My Study Routine For Double Degree Students/Exams (Law School & Philosophy)

My Study Routine For Double Degree Students/Exams (Law School & Philosophy)

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wake up [Music] hey guys ever over well and we’ll continue videos my I’m super excited for this video because this is going to be a new starting routine and it’s going to be also a little bit different from our previous to study routines because this study routine focuses on double degree students so most of you guys know that I’m studying law and in law school I did the research master and I’m also studying for a second veterinary firm philosophy over a certain scientific field it’s very different to study for two completely different courts and so my study routine has also changed so in this video I will be focusing on a certain routine for double degree students so in my personal case how can I stay focused and remember everything for love it also for philosophy but you can definitely use all these tips also if you’re not a double degree student business might update so UT now that I’m also in my master and also doing a second Bachelor which is completely different in law so if you’re excited for this video please give the thumbs up and let’s start hey guys so sorry these four we’re going to start with my study routine for double degree students I had one little favor I wanted to ask you so here in the Netherlands we have something that’s called this feat award which is a divorce for youtubers or online influencers and I’ve never participated before you have any time left whatsoever because vote for me in this category women which is throw everything is in Dodge so for all my non Dutch speakers hopefully you can figure it out I will put a link here and down below and you have to click on nominations and down the category slough which is a woman in Dutch you can also vote for me in Instagram category if you like you can follow it as many times as you want multiple times a day and don’t feel pressured at all if you want to vote for me if you have a little bit of spare time left it would mean a lot to me but if you don’t want to search for me it’s totally fine I know these things can be a little bit annoying but it would mean a lot to me so yeah if you have the time it would mean so much to me to conclude for me that’s everything No start with the study routine up welcome home from law school or philosophy class I like to chill for a while on a couch and then it’s time to study so first of all I like to make myself some study slacks here I chose to eat some blueberries with cinnamon and make some hot water with lemon because this is very good for your digestion and now it’s time to really start studying first of all I make a schedule or it’s already made of schedule I check it and I use my supplied by Lily student best planner for this that I decide myself and you can check it out as surprised by really just come if you are interested then if any of them are reading and serve all I usually have to be more than I have to read for philosophy however the philosophical articles that I have to read are way more difficult than the material that I have to read for law so I usually spend a little bit more time on reading everything for law and when it comes to philosophy I also do a lot of research online to really understand the original sex that I’m reading I really like to stay organized especially now that I am a double degree student so what I like to do is have four different notebooks two for law and civil philosophy and the one I use for my summaries and also for my notes and a small notebook I used my assignment because it’s easier to take obviously this here I also started making notes on my computer just because the lectures or philosophy are never recorded and I couldn’t fly fast enough to make sure I was writing down everything the feature was saying so that’s why I like to make notes in my computer and if I have time I also rewrite my notes but I don’t always do this because it takes a very long time so it is a very good thing to do because you kind of memorize it at the same time as well when it comes to making a summary I do this a little bit difference for law and philosophy for law usually focus on all the highlighted areas in my book that I staged for now much reading and I also focus on the PowerPoint [Music] when it comes to philosophy and focus more on PowerPoint if we have any and the notes that are made during the lecture because the original texts are sometimes just way too difficult to understand another thing that I like to do and comes to LA is really focused on my codex because we can bring our codex to the exams that’s very important to actually really read and understand all the articles because then it’s very easier to pass your exam and I also like to color coordinate all the Articles that go with each other and also use different colored book works one of my biggest tips that I can give you is making a schematic overview of all the most important things that you need to know and I like to use a lot of colors for this – concealer as I said before a focus more on the book and one on my powerpoint sheet when it comes to philosophy I like to focus more on the fireboard the self which also on my notes and also check online because a lot of philosophical problems are actually really well explained on the Internet not only I usually start with looking on Wikipedia because that’s usually very basic then I go to Stanford II do scopes and sometimes I also search on YouTube for philosophical explanatory videos when it comes to LA I have to memorize a lot of case law so that’s why I always like to make different flashcards with the name of the case alongside and the rule on the other side [Music] – comes to philosophy I like to make little post-it notes where I write the most important reasonings or philosophical problems then I spit them in between my notes if they have a good overview of the most important points that I have to study I organize all my notes in a document folder and if you want to know more organizational tips I actually have a whole video about that so I will link that one down below and the last step in my study routine is going to always take some time to look over practice exams and that’s the end of my cellular team I hope you enjoyed it and if you did please give it a thumbs up so I will make more of them and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because that means a lot to me and I love you love them so that’s the end of my study routine I try to be as clear and specific and helpful as possible don’t forget to check out my other to study with teens because those are specifically focused on how I study during this semester and how I study for my exams the routine as I showed you right now it’s possible to do and during your exams and during your semester I usually do it in both periods but mostly during my exams so I was wondering if you would like me to do a video on how I stay productive and how I can make the most out of my study time so if you want to see some tips at bat please give this a thumbs up and if I reach the two thousand thumbs up yeah mm thumbs up I will definitely film this video for you so please give it a thumbs up and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel of course if you want to be subscribed to my channel I know YouTube is still glitching kind of so a lot of people that have been subscribed to my channel or actually unsubscribe to just check that and if you want to get a notification every time that episode of this video so you don’t miss anything you have to click on the bell next to subscribe it’s ridiculous very to base so many different buttons you need to click on to be subscribed and to get notification but yeah I’m not their designer so I can say anything about that but yeah if you want to get the notification also click them about and if you did both of those things thank you so much I really really appreciate it because I’m also alert her online and I never subscribe to people well now I get a little bit better about that to be honest but at the beginning I was over subscribers including me to love to the youtuber itself so thank you so much if you are thinking oh man if you’re subscribed so let me know it comes up know how your send new team looks like or if you have like this great study tip that I haven’t talked about ever able to share it with other a long time or Sinochem I feels kind of weird to say long time now that I’m also doing philosophy but on the other hand law firm is just it’s just pure oh my law firm even if they’re not studying law so I don’t have anything else to say have a amazing day and I look to you later hi guys [Music] you’re down

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