News Now Stream 08/06/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 08/06/19 (FNN)

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Theye takennd Hey it’ kia nice comg io wkas today kiddie sk areight nberOne wiey vation. I s a ttleffn ncerd Celes was haning the wehert mber.ecau orinally ink wre goi int the waa o oh ni and tn they we to a one even. And she said I’m on moving it up to one thirty. He is coming. And then by the time it’s all over and done with we- find out we have a one fifteen. So if your body was telling yesterday’s is too darn hot. Now youot the count for me yes yes I DO might pay sure along side or on whom to get you started here on this. Tuesday and- like so many times unfortunately aft. A mass shooting or en a ubleass rit thait jt seems like it. That’she nural sure. Right well it’s intesting because the’shis case o of Oo n.e vern Mike Dene who is Republican. Wen t theigil In Dayton. Ttry to u know represent the state. Ando. Console peoehere And he s m b angry people in the crowdho kthoutg at h oro sothing. Do mething somhinge actlly will catoln Columbus.nlybout three ursr so ago is cled hear.nybodyn the Republic side talking aou Going back to the assault weapons ban which was in place in the lifted it. Then several years beco me prineny use ieo th coury irecent yea peop he ideople keee lling mto do methg oka so here yr rerts ts is pitico with thiseport sing thaeep in mind everyingappens in th prm. O thewenty twenty eltionsre in election seasonighe rerts a tt thereside serisly looki at ecutive action s thin that Cgress i n gog to rlly do athing i ct they’ll jt be rthe d furth apa on ery thingse get ce enty tnty. Eleion but iseport sayshat th Genel bill Barare relved. To take ministtion iexploring maken impansteadfly thingsnd just y eaier cing t of itd. yesterday we heard from the president. A y knohe he certnly e supremacy movent he talked out the-ind do y DO games uer t mosextre or owroomsf vience A things with thpush back h gotas t g n violenow. T NRA would certainly find him the reason oft politically. Speaking who does the president need to be more. Afraid is not a good word I don’t think Donald trump’s afraid of anytng. Traders on the other side of theorld or anything else. Not so much make m afraid but do but o does he think about the concerned abt. Wld ibe the national rifle assiation which has lot ofa d carries great weight. To an- although there been some finaial questions inecent right at the top of the organization. For does he need to be. More concerned about. There are a lot of people might think his base is going to stick with them no matter what sixteen election he could shoot somebody on the street in Manhattan is people when we ah yeah and no matter through od timesr ba as people and left in his core suprtersre much about the NRA for doese the pnty of GOPtratiston i toay ts ithe way he’s got to go you wt toin reelection on indepennce. And suburban wom who have not yet made up their mind as to who they’re going to be voting for and whose ve rllyould Swing the election yeah opinio that was aig you know. The suburbs of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Right and so you have many many counties there yoknow and that. In in Philly for example in in Pittsburgh too you just look at the map. me after time thheart of the city ves blue. And th out ins ght w right yeah in Oh and then the quiteennlvan fon freqntly the battles th polical . In those suburbso. Itl be tereinghis is potica repoing andn e onhe Wte Houseo se if anythg acally comes o becae if youememr afr Vega aer te they didn’t get rid of mb stks yesighthe ministraonitho tt executiv orderf anything gd co. Out o ts ght thawoulbe aeast you know some kin Of hope for pee teresting tng iyou’ goin to heare thkt wa probably pretty yeah to get a well known par he theemar of thhehim youl mites.ayinwe auallw shou getack t get really when Congress has an approval rating of. 30righ it in e te thewentver s trtyYou knoitoy and whatloseo aonth vacaonll pple arn i o you know we’llust wll s whe igoes from herbut you’ heasoe rerks from bothhuck Schur. A he t astry to make it lookike wast.urelolitical by getting a welKnow Republicano joe cas foCongss tget. Rit so ‘ll ke an ey on at endlayed t littl tater. They we also iting erybod actuay th White usee arwaiting f predent tru hedu.or tomrow plaing too to Paso dng pays spectshere tthe- faln victim as h membs. And talng tthe cal officia as welso and thene alswant tknow.e itingt day going to Ohrould tt be a ltll h roun the is lot o pple likes. En in el so i Dayton. That areayingait e present ouldome he anwhen y think abo it. Whshould he ould. Ce there surefh e I’mike. Wt a mite why ise not ming our cit ght. So I an youe got. You g theo o speut. O o this ry topic andert beer Roue sent t t allyind of red upome o is conrsatn thi was a stwenty urs agso pele who are ithe thesto. Thatre cerinly ccerned abt theirandida hand. u knownd- e thei polital chaes b re’s wt he id. Thi present w helpedo create shouot com to el Paso. We do note e re wel I d’t tnk thas going infn any manr hdoes want there tt is eob of the presideny o we Pas cit setust beforeeople get ups that I’m gonna be eting with them. Tho inhe offe of thpresidtng the Uned t rity athe tima grea morningo. he. Hefully it i not tn the when the day comes to us. So we’ll keep an eye on that see if we can get a schedule mom anytime. In these two hours here let’s show you a live look right outside. Of the White House everyone this is protesters