New Legislation Could Allow Cheaper Drugs To Be Imported From Canada

New Legislation Could Allow Cheaper Drugs To Be Imported From Canada

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And finally tonight, some good news. Cheaper prescription drugs could soon be headed
to the United States, thanks to a new rule from the Trump administration. Yes, you heard it right, the Trump administration. The new plan that was unveiled last week would
allow pharmacies, wholesalers, and distributors to import drugs from Canada. As long as those drugs went through similar
testing processes, just like they do in the United States. Drug companies would also be allowed to import
their own drugs to sell at a discounted rate, but the chances of the industry voluntarily
reducing their own prices are virtually less than zero. This move by the administration mirrors legislation
that failed in Congress last year when a group of Republicans and Democrats, the Democrats
were led by Cory Booker and most of them receive massive campaign donations in exchange for
deciding to stall legislation that would have allowed the importation of drugs from Canada. The Trump administration understands that
drug costs are a huge political issue right now, and if they can take the lead on lowering
prices, they’re certainly gonna score a major political victory heading into next year’s
general election. That’s something that the Democrats, again,
don’t seem to understand. That’s all for tonight. Find us on Facebook Also follow us on Twitter @americaslawyer. You can watch all RT America programs on direct
TV, Channel 321 and stream them live at I’m Mike Papantonio, and this is America’s
Lawyer, where every week we tell you the stories that corporate media is ordered not to tell
because their advertisers simply won’t let them. Have a great night.

72 thoughts on “New Legislation Could Allow Cheaper Drugs To Be Imported From Canada

  • Opus 313 Post author

    Wouldn't it make more sense to pass legislation that makes drugs cheaper in the states? Oh, right, that'll never happen!

  • Tony H Post author

    Here’s an idea, why not just ALLOW OUR GOVERNMENT TO NEGOTIATE with these fucking corrupted, for-profit, death panel companies.

  • Anthony Sofia Post author

    It was Bernie’s idea first, but Republicans and Corp Dems killed it and now they’re stealing his thunder, hope he brings this up

  • Omarious S. Post author

    But why import drugs from Canada when Canada buys them in bulk from here. It’s like having to go through a Canadian broker for a discount on American products. Oxymoronic.

  • Malik Tamim Post author

    It's a good news, America must totally cut their dependence on "cheap China" that is destroying US economy and building a huge mention on American grave.

  • DragonAlchemist0 Post author

    I think this is gonna backfire. Why is that? Because it will get boosted in price as soon as it hits the u.s.

  • Philip Lombardo Post author

    Free trade from pharmaceutical companies.

  • Greg Miller Post author

    Won't that endanger Canada's drug supply?

  • Timothy McCaskey Post author

    I'm sure Big Pharma will fight that tooth and nail.

  • Chris Johnson Post author

    Trump 2020. MAGA

  • SilentMessiah1 Post author

    In the end it will still cost more than what you get in Canada because they will tap on import taxes or "fees" that still make you pay more. This is a step forward but doesn't solve the issue. The reason Canada has cheaper drug prices is because they have a single payer (the government) negotiating the prices. Gee doesn't that sound familiar?

  • Perry Escobar Post author

    My prescription already cheap the most I pay 7.00 lowest I pay 3.90.

  • Jimbus Rift Post author

    Uh.. is the US addicted to middlemen?

  • Matthew Madruga Post author

    I can already see the corruption already.

  • Inga Massenburg Post author

    I rather get them from Canada than overseas. A MSNBC did a story where generic drugs from overseas was dangerous. The guy worked for FDA stated they FDA wasn't warning ppl regarding the type of dangerous chemicals in various generic medications coming from overseas.

  • kathy smith Post author

    what testing processes???? you mean the company run testing with no unbiased oversight?
    idiots our drugs are cheaper because when the companies get really out of line the power of the entire gov't tells them enough. time for your idiots to get off their collective butts and do the same thing.

  • tilintolon1029 Post author

    And a new drug dealer/smuggler is born.

  • GROOVE ECHO Post author

    Bernie Sanders just took a group of diabetics to Canada to get their insulin without going broke Mike P…. How do all Democrats not get that drug prices are a major political issue..??? Gotta wonder what the motive behind the shade was there. Okay. Trump admin puts a new policy in place. 1 let's see how well it works. 2 even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time. I love how people think everyone hates trump… No. But they certainly don't have to consider him a genius or humanitarian. I don't like him based purely on policy and the stupid stupid stupid lies… So good for us. We get one. Wow. That's as good as those tax cuts all the rich people got

  • TheVirusSoftware Post author

    Just wait for a scumbag like Cory Booker to block it. Again.

