My Father-in-Law’s Political Rally in India ✔️ WHAT AN EXPERIENCE 🤯

My Father-in-Law’s Political Rally in India ✔️ WHAT AN EXPERIENCE 🤯

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First, you guys met my brother-in-law
Gaurav and you loved him then we met my wife Manisha and you guys loved her too,
and now today you’re gonna meet my father-in-law, Prem Singh Malik, Malik
Sab, or to me Papa, and we’re gonna do that by going behind the scenes of his
political rally here today in Hansi in Haryana. This is basically my second
home after Delhi. I spend a ton of time here in Haryana and don’t worry he
hasn’t asked me to make this video. This video isn’t paid. This video isn’t
sponsored. You guys know I don’t do sponsored videos and I don’t take money
from brands because I don’t believe in “influencing” you and taking advantage of
my audience like that. We’re going to this political rally simply because I
believe in Papa and this has become part of my life now. But before we go to the
rally, and I show you all the fun stuff, and take you behind the scene. Let me
give you 3 reasons why I support Malik Sab. First reason, he’s a leader. He
does what he thinks is right he stands behind his decisions and he’s not afraid
of anybody and I saw this when he supported me and Manisha’s wedding.
Firstly she’s marrying outside of her caste, she’s marrying outside of her race,
and outside of her religion too, and we had a 0 rupee wedding. All these
things are very very untraditional, especially here in Haryana, and he stood
up for us. There’s another video where you’ll see him fighting with somebody on
Facebook who was criticizing our wedding. That’s the kind of guy he is.
Secondly, he’s a self-made man he knows what success is and he knows how to get
it. He realized that to get his family out
of poverty that he had to go and get an education. So he left the village, he went
to Delhi, he got a degree in political science, and then he started a business. And it didn’t happen overnight. It took him a lot of hard work and I
remember Manisha telling me she could tell her dad’s success because first
they had a bicycle, then they had a scooty, and then they had a car like a
Wagon R, and it just kept going up from there. That’s how she could tell her dad
was getting more and more successful. If you guys want to hear more about his
success story let me know in the comments and I’ll make a video on it.
We’ll go and interview him. Now thirdly, he doesn’t hoard his wealth, he’s not
greedy, he believes in giving back to the community. And I’ve seen this a lot as well. And you know why? It’s because when he had hard times, when he was in poverty, nobody
helped him. So he knows what hardships are like. He knows how people live
here, and he just wants to help people. Now that he’s in a position
to help people, he can. I’ve seen he spends a lot of his wealth on supporting sports, education, and woman. I’ll just give you one quick example. So back in his village he pays all the widows a pension so they can live you
know a bit more easily after their husband passes away because husbands
here in Haryana usually bring home the bacon and the wives are usually
houseware so how can they support themselves if their husband passed.
That’s the kind of guy he is. I know him well, I’ve lived with him, and yeah,
these are 3 reasons why I support him. Now, let’s go check out the rally and
let’s go have some crazy fun naa? 🎵 Prem Malik Theme Song 🎵 Long live India! Long live India! This is a motorcycle rally just like
how we have overseas right? So, all these motorcyclists, we’re all meeting for a
purpose, for a reason, and the reason is to remember the martyrs and freedom
fighters of India. That’s why it’s here at Shahid Bhagat Singh Stadium. Shahid means “martyrs,” Bhagat Singh was an Indian freedom fighter, a very very popular Indian
freedom fighter. That’s why we’re starting here. It’s all about remembering the
martyrs and freedom fighters of India today. Alright, we got a ton of people in here now. A few hundred people. We’ve got the national cadets up there. We’ve got the,
the male police officers over here, we’ve got the female police officers over
there. Everybody’s here. It’s awesome. Papa’s going to give a
speech soon then the rallies gonna stay you’re gonna hear all these motorbikes
firing up and us cruising around Hansi. Long live India! Greetings to all my brothers. Thank you for joining us. I request you to maintain order and discipline throughout the rally. And move peacefully without any screaming or hooting. All the credit goes to Mr. Prem Singh Malik for organising it so well. He took the initiative to remember the martyrs and show the power and potential of the youth of Hansi. We know he will fulfil our demand for a sports stadium for the youth of Hansi. And we want him to be a leader and represent Hansi in the legislature. We’re going to go on about a 10 km ride around Hansi. Make a big noise. And then we’re going to end up at a destination for lunch. And hopefully, there’ll be chickpeas and sweets on the menu. Let’s see naa? Alright, everybody’s here now. The family’s
here. Who are you? Sunita Malik. Prem Singh Malik’s? Wife! Who are you? MANISHA: Shhh! And this is Auntie. Auntie, say something. Ram Ram. Ram Ram. (Haryanvi Greeting). Now, this is the car we’re gonna be taking. We’re not riding bikes. We’re on this
car and we’re going to lead the procession around Hansi actually. This is my first time on a motorcade. I’m not used to being the center on a motorcade. Have you ever done this before? Riden on a motorcade like this? MANISHA: No, I don’t do these things. But look behind us…. We’ve got the tractor behind us, following us, and it’s playing uncle’s song. Playing Papa’s song. Did you know your
