Nightcore ↬ on accident [NV]

Nightcore ↬ on accident [NV]

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one time you cross my mind and I promise I’ll be careful how to and start thinking with my heart so I chase you in dark then twice in my hands are tied and you turn to around the table now you sit back so that’s what my eyes go black oh I’ve known to be faithful even when it gets faded because I don’t know myself without you in the moment a minutes I stroll in the comfort in the madness is my one way through [Music] [Music] what accident [Music] [Music] I yeah [Music] [Music] accident [Music] me and my dog is night you gave me light now we speak to my big thighs even in the pills at the dock describe God came down and he asked me to shoot I don’t think I say I’m in love with you I just like the company and how you fuck with me some things we can’t undo it my pleasure to set up the seal in Russian my body throw in a car I don’t know what else you see my swollen leave me the show sake girl every planets my only baby run accident [Music] we [Music] [Music] accident

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