Net Neutrality Legislation Press Conference

Net Neutrality Legislation Press Conference

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That’s of okay are good morning and welcome — To the state capitol hope everyone had a wonderful a fourth of July. And I know there were but that’s all I were we’re back to working we’re actually working yesterday as well. On Scott Wiener and the honor of representing San Francisco and cemetery county on in the California State Senate. I’m joined here today by my colleague in the Senate from Los Angeles center Kevin de Leon — And assembly members Lois and rob Bonta from — The East Bay. And we’re here today. Ought to announce — That we are going to move forward — SPD twenty two and SP four sixty I’m collectively I. this’ll be – The most comprehensive and the strongest I. net neutrality protection in the United States where we are — Restoring of what we lost — When Donald trump’s FCC obliterated net neutrality? I just looking at the big picture here of the internet is at the heart of so much of modern life are economy our personal lives. Of political activism health care public safety and the list goes on and on I’d this is the internet is not something that’s optional it is so essential for our functioning society. And that will become more and more the case with technological advances. Now we need to make sure either the internet I is an open — Field — Where everyone has access where people who were provider the companies that are providing internet access or not picking winners and losers — Where internet service providers are not deciding these websites are going to succeed these websites are gonna fail consumers are going to be able to access these favored website? Up will find it difficult or impossible to access disfavored websites I. that companies that compete more. Are the ones that consumers will be able to reach whereas companies that might be smaller start ups are not have a lot of money. Are going to fail because no one’s going to be able to access or use I’m not fundamentally. Is white I mentality is about that we got to the side where we go and what we do on the internet and they were not told over but we’re going to go were manipulated. Into going where the internet service providers want us to go. Scott and dots white of these bills collectively of will accomplish [inaudible] On we know that the federal government is not going to fix things — In the foreseeable future — Ideally we would have won national standard for net neutrality of the Dodd has not happened and we got some took lost its his out C. C.. At the request of the telecom cable companies are completely eliminated federal net neutrality protection. And it is up to us in California to lead and to enact the strongest net neutrality protections. I M. country — Earlier this year I. center daily on I. introduced two bill- Go I’m authoring is SP a twenty two Senate W. owns bill that’s before sixty I’ve Senate passed both bills I into. A winter to spring time period of both her and the assembly no. I after I speak twenty two was heard in the assembly communications a conveyance a committee at the end of that hearing. Assembly member I. Santiago and I both publicly committed now that we’re going to work with each other intensively to come up with a strong bill — We began I believe a day or two after that and the last few weeks we have been working together and Senate daily on a has been working with us as well as assemblyman. A bond tell who has played a key so roll on and helping facilitate the process — And after weeks of intensive work — We have reached our agreement. Either that agreement — The core our protections of net neutrality — That were in a speed twenty two of will be — In the bill on moving for those include for example — Insuring — That net neutrality is protected at the point of interconnection which is where data flows into telecom or cable network — No blocking or throttling at the point of interconnection. Scott banning access fees to reach customers in other words where I. eats into your Comcast could say I. if you want to reach my customers you have to pay me a fee otherwise you’re gonna be blocked or slowed down. And also prohibiting abusive and anti competitive forms a zero rating — Where NIST will say — For example — If you use my product you don’t have to pay any data if you use my competitor Petters product you have to use data these protections will all be in the bill — Moving forward and I’m really proud that we’ve been able to craft — A terrific bill — That will be effective — And that will stand on legal challenge. I so again I want to thank my colleagues and I also want to thank. Of the advocacy our community offer coming together — And over the last several years. Strong — Net neutrality — So I now wants — To I bring out — My friends and colleagues — Who worked in? The US on senator we released [inaudible] No time [inaudible] Sort of at no time in history. Be very clear about [inaudible] A Muslim. A woman’s right [inaudible] Under attack. Now more than ever. Be able to tell the stories. Be able to Howard he informatio. Fuels are progressive movement [inaudible] This country. That’s what this fight. Is all about. A couple of things that we’ve set. Trump administration did not stop there. Wanted to do more and so it destroyed the internet. Because it knew [inaudible] They knew. That the destruction of information sets us back years in a progressive fight [inaudible] To date. And we’ll say it sometimes [inaudible] We’re here. Because we’ve got the strongest net neutrality bills in