dad has his own song? Yeah! I don’t know that, you didn’t tell me your dad got a song. Is it Diljit Dosanjh? Who’s singing? No! Arijit Singh?
MANISHA: No, some local singer. A Haryanvi singer. Diljit only sings in Punjabi. He can’t sing in Haryanvi. Let’s go! The motorcade is starting. And ya gotta hold on, like this. We got a speaker on this thing too. The driver’s got a microphone. So, we’re basically letting everybody
know that Prem Singh Malik is running in the elections. Yeah, we’re just going around and
showing his face around the village here. Around Hansi. And we’ve got this massive
motorcade that leads so far that way… So far this way as well. There’s a ton of people here. Must be like a thousand or so, or more. Hundreds of motorbikes. We’re in the middle of the Hansi market right now. This is awesome! There are people everywhere! Even up on the roof! And so what’s happening is we’re
stopping wave at people and say hello to people. As we travel through the Hansi
main market. This is such an experience, my God. Tomorrow we are going to start our cleanliness drive. I will not be at peace until Hansi is completely clean! It’s raining right now. We’re getting soaked. What to do? It’s the monsoons, so… Totally soaked. It’s raining right now and we’re
walking into the community centre. And there’s gonna be free food for everybody. We will eat, won’t we? Let’s do it. SUBSCRIBER: I’m you’re bin fan!
KARL: Oh! You’re the man! I’ve been watching your videos since 2-3 years. Awesome Bro, thank you. Indian-Pakistan was one of my favourites. India-Pakistan border crossing… KARL: Me too. Long live Haryana! Long live India! Long live Karl! There’s 3 levels of food here. And you’ve got Jalebi, Chickpeas, and Fried Bread. And a bunch of other dishes for
everybody to eat after that long like 5 km ride. And it was incredible. You’re driving around and you waving to literally thousands of people and people are like waving back and
smiling, and yeah, it’s such a sweet experience to see all their positivity,
all those smiles, and all these people that are supporting Malik Sab.
It’s awesome. It’s just incredible. Okay, so like I was saying before I got
interrupted by a bunch of people. So, we took the car around, we stopped at a
bunch of martyr sites, uncle paid tribute to them, and one of them, I mean,
Ambedkar he was not a martyr but he was the guy who wrote the Constitution of India and
they’ve got a very important statue of him here on Ambedkar street, here in Hansi, and we stopped for speeches, we stopped to dance, and yeah, a crazy
experience. Alright, the party’s over, Alright, the party is over now, we’re going home,
“Hey, what’s up bro?” and you can hear my voice. Two hours in the motorcade with the
Sun coming down, really really tough. But it was an amazing experience because
we got to wave at people, we’ve got the greet people, we met so many people during that
motorcade, and yeah, just the smiles we got from all the people in Haryana was just
incredible. Everybody was waving back, everybody was greeting Malik Sab, and
just to see those smiles was amazing! Haryanvi people are so so jolly, so
happy, and such good people. And what I was trying to say before the battery
cutoff is, I’m gonna have a break now we’re gonna go find Papa and have a chat
with him. Why do you want to go into politics? I have been into social work for the past 15 years. And now the people want me to join politics because they think I can do good work. A common man has limited resources to spend on social welfare. The government’s resources are also required and politics gives a ccess to those. What do you want for Hansi? Hansi is a very backward constituency. It does not even have some of the basic facilities. For example, the issues of cleanliness and waterlogging. There are no good colleges or universities here and no government hospitals either. Law and order is also an issue here. There are no good stadiums for aspiring sportspersons. It is my vision that all this basic infrastructure and facilities should be available in Hansi constituency. KARL: OK, thank you. PAPA: Thank you. The sun is going down over Hansi now. And so, Uncle has always
wanted to serve the Indian people. He started in the National Cadets and he couldn’t go into the army, he actually wanted to join the army, but he couldn’t because he knew he had to go and make some money to support this big joint family. But now, he’s financially stable and he’s ready to serve the people of Hansi. Then hopefully the people of India. Everybody is just sitting down here, chilling now, after a very very long day! Everybody is so tired. I went and had a nap though,
so I’m feeling amazing right now. But everybody else is super super
tired. It’s not as easy as it looks Long live India! RAMESH: My English is not good.
KARL: Don’t worry bro! So what’s your name? Ramesh Kumar. And you’re from Hansi, isn’t that right? Yes.
And you saw us in the news today? RAMESH: Just before 5 minutes and I came.
KARL: Just 5 minutes ago. And you knew where Prem Singh Malik lives and you came and found us. Yes, yes. So good to meet you Bro. Thank you so much. Thank you for coming, good to meet you Bro. That guy was really sweet and that was a really nice way to end the day. He saw me on the news & he knew I was in town. So he came to find me and that’s
why I don’t usually say where I am in smaller places like Hansi or when
I’m at the village because it’s very easy to find me. And it’s not that I don’t want
my subscribers to find me, it’s because there’s some people out there which are
not very happy with me. I get threats and, yeah, certain segments of people in India
and not happy with me. So, I kind of obfuscate where I am just so they can’t
find me, but yeah I’m always happy to meet my subscribers and, yeah, that was
like I said, such a nice way to end the day.

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