  • sailormanariel Post author

    Some Canadian must of slipped Tinyhands a $20.

  • brad mcgrath Post author

    The Republicans blocked drug sales from Canada when Obama was trying to do it,. Now?. What hyprocrites

  • Aaron Cabello Post author

    It'll be easier to just make it cheaper here because they import their drugs from the US.

  • Darlene McHugh Post author

    So what you’re saying is we’re Letting Canada do our work!

  • GoriusMaximus Post author

    Why would Canada want to save the US money on drugs when Trump made drugs more expensive in Canada by increasing drug patent durations in the new free trade deal? How about Trump fights big pharma like he promised instead of looking to other countries to fix his problems. Last I heard Canada was a security threat anyways.

  • Oba*** Man Post author

    Bernie Sanders went to Canada with some Americans patient to go buy cheap drugs from Canada by the same manufacturers

  • Peggy Smith Post author

    I can not believe this bull is on Ring of Fire.
    I usually trust you opinions are researched and based on fact
    this is just a one sided screed with no backing.
    Especially that last remark about Democrats not doing this before when it has been Republicans who have blocked every attempt to deal with this.
    All the time they've been in control of the Senate they have accomplished nothing except give their rich donors breaks in taxes and regulations.
    I'm disappointed in this channel,

  • brenda mcdonall Post author

    Just an FYI – this will never happen unless Canadians are absolutely guaranteed that we will not suffer drug shortages or higher prices here.

  • Dana Gould Post author

    So this is the GOP healthcare plan, piggyback on Canada's healthcare system instead of fixing our own.

    Although I'll be surprised if this legislation actually passes.

  • Lee Sowden Post author

    But isn't it the Same drug company's that sell them to Canada cheaper but charge Americans more ????

  • Michael Rau Post author

    This is just drumpf blackmailing pharma.
    But #PhuckYouPhRma

  • Tozias Silverfang Post author

    Republicans will stand in the way; if corporations make even a little bit less money, Republicans trash and burn the policies.

  • Greg Connors Post author

    This can't be a permanent fix. We are happy to help our sisters and brothers down south, but remember we buy prescription drugs for the demands of 35 million Canadians. You folks number somewhere around 330 million. At some point the math won't work.

  • Millie Ruff Post author

    Well,you will be able to buy what's extra,that's already been decided. So..another empty bill.

  • Don donny Post author

    Soo… Instead of forcing the Drug companies to stick to a simple set profit, companies whom recive huge r&d grants and almost entirely have thier buisness ran by govt dollars I might add

    We are going to import from a country who does?

  • Atheos B. Sapien Post author

    It's a distraction for the sheep, nothing more. Medicare for All

  • IOozeAwesomeness Post author

    Lol trickle down economics doesn't work in the pharmaceutical industry either.

  • nunya business Post author

    So you were abusing the Socialist programs in Canada instead of giving Americans Healthcare and fighting big Pharma

  • Donna Whitford Post author

    So Trump doesnt want our dairy, and says Canada has lazy cows 😂 but he wants our drugs? What an idiot.

  • A P Post author

    Canada doesn't want us ruining the supply of medications they need for their own citizens. Republicans have NO plans for healthcare or real change for out of control Rx prices. This is just crumbs prior to election in 2020.

  • Private Review Post author

    So Canada has to save the USA…
    What a bunch of crap! Canada isn't going to be able to keep up with the demand which will probably raise their drug prices.

  • Karen Yung Post author

    When shopping, remember, the Canadian dollar is worth $ 0.755300 USD

  • Ben McInnes Post author

    This is assuming that the Canadian Government will even allow US buyers to purchase drugs. This is going to be a hard sell up here because what benefit would the Canadian Government have to allow the US to import Canadian drugs? There are major concerns about shortages here if this happens, so don't count on it happening.

  • Kieth Wester Post author

    The question is Wich Meds , how much of a mark up no way it be at the real Cost of Meds . How many how say Wich one like insulin or ones that keep people alive .

    Probably not even happen till after the elections then if he ☠️👹👺🤮🤢 get re-elected or be changed so much not be with it .
    They say see we are doing something for the people then it will never happen under them How get rich from this what Corporation or person first .

  • Dave Thompson Post author

    oh so my pharmacy can get drugs cheaper and still horsefuck me on the price! "hey, you saved a dollar!" there's no other reason tRUmp would do this, unless there was something in it for him or his cronies.

  • Nige G Post author

    Import taxes will be added ?

  • The Mouse that Roared Post author

    Smdh. These Canadian drugs are made by the same manufacturers as the US! But we're supposed to believe they're cheaper there because.. Canada? We've been getting ripped off by these drug companies for decades and now a new legislation will allow us to import cheaper Canadian drugs that are all manufactured by these same companies? Why not just lower the damn prices and stop ripping us off already?! Why jump through all these hoops?

