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– That’s a 20 foot
snake right there, guys. That is a big snake. And everyone that comes to visit always says that like, I thought she was big
until I came to see her and she’s a lot bigger than I even expect. Whoa! Bringing me and Bruce
together, that’s for sure. That’s a good girl. Whoa! Oh! Hey good morning everybody, and welcome to the vlog. And I know how you guys love when I start the vlog
going inside Lucy’s cage. And that’s right, she shed, she pooped. She pretty much did a number on her cage. But we’re gonna go inside and we’re gonna say hi to Miss Lucy. Hi little girl. Hi sweetheart. How you doing today? You in a good mood? Yes, yes my girl is. She’s continuing to be in a good mood which makes my life so much easier. That’s for sure, because she
is definitely a big girl. Don’t you go in that poopy water. Don’t do it! Just gonna kinda slowly work her. She’s just got a little
bit of stuck shed on her. So we’re gonna go ahead
and put her in some water in a second here and
then we’ll get her cage all spiffied up, but in
the meantime me and Bruce are just gonna take her out and see what she’s got going on. That’s a 20 foot snake right there guys. That’s a big snake. And everyone that comes to
visit always says that like, I thought she was big
until I came to see her and she’s a lot bigger
than I ever expected. Whoa! Bringing me and Bruce
together, that’s for sure. That’s a good girl. Whoa! Oh! Oh, oh my gosh. Oh, she’s pulling us the wrong way. – Holy moly. – There we go, there we go Lucy. I mean what a, I tell you what, I love this snake so much. And I love the fact that
now I can handle her without any trepidation
about getting bitten. Which is just absolutely incredible. But I tell you what,
that is a heavy snake. Doing a couple squats right now would probably be a good
way to do a workout. Ready, one, two, three, okay I’m done. All right Lucy, you won, you won. I tell you what, it’s hard to even explain how heavy that snake is. And I know she would
love to get in the water. We’ll do some more swimming
pretty soon with her. But right now, I’m gonna
out her in this water and we’ll get her cage all cleaned up. There we go sweetheart. Ah, good. She loves water, so she usually
goes in here like a champ. Look at her! She’s just curling right up! What a good girl. Oh my gosh girl, you are amazing. I am so lucky and so blessed
to have a snake like this. She might be a handful at times, but when she’s lovely
and has this personality like she’s had lately, it is the most incredible experience ever. All right, we’ll let her
soak for a little bit. Get her cage cleaned up, get her back in. And my bet is she’s gonna
climb right up into that tree. There’s absolutely no easy
way to kinda candy coat this. This is definitely poop soup right here. Tons of poop, urine, shed,
it smells, it’s stinky. So what I’m gonna have
to do is get my strainer, stain all this out. We’re gonna vacuum all this up, kinda just spot clean this,
add down some new bedding. We’ll vacuum all this bare
shed skin all over the place. But, by far, the nastiest
and may I say aromic, is right here, this is unbelievable. Woo, I tell you what,
we should do a contest. Anyone that would take a spoon
and, no I want do that guys. Let’s just go ahead
and clean this mess up. (pop music) – [Cameraman] So how do
you feel right now Bry? – I shouldn’t have ate
that waffle this morning. (both laugh) Guys that is, she’s
made a mess a few times. That is absolutely the worst thing. And the smell is beyond belief. I’m not even kidding
you, I can handle a lot. The worst part is, there
is nothing I can do but go in here and get my hands dirty to get this thing cleaned up. So, oh my goodness. Yeah, they said it was gonna be fun working with animals, you know? (laughs) The truth is, you know what,
as much as it’s terrible and it legitimately stinks, I
still wouldn’t trade this life for anything, I’ll be honest with you. I know it seems really bizarre, but I’m actually having
a pretty good time, I’m not gonna lie to you. I love Lucy and if I have to
do this every now and then, that’s fine, and there
goes the nasty smell. Woo hoo! That’s a good one. I challenge you guys, if you’re watching, comment down below. If you wanna do this, if you
come in here and clean this one time when it’s this
bad, and you don’t throw up, I’ll give you like 100
dollars worth of merch. So comment down below
if you wanna do this. And I’ll pick some people
that are in the area and make you guys do this. And I’ll bet you dollars
to donuts you’ll be yacking by the end of this. This is 32 years of experience
to not throw up, so. Okay, I got some cleaning to do. (upbeat music) All cleaned up, gonna smell
that for a while guys. Let’s go ahead and check on Lucy, see how she’s faring. She looks absolutely gorgeous. And again, just that little bit of a soak is gonna be enough to get
