No More Talk, Where is Obama’s Gun Control Legislation?

No More Talk, Where is Obama’s Gun Control Legislation?

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so obviously we had to be shooting in
connecticut on friday and uh… we’ve got all of which is in the
political world tell us don’t do anything not now not
now why because this is the time when we’re
most likely to do something this were mad and we want to what went wrong now are producer on the t_v_ side of the current television show that we do rolling
werner put the other video present all mama
speaking about the kids who’d been killed in connecticut and try to put their pictures to it stuff to watch together here in memory of the report shown charlotte uh… to always have something to do anything
about caroline jessica god has called them all a lot of people believe uh… are you not uh… and i don’t think that anything
new with it above the call them home the amendment when they’re shot them beaches have allowed through our politics an ocean of guns that these men men have incredible access to his mom was supposed to be safe use a
gun enthusiasts yet well doesn’t know those in the same guns that her son used to murder her and twenty-six other people before it
occurs on life what are our politicians doing to fix
this well so far a damn thing until you know the just for the new york
times reports over the weekend after the shooting of representing the
every other difference of arizona and others at a supermarket in tucson
early to twenty eleven the justice department drop a detailed
list of steps the government to take to expand the
background check system inorder reduce the risk of guns fall in
the hands of mentally ill people a krummel’s great look i would do more but that’s a good
first step that sounds positive right wrong is the next paragraph in the new york
times story most of the proposals nowhere shelved at the department eight year ago as the election campaign heated up and as a congress conducted a politically-charged investigation the
operation fast and furious gun trafficking case according to people familiar with the internal deliberations they did nothing politics they’re worried about an election year and are a publisher being mean to them
go after them befriend fastener theories and by the way fortune did a brilliant
piece on the best fears the real problem was in that that justice department or
the a_t_f_ it put guns out there they were trying to find a way to stop
the guns but because of the laws in arizona worse
all lax they actually had no legal authority has
something to us from going over the border into the hands of the drug
cartels that’s what actually happened now yeah my blaming just democrats for not
taking action for being cowards which they absolutely positively were no there’s one place where they actually been registration of mentally ill people now began their original proposal was
hey let’s keep track of the throughout the different government agencies so we don’t have mentally ill people
buying guns so they can do these kind of shoe leaks make says especially after daniel
giffords it’s a schedule was shot add by then
would care to be mentally ill well locally at least a better his apartment was
doing a better effects right your times despise them the story
department veteran affairs by contrast dulles eurostat about instances in which
benefit checks are sent to a trustee as a recipient has been demand two-week
incompetent republicans in congress have introduced
a bill the veteran second amendment protection
act and the practice so look only place that we do it right the republicans wanted and that as well so loose profiles in courage sugar
attorney gellert holder of the justice department dinu anything but once he actually suggests it out loud that we might think
about reinstituting the ban on assault weapons that we had under
clinton remember watson swim lesson that then the number
of nationalist every year has doubled what they’re on manual the chief of
staff for the president the time thing about that emmanuel was furious he slammed his that’s and cursed
attorney general holder was only repeat your position or bartlett
expressed during the campaign but it was before the white house in the
backyard pro-gun democrats from red states further domestic agenda but she was stabbed went sent word to
justice that holder needed to shut off bought up on gods profiles in courage look at that getting travis in people’s lives we’ve got a political agenda here we have to win elections so we can do
not think that next time around now is that this is the first after
slides as the tornado it’s also the president now the president talks a great game look at him after
that tragedy in connecticut here watch three
honestly say that were drawing enough to keep our children all of them safe from harm nobody was one of those yesterday’s before honest with ourselves the answer is no u bengal come back and we’re not going to
live we will have to change since i’ve been president this is the
fourth time we have come together come for a grieving community far apart
by mentioning and all the times i don’t know sinning these tragedies mustn’t and uh… and then we must change all wild delight and know that i thought i uh… we elected a guy in
what over four years ago who promise that change yet through all all those massacres through all those
assaults through all those killings and darker what did president while maneuver on gun control not a damn thing that would be fair
