Museum of Human History: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Museum of Human History: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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[music] – Hey Yellah, wanna play
with the quantum computer? – No Blonde, QC’s for babies. Let’s play RBG. – What’s RBG? – Ruth Bader Ginsburg. [music] – What’s a Ruth Bader Ginsburg? – Only the coolest human woman in history. – Are these figurines life size? – No way! According to the museum
guide, RBG was at least nine feet tall which is why
she broke so many glass ceilings. – [Blonde] What’s that? – [Yellah] Oh, that’s her first
attack move, passing the bar. – Looks more like a pipe to me. – [Yellah] In 1972, RBG founded
the Women’s Rights Project. – What kind of rights did women want? – [Yellah] Equal pay, reproductive freedom, and equality under the law. – They didn’t have those already? – Nope, but that didn’t stop RBG. She argued six gender discrimination cases in front of the supreme
court, and won five! – The pedestal upon which
women have been placed has all too often been revealed as a cage. – [Yellah] This was another
stage of RBG’s transformation where she acquired a cape and became part of the justice league. – Cool! – She revolutionized American law with the unprecedented and incendiary idea that people should be treated the same and she did this using the
greatest super power she had – Dissent! Dissent! – [Blonde] Why does
this one look different? – This is when RBG started
to do this human thing called aging where people got smaller and weaker and more into bingo. As the other justices
also aged and retired the Republican president started nominating new judges to the court. – They look like monsters! – Oh, they were, terrifying monsters who wanted to send America
back to the stone age! It was a scary time, but
just as all seemed lost and her health began to fail… Robo-Bader Ginsburg was born! – Robo-Bader Ginsburg? – The Democrats built
RBG into a full on cyborg so that she could survive for centuries righting injustices all around the world with her jurisprudence, her
well-researched opinions and her laser canon arm! – Whoa! – Yellah, Blonde, your Globes
Pie is carbon decaying. – [Girls] Coming Mom! [music]

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