the nation. Well joining forces. And Way know that it will withstand. The Lee a legal challenge this is important and it we know that if we make a strong case. It will have to be signed and we know that California will lead once again. Where the rest of the nation has not been able to do so [inaudible] Now. There’s a lot of blue states in the country. We expect them to stand up. And join us in this fight and pass. Measures they’re equally as strong. Now for the red states. I recommend that you follow suit or will gonna flip some of those states let’s be very clear about it. Because when people find out I your restricting the information that they receive. Whether they’re Republicans. Whether they are nonpartisan or they are Democrats they going to be outrage. And they’re going to join this movement. Be very clear [inaudible] Net neutrality [inaudible] Equates. Rightly to our ability to keep a people powered movement going. And up and the push for I. progressive values. This is important and we seen this over time in history. In the past. Our nations had some dark moments in its history. During that time it’s burned our books. It’s close our libraries. And it’s even denied us the ability to vote [inaudible] Today. Structure the internet. Is equal to if not more. Then pass measures to keep us in the dark. And that’s really what this is all about [inaudible] So. Did nine the freedom of information. Is is a direct attack on our democracy. It is essential that we fight back. And it is totally contrary to what we just celebrated yesterday. The fourth of July. The very reason our nation exis. And all of the values that we put into this country. Trump has gone too far. And these two measures would which Allen now join to pass. Our one step in fighting back but a very essential step. Because if we do not have information. If we cannot power empower people. We have lost it all. If the more important it. Get two channels. But let me tell you that that internet. It’s important. To can must accompany goddess. To receive money for my ceiling. Even Steven the for musou goodness I’d love almost at bill then but of it that I mean not [inaudible] Mister Caputo. Dumbest beside it. Seeing this game enough you don’t get internet C. Bates. A C. about Bob dole’s Nielsen a mental D. do not use. Which of that’s just Yeller in now I pass it on to center dealio. Bigger much — So remember — Miguel Santiago well just one thing very quickly a little housekeeping notes I know there’s a lot of press — Who inquired right before this press conference are? Regards to Senate bill fifty four let me say I’m not going to speak about Senate bill Fitch for during the queue in a I know there’s some breaking news right now with the decision by the federal judge. A were pleased with the decision that he’s ruled it constitutional believe he’s very clear — We’re not to get into fifty four today perhaps not today actions about at this moment right now. Perhaps — Outside after this press conferences died in after — The queue in a specific to this issue here — Today I want to say good morning to you today many of us spend time with our families celebrate the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Enjoying the hard fought progress we have secured on the battlefield. In the halls of our state capital. And every city town and municipality throughout this great. But as this president and his administration have clearly demonstrated not all of our freedoms [inaudible] Security. This is why I stand before you today. With my colleagues. States are Scott Wiener from San Francisco. Assembly member Miguel Santiago from my district in Los Angeles. Someone member rob matzah from Alameda. To announce what was announced just a few moments ag. When the legislature returns from summer recess? We will be advancing. Our bills to secure the strongest. Net neutrality protections in the nation for all Californians. Net neutrality is fundamentally an issue of free speech. It’s about who has access to which ideas. Who gets to decide what information? You all see. And how fast your internet work. Last month I visited home de homeboy industries in my district. An organization committed to helping the formerly incarcerated. A joint society. There I met a young woman in her early twenties who told me she was drawn into a brutal life on the streets of Los Angeles. A very very young age. Now she tells me she’s busy charting a new course for her life. Raising her young child on her own. Well — So earning a college degree by taking courses [inaudible] Online. In her case and for so many Californians access to the internet is a literal lifeline. This fight is so much more about protecting our bill. Stream the bass showed on that flight so Hulu whatever websites you want enjoy [inaudible] Whatever reasons. For some folks is quite frankly about life and death. It’s not just about summer jams on Spotify. For many folks. We’re fighting to preserve net neutrality because we believe a free. And open internet is vital to our democracy and our way of life [inaudible] No company. No company should have the powe. Slow down your connection [inaudible] No company to be able to hold your ideas hostage. Or demand a ransom to access your favorite streaming services [inaudible] A website. Safeguarding net neutrality is also about promoting economic justice. We no there is a direct link between access to the internet and economic security and stability. Those who have access to broadband service have access to more opportunities giving found with the power to lift themselves out of poverty. That’s why