NEW STORY – The Lawyer (English!) – Identity V

NEW STORY – The Lawyer (English!) – Identity V

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Hey bears, I am the Gaming-Grizzly and welcome back to Identity V and today I want to bring you a new story part! In this video I will show you the diary entries of the lawyer. After completing all the detection task We unlock four story missions for this character. I already made a video about the doctor and the gardener if you want to check them out I will leave a link in the description below But before we jump right into it I would really appreciate your support of my channel by leaving a fat Like and of course leave me a comment in the comment section below what you think about the new story of the lawyer? Share this video with all of your friends and if you are new on my channel, and you want to stay up-to-date With identity 5 make sure to subscribe to the Gaming-Grizzly Alright, alright, alright at the moment the story for the lawyer is only available in the Chinese version of the game if you actually Can understand Chinese I would be really thankful. If you could create English subtitles So everyone can understand what is going on in this story! Alright, I will stop talking from now on so you can enjoy this story. See you later. 6th of July
Freddy Riley The person i want to find
The name is hidden at the back of the invitation
One lady, one hunter Stole Martha away from my life—-
That person This is laughable I was forced to be at the same place with those people. What philanthropist, he is just a thief My chair, is pretty close to the thiefs. (Name of some dancing goddess), representing the goddess of dancing. The strings on the harp is missing, weird. Disgusting people, just being near them makes me uncomfortable. “Sweet lady’s”/Gardener’s place, she always make friends with everyone. Perhaps the people who have not arrived yet will be more sane. There are four names on the invitation. Correct. There are only three sets of kitchen utensils on the table. Guess there won’t be four persons tonight. Wait! What happened here? Just now there still was—— Look, guess you will have to eat “without face/dignity”, let’s eat. This bastard… Cruel/Evil Hm, want to eat? There should be someone who can cook then. If I remember correctly, the switch is at the lobby. Mr Riley, I believe the staffs made a wrong calculation. Perhaps you should put up with it. No, I won’t talk to this guy. The switch should be on the wall. It is locked, have to think about ways to open it. This thing looks weak……wish me luck. It is just a joke, no one will be harmed. Based on the building’s design, the lobby is at the center. To cut off the gas from the dining hall, where should I go? Why are there no movements? The left was the dining hall? Where did the people went? The “person” in the dining hall
Is that the punishment mentioned by the inviter? I need to be more careful
Before I find the guy 7th of July
Freddy Riley To say what I have learned from my experience