they’re they’re saying they have signs there that says box and prayers plus action though. So this is obviously coming from after the massacres there but they want some. Gun legislation. Borders is happening mine right side of the White House. Yeah so they have no heat and they’re voicing their opinions right now yeah we did see some of just kind of a small group of protesters there you know the thing about it is that almost any day of the year you can go to other plaza I actually remember a time I can this seems pretty incredible in this day and age. When there are so many concerns about terrorism it cetera you used to be able to drive right down. To ten of the way. And so when that’s the way it was I know when I when we made our first family trip there was twelve years old. Nineteen sixty nine at the story yeah it was July of nineteen sixty nine fifty years ago to the day. That man landed on the moon. Because I remember s hoend watching. Man land on the moon and then president Nixon from the White House. Make a phone call. The astronau. ain has a long distance call yeah was but anyway it was really only in the last probably generation or so when they finally said we’ve got a we can be more secure. Why doesn’t think about the things that happen Mike one guy just walked up to the fence and jumped over and ran right across the lawn and got inside. The White House that was just a few years yeah that’s. at it was thanksgiving time with the Obama. So I was back there on bay Katie to. About two years ago and I noticed my there was a. Hi guys standing at attention behind the- he was it was almost like a blocked off with a with a small fence area in front of them and I thought to myself. That’s the guy. Who I have no idea what was behind the curtain right yeah but I got a feeling it was probably heavy duty. So that’s the guy you know whoever holds that position to make sure that that willeverappen. Sebody jump over the fence but yeah Ie’ know you also can I drive down sixteen hundred Pennsylvania enue so it’s not actually eate more about plaza there are times we just can’t has kind of a fun field people are or will be o the ateboard. Yeah I know. It cetera but iis it’s a little more secureow movie and at’s aood thg our ligiou shoyou rig now. Thstock mket rit nowow wi thipoin yesteay while ther butow we’ seeing.o Optic right now o o twent ve Miknd I were wching itor youuys in t nsroom is morng’s away he s gettinreadr teeteri and that the were twoime righ the wheret rlly oks likyou wa tgo negave inhat I. D’t know. I meanr th the mket dpped amuch as it did yesterdayeople a veryoncerned ove t ssibily of a curncy war thbottom line ia fifen seco elana lors the. Valuof the currcy say b10% That makes. The y wh flies rigut theindo you lower ur curncy by 10% you cy terrible 10% but iall cos t is evenhat su the only prlem ievery other cotry we got a. Currency war. Can be bad. Double trouble Micha all right there and there’s a top stories there on the day we’re just getting started here for you wgot another o that st pped ubecae whewe everody we’ gonnaake yoe bk he n tto Ciforni whehe FBI time fitive that ey wand locuthn for quel brinit to u hereext on ne now Go out to California n for the Indrange Cntynrence where liceheri’s oice I’m talking aut a st as the dartmenolding this joie want fugite. Per Grery adwick Chaick oNewpor behas been ntedy la forcemt aft faing t pear for aourtearing in Jaary of two tusand fieen a chae f murdeng his wife and th h d f twty five ars les list . Thworld has en toued by thetoru evyone w pickeup the phe proct aessageo sharenformatiw o s ca throuout t years a ‘s becse oyou ter Chwick. now icusty. In adtion to my sff at e Newporbeac. Siere gratide to Georan justetures offe by six Mahall svice o feder the rld whoffereus sos ch aistancduringhis ma at. Thanko vite U mshalavid Sger comup a maka fe commts tnk you.d moing mname is vid Saer Distct of Calornia. I’dtheS mshr like to stty thanng t wporteacholice chief Jn oppounity to sist h to aounceeter Cdwick i cuently ithe cuody. O depament. s the am by Mecan imgratio. Bad on gustourth o thound ninete near eo adwick was subquentl deport fromt fihwenty neteeny Mexica immigraos fiftnSarshal servinty rsonne fm the cific uthwes regiol fugite deteivesrom Newpo beach poce deptment he bee ligent follong un leadsegardi Chs posslehereabts ithe During the coursof theo. enfoement personn on a th of fli. indicarshat heas heade to Cana bus the Seattleashingn arero And lirature aboutiving closto hisamily. Evenally informionas devopedhe Chadwi wasr Pueb Mexic. Th vestigion ts instigate infortion w Mexicoederaloliceho of timateocated and dain Chwick at communy nea Pueb Mexicthat is assoated wh expaiates. thtimef hisrresthadas und toe in psessiof docunts. is high proleerous fsen ptures directly aributed t e high levelf team wor servehe Newrt beaarall Mexin federal licee Chadwick iicated hfelt the innse mediaressur whiche believes in twey eighen. When wty place Char fieen moantede would law eorcementartner weh our have accomplished thi andt shoula gitiven the n. Thk you I no le ce Coty disict atrney Td Spenceto m. y a t waed list and want ngratute Marall sing. And hientif Les and s team want ank. e Mexin governnt for itcoope amazg pple in thOran Countyistri’ apprehsion. Les not rget love lady marriedor tweyit’s btA one yesh Themercilely wraed herp body in a mpster. is non a bnkr our b al her me aliCan y explae the lecyf t s ho in Neort coas amang CalirniaThenou a a loly aboEntertned such horrib