the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality [inaudible] So dangerous. Not only does it directly contradict the bass will that the majority of Americans across the political spectrum. It also gives your internet service provided the power. To sabotage the competition by throttling the internet speeds on competing websites or letting companies pay for priority. To gain an unfair advantage in the race for your attention. And for your dollars. And without strong net neutrality rules there’s nothing to stop the companies that already monopolize internet from blocking websites or information together. We cannot allow the profits and political interests of internet service providers to outweigh the public interests. In a free and open internet soon part drug Connie and our way of life. The trumpet administration won’t protect consumers. The state of California will. And the state Senate and the state assembly well. We’re standing United here toda. Send a very clear and strong message to the powerful special interests who are willing. Who are busy toiling day and night to dismantle this legislation? We will outlast you we will out negotiate you and will do everything in our power to the fan California’s consumers and protect net neutrality in our state. Once I saw the very quickly about. Senate Scott Wiener. Stern Miguel Santiago and rob Bonta [inaudible] Because credit has to go where credit is due [inaudible] And these three gentlemen along with myself we sat down but I want to give the recognition that is deserved. They rolled up their sleeves. They got past certain issues are really break down the policy matter. And they really came to an agreement. I’m proud to have been there and to help shepherd this Monning fort. And the staff members for Scott Wiener. The staff members for Miguel Santiago rob Bonta and my staff as well they themselves worked in concert with each other. To find common ground as a principal here we said this is what we want to go land this puppy right here and we went over it detail by detail. Scott Wiener is absolute correc. As well as Miguel Santiago and I’m sure that robot is going to reemphasize. This is the strongest net neutrality measure measures in the country [inaudible] Bar none. And asks Miguel side view eloquently put it it’s our hope that other blue states will follow. Those red states when they realize that there’s throttling. Slowing down a premium VIP price on other superhighway get access to information there realize that they’re getting shafted. In politics shouldn’t play into this because it is a bastion of democracy that is the open internet so again I want to reemphasize to Scott Wiener slopes as well as Miguel and Rabat’s at thank you very much for your hard work for your diligence for your commitment. Keep your eyes on the prize right there. Very quickly just a few sentences. Let Steven at the cut in the cassette [inaudible] Democratic. Let me stone to life it’s except that it Wilk islands that Essex amendment Polygalaceae. Didn’t know that he felt the way the M.. Internet is women felt but alas the fit into one that is the D. but that [inaudible] Experts John. You Democrats M.. Zippers the trump McGuire thank is responsible or is a list of the California economic ladder no photos llamas attack. It’s a low Scott Wiener. So somebody’s does we get some jungle that men Rabat you said we don’t. Soon they will soon as web this secure put this up on the bluff with Ben. So reliable in a net rally them deans of nets. No I know that came to be the killer some places but it also us. It’s again monopoly Sunndal. The chair there’s Ted the chill may don’t Dick we consume but Abril catalyst but by this. You buy him as internet the from my soul in Hannah you put us we took a lot less. Las Vegas and thin out Scott Wiener Nielsen due to some place like them in Rabat the pursuit of awful. Partially because John assert political Sydney gas close friend of mine as a true champion on the issue of open internet and a whole host of other progressive issues that. Yes champion as a strong leader in Oakland Alameda my good friend someone member and the chair of the API caucus robots. Thank you and and good morning thank you all for coming today. To hear what I believe is that I actually critical announcement today that the four of us working with our our teams in our staff have have. Have come up with I had to be able to stand up for our valued and instead of our state. You know I’m robots I Servin — The status on the ribs in Oakland Alameda San Leandro and macarthur SB twenty two and really. Thankful for the opportunity to work with the great leaders behind me to get to where we are today and where are we today. We are. Getting back together unified with one voice getting behind the strong guest [inaudible] Net neutrality. Protections of any state in the last period and a story [inaudible] And we work together sometimes that the policy process works I spent with it being as complex and a technical nuance does this issue is it works in zigs and zags it’s not always linear. Sometimes there’s Paz’s sometimes there’s delays. But what is important is that we all sat down together. We rolled up our sleeves we work through our differences and we got to where we are are today which is what exactly where we should be. We were standing up for our values I shared values here in California are values of opportunity for all of fairness and equity of justice [inaudible] Of access — For all and that’s absolutely critical for it you know we we’ve heard. Before the concepts that of this bill the high