Multifandom || Can i keep you?

Multifandom || Can i keep you?

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a ghost can be a lot of things… a memory a daydream a secret grief anger guilt in my experience… most times they’re just what we want to see. most times a ghost is a wish. i couldn’t say goodbye. i don’t believe it’s possible. death doesn’t let you say goodbye. it just… carves holes in your life, in your future, in your heart. i don’t know if i can do this without you. how do you live with it? is better not to give into it. it takes ten times longer to put yourself back together than does to fall apart. it’s worth it. it is. it’s not fair, and… you know, it hurts like hell, but it’s worth it. make a wish. i wish i could just freeze them. can i keep you? keep them just like this forever. i wish… i wish you were here. i wished for mom to live. …for happines like this forever. i said a lot of things… are you coming? it’s all you. there was one thing i… didn’t say, couldn’t… but i’m here and now it’s time, one last look. one more minute. goodbye. you guys go on without me. how could we?

70 thoughts on “Multifandom || Can i keep you?

  • Taylor D Post author

    This is spectacular, such a fantastic edit and perfect choices

  • GlamourStar0x Post author

    Absolutely gorgeous video

  • Freshprinceofoz Post author

    Amazing edit! When I saw the title I hoped it was a reference to Casper (a childhood love of mine) and I was so happy to see it included!!

  • zowho Post author

    that was so so beautiful… the bit from 2:10 to 2:16 broke me sjdfkj im so happy you managed to finish this, the theme/narration is particularly emotional but heartwarming at the same time. Thanks for this!

  • EndlesslyDreaming Post author

    This is a work of art,I mean wow I am awe of just how talented you are. Stunning absolutely stunning. 💗

  • Larsen Hurtado Taco Post author

    Could you make one of "The Pianist" by Roman Polatsky? Gloomy and depressive as some Chopin compositions {: ^)

  • Larsen Hurtado Taco Post author

    By the way, I have been following you in other accounts for a long time, I like that style that you capture in your videos, it is admirable.

  • Moon Dreamer Post author

    god it's beautiful!

  • Katrin G. Post author

    It's such a wonderful video !! While browsing I got goose bumps, go !!! I thought about many things, many moments remembered from my life. Thank you for such a deep and sensual video. I will always be amazed at your talent for creating such magnificence. It's really very beautiful, words are not enough just to describe my emotions now !!

  • hayedits Post author

    this is a true masterpiece, i got chills! i'm speechless, really.

  • Cova av Post author

    this is art. I love your videos so much!! You are so talented 🙂

  • Hιтʟᴇʀ Post author

    I think I'm in love with you

  • Rhowski Post author

    I only opened my eyes but now I wanna crawl back to bed after this 💀
    I'm so, so happy you finished something that meant to be kept in my faves since march OO

    I don't want this to be a pressure but yo now I am waiting st videos, 'cause you brought it on yourself with being hopeful in the description 🤡

    Sam's line is rad move against me personally 'cause that episode still in my head with those words asdfghjkl

  • Domz Edits. Post author

    Tus putos videos siempre me inspiran a editar. Gracias por hacerlos

  • LadyArcadia98 Post author

    Oh my my, this is such a beautiful little piece of art.. I don't know most of the fandoms but the visuals are so pretty, and Son Lux's music always creates that magical atmosphere.. Idk this is something that makes you wanna smile, it's like a sunny, warm spring afternoon spent under the trees, waiting for the sun to go down

  • suncore598 Post author

    Beautiful video on the theme of loss. I love that you included Quentin and Eliot. Those two deserved better.

  • Daddynegan Post author

    that was so amazing… this is art.

  • Ataraxia Post author

    Jesus christ,, this is so beautiful,,

  • dantheman8251 Post author

    Incredible! Everything from the scenes, colouring, change in aspect ratio. Your editing is so hopefully yet so melancholy ugh I’m feeling a lot of things rn!! The parallels were seamless, I particularly loved the transition into widescreen. Chills

  • FaithKomTrikru Post author

    This is so beautiful

  • xenchantedqueen Post author

    everything you make is a work of art, this is soo beautiful! <3

  • hawksquared Post author

    This is beautiful, and so subtly edited. Love the way you combined scenes and dialogue.

  • Born To Be Weird Post author

    This is so beautiful

  • Gabbyb133 Post author

    um fuck off bih???

  • LaurenMichelle Post author

    Sara, this is a masterpiece. Seriously. I don’t even know what else to say. Your editing is always so beautiful, and this is no exception. I have goosebumps everywhere. 🥺💙✨

  • Blind King Post author


  • X Cecil Post author


  • Dayana Hamdan Post author


  • Mary Tyler Post author

    This masterpiece made me cry. Thank you for sharing such a deep and emotional video! (And I'm loving this coloring, it looks so warm and beautiful!)

  • yoreoo Post author

    who give you right to make me feels? :____: its perfect like always!

  • uGh n o Post author

    I don’t quite know but something about this video just hits me. There’s something about it that just makes me feel things. I can’t explain it but thank you for making this. It’s beautiful.