I guess is I should obey the rules under the eye of people I hope the Gardener will succeed. If she was not hit by that “person” Hello. Emily Dyer? You…….know me? No, there is a card in the dining room. Everyone’s room number is written on it. Looks like you are the last one to arrive, go to the dining room and look for Emma/Gardener! She should know where your room is. A nurse? I hate people who are connected with hospitals. I can’t open this door, maybe it’s locked from the outside? All four people have gathered, the game will start soon. Martha, it won’t be long. Meeting room for guests, nothing special. Why would they situate that person at the second floor? If you don’t want to break your leg then don’t lie on this thing. Locked, it’s a pity. Tools? Who placed them here……. I need to be careful. If I was seen again, the inviter’s “punishment” might increase. Stay far away from the switches, Riley. So many plants here, the gardener in this place is sure lazy. Dancing! This reminds me of the old days, Martha, I want to dance with you one more time. To be honest, there are many spoiled things here. This mask gives me the chills. This is Emily Dyer’s room. The plants in the garden seems to have just been trimmed. Was it done by Emma? She has such a leisure mood. No, not right, where is she? I bet that there should be a ball here. The grass reduce the temperature in here. I don’t like this thing. Looks dirty. You better not touch those flowers. I just touched a little, what would happen? Ew, what is this? Oil? Mr Riley, it is almost time for curfew, don’t you plan to return? I know. Emma Woods
She seems to be plotting something
I have to be careful of her And
Where is Kreacher Pierson/Thief
From the lobby to the dining hall there is only one route
Strange 11th of July
Freddy Riley Three days ago I have a blister on my right hand.
Two days ago the blister burst.
Yesterday, it formed a hand ulcer. Today, this ulcer’s became the “evidence” Good afternoon. Good afternoon. No, except for him. Anything more? The weather is nice, you should go for a walk at the garden. Are you here for vacation? Befriending others doesn’t contribute to victory. But we have no other choice, so we accept it. At least let you be at ease. I will not speak with this lowly thief. The invitation is gone….. The nurse’s room is at the end of the hall, I should go an have a look if I have the chance. Wait, there is a blueberry pie on the table? I haven’t seen it before…… Blueberry pie? No, not right, that is not blueberry, but Nightshade (a type of plant that looks similar to blueberry). What is that? Nightshade’s surface will secrete a type of oil, contact with skin, will lead to allergy. Show your hands. Mr Riley The blisters have become ulcers. Even though the scars on his hands are due to the Nightshade, it was still a matter that happened two days ago. Can the nightshades be kept in the summer for two days? Unless……it is not Mr Riley? Can I trust what the nurse is saying? What plant I touched, Ms Emma, you should be clear about it, don’t you? What are you saying? The night three days ago, at the garden You told me:” If I don’t know what plant it is, it is better not to touch”. Ah, yes! The scars on your hand are from that time…… Matured Nightshade can rot fast, I believed that Mr Riley is innocent. Not sure if lucky or not
That person did not eat the pie
I was not suspected as well But then…..who made the pie?
Or rather
The food provided here
Hides some stuff which we don’t know 12th of July
Freddy Riley People will do what for love?
Fresh flowers, love letters, promises, marriage
I would always laugh at them
Until I met you, Martha All rules
All dignity
Gone If this is the clinic which I know Locked, but it is not much of a problem. Soon, I will know the result No special content in here. How can scarecrows talk? So that’s what it is. I finally found you. It is nearing the end
This long, bitter journey Martha
See you in hell. I hope that we can see more stories of other characters in the future if you want to see the new stuff in identity 5 Make sure to subscribe to the Gaming-Grizzly. And of course leave me a fat like to support my channel Leave me a comment in the comment section below what you think about the story and share this video with all of your friends I hope you all have a great day and I will see you in the next video Bye. Bye

100 thoughts on “NEW STORY – The Lawyer (English!) – Identity V

  • kenny • Post author

    The hell??? Thief is so jsrk!!

  • Scarlett Nina Post author

    New map?or what?..i see lawyer at the stairs…(bad english)

  • Null Null Post author

    Hmm… Out of the first story characters, the free ones, I have completed Hell Ember, Gardener, Doctor, and Lawyer’s deduction up to 100%

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  • Prodigy Pikachu115 Post author

    I like how at 11:54 they are showing each other’s hands to see who did I don’t Chinese so I really don’t what’s going on but anyways the doctor and gardener have gloves on….. they could have done it and just replaced the gloves….

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  • Stitch Fanboi Post author

    OMG GRIZZLY I FOUND SOME THING!!!!! You know that blocked off door? You got to wait a while and then the door will open! (This proves someone is on the other side) however the down side is that we can’t see him. Edit: in the thief’s missions it talks about a new girl called Veronica got any thing about it?

  • erica lynn Post author

    according to the lawyer‘s story,Marsha(leo’ wife)died in an abortion operation,he come to find the killer,and Emily is that doctor who “killed” Marsha.(I guess)

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  • Aurora Zero Post author

    It's hard to describe the plot… even I understand all the lines… we have discussed for a long time but… the diary has many logic questions with something we known. And some characters action makes us confused.