going to do one thing which i get to decide in which is that he made the laws
lax sir you don’t believe it and give you the
facts of the same but let’s let this brilliant politician who actually doesn’t wanna do anything
about policy keep thomas about how deeply concerned grossing lol no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world are prevent every
senseless act of violence in our society but that can be an excuse for inaction in the coming weeks all use whatever
power this office hold sting gauge my fellow
citizens from law enforcement the mental health professionals to
parents and educators in an effort name to preventing more
tragedies like this we really prepared to say that work hours but for the citizens live here carnage but the politics are to our but that’s exactly what you’re mistaken
for the city of art we just show you the and internal addresses on the does is
about love well we’ve got to do something about all
these people get murdered uh… weekly basis now but the politics are too hard change but that’s just the slogan what had you done nothing at the white
news on the he got right now fifty three percent observed eighty
percent of their respond as a hopping a boastful and actually there’s a second poland
uh… is from idly b_b_c_ news was imposed that has at fifty three percent say that uh… they’re in favor of
stricter gun control laws that’s opera forty three percent good news right you’ve got the wind
behind you ready to go out right i remember after get grail gifford’s and
therefore could shooting although shootings but nobody s hadn’t saving then your level of this error uh… it probably should have all the
same empty words present as a while mama is used throughout watch that may be hardcover head hand the twisted logic that led to this tragedy but this is what we do know nulls dale justifies this murderous
craven tax this tragedy wants reflection and a big union
reflectia the group what lecturers word goes we have one of my hope that over the next several days and extra
weeks a mix of old ones we all reflect on how we can do something about some of the senseless
violence uh… he happened to assist in
reflecting and bio if you noticed he’s a lawyer man it even the after this holbrook virtue name can any decent onto
every might in this offices power to reach out to people all while kiro reach out to people
that’s really encouraging now libby meaning and i_r_a_s more for
you’re right in giving the republics will block every
piece legislation and we’ll blocked future visa legislation even
after this massacre again and again you are right buddy living president obama couldn’t do
anything uart absolutely wrong their inside our borders to get a shoe you think he is issued executive orders today gun control even boris it also in fact here let me get to that president obama after they have real
difference remember you wrote it and pile up and in a tiny paper in
arizona you know it caught on tape out of our
gun control there’s elections coming up because his own currier is on the line in twenty twelve so you can take any
recs well if that indeed review more well
that’s your sad day right remember that i’ll bet he said this
quote like the majority of americans i’d
believe in the second amendment guarantees and individual right to bear
arms ok yes seven-eleven terrific and in fact my administration has not for tell the rights of gun owners it has x-spam and then so measurable loving president or baba the new gun control tno heaney bride dark almost one dash dead he brags about how we expanded gun
rights and he’s right well bob overturned twenty urbana loaded
guns at national parks and wildlife refuges so go ahead and shoot yourselves
up a national parks uh… at their person present on my mom and uh… any state can now carry a
concealed the motor weapons on federal land and those same parks and refuges so are terrific how much is eagerly terrain guns that nothing about there’s some things and raises an
eyebrow is will not playing one more he uh… also by the way said joseph in case you’re one though you’d also carry guns on trains them that’s also moussa regulation they had before the brady center for gun violence in
twenty ten given report card on how he’s under control so far well it
seems a little week what do you think c not be right now correct jan at you really couldn’t be any worse azad miserable pathetic failure you don’t like a scene try
although bob opposes always are going on so i don’t know i do understand so tell me what legislation he propose tell me what executive order but he
introduced the answer is manner none except the ones making gun control even more relax by the way at that same brady senator said for president bombers actions were extraordinary silence and passivity extraordinaire profiles in courage after every one of the shootings the
politicians will come out and they wiped tears away mail pretend they care they were
pertaining to do something and they will go back in time kya weight
what is to their political benefit that is a only action they will actually
take what will be politically advantageous that that this is the first time around i would be very sympathetic to president
oh mama but you can spare me your crocodile
tears after four years of extraordinary silence anti-semite any and after mark on gun control i’ll believe it when i see till then all we’re gonna get is more murder and mayhem as our politicians cowardly to do any about gun control