actf warAt the enance tthisome. Thers methin tha pbably ry few pele had ere’s statut. And ere’s togeer in e posef namae. QC wasae ian cture n I’m atay ans t lightneonors thathe ted tcreate aa digny. Anhat everybyhouse a homd crsed t thresldf tt homeould be h t withignitynd resct aall. Heook r fr paradeThis st amazi placen Oran CounAndftern d her bodyn th dumpster. osecutsWe wildo everytng in r pot juice. And aseff Les said We are so bssed to ve an. serve. And e fullhal cooperatiof the xican vernmeMay s rest ace anday your fily kw at we will verythg in th power of therimina for is amang womAll shustic syse respt the ght in oths. Thank youg a fequestion. Shhated at. You ins th was er donby local hioryection areou was thated. To y takin at stethat ierfacehat. m confident of it there be since I awaref oth jurisdicone sothingometng silarut I’ ctain the fstrange Countyirstn I’mware. Natiolly as ll so wh tht s a at’s wt we nded bualso. If youepe foreont of ople’s mdst was way tgenera intert in io io spark conrsatio d again generat tse tho leads b f th weutressure o on Perhich wasomethi tt we wted to d th was t reasowe that we chose l her jusdictions e same and at w what d withte th podca here ts is st a toolhats d ha an apicatioere th’s why we d t r sed on ts scific ce this o was ainnovave oneandkings certaine itft was sethinghat we fe wou be apopriat the turet wod beometng w uld.ertaly conder usg. I ink th ultimelyed to hicaptur was gd old faioned liceork. Ts is what L tthisapture now this ohist of it. And tre’s certaly so indirt. Benits thae goromhe podcast butgain th com down to. The goo d fashn police wor I mae forour Misr sier as the wi te out hilivingff of cess. In Mico t yohave lot omoney inially wasiving ihotels chan pleasgive ua littleand rers t mo on th. I thi whe talkbout thingchange f m Ihink bause- mean a loof thisThere w a lot of media s w anssueshows out s I mea wn the pele fl preure ty have toeep ming they ha t end moy they he to us fferent ID’s. They ke stakes Becau ty’re whenou’re a fugive andou thi sod kn. Or ink evebody is lookg f you you’rlways loingver your ouldernd you’relwa that persoyouhink thas followgoun ‘ the vestigion but when we sa thinghange forim his he kepmovinge thout I wa didn’tee anye but he’on e media orr. Can u descri that. a obouslyasn’t theut I happed becau I don have’t scribt that infmation. Ase said i s a pce nea pope Puea Mexicos we id befetas belie it s in duplex aere eatriI resideials out all e informatn I atteionThe chges againsteI haven the thatas. That Ihink th woulde up to th osecuts the dtric lo at ose divial cas. waitg thentire cass you knowt wag a spial ccumstanc cas Anthe psecutoelt that addition cw inapopriat at th tim comptely take a lk s bothasked o with rt s invoedne thi I dant to meion.n a knledgeIs zero fm our t a cizenf theniten iands ngdom. But hwas naralize and as b tradit to yo coury of bih. Butecause were ab pro tthe Mexica govement tha hes turalidn the ited ates. Insad of tuing tm overo ths Stat. n I asyou e Uned estionure. Is ipossib that. Soome s ll be king f no ba hs oking at tnty fi yearso obviouy bilhad beereduceifes prd circstance so ware askg for noait that he was a fght ri coinueso be a flit risk ans prov thahe is a flht ris wre certaly ping t cou will aee wi our aument at it shld be bail. For r firsplace n yojustys plain at. ll we hava systemf jus il. And iyou’ref youe chargi a ca ecial circumsnces its legiaturesou knohis changeaw imas d s ty ha bee tinring ound t edg in e are bailndo it ie t screon of e judg. And crinal hisry and had nev incated a pronsityo Give theact tte post aage i uaw. decid it wa a cculate desion it tued o to ben Amera and thank god we a leo get him bk int certnly tha theourt wl agree mor. u e was Inow wt it was that led them to make that calwe’v talk ae diffent thingbut whbout thugh eir attentio th with thearshalervicenetse. I ntt mang thadetermation i tes. Of howhe rewd i stribud bas on th actu on. The iormati tt we havhat re rig now ts is somethg that’s t t we’rjust n prepad to. Diuss. Thiss all I am at I am hes general. There was ane pern may n thousand dollars because it. As ittands ght n we’reot epar to diuss tt b heres I’m as thprocesl ve thain ves foardChris d Carl ah hi ss. ollowi uon foow up hsaid tre wer ousands of ere’s few men othe aboutThe ge weowany moviesift thugh tse hureds otips whad a we thereere ao this was this wasne e recee a nber of.f leadis th look proming hower this ithe e We the reasingnotheray. for afr te ha bn listing tre o t the Onge Ca talking about that one in murder sucks suspect that has been captured their- cues of hidi out in Mexico since twentyig into a cold case but they were able to get the person that horrle cri mornewsow is upext evyone Ten extra eryone myr welcome back we continue to bring you these top stories here of the day well the big news for. Legislators in Congress they arealki about Gulaws on the books we’re nna go out tNework right now d hear from senator Chuck Schumer. And man in Congress whon representative king there from New York as wellryinto ce with a partisan aeement here national mourning. The horrible loss of life of Americans inl Pa Tex and Dayton e deat tolclim witthe paing ofnoth persoin e Paso. An d at y hr fromhe pt ree da. Whayou seon televion is . . e my kledanyore rninghose w we lost a even tse wy whatapped Isra. ‘rer of soere becau these hatul ts of olence can our cry person n go oineonywhe in AA get aidea u l anywheren Ameca even he. As longo Americsn thewo ds inna lo