he's getting but nobody thinks that's right and the idea that he inherited this from Obama is flatly wrong you know I think the President President Trump is separated over 3,000 children in the course of his administration no other president came even close to that President Obama basically came in and recognized there were two different goals of our immigration system here ones humanitarian to protect the children who are separated the other is deterrence the idea that if you do too much for them then they'll come in and he quickly realized that deterrence was just a bogus rationale that these people were fleeing horrific conditions in their home countries and deterrence wasn't going to work and so he moved to a humanitarian policy spending billions of dollars on shelters and things like that to make sure that these children would be treated safely not all the time but I think far better than from Trump has made it his kind of raison d'être to say absolutely not I'm gonna focus only on deterrence the one thing we know doesn't work and so he has said in his policies that we're gonna make things as horrific as possible so that these folks won't come and by the way re that hasn't worked at all we've had record numbers and you just heard one of your guests talking about this record numbers of people trying to come because deterrence doesn't the only thing you can do here is try and be humanitarian and you know this is a president that separated a four month old baby from their parents who's you know six children have died just in September in custody of these folks if you go back a decade not a single child died so inherited from Obama I don't think so and lastly briefly it's the cameras in the courtroom that made that clip go viral what do you think that tells us about transparency and in the court system because sometimes people don't even know what's going down yeah it's so important you know people say a picture is worth a thousand words but when it comes to the law picture is worth like ten thousand words because laws frankly makes most people's eyes glaze over when you talk about consent decrees and declaratory judgments and the like and I think when you see that clip and you see the cold hard truth of what the Trump administration is arguing boy that really resonates with the American public and this is all because this court of appeals in San Francisco televises its arguments and so that's why we're all able to see it most federal courts don't the US Supreme Court tellingly there are no cameras in that courtroom even though these are the people's courts and so I hope that we use this as an illustration of really the power of the digital world and you know we now think in terms of pictures and video Instagram and the like YouTube we don't think as much in terms of a cold transcript and if you just listen to that DOJ lawyer and watched her you have come off very differently than if you were reading a cold legal transcript so yeah I think you make a great point and the judges I mean judges of course are quite careful and there would be many arguments that wouldn't become vaio precisely because you wouldn't even know where they were going here though there's the sheer human gasps from people who are judges but are also people about you know yet say yeah I think one of those judges was Wally Toshima who actually had been interned in a japanese-american camp at the age of seven during World War two and you could tell when you were watching him yeah well that experience seared seared him and when you have these reports that are going on but today's in the New York Times New Yorker report on Saturday showing that you know children are having to take care of other children 10 year-olds taking care of two-year-olds and three-year-olds because nobody else will and eventually the 10 year olds get bored so no one's taking care of the two-year-olds I mean these are not the things that our country has stood for and these are human beings and what this administration is doing is such a grave human catastrophe they deserve all the condemnation they've gotten Neil Koch I appreciate your expertise and your clarity msnbc.com slash opening arguments is where this and our past discussions with Neil are hey I'm already Melbourne from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that

37 thoughts on “Obama Lawyer Neal Katyal On Denying Migrant Kids Soap & Blankets | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  • Peter Matten

    So these children,some as young as two,are being kept in cages, without adult care, with out beds, pillows ,blankets, soap towells tooth brushes. These children have commited no crime, but are treated worse than prisoners. They are housed in camps, that are being run for profit. Was it over 700 dollars ,per child per week? And they don't want to provide anything? It beggars belief that this is allowed in a so-called civilized country. If it happened any where else, the u.s.a. would be protesting at the u.n.

  • Mike Oxhuuj

    The guy on the right looks like Reggie Kray and we all thought he croaked in HMP Parkhurst

  • Sören Nilsson

    The argument that people are not fleing due to crime seem stupid. The 12 first cities on the list of higehest murder rates is found in Latin America. If you list the 50 cities with the highest murder rate 43 is from Latin America.

  • James Thomas

    Morning, I'm done with these settlers disregard of normal conditions enflicked upon the children and families attempt to enter USA just like when network said yes during Italian, Irish, Polish, plus many more had even money to restart their lives in USA, shame to this trump guy, he is just a carnival Barker. jt

  • GJ D

    Pence is such a disgraceful and obvious liar. No better than trump.

  • Cordwainer Trout

    More outrageous lies from Democrats and their media supporters. Immigration attorneys are biased. They are the ones victimizing children and adults illegally entering the U.S. They thrive on exaggeration, discomfort and extending discomfort. Democrats have repeatedly refused to fund any response to the border crisis. Only until Trump embarrassed them, did they finally fund. All the Democrats have funded from various sources is encouraging, helping and trafficking hundreds of thousands of illegals.