    Here I say some facts:
    1. The Doctor killed Martha.( Leo's wife, Lawyer's wife, Gardener's mother)
    2. The Gardener made the trap.99%.
    3. The Lawyer truely love Martha. He can do everything for his love(even abandon morality). He came here not for victory, but for death. At the end of diary, he wrote: See you in hell, Martha.
    4. There are two choices when you need to prove yourself. Chose Gardener and she only say two sentences to help you( finish conversation). Chose Doctor, like video says… long conversation. Anyway, Gardener seems try to hide what she did in garden at that day.( wrench in her hand)
    5. Creepy walk-hit. In Diary2, when Lawyer went to garden, he didn't see Gardener nor Thief. He tried to touch Belladonna,suddenly,the Gardener appeared behind him.
    6. Lawyer called Gardener“sweet lady”. He called Doctor" nurse".😏 Called Thief "that guy"(Derogatory)
    7. 7.9 Thief called Emily Doctor.
    7.10 He fell down.
    7.11 He called Emily… nurse😝

    Say these first. I'm not good at English.😜

  • Imaadlirious Post author

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  • Xx_ MemeMachine _xX Post author

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    Thank me later

  • Joyce Ho Post author

    Lawyer: i must find that person, the person name mentioned in the invitation letter, a women, a killer that snatched Martha away from my life

    Lawyer:so humiliating, that i need to join table with such person, he is only a thief.

    Gardener:the invitation card has 4 names, but the table only sets for 3 person

    Lawyer:which means tonight wont have 4th person

    After turn on the switch lawyer back to dinning hall
    Lawyer: where is that guy?

    Narative lawyer: the "thing" in dining hall is the punishment that the owner mentioned?
    I must be more careful before i find that person
    What i learn from my experience, is probably to obey the rule when being watch/monitored.

    Lawyer:Emily dyer?
    Dr:you know me?
    Lawyer:your name is on the invitation, you should fine the gardener, she should know your room location

    Lawyer:the door is locked, the four participants is here now, the game will begin soon, Martha it won't be long now

    Dining hall
    Lawyer:i must be more careful, if i have seen by others, the owner punishment may be heavier, get away from those trap

    Gardener:u did better not touch that(flower)
    Lawyer:just touch a little, what's the big deal? Eww.. What is that? Oil?
    Gardener:lawyer, it's late now, you don't plan to return?
    Lawyer:i know

    Narative lawyer:emma, she looks like she is plotting something, I'd better avoid her, and where did the thief go? From living hall to dining room there is only 1 way, weird

    Narative lawyer: 3 days ago my hand started to have blister, 2 days ago it start to burst, Yesterday it became sores/ulcer, today ulcer became the proof(for crime)

    Lawyer:the invitation card has gone missing, wait, there is a blueberry pie on the table? I didn't notice it here before

    Gardener:blueberry pie? No it's not, it is (some other plant?)

    Dr:that plant is the plant with oil, if contact with skin will cause allergy reaction

    Thief:show all hands

    Dr:the hand already with ulcer, it means more than 2 days already

    Gardener:can the plant keep more than 2 days? Perhaps not lawyer who made the pie?

    Thief:what this useless nurse said can be trusted?

    Lawyer:gardener, what plant i touch before, you know don't you?

    Gardener:what do you mean?

    Lawyer: evening 3days ago in the garden, you told me "if you don't know what plant it is, better don't touch"

    Gardener:oh, yes! Your hand's mark is due to that time… If it is ripped, the plan will rot very fast, thus lawyer is innocent

    Narative lawyer:not sure if it is fortunate or not that person did not eat that pie, but who make that pie? Or the food provided here hidden things that we don't know about.

    Narative lawyer : what will people do for love? Flowers, love letters, vow, marriage, i make fun of that before, until i meet you, all principles faded

    Lawyer:so that's it, i have finally found you

    Narative lawyer:it is gonna end soon, this long, suffering journey, Martha, see you in hell


  • Djpokeman Post author

    Netease put the animations

  • Dangerousgirl105 Games4Life Post author

    It all comes together!! In the end of the doctor's story, the lawyer tricked her into getting caught by the Hell Embler because the lawyer found out that the doctor performed an illegal surgery procedure on Martha (stolen wife) Then Martha died of the procedure and then the lawyer went on the hunt on who killed her. And in the end, he went into the room and found out that the Doctor killed her. He wanted revenge so he tricked the doctor to get grabbed by the Hell Embler… :0