in ghantan. Tnty senteen d twen eigeen mbinedust thk of tt. And ere e oe o fiftmass sotingso thisd naon sin the binningf the ye. Po d nuer two hdred fty one. that just out ona day.ear Too ny Aricansives he been ltAndy e know we’ h our o ssacre rember wt happen athe tran s th towarcar fosale. d me jt saone mo thing. Yowe e het ver rely head and erics mor tn ever okingehind their sulder toee if methinor somne with gunEl gagingn a ss shoing is the’s fe. AntodaPeterd ki a Rublin. self t Demoats e hereo say. Engh is ough. We a The ll tt passed t hou thateter . To the flo of thSena eight eigha ll com to thflooof the Sete. I lieve will ss. I lieve will ss and. Okay GyMr s ishe bilis H eig. It a pie opape tha could saviece paa lis this ece pap reprentsore. Ts d suchs a cuain da and’ll pa on. Itad bartin supporn thhous a its adercConllould simpl ing is bl tthe flrf lead McCnell dthe rite Seneow. t thingGavett emgenc ssion So we c bipaisan.lrea psed gun leslatio Tt Peter an otrs. Succsfully shephded through e hoe of reesentiveHundrefifty da of sodify sce the hoe pass the bilAndll ‘ve hed uortunaly fro leadercCone n get is don. I’m t thor othe Bry law ck in gott aroun thedea. Thae ere suld b bacround Ameranelieve flndst no shld get gs. Almto Americs belveo judicad menlly i shod t gslmost no erics shou get gs. Thas all but wouldave aawful lot of liv s more line pchaseso more gun sw lphole if yo want tbo wrot the l back in neteen nity four the was onlin theres no lpholeo someing whereeopleclose gun shos exbited o fashiedns whercrimins and hers c y gunsAnd soe haveo updatehe lawa erica ferThe. % o erics suprt80% ofun very powful lobbyhat fitsupporta againsh n gethis done a nowet me fa on seone w showe eat crageIs phinghis gislionThroh thhous and is a colleagu In aski o join to wheres a collgue in jon aski leader Connell ing to the flooof t They wouldayhow more the. Thank. mber. Fiveotter lutione agree wo togeer for the cntrynd i know for t ces out theacthouldou is tt Gege sai was regirati. es y l s of pple spawill u. Domeic vlencust gun. thers mso muc iyou and can see ie numbf yes bere fally got thughnds y nothg to dwith t bil. Have pple o s th allowg peoe tbuy. Drs thonlyeoplaffect l ofeopleFourut o the dica as. A smlarty we dot knowe do kw will se lives I t whore the mostangero. Weapono wet d isess what cane donen ordero beet gene thi done ght now s that’shys esntia the satorcConne afr suort.ou havto getallothis s behi itTo aotend I ink at ianythi goo c meo thhardrive hribl thate gehis legiatiotragies. Ots paed. Ay bief is th pele sayhat s in dateer Is pasdt al about thiis comn sens That’shn y appriatehark as-art th aga comn see peoethis Forhe w workgogethes s leer. Thas all Inderand ballouse I undstand le that.oueal% litt cryin becse what they thrigh this let it me t vote ohe cenr for. Let thchips fall ere th may prevl and th leglatill ll pas. Wel ta questns. me sort . Infoationhe first job f want there diminh theIon’t imrtancehey he thi at suprt tgo over th now a just few o the peop feel to th and iis worryi abouthe lbyists an aually I don know.owbe to sayf e ju gon the rits.e sure to horble. Thisear. Iet it me to y. te thas all ‘re asng for. Ansecoe Reblicanin t Sene. We you kn theo d w give what’ hpenen Amera or the lt e mberf tredie thahave ocrred lder Connelknows very wl . enou thibill has aong bipartan conse perts the gup’s eryon old belvest nowe discuhis foyearss bil lo of otr thgs thacoulnd t gott. be de. iso have a comme on at. Lo u kn you’dave to thdea a rlag lawskay butt th it’not oughHealthdoesn’ subig Yoknowhatome tether at. gislion cong tether ght noAnd I ink be would tisage n f l o I ne to go ttryo prest shld be ld.o a ye tchkoubl comet vote othe Say spific objecon peopl o let’ get this don notust. ort to diussing disssion peopf issueith sevty the oor an I thi. Theiffert geto esidt wld y sayn th rather go tohe Sene. Mcnnell inot puing it on the oor th’s whas holdin back at’s it. Thk you evybody thks a lot. Fos say rht e cong upt the to of the conferce fm tBInd thes Gilroyolice deparent givg us an update and to prove n updan the Gily. Garli feival soting ere th ppened more an a wk ago more news now next for e resf thweek intg to ally t theeekend and even into next weea avere of oneh fivee willn take tte five one fifte it is huge diffy mentally but physically as well might base here welcome back to news now awe ctinue to bring you these top stories here of the day let’so out to yton Ohi For the mayor I’m just wrapping up not too long ago talking to the media about president trump’s upcoming. Visit there. What’s going on yeah right here on news now. But I haven’t gotten into the ceainl some of them in a lot and I’ve been ally clesking about thit poly aedge to think that we havet f gislation. Tt’s ing do theoad. We nd totartveversinm rkin andovintowardthat rectn anI thk ofysel Acon you know bothim coressnurner cing rtme lo a rea. An outpouring andy ses had anffect on tm. This incident. Politically motivated. A thethe ump minghat ah. Iean I instigion day . thin you d I lp e st inheirowero be a rce to brinpeople tethe d evybod h it in the pridenof t United. I’m ino ba fg weons’ve alws be in favor of thatven borehis I think that. You know this gun is a problematicIssue for you know the issue is if you dn’t have aun like at we wouldn’t see so muchastnd haenedn thiy secondhat it ourre a e taug when hcalled me Suny evening. May or do you believe. mis. At l. Rate Ian oy hope Tts e ited Steshat hsomin re.ecauseou wanto ad vae tour