NASA announces plans to open ISS for commercial use

NASA announces plans to open ISS for commercial use

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-Today’s a very remarkable day. NASA is opening
the International Space Station to commercial opportunities and
marketing these opportunities as we’ve never done before. We are announcing the ability
for private astronauts to visit the space station
on US vehicles and for companies
to engage in commercial profit-making
activities on the station. This is all building off of our
upcoming commercial crew vehicles
transporting astronauts, which will be used
by both government and private
citizen astronauts. This will open space
to new companies to unleash American corporate innovation
and ingenuity in new markets, all driving a lower
cost to US taxpayers. In fact, today we’re joined here
by the ISS National Lab and 20 of our US commercial
partner companies. The commercialization of
low-Earth orbit will enable NASA to focus resources
to land the first woman and next man
on the moon by 2024, as the first phase in creating
a sustainable lunar presence to prepare for future missions
to Mars.

100 thoughts on “NASA announces plans to open ISS for commercial use

  • Ben J Post author

    space doesn't exist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Muk Bang Post author

    Say hello to the next cannabis café in space

  • Muk Bang Post author

    I hope pornhub follow through with a scene in the ISS

  • Eric Widder Post author

    Will the Starbucks up there have a chip reader? Or will there be a piece of tape over it?

  • Mark W. Post author

    Awesome, Russia can fly people there to build a McDonald's.

  • Josey Wales Post author

    What I wanna know is who gets the money and where does it go since myself and all my hard working brothers and sisters in in these United States of America has paid out Trillions of dollars for this bunch of socialist Nazi Satanist? It does still belong to the American people doesn't it? So where's the money gonna go and I mean every damn cent? Tired of people supposed to be working for the American people and instead they think they can simply rob us with no oversight… Sorry but those days are fast coming to a close my friend!

  • Robert Brown Post author

    NASA will now traffic humans into space for the elite to diddle.

  • Stanley Draper Post author

    Look for Gay in Space Day!

  • Z Post author

    $50M for a seat? GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Efren Plaza Post author

    Why ISS? Why not our own US space station? Why include Russia? How many times we give China and Russia the bendfit of the doubt and in return screw us up?

  • dafttool Post author

    Did the American taxpayers approve of us spending BILLIONS so that private enterprises can exploit our space investment for their own benefit?

  • J - Hump Post author

    About time, much better then letting her burn up in the atmosphere like Meer ( how ever it is spelled ). The ISS is the opetamie of human technology, innovation, dedication, exploration, and the search for knowledge and understanding., a damn shame for it not to be viewed upon in awe by future generations.

  • turb00o Post author

    Capitalism goes to space.

  • Peter Schmidt Post author

    LOL, LMAO These dirtbags don't give up. Space X " The craft is now in deep space", meanwhile everyone and their brother in California is video'ing the failed debacle on the Iphones as it zooms horizontal off the coastline of LA! You can't make this stuff up! Well, some people can.

  • Peter Schmidt Post author

    Well, whoever goes up there is guaranteed to have an endless supply of clean, freshly pressed clothes.

  • Carl Davis Post author

    No one will be able to escape the return of the King Jesus Christ!!! When its all said and done he will return in a "blink of a eye". I strongly doubt that we will see anything on Mars . This not my opinion I'm stating facts. Even to the non believers just look at the many stories of well known scientists who didnt believe then when they had near death experiences their eyes were open and now they are disciples of Christ Jesus. Everyone have a thing called free will but wisdom will teach you there's only one way. If your not saved i suggest you get saved your eternal life depends on it.

  • See More Toys Post author

    The really mile high (orbit) club!

  • Ross City of Liverpool. Post author

    Had to read that twice" thought it said it's open to Isis at first" then a second look made it all OK.

  • john hamilton Post author

    I believe this is how Han Solo started his career.

  • The Cockatiel Post author

    Can there be a craft just for flat earthers? Make sure to film it, it sure would be hilarious!

  • Tywan Walker Post author


  • Muk Bang Post author

    Porn is space and call of duty in space 🤘🏽

  • SEAN PLOWINGSKY Post author

    space trash! send your trash to space. with waste management, i can see it already. lmfao. another place to dump all the human waste. and send it all way to the sun for only $10k a month. lol.