100 thoughts on “No More Talk, Where is Obama’s Gun Control Legislation?

  • thetruthveritas1 Post author

    Exactly my point is the US the same as Japan NO. So you expect if the nation were to disarm that the criminals would too??? If you believe so id like to go to whatever little place you call home I bet it never gets cold people never die and all your wishes come true there.

  • thetruthveritas1 Post author

    Like I said earlier Mexico gets its weapons from the US but if the US were to disarm the cartels would go else where for weapons prob down south or even the middle east. They have the money getting weapons would be no problem. Now given that the US is on a full weapons ban cartels would now be selling drugs and guns in the US. Still think disarming will work?????

  • leebog31 Post author

    Young Turks are sponsored by Al Gore so all they do is push there propaganda.

  • thetruthveritas1 Post author

    LOL my theory at least makes sense yours is delusional again what part of the US do you live in that makes you feel so secure.

  • John Farley Post author

    sorry but dont trust the government any more you think they care about you? Good luck

  • Ricardo Martinez Post author

    shouldnt he done this before this?

  • Jakimovich Post author

    During the Alcohol Prohibition more people died from alcohol poisoning. Same idea with guns. Criminals will be the ONLY ones with guns. If I where a criminal I would much rather go to a community that is unarmed then one that is armed. Its common sense. Sure banning guns works in theory! but its more complicated then that.

  • thetruthveritas1 Post author

    My theory does have evidence to support it like I said before look at Australia. Ive been to Atlanta, New Orleans, and parts of Alabama and Mississipi and I will agree that I didnt feel safe either just about in any part of where I was at. You of all people should know that the criminals in these areas will not disarm. I have cousins and so on all up and down the south some in not so great areas some of whom do carry while they do their daily lives.

  • Sukhoi7078 Post author


  • justin james Post author

    they also have much fewer guns on the streets

  • Elmano Locko Post author

    To all of you who said "I need my guns to fight the govt." With all the Tanks, all the Fighter Jets, all the Missiles, all the Special Forces… Do they really think they can fight the US Govt?

  • woofalot13 Post author

    Switzerland is really not a comparable case at all , otherwise you are correct . But comparing Switzerland to America is a complete red herring and a dishonest point to make because the demographics are completely different in so many ways .

  • thetruthveritas1 Post author

    Comparing cars to guns doesnt even make sense. Now I actually hope we do get guns outlawed just so you can see how wrong you are. The US is one of the highest nations in terms of criminals per capita behind bars and that doesnt speak for the ones not behind bars. The criminals here dont think the same way the ones in Japan or Australia do. How about comparing guns to drugs overall mostly illegal has the US won the war on drugs????

  • moestietabarnak Post author

    First, There nothing that say that a son has the same ideology as his father.
    Second, I say 'generally' that does not mean 'allways', that another flaw in the right-wing type, they 'generally' think in black and white, all-or-nothing 'no free-for-all capitalism mean communism'.
    Us 'libtard' and progressive are more nuanced, we don't go to extreme, regulated capitalism, REGULATED gun control (not bans on all guns) etc. We are more pragmatic, if an idea doesn't work, we adapt.

  • hawenam Post author

    the second amendment belongs to another time…you can google it on wikipedia….a well regulated militia….are we living with militias in america? check what happened not long ago in ivory coast…in congo…in rwanda…and you'll understand the meaning of the word militia…you guys dont want that.

  • hawenam Post author

    2 round ! knock em off barrack !

  • woofalot13 Post author

    Yes why not change you culture completely thats easy make Americans like the swiss, why didn't i think of that ? You have a snowballs chance in hell, the cancer needs multiple treatments and as always surgery is the first . Your changing culture may be part of a complimentary treatment but changing your of violence would be pissing in the wind, unless you are willing to introduce major social engineering .

  • miragexl007 Post author

    boggled after watching. can't believe I watch it. Ok, a nobody. I'm thinking anti-gun completely?, a democrat? (turkish democrat?) liberal that's not happy with the democrat elected president? a citizen? Making poles sound like something they are not, funny comment about "Mass Murders" doubling every year" dang, that made me laugh. I was waiting to hear about doubling of car accident/ETOH deaths etc. Not that I'll watch anymore of these videos to see what the fck he's/this channel's about.

  • Rest one Post author

    Im just saying. Taking away peoples rights to guns wont stip hun violence. Criminals will ways have guns, all it is doing is taking away peoples rights to defend themselves. Obama is messing with our constitutional rights. And an actual FACT in this country is, baseball bats are used in more murders each year than guns. How come those aren't being outlawed? Right wing liberal bullshit.