level concepts from no blocking a no thought throttling no paid participation [inaudible] Actually Chris. We’ve also included. Commitment to net neutrality at the point of interconnection. A prohibition Fryske access fees to eat — Customers and ending abusive zero rating practices. That will be the strongest Senate net neutrality protections and the nation. And we’re excited to be here we’re doing. What we should be doing what California’s have come to expect of us and what they deserve were leading? Standing up for our values were standing up for people. Out we’re fighting for them in a time where in so many ways were under full frontal assault from this federal administration so. Californians we have you back and we are proud to be here we are today I wanna thank in particular — Chair Santiago. For his tremendous leadership his craftsmanship — Hit it’s hard to be a at a chair when. Are in a difficult policy issue like this I’ve I’ve been there before I just wanna thank you for stewarding this process for bringing the voices in the room. After sitting down rolling up your sleeves and working hard to get where we are which is tremendous protections for for Californians and just want to thank senator deli on I Senate Wiener. Who’ve been champions and warriors for this issue of net neutrality among so many other issues. Stay one and proud that we are today unified speaking with one voice support of our people in support of our state it’s part of our values. And supported the strongest net neutrality protections in the plant thank you. And you are I also want to reiterate Dodd says thank you to all of our staffs of guns into each other really well. In the last few weeks and army our names go on things and we do a lot of work but I nothing happens without great staff support. I. and so I’m moving forward we of we’re going to recess after today — On the day that we turn from recess August sex we will assume that the amendments I in writing formally — For those who are not merit the process. Can’t amend the bill when the legislature is in recess — And so we’ll do that August six when we Akan stock I. N. to be very clear we are not out of the woods in this bill even though we are now have. Great unity around this this is going to be a fight of telecom and cable companies are — They play hard I’d they are effective — And we’re confident that they’re going — To oppose this — Strongly until the end and so we have our work cut out for us as legislators but also — As advocacy community I wanna just thank of some groups that are here today and if any of their representatives wanna come up and say a few words you’re welcome to do so — We have about Electronic Frontier Foundation I. next Gen. Of the California labor federation of the courage campaign. Other clean mighty campaign. The ACLU of California — Invoices are for progress who are here with us I. today I hope we don’t miss anyone I think that. Cars M. please come on out — We have — Incredible coalition behind this bill — That is I’ve we wouldn’t be where we are today without this coalitio- And ensuring that the P. in favor of net neutrality so if anyone like that. I say a few words — Thirty factories [inaudible] Yeah. Mike is yours. That’s a dangerous [inaudible] Yeah. You know how to live in a well you’ll see — Good morning everyone I’m my name’s are just a Falcone and the let’s if counsel for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. And today is a great day for California internet users as their state is now one step closer from enacting the strongest net neutrality law. In the country. Close to one million Californians wrote to the Federal Communications Commission opposing the repeal of net neutrality all to be ignored by the federal government. And I’m glad to see that pattern will not be repeated here in Sacramento. Well we ran into a precept back initially in the assembly I appreciate the wellness of assembly member Santiago to listen to his constituents. Fight hard to force strong net neutrality bill. We saw a very special very powerful special interests. Defeat here in the assembly the Californians all across the C. during gauged they’re watching what their elected officials do. And I have confidence that California internet users will win this fight. The question for companies like eighteen ten Comcast as how long will they continue their campaign against a free and open internet. How long will being gate into misinformation campaign claiming that they need to raise rates on everything and everyone? Despite making more than twenty billion dollars in profits in twenty sixteen alone. How long will eighteen to pretend that they’re self dealings Uranie practices are good for users? Spite experts such as the western center of Allen lan party stating that it harms low income internet users [inaudible] And ultimately you can they convince can the major ISP’s convinced the assembly. To vote against net neutrality despite 80%. Public support for these rules. People across the state would spend the next coming weeks asking their elected officials about I. on SB eight to two an SP four sixteen when they return here in August. And I believe today demonstrates regular people are on the winning side right now. So thank you senator Wiener centered that we own. Assembly member sent out on some of our about that for being leaders for net neutrality in California. For taking on this fight and standing up for free and open internet thank you. Thank you I. Mitch Snider with California labor federation — Will be very brief just wanted to thank senators Wiener daily on an assembly