  • Uncool mango Post author

    So thats the mic everyone uses on csgo, where can I get one?

  • SoCal Drifter Post author

    Mark my word…the first habitat on Mars is going to a have a Logo for Coca Cola, Apple or Amazon.

  • EX DUECE Post author

    Rich people gonna bail.

  • StutteringCrisTop10 Post author

    I can picture future memes using the "Curb your Enthusiasm" song.

  • MrJr Post author

    Elon Musk: *breathing heavily*

  • The Mexican Post author

    Prepared for funeral

  • Emmanuel M Post author

    NASA is literally the biggest crook of our time. They are JUST NOW getting aggressive after SpaceX is beating them with 1/1,000 the budget.

  • Truth Bunker Post author

    What if I was to tell you people there is no goddamn space station and this is just another ploy at soaking money. All these corporations are in on it. Nasa is bullshit

  • Truth Bunker Post author

    Profit makingAt NASA that’ll never happen

  • Brown Suede Post author

    Ahh so you’re losing money and have to open your doors to businesses.

  • TheHumanMechanism MK2 Post author


  • Matteo Marra Post author


  • Adolfo Del Real Post author

    People born in space will soon say no earthlings allowed. Build a wall around earth.

  • Jeffrey Moody Post author

    Let the monitization begin! I forsee sections being sponsored by different companies and adverts plastered all over the ISS now.

  • Steve Sablan Post author

    That’s one small step for woman…

  • Charlie Clark Post author

    I wanna go first!!!!

  • Travis Post author

    I'm excited, having a refueling station and eventually some form of rocket assembly at the moon would make it much easier to send larger rockets throughout the solar system. Creating a 'sustainable lunar presence' will be very difficult, but its a necessary step if we want to explore the solar system more expansively. It is a bit of a bummer that the ISS is opening for commercial use cause its a really valuable space laboratory and we don't really know all of the potential effects of prolonged exposure in space yet. Hopefully NASA or some of the private companies can continue that research.

  • X1area51 II Post author

    Yeah do international delivery within few hrs. Left up n drop pkages . Just like space X lol

  • Q & A Post author

    Can I get an Uber to get up there? 🤔

  • John Hurst Post author


  • Travis McCutchan Post author

    Too bad space doesn’t exist

  • Alex G Post author

    This proves NASA is fake.

  • Axel A. Post author

    Oh god I dont like this.


    Finally.. send a flat earther up to get video

  • broli m Post author

    i want space force to be real

  • david zero Post author

    Will alcohol be served?

  • Normal Man Post author

    let's get it yo!

  • ryder frankle Post author

    Disgraceful! The ISS is not some base camp to export capitalism to the rest of the galaxy!

  • Mustafa Khan Post author


  • King Jay Post author

    so elon musk can us the iss now and why are we still gunning to the moon

  • Zack Bobby Post author

    Nooooo it's all over folks. Trump has really ruined it this time.

  • Work Less Play Harder Post author


  • Dylan Rinck Post author

    What could go wrong

  • I Got 99 Problems But My Alt Aint One Post author

    First Porn in Space 2020,
    Hazard pay for the ckean up crew.

  • George Burdine Post author

    I think it's funny that space travel is limited to 400 kilometers above the earth. The Chinese know we have cameras and other devices that can clearly see the moons surface,and activity would show up big time. With that being said, they tell the world that they went to the dark side of the Moon, and sent pics back from their little endeavor. Did anyone see those pics, damn they were terrible. Almost simultaneously,nasa had a probe from mars sending back pics from there that were stunning. Something seems amiss to me. But I'm sure the television set will take up the slack for people.

  • ohio stin Post author

    This is just a cover for when the moon gets blown up

  • Mikey Hope Post author

    I’d love to grab a coffee at Starbucks at the space station and then go drink it sitting on the moon.

  • Hugo Lemoine Post author

    Slow down bro, you don't need to speak as fast as a rocket.

  • Joseph Douglas Post author

    Don't go into the comments.. Trust me it's conspiracy theorists & people complaining about capitalism because they don't have the intellectual rigor to grasp how systems grow & develop over time.