  • Court Love Post author

    They know the opioid n herion fent is big business they want a piece of the pie to I tell you one thing it's not about to slow down

  • philip thomey Post author

    So we in Canada will subsidize the US population. You put tariffs on our steel and dairy. Now you want our drugs. Come on over. Smoke a joint. Get your house in order. Get a president. And what's with the racism? That's a bit old school, don't ya think. Seriously guys, get real.

  • Jesus is KING Post author

    The usa will never lower the drug price becuase they profit alot from the cartels… plus the cia has to get their cut so no companies wont make a profit because the cia is taxing them lol

  • D H Post author

    Or we could just pass legislation to reduce the costs we're charged here. Why should Canada have to be the middleman to cheaper drugs from here? Doesn't that just prove how thoroughly broken the system is?

  • Jon Post author

    small tip from that country just north of you: jail your CEOs in charge of the medicine production and take the money out of that industry. fix your own problems before trying a bandaid solution like this.

  • Peorhum Post author

    Sorry but Canada will not sell them to Americans if too many start buying from Canada. Canada has a limited amount at a reduced price, once they are used up the price will go up for Canadians and the US sales will be stopped…so don't count on buying cheap drugs from Canada. Fix your home market!!

  • Thomas Taylor. Post author

    It's so they can say see it is no cheaper, here or there.

  • Da Co Post author

    Papantonio, Stop only mentioning Democrats stalling legislation. The frickin Republicans are the main force opposing cheaper prescription drug prices. You piss me the hell off just throwing Dems under the bus!

  • Yvonne Camacho Post author

    Anything is better than what we have now. Im a very low income diabetic on Insulin so looking forward to that. Seeing though, is believing!

  • MrBonners Post author

    Canadian here. Our Tylenol 3 to insulin to unique meds are from the same US manufactures that also supply the US market. Same products. Our system simply puts out to bid for our healthcare system consumption. Your employer healthcare insurance companies do the same thing. Off the shelf meds to the public are the same cost as in the US . Free enterprise. This is not a complicated thing. What is the problem in the US?

  • non yo business Post author

    Go suck on trump's orange ball sack you nazi fuck Bernie Sanders is for cheaper prescriptions and so are Elizabeth warren so do us all a favor you nazi fuck go fuck yourself

  • Jay Hille Post author

    Great news by 2020 there will be 350 miles of new wall.TRUMP 2020

  • Leesa Husieff Post author

    As a Canadian I can tell you that this won't help. We already have some drug shortages. The USA has ten times the population of Canada. We cannot supply your drugs. Fix up your own pricing problems instead is trying to import.

  • Perry Escobar Post author

    I am sure big pharmaceutical have subsidiary in Canada. Win win

  • Jen s. Post author

    As a Canadian, I just want to say:
    Fix your own damn system and stop fucking around with our limited supply.

  • AML Ouellet Post author

    Sorry but Canada might ban the export of drugs to US. US should resolve his problems with pharmaceutical companies instead then use a band-aid that would redirect important drugs that canadian consumers need for their health like insuline and cancer drugs

  • Kevin Clements Post author


  • Pushin Keys Post author

    Aren’t a lot of those drugs made in the U.S. or by U.S. companies in other countries? Why not just drop their price overall and call it a day?

  • Valita Demarice Delacouvrier Post author

  • Mary Szkuncia Post author

    Canada is our good neighbor, life there’s better than here. They gave free medical care for everyone.

  • wayshower13 Post author

    I am not buying this at all! Trump was working with Pelosi and big pharma months ago to find ways to increase prescription drug prices so they could all profit.

  • Iceberg Rose Post author

    Canada will never allow this. Not happening.

  • SkyGemini Post author

    This is a terrible idea. We want Americans to get their prescriptions at proper prices and don't mind them coming up here to get them. But drumpf trying to use us as a fucking bailout for what he isn't doing? Hell No. This is going to hurt us in the end and drumpf doesn't give a shit about that.

    I'm protesting to our government not to allow this. We aren't here for the US's convenience when they are unable to do things they should be doing for their people and we don't want to be anybody's lapdogs. Americans need to fix their broken system.

  • waffledude111111 Post author

    right……super cheap drugs from Canada, sell super expensive in the US. ——> PROFIT <——–

  • Satria Kurniawan Djaenal Post author

    …Why import when most of the drugs are made in America anyway?

  • leeander Post author

    yeah there economy is so fucked they need to feed junkies drugs and get American tax dollars from our working government

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