  • Jiayun Zhang Post author

    Okay, so this is what I make from the video: The lawyer is looking for "Martha", which happens to be the name of the perfumer, or Leo beck's Wife. The doctor is heard saying "many operations in the clinic were ones I didn't like doing/had hazards", so perhaps the doctor killed "Martha" on the operation table, and the lawyer is seeking revenge by finding the person who was invited to this game-who killed Martha. This is probably a stupid theory though so….xD

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    RIP logic

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    Ok so… Bear with me ok? A group of hunters dwell at the manor and one hunter lures in four survivors that are related to each other in some sick twisted weird way. And not just the main four. ALL of the survivors relate to each other in some way. So there are several groups of four. (Not regarding to the games you play with other detective.) It seems as if the hunter wants to create conflict with the survivors toward each other and then proceeding with game. (I.E : Gardener kills Theif for Doctor , Theif hates Lawyer , Doctor killed Martha and loves Gardener, Lawyer kills Doctor for the revenge of the wife he stole from Leo. Leo Beck also Gardener Father.) So, I suppose that is the sick premise of this "game" these hunters are trying to do. These survivors aren't innocent. There is so MUCH more to this but I just wanted to lay down the foundation. I do need help in which 4 belong with which. (Like Preistess with Fortune Teller!) So I will be updating this theroy more often but feel free to reply in any thoughts and we can discuss! 🙂

  • In my heart interest a machine can think and feel Post author

    Emma: what are you saying?
    Mr.rilly: The night three days ago,at the garden…you told me"If you don't know what plant it is, not to touch it is better"

  • In my heart interest a machine can think and feel Post author

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    It is nearing the end this long bitter journey…Martha see you in hell

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  • Abandon3dRain Post author

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  • Abandon3dRain Post author

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  • Unknowed Post author

    So according to the lawer:
    -The lawer is most likely dying because he most likely touched the plant which later became a thing.
    -the doctor may have killed his beloved. So he schemed to bait the doctor so that the hunter kills her.


    Could the dancer and the lawyer be connected?

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  • Airmanon Post author

    Four things came to my mind when I saw the translations:
    1. Sounds like love is a pretty potent force in the story, for good and for bad. In Lawyer's case, it seemed like he honestly fell in love with Martha and until he met her, he would've scoffed at the idea. However, at the same time, said love caused his attitude to go in the opposite direction in the sense that he went beyond what was normal, leading to the bad things that he did.

    2. Martha Beck might not be as innocent as people may have assumed when they keep putting the hate on the Lawyer. I don't deny that the lawyer did something wrong, but at the same time, I think that last line "Martha, I'll see you in Hell" indicates that he may have found out something about her that marks her as guilty of something too.

    3. I think it confirms my suspicion that Martha Beck is dead by the time the game the Lawyer, Gardener, Thief, and Doctor were in happened.

    4. I think Lawyer really did figure that he was guilty, but figured either that it's too late for him to atone or that his feelings for Martha are still such that he'd willingly go to Hell if it means being with her again, possibly seeking death by Hell Ember as a result.

  • Lucas Lim Post author

    Gardener:U better Not To Touch My things.
    Lawyer:Just A Little What Can Happened? EWW WHATS THAT Oil?
    Gardener:Mr Riley,its Late Dont u Plan To Go Back
    Lawyer:I know!

    Dining Room ) Gardener:Good Afternoon! Doctor: Good Afternoon! Thief:Goo… Lawyer:No Apset For You
    Lawyer: whats On The Table something I Dint Met Before, Blueberry Pie?
    Gardener:hmm Blueberry Pie ,NO ITS NOT BLUEBERRY ITS (the Plant That I Dont Know *Too dumb*)
    Thief:Whats That?
    DOCTOR:(The Plant That I Dont Know) Is Poisonous It Will Cause Allergic
    everyone shows thier Hand
    Doctor:MR RILEY!
    Lawyer Was Scared
    Lawyer Shows His Hand

    At the Last he Sneaked Into Emily's Room Lawyer:hmm What could Walk
    Lawyer saw Emily At Her Own Clinic photo

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  • Cj Kun Post author

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