Noah Centineo & Odiseas Georgiadis Judge Laura Marano’s Dance Skills | Makin’ Moves | Netflix

Noah Centineo & Odiseas Georgiadis Judge Laura Marano’s Dance Skills | Makin’ Moves | Netflix

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Then walk it back! Hi guys! I’m Noah Centineo. I’m Laura Marano. And I’m Odiseas Georgiadis. You guys might have heard a rumor about Laura, that she can’t dance. Laura’s gonna pull dance moves out of that
jar. Alright, Noah and I are gonna go check it
out, and see if we can guess the moves. Let’s go! I’m so nervous. Ok! Boom. Ok, this is pretty easy. If you guys don’t
get this, then its not really even showing my ability. The Chicken Dance. Yes. Yes, yes! That’s too easy! Too easy. Ok. My heart is beating so fast. Really? Ok, another one that’s not too bad. Sprinkler! Sprinkler? Sprinkler. Easy. I mean, can you guys think I can dance yet? No, that’s pretty good. So far, the score’s high. This one’s like my favorite, ok hold on. Electric Slide! The Cupid Shuffle! Yes! Yes! How? But it totally could have been! Six, seven, eight! Oh yeah. Keep going! Then left, then left! Ayyy, then what do you do? Then you- Do this! Then you- What? And then what do you do? Then walk it back! This is an easy one. This will be great. What’s that? I’ve never heard of, what are you doing? You’re very funny. I got it, I got it! Macarena! Yes! See, Noah wasn’t joking. Macarena. Yeah no, I’ve never seen that before, can
you do it again? What a stupid dance! Whoa, this was the best dance. Where does this come from? This is Spongebob. Bring it around town! Ok. 100% so far. This one is not gonna look good on me. I just
want everyone to know. Whaaaat? Marching Man? This is not like a big famous one. This is… I don’t know this. It’s called The Shoot. I’ve never- This is the shoot. Right? Like- Yes! The Shoot! Yeah! Ok, that was- I don’t even know what that is! I didn’t know
it had a name like that! That was good! That was good! Ok, how’s this one? How’s this one right now? Imagine some nice music…ok? Yes. Not totally the beat, but, ok hold on. Oh man. Salsa? Close. Samba? Yeah! Yes! I was like- A little hard to do in heals, but actually
everyone I feel like when they dance, they feel like that. The fact that you even know… It’s actually not super hard. And then you just kinda have fun. Yeah! Not my favorite to do in heals. By the way, if someone’s watching this and
they’re like “That’s not how you do it!” Totally! It’s on me, it’s on me. I don’t, like, ok. Easy. I’m not gonna have
a can’t attitude, guys, I’m gonna have a can. Yes you can. Ok! Is that the two step? Ohhh! Ohhhh. You know? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know this. It’s the… It’s I believe the term is… I’ve seen it! The term is…The Wobble. Noah’s like, he’s not- I would’ve known, I would’ve known. Oh easy, easy. Easy? Easy? This one…easy. Oh, robot! Robot! The Robot, easy! Ok! Oh man, this one again. You can do this. Yeah, totally. Totally. So
it’s… Stanky Leg! Yes! Yes! Stanky Leg! Yes! Very good. You can dance. Ok. Ok, cool yeah. This one you’ll get. It won’t look great,
but you’ll like… Oh yeah, it’s the… That’s right, you do it with your teeth. The backpack kid dance? Yeah! Flossing! That’s actually right. You do it with your teeth. You floss, you
floss. My hips get very confused. That was a good
one! Odiseas has got it. I know! Easy. Easy! I can’t…scoot! You gotta scoot? I have to like scoot! Running Man? Yes! Ok. Yeah, yeah, yeah! The Running Man, see, you’ll do it, it’s hard… Is it like that? Yeah. And then up! Is it not the same thing? What’s The Running Man? You just run in place? Is it the…this one? Wait, which one is it? It’s the, you, arms…. I don’t think that’s The Running Man! Well, I want you guys to decide if it’s The
Running Man. Yeah, tell us which is The Running Man! Ok. It’s probably not any of them. Ok, so guys before I do this last one, how
do we feel it’s been going? I think you’re an excellent dancer. I feel like the odds were against you, you
came up well. Ok, I don’t know this one super well but,
ok so I think it’s… I can’t remember what you do with your feet. Ayyyy! Oh I kind of… Oh! Oh! Gangnam Style! That was a, ohh! You that thing… Oop! Oop! Oop! Gangnam Style! Ayyy! Bro! I think Laura killed it. Really? Yeah. I think I could be better, I could be a better
dancer, but I’m definitely not… You are the Perfect Dance Date. Oooo! You are The Perfect Date, only on Netflix! Swipe up! Now! This is a YouTube video! This is a YouTube video, click a like button! Should we do our favorite dance moves? To the right… I got you! Boom! Boom! Watch The Perfect Date on Netflix! Whoo! You guys are so tall!

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