member Santiago and Bonta. For all their work on this issue for recognizing the importance of the issue and working together to restore the bill — Given all the attacks that we Leyva rumor C. — As mentioned earlier there there really is no more important time to make sure that we preserve workers rights to organize to communicate about what’s happening at work. And the only way that we can do that the twenty first century is through a fair and open interne. So it’s great C. California back leading the charge on this issue I. happy to see the process working as it should and were. Proud to be part of a coalition that’s going to try to help make it happen so thank you. Okay of the brief at all. I. ready I’m Tim León of courage campaign and I’m I I’m here on behalf of the grassroots and are one point four million members to just say to senator Scott Wiener. Senators Kevin de León assembly members Miguel Santiago and rob Bonta thank you. You’ve shown us what courage looks like. You have done us a great service together but it John it’s a great service Sunday by making California again a leader on net neutrality. You’ve shown us what happens when the public speaks very loudly Tom with the grassroots come together to show what really matters to them and legislators listen when leaders come together. With their differences this month has been interesting — And come up with a plan to pass real meaningful legislation for people. In the face of some of the most well wealthiest and powerful corporations in the country so thank you again for your courag. We now look to the rest of the legislature and the other legislators will be voting on this legislation we ask you to follow suit. Please show the same courage for your communities for our people for your constituents Senate for the free though for the net neutrality for a free and open internet. Stand up to these corporations looking out for their bottom line thank you. The electric Lang president executive actors the California clean money campaign how we’re not profit that fights mostly for fair elections like last year we sponsored the historic California disclose act to make political ads have to show their top three funders. And I’m really happy that Senate daily own is here leading on this because he led on the California disclose act as well. I’m none of these victories for fair elections for anything that people care about so much would been possible without the ability — To access and utilize I. fair and equal internet for all. That’s what it’s risk here it’s about our elections is about the ability to have activism about everything that we care about and so that’s why we’re so thrilled and grateful — Test center Wiener for leading this I. charge you with SP 822% of daily known for leading with SP up 460% remember Santiago’s chair this simply communications committee M. assemblymember bata thank you all very much we look forward. To making sure this passes a strongly as part. Hi I’m Melvin Minton with California voices for progress very represent over one hundred business owners entrepreneurs investors and plan to pay for highly successful. They got that way because in open in equal internet they want others to have that opportunity as well we think these champions here today and we will fully support them going forward to ensure that we have the best deal possible. Either leaders think you again [inaudible] Okay thought. So I thank you everyone that concludes — The press conference were happy to answer questions either here or are as a people are milling around so again thank you very much your questions yes. I we didn’t give up any of the key protections for net neutrality — So protecting as I said I’ve I’ve been very very consistent – Going into the hearing coming out of the hearing and between then and now are the three key – Protections in addition to the basic not locking the throttling up fast lanes slow lanes. The key protections are protecting that neutrality its point of interconnection. Of insuring that we don’t have abusive I. zero rating practices and banning access to use are in order for websites to be visibl. Ought — To I. ski customers that’s all going back into the bill the bill is going to be I. restructure its going to be a little bit of a different. Our order — It will but there but all those cheaper and they’re going to be in there [inaudible] Well. Well we know that the bill will have a different physical look to it — But will have the key protections. It will have the key protections for net neutrality — In their when the bill goes into print you’ll be able to see for yourself — But the bill. But it’s gonna it’s you it looks differently we all we all came out with a single wanting strong net neutrality wanna bill — That is going — To Yagi consistent with the twenty fifteen order wanting a bill that will stand legal challenge — And this bill — We believe accomplishes all three so you’ll see when it goes into print what it looks like a not just telling you that the core — Critical net neutrality protections that we have concerns about — Before in terms of ensuring they were in there — Will be in there I. knots. That’s what matters. What you can? But in plain and simple we ran out of time and to keep the predicate the bill going in process — We put in amendments but once we sat down right after that and said Hey we gotta work on this and get it right. This is all right now and I think we believe that this bill stronger. It’s all the core protections in place and it’s written in a way to that will withstand legal challenge plain and simple. Ran out