  • John Pancerzewski

    Ummm… you guys do know that she's discussing an incident that happened in 2015… during the Obama administration, right? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • A1 Yola

    They're already well funded. They wanted more money for the wall.

  • David Nielsen

    crimes against humanity

  • Shad Dixon

    When I travel I bring my own stuff and don't ask for help.

  • up seven of video

    UN ?

  • up seven of video

    Jesus will fire this man

  • David Cox

    I was pleased to hear several Dems at the debate bring up the fact of USA's responsibility for creating chaos in Central America. The doctrine of Manifest Destiny by itself is a White supremacist declaration. Don the con is just the latest symptom of the deadly disease of imperialism.

  • Ron Hadley

    Pence is a pathetic superstitious POS.

  • dmwegnerowicz7554

    This nation, and the whole world is being judged! Times up for baby killers. "Whoever harms one of these little ones, it would be better that they have a stone put around their neck, and be thrown into the sea" (Jesus Christ). Russia is the instrument of Gods punishment. If we do not pray every day(ROSARY) for its conversion, Russia will continue to spread its errors throughout the world, as Our Lady of Fatima has said. Satan is the father of lies, and the father of all liars(Trump). The Son Of Man is coming again, and His banner will say "Faithful And True". Lift your head , for your salvation(or destruction) is at hand! Love, Wisdom


    The numbers of families coming are caused by the Democrats who have dangled a carrot telling them : Risk your life and come to America where we will give you free this and free that!!! All you have to do is to have a child with you and our doors are OPEN!!! Any death of an immigrant is on the hands of the Democrats!!


    First of all; we have to separate trafficked children from people that are NOT their parents. These children are trafficked by the thousands. That's how many children that are being trafficked! Secondly; YES….he did inherit separation from Obama!! That was the LAW before Trump. This guy is such a LIAR!!!!


    I love how they edit the video to make it look like the Trump administration is at fault!!! In a bill 6 months ago; the Democrats restricted extra funding and beds for the illegals!!! They created this problem and then blame Trump for it. Just more lies and propaganda from MSNBC!!!!


    The Democrats cut the funding and beds and then they blame Trump and Republicans and spread lies and propaganda. So typical of the Dems!!!!

  • freezyourit

    Where are the Trump supporters on this inhumane treatment. See the clip on the courtroom. HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THIS. Think!!! If this administration had it's way it would be second to N. Korea towards anyone who questioned it. My GOD.

  • buddyrichable1

    The face of America. Talking heads discussing whose to blame and where the money will come from as children still locked in cages with no beds or basic necessities. Even citizens who bought toothpaste and soap and dropped it off at the facilities, see it sitting there outside a week later. Americans have gotten to the point where not even the simplest problems can be resolved. Torturing children for months on end shows the true America.

  • Avia Copeland

    If a tree fell in the forest and fox is not there to cover it is that Obama's fault!

  • Lovbeinamom

    The world is watching!

  • Kristie Hansen

    Bogas things like building the wall.

  • Allen Yeong

    Mike Pence, why blame congress for the debacles when the administration is unable to solve the problem but instruct bar boy to refuse access to Mueller's report

  • RAT RepublicansAgainstTrump

    And when do we get the little girls back that Trump gave to Putin, oh excuse me, we lost in the system? Wink! Wink!

  • RAT RepublicansAgainstTrump

    Kids don’t need teeth! We need a wall.

  • Mitchel Evans

    Pence shakes his head “no” while he says, “of course we do.” What a tell.

  • Steel Castle

    Behold….Trump's Final Solution!

  • Steve Wyatt

    1) Current conditions are better than any other situation in any of their lives for 6 generations back
    2) Mexican children have to be beaten to take a bath and brush their teeth , there is no chance of volunteers or cooperation.
    3) If you do not like it, go back to where you came from.

  • Pondart Inc

    "The democrats are making us abuse children".

  • Rob Dim

    Deny trump McDonald's burgers, guarentee those kid would have those items in one hour. Fact fat orange pig

  • luisa whilden

    Destroy the wall.i have 40 relatives in mexaco who wants in and to get on ssa.its their money.i want my kids to have free collage.and i want a socialist america where everything is free.

  • Francais Lover


  • glenn zechman

    Sorry but Pence keeps calling himself a Christian as far as I know he is a FAKE Christian!

  • Rosalina Ayala

    They moved them to another place that was just as bad.Meanwhile the american taxpayer is paying 750 dollars a day per kid to run these camps. The people running the camps are friends of Trump and are making bank on these kids by not feeding them and not allowing them to bathe.

  • Steve J

    If Trump skips one golf trip there is enough money saved to support housing, clothing, feeding, and medical care for ALL migrants at the border.

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