  • Elmano Locko Post author

    l like when we Americans said "l want my guns to fight the govt." l'd like to see them say that in front of Tanks, Fighter Jets, Apache Helicopters or even Drones. LOL…

  • Elmano Locko Post author

    Oh really!! And how are we going to do that?

  • Matt Carrasquillo Post author

    Who the fuck do you think will operate all that equipment your talking about? I don't know bout you but your really think the military will? I'm a Marine and I for fucking sure wouldn't fight on the wrong side, I swore to defend my country's constitution not completly disregard it and fight for a corrupt Government trying to take away the very constitution peice by peice. I don't think the military will step over there oaths like that to support a corrupt Government.

  • SomeofThisSomeofThat Post author

    Thank you Lord.

    You can't pass stricter gun laws and expect CRIMINALS or somebody with CRIMINAL INTENT to abide by the law…that's what makes them CRIMINALS.

    Nip the problem in the bud. Republicants and Demoshatters are all the same. Stricter laws only stop those who abide by the laws. Marijuana/Drugs. Guns. Prostitution. Etc.

  • chickeneggchickeneg1 Post author

    Seems to have dramatically changed statistics from motor vehicle related deaths and injuries over the last thirty years.

  • Elmano Locko Post author

    The fear of a black man being president of our beloved U.S.A drove gun sales through the roof and they should thank Obama for that. The question is, god forbid, if another civil war broke out because of a black man being president will the military will have the courage to kill a fellow citizen, we've done it before and learn from it, can it happen again?

  • lynch5552933 Post author

    What part of shall not be infringed do these ass hats not understand??? They like to quote gun murder stats but look at ACTUAL VIOLENT CRIME stats between Europe and U.S. and you will see that the U.S. has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world.

  • MrEleutheromania Post author

    This man is such a moron, I have seen many of his videos where he talks about the loss of our freedoms, our constitution and our 1st Amendment, and how bad it is that we are loosing them, and hear he attacks the one Amendment that holds the whole thing together! No tragedy will make me give up my guns, only makes me buy bigger magazinesBecause no law will make any criminal get rid of his AK47 FACT!

  • MattyG58 Post author

    Obtained illegally – could mean anything-!
    Like a child stealing his dads gun

    Fact of the matter is, gun laws need to be restricted so that the number of guns in society is less. if there is less guns available it is mathematically correct that gun voilence will decrease Mathematically correct in the same way that the government opposes marijuana and illicit drugs so to restrict availability and therefore the "dangers" of drugs
    By not restricting gun laws, they contradict their own drug policy.

  • Elmano Locko Post author

    All my life l've never seen any one disrespect any P.O.T.U.S like they're doing it to Obama. They loved George Bush even though he fucked shit up, they never disrespected him like that. Yes they threw shoes at him and that was it, they never called him names, they never ask him for his birth place. l thought there's a Nazi Party, a Socialist Party here in America, right? Since we've Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Public Housing, Food Stamp… l guess we're a socialist country, eh…

  • A Free American Post author

    Mathmatically, taking guns out of the hands of law ABIDING citizens only decreases our capability of protecting others from mass shootings, which, mathmatically, is a fucking-fact.

  • TheSincererAlmond Post author


  • TheSincererAlmond Post author

    I am very sorry for the students that this has happened to, but IF the teachers had guns, IF there was police officers on duty at the school, IF the fucking government would STOP spending money on gold fish, and START funding mental institutions, THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED! How dare you fly that American Flag in the background of your videos! You need to go dig yourself a grave! Nobody will relinquish there first, second, third, and the rest of the amendments to become oppressed with tyranny!

  • Laphad Post author

    TyT is full of as shoes who can't understand Gun Control does nothing but harm.

  • Neils Dahlberg Post author


  • HarunDanyal Post author

    It is TYT, the most deluded liberals on the internet.

  • Patrick Henry Post author

    TheYoungTURDS! Woo hoo! As inbreeds, these assmaggots are genetically impaired…. true gun control lemmings impotently waiting for home invaders to bring them a rude awakening. “The adventure of a lifetime!” Hey YoungTurds! Make sure you put one of those gator-board signs in your front yards: “This home is gun-free and PROUD of it!”. Idiot libtards. Three more sheeple smoking Adolf Obama's pole – AFTER he pulls it outa Dianne Shitstain's butthole. How does it taste boys?

