100 thoughts on “Obama DOJ gave immunity to Clinton lawyer who destroyed 33K emails: Report

  • 411American Post author

    The DOJ needs to open a new investigation for real national security reasons -TREASON!

  • Steven Marlo Post author


  • William Brown Post author

    You are 100 percent right.

  • America1776 !! Post author

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Kit Carr Post author

    Can someone tell me … IF Immunity can be 'given' can it not also be taken away later ?

    Seems lunacy to allow officials to be above the law while they're involved in making, creating or delivering law or justice services for 'The People' of The USA

  • ROLEX SUBWAY Post author

    The fact that she lost is at least some consolation.

  • Ric Sta Post author

    Geopolitical Game = good for some, bad for others. That' s how games work.

  • Luke Sliminn Post author

    You will NEVER understand if you do not know exactly who is running the show and how. I would suggest you watch EUROPA – The Last Battle and find out what is what and who is who in corridors of power.

  • danee Taran Post author

    Thank God for men like Tom Fitton I pray that God and His angels protect him and his team from those who would want to harm them.

  • Mike Breler Post author

    It will greatly encourage future corruption if Barr ignores the reason for Hillary's private server which was to hide the selling out of American interests with the Clinton Foundation cash machine. This is the most precedent setting government corruption of recent history. Barr absolutely must prove that no one is above the law.

  • MommaD* * Post author

    Always wearing body cast!!

  • jo phoenix Post author

    This continues and we the American people no longer have Any confidence in so called FBI and yet we are forced to pay for it day in and day out!! We should shut down the rotten FBI that simple there are other agency's step in and the FBI was set-up as an arm of the IRS to collect TAX for federal reserve the Rothschild & friend private illegal banking cabal!!

  • Barbara Black Post author

    There she is the wicked witch her self

  • Ab Cd Post author

    Who cares? Its not like they are ever going to jail.

  • David Miscaviage Post author

    See? I was alright right?!? Her emails!!?

  • Rust belt Crawling Post author

    I agree. I don't see anything happening to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for their criminal actions and this coup with a Russian hoax!
    hell the Democrats have open border policy denying this crisis and funding ! Then blaming it on President Trump 🤔. And Jerry nadler needs to be check mate !🇺🇸

  • ctyragdoll Post author

    Didn't everyone know this 2 1/2 years ago? Or is it just because it's now documented fact outside the government?

  • bigwaverider Post author

    It's because Barr is a member of the club. Barr isn't going to do diddly squat about anything. If you believe that Barr will act I have a bridge I will sell you cheap.

  • Doctor Wind Post author

    Only those who are as dumb as a fence post (that would be your average Trump supporter) would watch FOX NO NEWS and believe what they hear. There are NO journalists working for FOX NO NEWS. These 2nd rate actors pretending to be real newsmen, are reading from scripts that are made up the night before. Bad reality TV is all FOX NO NEWS really is.

  • A horse with No Name Post author

    Lou Dobbs should do something useful like…sticking his head in a toilet.

  • A horse with No Name Post author

    Has anyone found the 200K emails Bush, Chainy, Rumsfeld and Wolfowizer deleted during their illegal and immoral Iraq war?

  • Tom Cat Post author

    Trump is in his seventies

    Fox to enjoy racism for not a long time anyways

    Enjoy it while you can

    Wow 😮

  • Pam Hamilton Post author


  • Sarah Simmons Post author

    Kudos fitton!

  • abc def Post author

    barr will do very little.
    good old boys stick together !
    all the big fish will swim free !!

  • Bee Vic Post author

    Such obvious corruption. Well it takes time to get this sickness out.

  • Azfun6 Post author

    Revoke it immediately.  Clearly the Obummer administration was a very corrupt criminal organization that hurt this country more than any other enemy this country has ever known.  Revoke the immunity and prosecute these criminals.

  • dks442 Post author

    Nice thumbnail —Hillary's getting fuglier by the minute.

    Wonder why?

  • Pamela Collins Post author

    mr william b arr needs to open this back up and arrest these people they protected hillary from prosecution so mr barr you need to fix this and make these people a mokery so this can never ever happen again

  • Gary mac Post author

    But they say trump is the criminal..

  • Thora Wilson Post author

    I'm tired if crooked Presidential administration's covering up their crimes and misdeeds and bailing out their partners in crime on their way out the back door. It would be better if this questionable tradition ended

  • Thora Wilson Post author

    Republican and Democrat

  • roy Yung Post author

    I seriously doubt a lawyer had the knowledge of how to delete over 30,000 emails. Someone ELSE actually performed the deletions. As an IT professional NO ONE bulk deletes emails without first making a backup. So a few questions I would be asking:
    1. WHO actually performed the deletions and do they have immunity? Why was immunity granted?
    2. Describe the steps used in the deletions.
    3. What is the criteria used for rhe deletions? Ie delete all emails marked confidential, delete all emails based upon subject contents, delete all from certain senders or recipients, etc.