of time sometimes a legislative process is messy. The proof is in the pudding were here today with the strongest net neutrality bill possible. What we were looking and and I’ve said this — Ill several times now the press we simply ran out of time. And that was it we we want to keep the bill moving. Are there was a disagreement about how to keep moving — We sat right after him and continued to work and you’ll see the work its its the strongest net neutrality bill but all the core protections in there. Are written in a way that we’re both very very comfortable with [inaudible] Okay this one out on for for anyone who closely follows will decide a process I. California and I am going to reiterate what someone Bonta. I. set on it is not always perfectly clean and linear hell legislation moves forward especially when it is legislation. As significant and call — And as much as we all you know would love for everything to be easy simple and straightforward and never to have a hookup for a twist and turn. I. that’s it’s not reality — And particularly I this legislative process tends to be in the legislature in general tends to be a series of fire drills where we have. A million bills moving forward together and you have to you know and you have very strict guidelines and so sometimes you do need more time. I when I look back on this — You know we needed more time IDSA really make sure that we were on the same page that we could have a meeting of the minds we were working until the middle of the night before the hearing. To try to come up with the resolution obviously didn’t happen on that day. But at that same exact hearing odd the chairman and I both said publicly we’re going to work together and as we then had a little more breathing room — Member to member and a staff level to hash through every single issue are we realized there was enormous public round a couple can comment ground. I. and we were able to come up – With that so — You know as it’s time you year of your life — We need to look forward we have a great bill now that has all the key protections and I think we can get past. Yes I spy Lalita closer called me all — Last Friday — To express to me how critically important was from her perspective — For California house a strong net neutrality bill — With these critical protections are there restrictions on zero rating on interconnection agreements — And access fees and so on and so forth I. she is very focused on I. this issue aside they have an opportunity — In Congress it’s going to be an uphill battle — Seizing into thirds — Majority to override — A trump veto even if they do but it is stone for and with so many issues. Ted I for California as the fifth largest economy in the world is a strong progressive voice to lead on these issues and so. I she is still very much focused on this bill [inaudible] Are you [inaudible] Deaths yes there will be. So as I Senate bill and I on when we initially — Announced are on understanding SP twenty two will contain the standards of furniture Audi and the basic enforcement provisions of Senate W. owns bill I will — Contain the prohibition on a public contracts — For identities of violates I. net neutrality into bills will be joins. You ever know that were we we have agreements — Degree that we finalize it the on Tuesday afternoon and then we had this holiday and were not uncommitted position — To a man’s — Formally before really [inaudible] Securing the good old fashioned. No more negotiations no more. Will C. house for reciprocal * politics. Securing the necessary votes [inaudible] Measure cross. He released the other. Bob what when they’re in writing bell B. are released but I toyed with the G. elements or so set a couple of times — Nancy of you soon zero yes wanna ask that. How you’re turning that different weekly safety security of us? Are not always been the case different from what it [inaudible] Five Bob. I know that I zero rating the the definitions of sold a the same — So I’ve it was banning abusive zero rating before and it will now not a zero rating is that — There there are forms of zero rating rumor and and and this bill will not — Again that and but you know when you have the abusive anti competitive forms — Which are designed to kill off competition — Dot will Bob began to since it was before [inaudible] Calls. Contact you had. Much gonna be hundreds is between these three gentlemen are some hope. No but having said that we have we have had a number of calls absolutely I have to check with my stop on the amount — But it’s no doubt that it’s an important issue I am bill we’ve talked to as many people as we possibly could and we’ve been saying the same thing over — Quite plain simple we agree — Let’s work on this and here’s all right today. Thank you. It would be six Alyssa. I think we’re all adults and we all take phone calls and it’s a fair whatever this you may be. It’s part of a democracy and I think that everyone has that right. Just one thing would be very clear about. Everyone who’s listening. As like an official Democrat or Republican we will take all the good the bad and the ugly. But spouses and children or always off limits they should be off limits be very clear about that. So again to any supporter of this issue not on campus net neutrality fits climate change okay if it’s actually stay bill. I don’t care what measured it C. no. Children and spouses. It always be off limits. Okay thank you very much everyone we really appreciate it assortment of the press conference [inaudible] Nbae [inaudible] Bates

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