  • Connor Flynn Post author

    i wish Cenks life was threatened at gunpoint so he could understand what normal people think when it comes to guns.

  • MrAlcazar Post author

    How dare you use the name Patrick Henry. You make no sense, and resort to childish name calling. Your point is lost in your silly rant.

  • MrAlcazar Post author

    Actually, some crazy guy tried to break into Cenk's house, he was high out of his mind, and incoherent. Luckily the cops showed up just in time, but he was still shook-up. It would certainly make me defensive. That's why I keep a crossbow and a few knives/swords in my home. There's paranoia, and there's foresight. I choose the latter.

  • Patrick Henry Post author

    WHY did stupid youtube stick my reply box under YOUR post? Learned a lesson there – pay closer attention before hitting "post". "Make no sense"? was a reply to idiot "MrAlacazar". Sorry about the mix-up Sincerer – you're obviously a righteous dude – judging from your post. I'll pay closer attention in the future.

  • TheSincererAlmond Post author

    its ok man, nice to see you follow up.

  • Patrick Henry Post author

    Dear President Obama and Joe Biden,
    We are writing to express our deepest, most heart-felt gratitude and appreciation to you for your "economic stimulus package" directed towards our industry. Business is GREAT! Our first quarter profits for 2013 are "through the roof" and we just can't produce our products fast enough to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Our employees and shareholders are so grateful to you for all your hard work – please keep it up!
    The Firearms Industry

  • OnionBallz Post author

    if Britain a country with gun control had the same population as the US there would still be more accidental gun deaths in the US than total gun deaths in Britain

  • 00Delta Post author

    Europe is much larger than the US and include many more cultures.

  • toysandme Post author

    I personally predicted a false-flag school incident 3 days before it happened. But they screwed up big time. You'd think they'd be able to fake a few seconds of security camera footage. They didn't even bother! And they could have waited a few days AFTER the false-flag to put up the fund raisers on Facebook! The public is now so dumbed down they feel they don't even have to try hard with their psy-ops anymore. This is another 9/11 to con the public into giving up all their rights

  • rockofhysteria Post author

    And what happens if one of the members of this new Armed Faculty becomes disgruntled and decides to shoot someone like a student that pissed them off??? or if a student or students decides to overpower a armed faculty Member and take their Gun???

  • rockofhysteria Post author

    hate to break it to you but… the first ammendment was surrendered a long long time ago lol the FCC is proof of that. And the NRA isn't going to fully support funding Mental Institutions as a form of gun reform because it would disarm most of their Membership

  • TheSincererAlmond Post author


  • TheSincererAlmond Post author

    am I even talking about the 1st amendment??!!! were the hell does that come from? lol

  • rockofhysteria Post author

    Nobody will relinquish there first, second, third, and the rest of the amendments to become oppressed with tyranny!

    that's a quote from YOU lol

  • rockofhysteria Post author

    ok so if the Violent Crime rate is so fucking low in this country that makes the We need guns for protection argument basically invalid lol

  • TheSincererAlmond Post author

    lol yeah i read that after i replied. We have givin up many amendments in the past years, this is why we need to rise up and make our voice heard and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  • hawkboy000 Post author

    Fuck guns with bullets. Just a quick killing machine. That's its main purpose. Hurt and kill. Nothing more. Nothing less. You don't use a gun to cut down trees do you? Guns should ONLY be used for military or police purposes. People who are actually trying to protect our country. America is so corrupted. Move to Dubai.

  • hawkboy000 Post author

    Just get married then lol

  • hawkboy000 Post author

    Lowest crime rates???!!! Lol you must be insane!!! All I here on 10-10 is serial killers that did this or did that. Majority of all these crazy killers are from America….

  • azariasthelast Post author

    The word "crime" is FAR older than the word "gun". Fuck off libs and fuck off TYT.

  • Robert Stack Post author

    The word "gay" describes you ver well

  • RemixRemix100 Post author

    But I would also say, why are these crimes not nearly as prevalent in the UK, France, Australia.