mmuny.nd he recoizes Tta l can reaed o for meeting with yoY they have and is that ing happ f whs going be ing wha I do n havd inrmation m occur aer h normemarp yeerda Whawas e first thing I want for your money. me over a sorry Remarks yesterday. Yes you know wn shoongs e al we drest the the peop ofd with h remks I meaI thk ey fl all rlly Shor ti. I tnk younow tchintned likge e prentver e past f yearonhe iuen beevesighthinghen I mediely reaction is likeAnd s. peoplerom the cst never understak all Ohio cities are the same th we ve allhe time d- pa attention to rstine from commitie we’ll bbett off e gernor rlynterntioSeems like it was very happy couple here. Definitely you know the governors trying to make steps that are affected here hs beenerm la nig about this whad a heaid ok Ion’tnow now these thingsouldave anged yton But I thinkate happing h chaeds movg on some of the things I should ar mohs he said that to me so it doesn’t liksomeing tha You know he he got together pressut I thi he’been rkinon this we have all these teacrs iown rht now and so early intervention seems like it’s verappy morning. Right with the Dayton public schl colicaon a right as we go cko scol an you kw hanghose setsssetnd l’s ao be ise tt we’r talng aut Cacity i ts ithis steto ireas m. has beenn ise sce the hang jushat donI don’tkno think it has t pere as much to do sor to do withhe gun issue it do have a little b but l health access orall we see th have surved is. upln know wneed t cess. enoug GiRoy and shoing a o the festiv ove a wk ago ‘re goa have a four year in full right here on news now everybody thanks s much for joining us here on this very busy Tuesday we do appreciate whe we do wait for that a news confenceo bennce againo anothe one that wrappedp a ltle t elier ta tking. About gunToomey legiatio aere mass shootings that we’ve seen selrea thr now in theve last week and a half en you ink abt Groy. The e Paso and thes now. The Maacres forust t lates terrle vionce tt we he seen.ime . mmittey monsous iminal Thesere the are just hreno the is the aaw tha we ca theyl ner be anoeruch ss shoing. Hever the e this that can do to ma our communities ser tha ey a todAnd it’s st time f Congra want to focus what I tnk of a ro pass biptisanegislation th will ke a dferenc. I’m eping guns out of theid is . has of opleho hav n siness hing gu in th first placet criminals tangerous mental ill. I was courag by th pridens commes yesrday. On social media the presint saidd Decratsust qte com gethernd get stron background ccks. Psents rit about thAt the pss coerence t presint cal for d flak nse. so sai hi ampen a reyo list andiscuss all eas and knowhat’srue cause e present clede stery mornge had a length conrsat spe with senator manon who Onur bacrounheckboard th me. gislatio I ske wit Mitch McConnly cotrucveonversion aut ssible phs forrd ts morng spokeiy the Senateudiciary Comttee is ithe cmittee tha has legiation at wou. Passn any ofhew discte ste that we c take de shouakend we shld mov ahead on o is th d fla ls tt I jus luded soSoany times ter onef thes horric ss klings we scovered morning ses hide the head the se ba pts on soal media the’deen staments the’s plentyf e s alietedas dturbed and w tertaing verviolen oughts. So tt’s hapned bu we ve no ocess to anythi autirearms tha thaterson mig be in poessionf oright be innding to quire.o wha thred fg laws wld dand wh I thi senor Gmm tends tdo is encouge stateso pad t the idence abo thesent indivial thats exhibiting these s andrevent that person fro ying firearms at’s t idea bend a rlag l thereas be d process to ke sur at thiisn’timply u as a iteful tletween people o have a bee with each appropatelyt cld be ve veryelpful a’m gngo hopehat will makrogres oeith sed this secdill that nator aham and I dcussednd tha hisommitt wil te up ande ths legistion that I’ve introduc wh senar Chri stat of Delare Cis Cnsorins ayei ofte known athe li try.nd I ints Leslation ts is rlly ju out enforciur existg illel for someone with a a let I serious fony conviion f as danrously menlly illed it’s iego acro America peoe whoeet d attempt tpurcha fearmse ls th go io licens firea dealer thee apicatiohey l on th prio cvictiond the when thisersonoes ha a prifact nvicti and idisqualied. e peon who. Hi fkse a news conrence looks le Gilderoy y B I. asoon as thategins we wi bringhat toouere let’s e I think it iews andow le starng so tt k t press. Respeful andill. Plea dirtor questn to the paicular indidua you wan speo. An a kind ogo fromhereithg erybod shoed start yelling question up. That would probably be besteminde to fid disionSo wh thatntn I’ll iroducm c g n flr seone deputy district attorney with the Santa Clara counistrt aornes offi. Theistrics ofce isaking the lea in hang t famil aistanc ceer avaable for all victims of your garden festival shooting. We areorking with our partners wi the feral the I. ctim servis dision Santa Craounty behavial health serces also the Sta Claraountyand ha servis ailable forll the vtimw you e on scene for wheth you d ao e mental hlth svices ailableor youe hav a ctim advoces thacan hp you throut time Walso haveictim adcate that would be helpful. Wld hel outendors thaterhapsren aituati ere they have lt wages W ve held foyou anwe’re going be op. Today esday. Throughridayrom elevenM. . Wee gonnae here in ory ba to Whler cmunity center in t . Victim who als Ltehin peonal prorty.icti w ftehind oth vehicshey n come re to e- fily sistance cenr. To be united wh the psonal prerty and alswithheir al vtims. I this time wn they ndi to