  • Ann-Therese Greaves Post author

    this gave me chills i admire your editing so much but more than that i admire your gift for telling a story and making people feel something

  • Hubble Blue Post author

    My dear shainira. Again a masterpiece. So many emotions in such a short time. I never get tired of your works.

  • Joonhee Post author

    OH MY GOD. I love your video so much. Can I ask you from which show is the voice-over : "death doesn't let you say goodbye"? So powerful!

  • Killer Palace Post author

    Heartbreaking. Amazing job!

  • skye Post author

    This is what I call art. And this is the reason I use youtube. Thank you for this touching and beautiful video, full of sorrow, light and magic.

  • Mellan Clear Post author

    You really are one of the best on this site Shainira

  • cybernic Post author

    *goosebumps*. Holy shit this is so beautiful. Wow. You're amazing!

  • laurapalmer Post author

    This is such a beauty, I'm in love. This is art. It's perfect from the beginning to the end and you can't keep your eyes off of it. <3

  • Snowlight Productions Post author


  • Ruwin Heredhether Post author

    Finally someone used this beautiful song ^^ Also thanks for Norma & Norman! :'-)

  • vagabond Post author

    Ethereal. Beautiful. Emotional. This is such a breathtaking edit, truly you’re so talented. 🖤

  • voordeel Post author

    dammit your talent makes me feel the feels! You're magnificent as always❤❤❤

  • paranoidowlet Post author

    yay you’re baaaack!

  • avery - Post author

    bruh i been in love with casper for so long this just made my heart ughhhhh

  • kristina tollefson Post author

    so love this video it so cool and sweet

  • Megan Davis Post author

    So beautiful!

  • Storystein Post author

    The type of video that makes you cry, but you're not sure if they are tears of joy or sadness.

  • mathildeqnd Post author

    You are so talented omg

  • Imane Post author

    Wow I cried, you're so talented!

  • thenormalstate Post author

    Something that you are a master of is creating atmospheres for each video. Every single one is its own little world. So often, coloring is used to try to mask and meld the different styles in each piece of content. But with your videos, I’m not watching Supernatural with an overtone. I’m watching a familiar story in a new world, where other stories come to play. I don’t know how you do that, but it’s impeccable.

  • StaticLines Post author

    welcome back! glad to have you <3
    you are so masterful at what you do, i can tell how much thought and effort goes into each and every one of your videos. its always such a pleasure to watch them, the flow is perfect, the quotes AMAZING, the colouring brilliant. i mean this with my entire heart that i absolutely cant wait to see what videos you make about stranger things! ive been waiting since it came out, like ive never felt such genuine excitement for an editor to release some videos lol. i know you're gonna craft something amazing whenever you choose to make it <3

  • Bored uhh Post author

    Like footprints on the beach we aren't forever, but were solid until that wave comes crashing down on us and when it does we'll be ready. I will take your hand and hold it and say my goodbyes and you will be gone and I will be here, wishing it was me.

  • Naomi Brackett Post author

    This is beyond stunning.

  • madxthing Post author

    your talent is just otherwordly sara there are no words……i'm blown away every time

  • isabela cristina Post author

    That is so beautiful!You did amazing as always, making me "feel" the video

  • AzureLight Post author

    this is the definition of art <3

  • MidnightBliss Post author

    Absolutely stunning!

  • Giovana Toledo Post author

    this is mindblowing!!!

  • vatikan cameos Post author

    when you add little sammy i'm on tears😭

  • Mini Vijayan Post author

    I don’t know a single show (except for Stranger Things) in this edit, but you are sooo good at editing (your one of my two favorite editors)!

  • xxbludger Post author

    I feel like you're entering this new phase of editing where you're constructing these works that feel very original. Instead of using particular characters or particular plots, you're pulling from different stories and the tone they set, to create your own tone. When I was watching this, of course I recognized some scenes, but it also just felt very natural – that there wasn't any particular scene or character that I was looking for. I think that's the risk with multifandom, people want to see certain shows and movies! But the way you constructed this makes it so that it doesn't really matter which show or which movie people want to see, because they'll all blend together anyway.

    I actually went to close my screen when the first act finished, because I thought it was over. Sweet, and melancholy. And then I gasped because there was a whole second half! And it felt like such hope, and had that classic overlay of quotes and thoughts and visuals in quick succession, so it really feels like a turning point. I'm so excited to see how this style affects your future videos!

  • Ghost3221 Post author

    Pure work of art my friend, lovely! 🙂

  • Axelle Courtois Post author

    God, I love your edits.

  • Alina Reybey Post author

    Shit this was beautiful 😭❤️❤️

  • Safa kaduji Post author

    Oh boy, how I have missed Ur edits, this had me weeping in the corner this is so beautiful

  • Marcela de Carvalho Post author

    what a masterpirce! it is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

  • TheNowemy Post author

    awesome video

  • MetroGirlzStation Post author

    The beauty and subtlety of your editing is breathtaking and I'm so glad you're back to bless us with more masterpieces. Please make more videos like this one!

  • Lago Prano Post author

    Одно слово – великолепно

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