  • FireEyedMaidOfWar Post author

    This is why gun ownership should be made mandatory by the law, for then somebody might accidentally shoot this most dumb Turk person; for he does talk nonsense all the day, as it can be clearly seen that those areas of the USA with a high rate of citizen gun ownership have a pretty low crime rate, while cities like New York or Chicago do content even with Mexico for the highest crime rate; besides no police force can arrive in time, even if it would be multiplied in seize many times.

  • Barry MCokiner Post author

    When are we going to ban pressure cookers? I am sick of the senseless violence from these high capacity assault cookers. No one needs a pressure cooker that big. I personally don't own one and would be safer if they were outright banned, please think of only my safety.

  • Patrick Henry Post author

    Playing nightly to sold-out audiences everywhere! Stenk Yogurt and The Magnificent Young Turds! Quick! Buy your tickets today! Do not miss the epitome of libtard gun-grabber propaganda! Join the sheep brigade today, and you'll be safe and sound the rest of your life. The government WILL protect you and ALWAYS keep you safe. (PS Why do I carry a gun? Because a cop is too heavy.) (Bring on the hate posts all you pathetic little Stenk lovers!) Lemmings unite! HATE the pro-gunners!

  • ArizonaMang1983 Post author

    This guy has got to be one of the most ignorant turds I've ever seen. People like him are what's wrong with the world today. Gone are the days of logic and reason, now everything is based solely on emotions and feel good law making.

  • Jack Y. Post author

    I'm not a gun owner and I love TYT but I have to disagree with Cenk on this one. While 12,000 die from guns, 16-32,000 of Americans die from alcohol-related motor vehicle collisions every year. In 2009, 1,314 children age 14 & younger were killed in traffic crashes, 181 (14%) of which occurred in alcohol-impaired driving crashes so you're more likely to die from a drunk driver than a crazed gunman. Pharmaceuticals kills more than 100,000 & more than 400,000 die from tobacco every year.

  • KingEagleman Post author

    Anyone who is willing to give up freedom for security deserves neither and will lose both.
    -Ben Franklin

  • KingEagleman Post author

    BTW the gun violent crime rate stats are complete garbage because this statistic counts…
    Citizens shooting at criminals(conceal & carry/ Home defense)
    Police shooting at criminals
    Illegally own firearms used by criminals(can't legislate away)

  • watermelonygoodness Post author

    I think you missed or misunderstood the comment I was responding to.

  • watermelonygoodness Post author

    So you think it's inherently hypocritical to support gun control and legal abortion?

  • MASSdestrctn Post author

    Anyone who is willing to give up a little bit of freedom for a little bit of security will deserve neither and lose both -Benjamin Franklin

  • YouTube User #00403815 Post author

    What part of well-regulated militia do you not get?
    The USA only counts 4 crimes as being "violent crimes", and still has higher rates of violent crime. The FBI statistics prove this. Stop watching Alex Jones, Fox, whatever it may be, and think for yourself.

  • YouTube User #00403815 Post author

    Australia, 1996 – Mass shooting, 35 people were killed and 23 wounded.
    In the 18 years before this – 13 mass shootings, 8850 firearm suicides.
    12 days later – Massive gun restrictions introduced.
    Since these restrictions – 0 Mass shootings, 1726 firearm suicides.
    These are facts.

  • YouTube User #00403815 Post author

    Do you think that if it were legal people would take less cocaine? Moron.

  • YouTube User #00403815 Post author

    That's just a statement., not a logical proof.
    Interestingly, 3/4 of the mass shootings in America involved firearms that were acquired legally.
    Moreover, you forget that a person can go from a law abiding citizen to a criminal via the use of a firearm, be it legal or not (in America, the vast majority of firearms are acquired legally). That you think life is as simple as "good guys" and "bad guys" proves you are not old/mature/informed enough to be involved in this discussion.

  • Smith Js Post author

    right on! obama is afriad to do anything. poor americans.

  • Robert Clayton Post author

    This guy is ignorant

  • marbaramerika Post author

    Just using a single incident to demonize all gunowners and the 2nd amendment as a based argument for GUN CONTROL!

    Google: Gun-ban Chicago: Nearly 15,000 murders since 1990
    Google: Chicago Public School Students Shot This School Year Highest Since 2008
    Google: 25 Years Murder Free in Gun Town USA
    Google: As Gun Sales soar, Crime Plummets; but Americans still think its up

    2nd amendment win in the end, bitches!

