My Mother-in-Law is a Scorpion

My Mother-in-Law is a Scorpion

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one fine day I answered the phone it was the girlfriend inviting me to her home I met her father he cooked us a meal it was a pleasant evening but I began to feel a presence a shadow eyes on my neck her father looked nervous I began to suspect a secret a lie someone was missing when no one was talking I heard a strange hissing I felt deep down that something was not right I made my excuses I said goodnight one year later at a wedding reception I finally uncovered the horrible deception my mother-in-law is a scorpion uncle fainted maggots have fled whoa a mother-in-law is a scorpion my brother is crying the priest is dead whoa Oh I’m a fun when it’s her Potter getting stars a mother-in-law is a scorpion did you know that scorpions to lay eggs Oh mother-in-law is this copy and I said she was fat she paralyzed my legs whoa whoa whoa whoa [Applause] [Music]

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