  • timothy allison Post author

    Space force but by contracters,..
    What is this the middle East on the moon or something??!?!?

  • B M Post author

    Just checkin the comment section to see how many sheep still believe this crap.

  • Big Post author

    NASA opening commercially. Oh but it’s for government and private companies only 😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Borghetti Post author

    Did NASA get approval from the four other space agencies that are joint partners? There are international treaties and the US can't just make a unilateral decision like this. I'm curious if we are provided with more details on how our partners are with the deal.

  • Sergio Alcantar Post author

    Bruh, I wanna take a trip. Is that what a private astronaut is?

  • RYANimations Post author

    American Capitalism at its finest

  • Mark Lo Post author

    Imagine having sex in Space

  • Joe Werner Post author

    Space is fake

  • PAID in BLOOD Post author

    And the propaganda continues. Guaranteed 2024 plan will get pushed back like every other time before it. We can NOT go the moon. So obvious

  • Matt Post author


  • Onkar Dogra Post author

    Wow an idea that was suggested like 10 years ago is finally being implemented! Proud to see the people who "won" the Space Race are keeping up with innovation.

  • Matt Post author


  • Raul Rosado Post author

    Two isis

  • Alex Russell Post author

    Watch these promises be broken. And all they will do is get you high enough and start a free wall and ballers will say omg I was in space. And I'm sure they will have windows that curve the horizon a bit. And I'm sure globers will say I saw the curve too.

  • Dan Thomson Post author

    The “going to the Moon without paying for it” is just an effort to defund NASA (and climate research), and is consistent with everything the current administration has done to Department of Education, Energy, etc.

  • Plastic Crack Head Reviews Post author

    This coming from the same people that say they don't have the technology that they had in 1969 to go to the Moon again.
    Stop lying.

  • Ed Doyle Post author

    How much longer till the invasion.. asking for a friend.

  • joe vetri Post author

    Comments are so cancer but this is so important and you guys don’t even realize

  • Gerald Walls jr Post author

    Anyway to make 💰 and survive

  • Vonda Berryman Post author

    What about all the people flooded here on earth if we condone this The most high will not like it.
    God made his point when he scattered man when king NIMROD was building the tower of babel.
    It's pretty clear we are not supposed to support an evil conglomerate to try and just through the firmament.

  • Atomic Boy Post author

    After all these years they found a use for the space station. A large merry go round.

  • Ëë Mage Post author

    Taxpayer dollars working for the 1%, Super!

  • Cody Caskey Post author

    How long before they get a Starbucks?

  • Dander Spat Post author

    Use it as a space garbage truck.
    Fill it up and dump it out over the Pacific like China does.

  • Slav Boi Post author

    I like nasa

  • Slav Boi Post author

    I will make a McDonald’s there

  • Slav Boi Post author

    Elon musk don’t renovate nasa will

  • Long John Post author

    Built and paid for by the American Middle Class, used as a resort for the uber-wealthy ……

  • Zeromus Ultros Post author

    Fact: The Washington Post its brainless utter low class uneducated so-called 'journalists'' are not politicians in suits. Fact:The Ninth Circuit can prove,that it ain't just a propaganda institution for a certain bogus political party,(the Democrats party.)

  • Columbus1152 Post author

    What's new? Already have had space tourists on ISS.

  • weird alien Post author

    Don't ever think about landing on mars

  • O zoeiro mais zoeirado Post author

    What is ISS

  • All Vill Post author

    The best green screens in the world….globetards ….lol

  • Patrick NEZ Post author

    I'm thinking about starting a crowd-funded project, to send Eddie Bravo and other "flat-earthers" up there. 🤔

  • His Divine Creation Post author

    Lol lol lol 😂😂😂😂

  • ปพัฒน์ เสียงสุทธิวงศ์ Post author

    คลื่นเสียงไม่สามารถสื่อสารหาพวกเค้า แสงเท่านั้นที่พวกเค้าจะรับรู้ได้

  • Hell is other people. Post author

    I just went outside and imagined how a Nike logo will look in the sky.

  • dark ashes Post author

    Has anyone ever asked IBM for a Quantum entangled computer

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