    USA! USA! USA!

  • MARI JUANA Post author

    This is why I unsubbed this page. The fear mongering is retarderd. Have you even taken a firearms course? If the answer is no for any of you, than shut the fuck up and stop being ignorant until you have experienced safe gun owners in your presence. Bias media everywhere you go nowadays. It's sad. The facts don't matter anymore.

  • MARI JUANA Post author

    If you are for your bill of rights stop listening to people who want to convince you, with little to no evidence (usually bias evidence), that you don't need them or it's for your safety, than stop listening to stupid media. Our rights are for our protection! Please please do the research! Look up a well respected firearms school and see what firearms are suppose to be used, for protection. Please just YouTube that shit. Gun safety training course. Or self defense firearms training.

  • William Winn Post author

    its not the guns its not the guns its not the guns. lets get rid of booze or cars or swimming pools they kill far many more people then guns. dont say if getting rid of guns will save one life its worth it because what about all the lives guns save thats not worth it right?. stop with the bullshit i like you guys but its not the guns a fucking piece of shit killed those kids

  • Nate Fellows Post author

    You just can't help yourself, can you?

    I've never heard such a ration of bullshit.

  • suburbenyobbo Post author

    The young turks are notorious for misusing data, tighter gun laws don't increase violent assault, nor do they increase murder.

  • Necuno Post author

    Cenk.. He is trying to convince the gun nuts that some things are more important than their precious second amendment. That is his strategy, saying that he is not doing anything is retarded when you are literally watching him do something!

  • Philp Yung Post author

    That guy at 1:15 is fake crying.  Do you see any tears?  Are his eyes red?

    How can people not see it?

    Nothing but fake crying from every parent.  It's so obviously acting.  I have no idea what was really going on,  but the crying is all fake.  Look at the video.

  • chris Corona Post author

    Gun control is what hitler did americans stand up against dum pepole like the young turks who are anti American values like all liberals

  • chris Corona Post author

    What this nation needs is Jesus Christ

  • ben nields Post author

    I understand that these guys are trying to prevent events such as this from happening again, which I respect them for. but I hate to break it to you, it's not as easy as passing another law….

  • Adam O'Nan Post author

    Fuck the young turks! Seriously you guys are so full of shit…its embarrassing…

  • yellz009 Post author

    The Young Turds

  • mdo686 Post author

    god called them home Obama?So this sick fuck was doing the lords work? WTF kind of bullshit is that? Not very often a sentence can offend atheists and the religious alike.  

  • Illinois Police Watch Post author

    You all are just silly.

  • David Thomas Post author

    I wont be disarmed fuck the government

  • Declan Asher Post author

    young turks=marxist agenda

  • Colin Pitts Post author

    Huh? Don't you guys have another video titles "obama isn't going to take your guns" sort of playing both sides of the field aren't we? Not gonna take them then you have this video asking why he isn't taking them?

  • festdir Post author

    We had an election, Cenk.
    How did your 'solution' of taking rights away from innocent Americans work out for you?
    We're not going to allow you to take rights away from us, you ignorant and self-centered fool.

  • festdir Post author

    Expanding rights is a bad thing?!?
    Can't believe the party got the shit kicked out of it.
    Real head scratcher there.

  • 18661873 Post author

    I wish Porky would just cut the nonsense and admit that he wants to repeal the 2nd amendment.

  • Tej S Post author

    I live in Norway you are not allowed to own firearms and we have almost no gun related deaths. Funny how that works out

  • Charles Marshall Post author

    Shitcago has experienced 6200 shootings and 1700 murders since 2012. The young turds and the turd in the white house do not live in the real world. Taking and controlling guns obviously DOES NOT work. The second amendment will not be repealed for good reason. Bloviate on Stink Uturd….nothing ever comes out of your mouth but bullshit!

  • agentsmith123123 Post author

    fuckin young Turks are a bunch of idiots!! they want to take guns they can get the hell out of this country and any one else that wants no guns! just get the hell out!!!!

  • Larry Mattera Post author

    Cenk, I remember hundreds of people killed with fertilizer and diesel fuel should we ban those as well?

  • Larry Mattera Post author

    Cenk, please give us your plan for the logical fallacy of gun control.

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