that little bit of skin off that she has on here. We’ll just kinda help her get locked. There we go sweetheart, it’s
okay, it’s okay sweetie. She loves the water so much
she almost hates to come out. See how she really just
prefers to stay in the water. She doesn’t even wanna come
out, that’s okay sweetheart. There we go, there it comes off real good. All right, she’s got all that shed off, she is looking gorgeous. I think we’ll go ahead and
probably feed her tomorrow. She’s probably gonna be really hungry. She’s got a ferocious appetite right now. And she’s definitely gonna wanna eat. But she looks so incredible,
I love this girl. And again I know a lot of you
guys are probably thinking like that’s nothing like
the Lucy I remember. I know you guys love it
when I’m battling with her, she’s striking at me, don’t get me wrong, it’s an exciting thing. But as I mentioned, she’s gonna
go right back up that tree. I actually love her when she’s like this. When she’s like a puppy dog
and I can just play with her. Because that’s what I really wanna do. I don’t wanna get bit by
her, I wanna play with her. So I told you guys, I could start every day of my life like this. That was stinky but absolutely incredible. This is just a pastel bred to a fire bee, the fire bee is a pastel,
a fire, and a spider. Nothing really overwhelmingly crazy in this collection to be honest with you. Looks like we have a nice
little fire bee right here. Another probably just
bumblebee right here. Which is fine, the weird
thing is we didn’t really get any super pastel
stuff, with the exception I think this one might just
be a normal super pastel. But we didn’t get super pastel fire stuff. As far as fires go, we ended up getting a little fire right here. And then we ended up
getting a couple fireflies. Which are actually the
pastel and the fire animals. Which are really pretty,
but we didn’t get anything super pastel and fire
which is a little bit of a disappointment. But nevertheless, some
really beautiful snakes still hatched out. This is actually a dragonfly,
which is a pastel fire pinstripe bread to a flame. Now usually the flame
and the fire are the same and they’ll produce black eyed Lucy’s. But we got a couple interesting combos. Now I’m a little bit
unsure of what’s going on. Of course the first one here
is just a fire pinstripe. Pretty classic fire pinstripe,
nothing unusual there. Then we got a couple
dragonflies right here. Which again, are the pastel,
the fire, and the pinstripe. And here’s another one of those. Again, that’s stuff
you would expect to get out of something like this. I did get a couple actual
flame or fireball pythons. Again, typically, I’ve
always thought the flame and the fire are the same. I still think it probably is. But then I got a normal pinstripe, again, that’s all normal. But then, this hatched. And I absolutely am not
sure what’s going on with this animal right here because to me it looks
like a super pastel fire pinstripe maybe, possibly. The problem was the flame wasn’t a pastel. So you have to have pastel on both sides to get the super pastel. So in the meantime I’ve got
this mystery snake here, I have no idea what it’s about. But never less it is super cool. Oh my gosh, take a look at these. These are so cute. Of course these are some
more baby cave geckos. The Chinese cave geckos that hatched. And we work with a
couple different species, but it is so awesome to see
these little monkeys out. Jessica’s gonna be super happy too because she really loves working with this particular species of animal. Such a cool little thing. A little smaller than
a baby leopard gecko, but absolutely adorable. Down in the dungeon with Kelsey. Hey Kelsey, what do we have today? – We have a pin spark bred
to a fire yellow belly. – Oh, oh my gosh, you know that pin spark is allelic for yellow belly
that produces the puma stuff. So that fire yellow belly
of course is fire and spark. We can produce fire puma
pinstripes which would be amazing. Let’s see what she has. And I love this girl, she took I think last year
off of laying so let’s see. I mean just look at how beautiful that animal is right there. And oh my gosh! That is a freaking huge
clutch of eggs right there. – [Kelsey] That’s a good clutch. – [Bryan] Oh yeah, holy cow Kelsey. Way to kinda end the year
off with a couple of bangers. Oh my gosh, look at this, wow. – [Kelsey] There we go. – Now that’s good, and again,
that puma is a one in four shot with yellow belly so the fact that we have all kinds
of eggs really increases the chance of producing
that all gene animal. How many eggs are there? – [Kelsey] One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11. – [Bryan] 11 eggs, so 11 eggs
that’s a pretty good one. Do we have another clutch today? – Yes we do. – All right, let’s get on