  • Ann Marie Schrage-Glaviano Post author

    AG BARR please reopen the CASE

  • Jenn Mills Post author

    If criminals provide immunity to criminals it should not be valid. Esp when they were all involved in same investigation.

  • Jenn Mills Post author

    The criminals are all protecting each other plus they are floating around the world , hence Kerry, covering their bases and causing global problems

  • Jenn Mills Post author

    Its 2-12 years into this presidency and we demand someone , SOMEONE, at least one major high echelon go to jail NOW !!!!

  • Jenn Mills Post author

    We want an update on investigation into emails on the dept of energy. Who all at the dept of energy AND the committee for energy including chairmans (past and present) were involved in the takes?

  • The Last Free Apache Post author

    The NSA has everyone of those emails. Unless they only spy on us citizens and not the criminals in DC that have acess to all our security documents. Which lie they going to go with it. our Gov only lies so you have to trap them into the truth. These Rich Elite never go to jail.

  • Joseph Lamberta Post author

    The next civil war is coming !!!!!! The Right against the Left !!!!!

  • Chris Sullivan Post author

    For the love of Sweet Baby Jesus Christ will someone be tossed in prison anytime soon ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • J michael thomas Post author

    This can be reopened quite easily.

  • J michael thomas Post author

    Immunity is not possible. Please note the books sworn in on and oaths broken. I need to speak to some people. The fbi must begin a new path if this is not addressed.

  • J michael thomas Post author

    It is a new day, we will have justice.

  • flash001USA Post author

    "You know Lou, if we waited on the justice department to do the right thing we would be shut down. We ain't shutting down." Yep that about says it all. Honestly I'm curious if attorney general Barr is really going to do anything about this or if it's the same old dog and pony show just to pass the time until Trump is out of office and the Communist can put another criminal in his place.

  • Osbjorne Outdoors Post author

    It's sickening. There'll never be any justice for these crimes…
    There really is a two tiered justice system.

  • John Walter Post author


  • Scott Adams Post author

    Did Hillary's attorneys have security clearances to sort through the emails? I don't think they did. Isnt that a felony for her to give her lawyers access to emails pertaining to top secret government files?

  • Charles Mason Post author

    When are Obama and Hillary going on trial for interfering with election or are they above the law.

  • Smokey Keita Post author

    She was exonerated!!!

    President Trump was not exonerated by the SPEACIAL COUNSEL in his conclusion.

    Immunity PRESIDENT TRUMP was neither given IMMUNITY.

    Are you this illiterate

    ex·on·er·a·tion/ IMMUNITY


    noun: exoneration; plural noun: exonerations


    the action of officially absolving someone from blame; vindication.

    "the defendants' eventual exoneration"

    Positive position
    :vindication, freeing from blame, absolution, acquittal, discharge;


    "despite his exoneration, he resigned"

    >immunity, <
    exemption, indemnity, dispensation;

    release, freedom;



    "we should not seek exoneration from the consequences of our acts"
    Negative position
    :conviction, blaming, liability



    the release of someone from a duty or obligation.

  • Smokey Keita Post author

    Donald Trump cannot get away with OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

  • nojunk4methanx iambritish Post author

    nothing ever happens they all hav get out of jail free cards.. getting sick of it now

  • Nancy Wynegars Post author

    Stop talking about it LOCK HER UP

  • Thin BlueLine Post author

    Why is this a surprise? Everything crooked happened under Obama. Nothing is a secret here. Wanna impress us? Then quit dicking around and send all of them to jail !

  • Scott Foster Post author

    Tom. You are so good at digging up the truth. Please don't ever look at my tax returns.

  • Saltydog Post author

    Whatever toilet paper Hellery uses should be marketed for breast enhancement. Well, look what its done to her arse.

  • PoM MoM Post author

    WHAT !!!?? 😠

  • Robert Heilbron Post author

    Wow !!!

  • Dave Ward Post author

    Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, sent to Pat Cipollone, the White House counsel, saying that Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, has used WhatsApp, an unofficial encrypted messaging service, to communicate with foreign contacts about official White House business.

    Mr. Cummings also said that Ivanka Trump, the president’s eldest daughter, did not preserve some emails that were sent to her private account, as she claimed in the past, contradicting her own previous claims and possibly violating federal records laws.
    Jared and Ivanka should be locked up also. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • James Garvy Post author

    Barr is just stalling. No one is going to locked up !!!!