ctinue to beere a long as that’ neede Soor again to rech FridayEleven AM to seven P ank yo . Okay scan sta Smh. Good morning everybodyh o t ‘mettingore iormati isomin for on is cas atere aeo relee h yo know ant tbe as infoation butf coursis ant acve invtigati cel ve to careful wt I rease an what I relse it. t have quite qui a b detas thaI can lease tre u tayne of e questis Sourss howany rous wee’veotten . firedAnd wo fire appromately trty ni unds ding thcoursef this ent. Anc ficers theshree ofcers tt fir in beeen totaof eigeen rodsHi a the suect we multle times hi Io not yet have m th corer’s oice oexactl whe thosroundsit himr actly w ma rndsnlyo say that.e we mes athis pot. Th oer thing tt ws s. Wheer or t any the- peoplehah fire b polic officsround. ‘ve we’ve bn able t peop that died ithis cide mor or strucky iend fire ey were l killedBy thet suecthethere wasrny resiant ve. Hindhat ist nfirmehate wasearing a bullet ret the ti of the incidentSome of th. u kn how ppared ys he- kn now tthe had seven ve arod therum mazine at wld f intthiseapo an- hiWe recerhat it h seventonet d e weaponet twoorty round magazis te u gazinehat they deribede as beingm you e oth d that ere is vehie. B wchs beenhe coirmed iwas a Remingt eight sevt e l of ieres wre is e bag and ll I’lgo ahe and gee you th i. d fothe rit poli had tt were ithe . f so sort the bA flashlht and shoo maganes fothat. thend for loe bh uld he been forhe sho nnd thawas the on ntentshat wo in the ba. Sohat’s a thas m dition detaid infoatio that Ias going to give today. rry m gonn turnt over t e FBI bause I thinkhey’ve abou The stus of their investigation or what’s going on how to park. Thank you. Good n Bennt on e specl agenin arge oFBI San Francio before I pI want to sasomethg to t miliesf Stev. Kayla an evor know thing we n your le ones but Ianto enfoement is dog from rnow tt ew though of l the ctims and their famies everhing is beg de win u in our minds Ware ve evidceesponsteam has colude ourollectn at Christs hile now rned t park ck ove the cit. I apeciatehe public pae procs thscene carelly crimscene s expenseWe brough isiF source froaroundhe countr but tos thoughlys quicy as wcan. Thvictimpecialtontinu to work with localartners suppo. A of yowho ha been dectls assiance cter a I wanto thank them all for their tilessfforts. Ou llecti a riew ofhe digital dia is ongogWe areontinug to acss daton seval deves. We hav nl t e motes of thehooter hover weave unvered of onvestition that e shoote wast fracred idlogy. The shoer appearo haven intest in explthese ditaledia to anyoe m have been ine’retrivin l ntact th regding tse knowdge ofis inttions.eoloesWhon Anwhy h cmittedhis specific af violce muc of ourorkg necearily conitute a mote nce thneed f thoroh methodal inve Two ars havencover a ltt. organationsnhe bjects dital med that y have bn f vience. The orgazation Policalrganizions fro. And you we a gaices. thre appea to ha beentival. Evee migated bthe suects dth th FBI has aesponsility t tifyndividls and We’rin therocessfnce. notifyg thosgre willot. B relsing f confirnghe nam of an ecific orgizatio at this time our privacy antheir fety. e to the discoryf the tart list ase e in ts investition.he FBI s oped a flomesti rrorism vestigion in is masshootiI undersnd. That seve al havquesti as twhy we sooner. An want to ovide so additnal inrmatioon how thisrt e scal a hrifyins it m real. Give us t laler auorityo open feder rrorisinvestigatns. A reques t exience of aease Requires thenlawful u of rce oviolencer the thrt of for os ideologil motition. Hang a beli n having belief syste and ao mmittingn act oviolence does nota teor is an act oferrorism motis. W heo deteine at indidualsdeolog cal th to mmit the act of violen in fuherancof their policl goals. We’re stilworkinto determinthe move forhis cre. Hower dueo the far the F haspened isformion whs full destis investation. It’s crically imrtantor us to ma sure the is nongointhreato any counits investigativ activies ate th time. I is ablutely portanthat we this e right way.o thank the public for your patience as we continue to conduct this investigation caingn aroprtely uert of a legal autrities Tnk you toll therganizions tt have stepps community has a grieving continueand the healin ocess w begi. ur stron notust teacr its wh you e. Th cs bet here f several day w we’vseen fstha.ll depaments.nd I wt to lice won’t takeome question I certnly frofront rough where yocreatis. Were rgetincan be lite bi re spefic anhow. Waa st the. Taet lis f what itould bfeasib yeah the the thrgh the dital mia examinioe fi what believe are hard taets ofnteres of th divial a as I sd they’rreligis te gornme farm ty are potical pties a bot both sidef the useohere i Intest andargets there w nothin o ll oneide or t other. s there kee a specic couhouse spefic churchhine yesa’am wheth any individual’s name and the no no specic nam we’llee white natiolist. Ideoly outituati are you seeing have you covered any lingering can you officlly ru out a nk beten the incident tha occurred over the weekend. Our own I’m not prepared to talk about thoseOther es hom . I juston’t he that inrmatio. All theseou mentions m pa. Were we’retill explorghose aw a terminionCan I le it turing e invtigati wawe givyou anyther tn e oth any sport from anne. The joysticks or encouragent. N. Have y been talk. i e fami. Are u willing ye the Itagramccount. Ev ableo rule that out d we arett e investation is an ooing instigation so I can’t spe to tht o le behin. Theris no manisto. And wi the spifics othe rgets