Need a Lawyer? Call Rudy Giuliani. | NYT – Opinion

Need a Lawyer? Call Rudy Giuliani. | NYT – Opinion

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Trump’s attorney, former
New York City mayor – I’ve been sitting here looking
at the federal code trying to find collusion as a crime. It’s not. Collusion
is not a crime. He tape recorded
conversations of his clients. He was shaking people down for
money. Like George Washington didn’t know that Benedict
Arnold was a traitor. Like Iago betrayed Othello. And Brutus put the last knife into Caesar. So you say it
cuts off abruptly and you think that’s
a smoking gun. We’ve already heard the –
I don’t know that it’s smoking gun, I just know that you
don’t do that with a tape, and expect that it’s going to
be admitted into evidence. But that’s not doctored; that’s
a tape recorder turning off. Hold that thought, Mr. Mayor. No, no, I’m going to leave after this. What, we’ve scared you away?
Oh yeah, you scared me away. I looked really scared. No. It’s starting to get useless.
No. This conversation is getting really, really,
really petty and silly.

36 thoughts on “Need a Lawyer? Call Rudy Giuliani. | NYT – Opinion

  • Jacob Cummings Post author


  • Mark Green Post author

    We almost don't even need the late night comedy shows when we've got Rudy to watch. He's really hilarious.

  • Sergio Correa Asmar Post author

    He's as corrupt as they come. No shame, no morals. No wonder why he's defending Trump.

  • Cheryl R Leigh Post author

    Rudy The Gaslight King Giuliani 🤣


  • Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali Post author

    From "America's Mayor" to a global laughingstock.

  • TheNasty Post author

    The music 😂

    Rudy has a screw loose, or he’s actually trying to get fired.

  • early bird catches the worm Post author

    Now everyboody seems to be clever enough to know whats best for america.

  • World's Netizen Post author

    Rudy: look, a collision isn't a crime. My wife can do what she wants to do, even she wants or did cheat on me. I really love my cousin, you know🙃☺🙃☺🙃☺

  • Rocket Power Post author

    Thanks but no thanks.

  • IAN m Post author

    Another reminder that no other lawyer is willing to touch Trumps case. This is the President Of The United States a client any lawyer in history would have wanted but nobody will go near him with a ten foot poll now.

  • Daniel Apfelkuchen Post author

    The new york times is compromised of racists.

  • trut hurts Post author

    like everyone associated with trump, and trump himself, he is morally bankrupt, and intellectually deficient. Put those two characteristics together and we have America in crisis. If the republicans had any moral fiber whatsoever, they could end this nightmare, but they are bought and sold- lock, stock, and barrel

  • eakherenow Post author

    Trump deserves him and so do the Clinton's but they choose slicker snakes.

  • Kate Sterling Post author

    I have come to believe that entertaining Guiliani on all these cable shows is cruel to him, like setting up your befuddled granpa to make a joke of him. Take him back to his room in the nursing home.

  • Q Ray Post author

    Giuliani is the perfect representation of the typical republican.

  • Tobby Olumba Post author

    Just cannot believe he is defending Trump at all costs.

  • jxsilicon9 Post author

    This guy would get you a death sentence at a parking ticket hearing.

  • Rata 4U Post author

    "Collusion is not a crime…" camera zooms into his quivering leg. I want to play poker with Rudy!

  • Nick C Post author

    I wonder how it feels to aid and abet treason of one’s own country.

  • Emiliano Zapata Post author

    🎷️🎺️🎼🎵️🎶️ Rudy Giuliani! with the goo-goo-googley eyes!

  • Dana Breite Post author

    Trump hires "only the best people".

  • Steve Lazaridis Post author

    this is not a lawyer this is a liar

  • Aaron Rosner Post author

    Maybe we shouldn't trust anything coming out of the mouth of a lawyer who's first wife was his cousin

  • Mark and Cathy Nickerson Post author

    Guiliani has always been scum. Mob mouthpiece.

  • Stephen Cook Post author

    Giuliani got a brain transplant from a rabid mouse.

  • Robert Hicks Post author

    Maybe you guys should hire him? Or are you too busy hiring racists for your editorial board?

  • Mary Marlborough Post author

    This is a perfect example of a man who once had power, lost it, became old, desperate to have power again, no logical reasoning, adamant that he's right whatever dribbles out of his mouth. He did terrible things as Mayor, cruel, divisive, grossly political, cheated on his wife and as prosecutor strange the only guy he never went after was Trump.
    He needs to get a job selling pizza on Staten Island
    He's a PR pig and downright sad. The whole word is laughing at this clown.
    Any NYC mayor could have done what he did on 9/11

  • Johannes Schäfer Post author

    I was under the impression that it was a lawyer's Job to discredit evidence?

  • Just Russ Post author

    Another example of why the NYT is failing & the Washington Compost will go on E-Bay

  • Just Russ Post author

    Well, if you clowns believe the NYT ,i have a bridge i can sell you ………….

  • Recon Fi Post author

    Need a lawyer? Are you sure you will not?

  • Ozzy Guy Post author

    After a bad day, some people come home and kick the furniture. I get on the internet and make fun of the New York Times.

    — sarah jeong (@sarahjeong) November 25, 2013

  • Rick James5678 Post author

    An opinion section in a company that hires racists? Now that the NYT is exposed I not sure you pull off an option pieces.

  • lib ural Post author

    Fire Sarah Dejong the racist!!

  • Cheekypop Post author

    new york times is anti white

  • ding dong Post author

    Can you feel me rolling my eyes? My God Rudy Giuliani is literally the sidekick of a villain from a book

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