  • TruthSeeker Post author

    This makes me sick to my stomach. I've lost all faith in the judicial system !

  • Philip Marabante Post author

    I will NEVER vote for democrats!!

  • Mark Julian Post author

    Let's all post our outrage on social media 🙃

  • uknowleeminho Post author


  • uknowleeminho Post author


  • Lourdes Corrick Post author

    that [email protected] and she never been reprement or fire.we don't get that many chances in the real world.sound like everyone was making money from the [email protected] realconspircy against the American government was comited and destruction of the evedence was done and you can't tried her o any of them for that matter for the law's of man is used.good thing You can't​ hide from God. and for Trump they can't forgive as much as they do and​ no ending persecution esqiming falsely accuse him. God is just

  • Pep Pest Post author

    Soo something or let it go…tired of all the finger pointing

  • Glycerin Post author

    She belongs in prison

  • Tonya Horn Post author

    Wouldn't lying to the FBI invalidate an immunity agreement?

  • KellyAnn McGregor Post author

    I'm so confused why Hillary and her pathetic lawyer are not lined up in front of a squad. And shot in the head for treason. .makes no sense.

  • Rayray Rayray Post author

    If OUR government won't do the RIGHT thing, then the PEOPLE must act!

  • rotorheadv8 Post author

    So who told her to delete the emails?

  • Scott Groves Post author

    Bill Weld 2020
    Dump Trump

  • bradst91 Post author

    Nothing will happen to anyone regarding this activity. Does anyone have any idea how many people have been suicided by the clintons?

  • Harley Bigdog Post author

    Trump has already done much, much worse. Lock him up!!

  • Dave B Post author

    If she can do it you can do it so do what you want

  • Marie Saqueton Post author

    To clean our government is to make sure that no DEMOCRAT is ever elected until all their corrupt minions in our security agencies are gone, because they obstruct the process of cleaning them out. MAGA 2020 is our last chance.

  • Julio Morales Post author

    Corruption at the highest level. There's definitely a two tier justice system in this nation/USA.

  • AC/DC.4.LIFE ! Post author

    🔒Lock Her Up.
    $he’s not above the LAW.

  • Teresa Grosskopf Post author

    Most of us already knew that. I want to see all of them in JAIL!! This American wants these criminals held accountable for their crimes. They are not above the law, I don't care who they think they are!! They have damaged this country in the name of it's own legal citizens. Pathetic.

  • Gioxtream Post author


  • mmj medic Post author

    She should be in jail

  • Patti Plenty Post author

    all these people should be hanging from a tree by now…all the problems we have come from democrats

  • Jeff Devries Post author

    Can't immunity be retracted? If so, lets go!

  • Jeff Devries Post author

    Can't immunity be retracted? If so, lets go!

  • Jeff Devries Post author

    Can't immunity be retracted? If so, lets go!

  • Jeff Devries Post author

    Can't immunity be retracted? If so, lets go!

  • Jeff Devries Post author

    Can't immunity be retracted? If so, lets go!

  • Jeff Devries Post author

    Can't immunity be retracted? If so, lets go!

  • Jeff Devries Post author

    Can't immunity be retracted? If so, lets go!

  • Jeff Devries Post author

    Can't immunity be retracted? If so, lets go!

  • Benjamin Manning Post author

    TRUMP should make all top secret files open to the public, it should be mandatory at the end of every presidential term!!! No more immunity for politicians, it's time for accountability!!!

  • Open Your Eyes Post author

    Wait until Epstein starts singing the Clinton's are game over.

  • Doug Moore Post author

    NOONE charged. what a sham

  • Jerry wtf Post author

    Over ride it and take him down for lies

  • NCPATRIOT Post author

    It's all just more talk unless some of these criminals face the same consequences as the rest of us. I think I'll claim immunity for my next parking ticket and see if it works for me.

  • studio88 Post author

    CLINTON is a Corrupt Demonic Luciferian who along with OBAMA should be JAILED for both Treason and Corruption along with Obstruction of Justice which is Corruption. UNDO this and Make America Great Again as Americans do not deserve falsehood, but the Truth!

  • We Be Post author

    How does she look 89 one day, and 63 a week later?

  • mjgarrett9885ify Post author

    Well isn't she special ! You know that the majority of government has been compromise . FBI couldn't do a simple background check on Obama ? Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya and used fake social security number along with his forged birth certificate to control america and all the resources america has ! With all the taxpayers funds the government collects and the best technology in the world . A simple background check is way to hard to do on a presidential candidate ? They will need trillions of taxpayers funds to up grade their system so they can do background checks on people running for public office . 2nd amendment needs to be exercised ! Surrounding the D.C. While the military enters this small 10 square mile of land being occupied in the United States !

  • Kool Change Post author


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