that you ntione botpolitil paies ha on terms of relions the wasn’tnee n’t have at informaon from mighte we religus affiliad. Groups t las o thenstituons are they all based here in the Saint Clair state.heir natn wide.wos of Timeline for you when you therany. righso we’ce. Is been lisninge therin Cifora fm t FBIalking aboo e s now isoming up nex Inere ereheree explosion tingo ge y the test detls hert’still unknown ate e beuset is a talf gonna right there a you cld see atRigh now thaladd truc jus putt e s t does not look good especially if there w somebody inside you ce neighborsetti dames ll frothisouse explosion. Which was bullet are red. get aore updes o you here on newsow but justllrio wanted tbring that to your attention. As you just.ever ow what could happe from acro thw . All right hereky fax aials showin. That bad hse plosn the. Alright folks ne nowlway bring y.n Thestop stoee ing to g out rig nowo Ohio wherea little bit earlier speaking. About the-rage that th to you re. od mning’s bring evyone. Onunday rning. For sbandam lieutant Maran Ioin. ckey t Daytopolice dertment. Tohe Oren place. e morng that I wil. e shk ner forg. Thcrime sce sayi was aendor’cart In beenhot do. Nineeople. had One out ol sherry ening ely Suny morngNine peoe who d not comeomei milieshey le their frnds grving. lawsuiis really. po comphend. That nht Suny ghtor and went baco was a betiful pceful le.ron disn The gring pi shome ne. His iend Ilimbedp to the platform a we look out o. was azing. Thnumberf peopleho ws . A stamentTo the resiency ofata. In thereat Mmi valley. Soe gry i facI’m sure evybody was ary becau I tell y f. When we e angr. ey shod ange. Foune possie to mee Manumt nse out what sensess Somehannonad to mething. Anthey we someing. And that exactly righo at we e gointo doToday I’announng. The llowin initiaves thfollowin prectionrders. We have t emwereopleo getelp for mily or lovednes w maye a dang tr dang to otrs. ople wh mentalealtg cohol drug oblemsThe olent ndenci and he access fearmd mbination. Poce and sherf’s deties ao need be ae to acvate t criminalusticn t siation. When thefind meon who in daer whos a dang to h a danger to othersAnd s accessoy e leslatur tpass law t low urts to sue saty prottion ore e detas are imrtant. Thes evidce. Wod allo theand moval ofirear fro potentlly dgers ne. Get th whater helpem the cod be sject to safety prottion oer yesThey prent aimmine risk for ampleFor th prese th risk anoth perso Becae of dg Chronic coholi. Othe rious nditio. He gonna balanc ainst tdst. Be indivial’s rht toa ar armand th’re du allo thetate b whilehe file for A heing unr my propol. Th ly wilbe up the Genal Assemb. ar thredays of ling. Or sner. Th indidual uld ha all the tritis righ. Theempora ord coulbe graed a tempory der cou be gnted. It’s agehows whereroblem causehe pern is aanger tohemsels or others. d has acss e teoraryrdersranted it laun forcedIf graedto earrinwould e sendere withi frteen dao deteine in extend safetproten thisearingAll the meIn traditnal ds wod applIf the crt would convcing evidee thathe persons ao exteed ord woulde issu der anxtendesafety prectionrder awe envion. heal assessmt. Th ntal dividual wld beuote f quired to dergo y commend treaent. The invidualor him is in purchasing opossessing tempary order wou contiee to be t. Incleaw enfcementn lie law eorcement fearms indidual cld could hello re on eir belf to derally liceed firrm dealer. Exnd la for aeriod of x mont d coulbe extded wi individual can applyo the mont for retn of h rearOnly t vsion uld pvey cleand convinng evince y re nlong dangeto themsees or hers ring tt. TeInitiay incrsed accs to thehe nuerwo. We cizens of e statof Ohi r the tizensf the ate of Ohiour c hoitalWe hava problein Sent the by a urt. Whlen. uld be nt somepla els leanhe todI’m caingn Biit e Gener Assemy to te actionn thi paentssychiaic caris limitein awt fficul for iividualsnd falies to acss theevel of ca when is need. Over capacias becec hospil predomately us by s whre cou orderhe hospit forestort mpeten to and trlThis week for ee adtsn our ate pshiatri spitalr courorder ere. Many of tn olent fenders. ny are sily in thhospital psuant to courtrder. learnow the urt pe only rson is there. Suly. Togethr undetandin howhe coug To stem wks so ey can certainlcan beone outsidn theseospita. eeing itical betfor pele. Who inact doeed hoitalizion e peop I’m talki about coming ouo ople whoon’teed patit psycatricae doTo accplish ts they Genera Assbo s y e restation ocess m callg on t legislare. Todato do that. Acti numbe three rly inrvention. Schos. ve a serus mentahealth crisismono ildrenn the ate of Oo toy. Its growg wors. ny of r chilen. Ha been netively impacd by trma. four cane livi. can b en vionce on thstreet. Se violee in t homeIt comerom. Horrib povertyn be alot Thresult is thathe suicide ra among o youngeople toy. Brea your hear. ur heart. Ae o cleand wee ahead. But is service agencs to he these earliehat wean interne inhildresa potive difrence early e bettert e incrsing aess. der th dget ain I tnk theentle soone. behavr heah profesonalsrh fteen milln dlars in Medica funde serveso studts sure n matterherei e statof Ohi No matter how rote e wrapound svices ll maka huge he d action em numrive. The iso othekids theest. Thheartf our meal hal an aictionervicewelcom ‘ll beorkingIn a me concentratedffort. We’le workingo incrse knoedge of risk factor thy signs of mentaillnes. Th t aparent noealthy diion seices. Wi also commityased servis at schos. Willuin suorters an strategies mane we sk ovethe