to that, that’s awesome. And the next clutch? – The next clutch is a normal female bred to a cinnamon cypress. – Okay and that cinny
cypress we’ve already had shout a couple clutches some
amazingly beautiful babies. So let’s go ahead, see
what we have going on here. Not that many clutches left, so looks like we got
some sluggers down here. Got a little boob egg right there. Let’s see if mama has some
good eggs underneath her. What do you got girl? – [Kelsey] Look at how huge that egg is. – [Bryan] That is a big egg. But it’s definitely not
an extremely great clutch to say the least, so looks
like we got just two good eggs. We got two, four, six slugs. Isn’t it weird, I always say that towards the end of the year you start
to have fertility issues. But we had that beautiful
clutch from the pin spark. 100 percent fertile, then
you have a clutch like this that’s like 70 percent infertile. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. But regardless, it does happen, that’s part of breeding snakes. Overall, we had amazing
fertility this year, and we still do have a few more clutches of ball pythons that laid this year. I’ll take every single clutch
that’s been an amazing year. Because Kelsey works so hard, good job. – Thank you. – Got some ball python eggs to cut today. This one is actually a few
babies have already hatched out which are of course
just normal enchis. But this was actually an enchi pin. One of my favorite female
ball pythons that I have to be honest with you, and it actually was bred
to a pastel enchi banana. So we could get some super
enchis, enchis, banana pins, enchi pins, super enchi banana
pins, all kinds of stuff. Let’s jump in. And a lot of these eggs
have already pipped out so they are definitely ready to go, so I’m excited to see what
we have in these clutches. The first little egg right over here looks to me like maybe a banana but it could be an enchi banana, but I’m not 100% sure. I’m gonna surprised that it
might be just a normal banana. This little guys head is kinda peaking out so I’m just gonna cut right around it. See what we have in this egg. Let’s see here. Okay, looks like this is
probably a super enchi ball python, just really bright. The enchi is like an enhancer gene, it kinda reduces pattern
and brightens things up. That’s a beautiful snake right there. Probably just a super enchi. Let’s go ahead and cut this egg here, and again, these guys are ready to go. Okay, well we definitely have
an enchi banana pinstripe. Could be a super enchi banana pinstripe. As a matter of fact,
the more I look at it, the reduction of pattern
and stuff like that, I’m almost positive that
it’s a super enchi banana pinstripe, which is the all gene animal. That’s as much as we could possibly get. So at least we hit one that is pretty. Awesome, this little
egg is already hatched. These guys over here,
so we’re gonna go ahead and move on to this egg
and see what we have. Oh my gosh, sometimes these egg tubes they just rip into this
stuff like you can’t believe. Okay this looks like just an
enchi pinstripe right here. Which is pretty normal, no problem. Haven’t had a lot of banana stuff yet. That was kind of a little bit interesting. But, that’s okay, what do
we have in this egg here? All right, looks like
another enchi pinstripe. So we’re not really crushing the odds, but we’re getting some stuff. What do we have here? Definitely another banana, this one just looks like
an enchi banana pinstripe, right here because again,
you don’t have that extreme reduction of pattern that
we saw in that other egg that of course was the super enchi. All right, we got two
eggs left in this clutch. See what we have here. All right well we got a banana for sure. Just gotta open up just
a little bit to see what’s going on. I have a feeling that this is either, this is definitely
either a enchi banana or a super enchi banana. And by the color reduction
of pattern I think there’s a good chance this
is a super enchi banana. Until it hatches out
we’re really not sure. One last egg in this clutch. Looks like it’s a pinstripe for sure. And what is it? It’s an enchi pin. Doesn’t look like a super enchi pin. So, there you have it,
kind of a mixed bag. We had some really cool stuff
some kinda more normal stuff. But never less a really
awesome clutch if snakes. I’m super happy about this baby. And that super enchi banana pin, that’s gonna be a ripper. Everday you can start the day handling a 20 foot python like Lucy is a great day, even if
it is a little bit stinky. If you enjoyed that video,
here’s another video when Lucy wasn’t quite as happy. Here’s an entire playlist of giant snakes. And if you don’t mind, make sure to subscribe right over here, turn those post notifications on. Be kind to someone and I promise
I’ll see you guys tomorrow. (upbeat music)


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