chd’s litime Item nber six ckground checks. I’m asking theeneral AsmblySo allhe records backgrnd l f year beten famy membs and ceain . highumber ile cizensrey chrocun vionce inhet of our cits thanyou fobeingts d nef he Hmes Amicans ere. To talk aute date. Wehould t forg. The otr Ohioffices o citizs are brhet h m violence a not srandom acro our ste. We he toviolence.t de witthosindivialsho are inictie w enfoement ficersave of violee in t commutyity bng pertuatedy a indiduals. d a sdy a few yea ahy o violencrim. Weust rgets commitiesFar tooftenwe crimins whoy t posss a g are ung gunin on thease l Thisust sto sign asnghe Genera Ae naltie on vientelonsho contindo h e lel posssion oa firem incrse palties f violey aiolentt felo and oer pple we und the ghat th do not have t leo Weaps wle und aohaving. disabity whi is s called is currtly ahird gree fely pishable by maxim of tn pron. belie. Th is a crimthat f a fir offen. Should be y pushable by twoo eigh ars iprison and f some so of fa shoul be ur threto fivthree o elevrstf grees ar stunt. em numbe ne commting a fely. Gery’ssseson oe feloes with a firearm. t committi a felony curnt l lows for aitionapenalt one yrne pern posse firearm whileommittin a feny. Thishould be increased to a mantory Find tenFox ne alertFolksears. t’s fire outo el Po Texasight nte from a svivor of th Satuay we are leaing littleit moa this hpitalndoone coul . Hearg fromurvivolet’s lien in. Afte warm is an active f e wi the army.nd an oropedicurgeont the stion at Wliam Bumont army Medical Cente So initially joine bdoctor Steven Fl dictor here del s.e are so incre y contues to stve forhe victim Of g hool and a the oer ganizaons andntitie that ha partipated ihere tt withonatio to tho theous falies tthe stf to so igeneraelzell has a real unie and speci rtnersp. Witthe Willi aumontrmy Mecal Cenr docts a medic ridents to parcipate in he tt readess. Tbe able toreatntains r eat cualtie durin rtime. OSaturd. The tive dy milita surges from t. e v arch ridence. rt of the to t. Li to asdoctor wars as aga waiting on a ticketo come downDoctorr toe able topeak about se t injueshat he ss s gonnbe perrming ter th ternoo. So oas you gs will seehen I uld tal to e come down aew highelocit gunshotound tsustaidy s foot And ts w nsiste with me ofhe unfounatel o Saturyother iuriesw mornin On Sug taviotabili Tpkins ntrol ortpedicsas he h on rht now whas calledn ext. ter on today we will art age two ohis vy lon willecei aevice ch a unique device that allows uto may tremendous. Amounts of. Bone injury and tt’s. nditio h s a trendousmount of ne miing fr his madeor it. ell as trendous mage t will begin the lgimba we salve pross for Octavio. To gi him the best poible futional outcome lg term. A when he arves re to elike imagehe emeency roomasrau centen a beehiv a rning th manpatien are ridi. e injuries that had them very unstab. Heo they we in ne. reateng immediate surgerutome of thpatients were mo founate andid not he le for imdie one theseatient. He was is aced ian aref the the wh thmore ate fro knowmmedtely by our cei buttillu teams then merc rm physians.e we rmerly aays to ma sure. injury to hifoot.ut we ge be othernjurie somhingd at’s less visiblend patien le the extrely dtracte by t very natur n o ma surehat the rean somethg morey . Wehouldn’t hpens. An. d ce we’ satised that the conditns furtr care whhe imang and the recnitionhat we needo gog roecause ts needs to be infection tremovenyoreign materie gott a bitnto t woundn any tise . Suive ancalls r. The inryRight. Tranerred on gng here d we start the volvemt of o servi. Medicacentert ve. Outandin physica theristsnd occupatnal therapistsEarly help wi their mt of t mobily can’t be reized unt doctor work. me teEverody at w invoed ihis ca. d m youhis rnin. Ifou re tell us and tell us how you’ feeng. This is. And I well. And whichs. He h the chance to kill mIs with me an. The whwho gis me. The deers whwaited fore. All thdetailbut- ne. For whichJewelr. Threto fou I jushope the. Rely getting bettemostlyn the se e country whose. He kws and e ones w were afcted b Okay somete mosy is ming a mple. Drline splicit d at t lastneIt’s t icken. if you n tells the mont e Everhing we ve beemaking inhe. I watryingo make ll back our list ghly. He shod y e m faceo face wh I took ick. Glce theonly syeah assein t lovyUse the tie fothisan. Bcool Wh. at toohio wasI tellhem tohere Ias is thawht e ishe harst. The uttle athe mting. It a total o x. Okayo se. e fort eit stat. The atoons the prent ve the rst within. Who is Ruell okay buthereside . Plning ovisiting hello whatre youthoughAnd for. Buhe asked wt. Th is t’s ev on paent ca ease. Whatas the sne lik ter wo and hrts gout What did y see lk like afr youWhat is is little blood the twey. ayLet’s ke it on. Mostf the ople who wa t is. d we’vbeen lteningo this soto horrib massae that ppened onaturdand ts is vy hard f. Oioue e his fifteeyear oThat i A lly. Mile fothem f cadesThe won cou also ne to lo at thKenned ith buthis dsn’t. ay Thesare wi me re tay.e’ve t one. This is myd . wh. Cong cse we inves you to continue to watch with thatas t last questione he wl have to ve morands facity her iel Poexasrocures dos that’s going to do it for us be a ver movgay a aews now is lots oo talk. updates hd on or to f in Phnix dom t strm wil continue wel thway unl ten o’cck trum will be leavi the Wte use inoing to el Po Texas ll have full covageor your rht hn extra tnks mucor joininus here o ero fan Phnix om for mo. Newsow covage

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