Mother-in-Law Wants to Wear White to Wedding

Mother-in-Law Wants to Wear White to Wedding

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We all know that at a wedding,
only the bride should wear white, right? Well, one bride to be is in her feelings
after a soon to be mother in law announced her plans to wear an off
white dress to her wedding. The bride posted to the site, MumsNet,
asking if she should confront her and risk coming off as a bridezilla or just play it
cool and act like it doesn’t bother her. So ladies, what advice will you give this bride to be?
>>Girl, clearly, that mom doesn’t like you anyway, so tell her how you feel.
>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]>>Cuz who does that? I mean, you guys, that is a known thing. You don’t wear white to
someone else’s wedding. And I think that unless they’ve requested,
I’ve been to all white weddings, where everyone is supposed to wear white. But if they didn’t request you to wear
white, you’re not supposed to wear white. That’s low key rude on the mom, and
I think she don’t like you anyway.>>[LAUGH]>>I could see that.>>Just tell her.>>I guess, for me, personally, I don’t care. If it was my wedding day,
I’m gonna shine, baby. There’s no way-
>>Anyways.>>You in your little white dress. It’s gonna be like trying to stand
in front of me and my bat signal. There’s no way you’re gonna dull my shine. But when it comes to having a talk with
somebody, a mother in law, it’s just, I feel it’s weird to talk to somebody
about, could you not wear that? Because then I don’t feel as special and
you’re upstaging me. You know what I mean,
that conversation is so whack to me.>>This is not like the average Thursday, this is your wedding.
>>Yeah, but->>But it was like she said, she went off white, so it’s like-
>>It’s not a big deal.>>Yeah, I’m with you, Jeanie, I wouldn’t let someone ruin my day. If you wanted to do it, go on and
do it, but it’s still, I’m the bride.>>[APPLAUSE]>>It’s not gonna stand in front of your way.
>>But how would you have felt? Did anybody wear white at your wedding?
>>No, and I think it would depend on
the type of person she is. If she was always the type of
person to play the victim or wanted attention,
I would just not play that game. I would be like, whatever, do you. They’re gonna talk about you anyway. You’re gonna look crazy. But if she was really nice and
she didn’t have anything else to wear and she felt like she looked really, really
beautiful in that dress, I don’t know. I just would kind of just let it be.
>>Yeah, just let her live her life.
>>I personally didn’t say that anybody couldn’t wear white. I really didn’t care. You could wear whatever.
>>Right, so you wouldn’t care either?>>No, I wouldn’t care, but this person, this is bothering her. So I’m saying if it really bothers you and
it’s upsetting you, like I said, the lady don’t like you anyway. So you should be able to express your
feelings to her and just say hey, it’s my day, I kinda didn’t want
anybody else wearing white. I don’t care, personally, I think like
Jeanie said, if you’re so worried about that, you might even not be in the right
frame of mind for getting married. Cuz that’s not what marriage is about, is the dress color.
>>She nailed it.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>She nailed it, yeah.>>If you’re so worried about your mother-in-law’s dress color, and
that’s gonna mess up your day, then you’re not getting married for the right reasons.
>>Or you could just let her wear off white,
and you come in black. I mean, do something different.
>>[LAUGH]>>That’s what I think, but if it’s something that,
everybody’s different. There are people that are very traditional
that want things done a certain way. And if that’s the case, then I think you
should be able to voice your opinion.>>There are some rules though that are still there for no reason,
don’t wear white after Labor Day. I know this is different.
>>Yeah, I break that all the time.>>But there are women who are like, you’re not supposed to do that. You’re just not, or
wearing a little bit of color.>>Why? Who said that?
>>And that’s why it makes no sense. When there’s a wedding, remember the one time you actually
didn’t have your eyes on the bride? It’s hard to think that way.
>>But what if the mother in law is
helping to pay for the wedding? [LAUGH]
>>And you think that she [CROSSTALK]>>She can wear whatever she wants.>>Exactly. [LAUGH]
>>Girl, we’ll get two brides dressed as a two for
one special, okay?

100 thoughts on “Mother-in-Law Wants to Wear White to Wedding

  • Sharon Browne Post author

    Mother in law is evil and trying it. Put an end to that now because monster in law is only going to get worst.

  • DiDi Nwabude Post author

    Adrienne didnt change her POV. she said she personally wouldn't care, but wearing white to another person's wedding is still rude.

  • Odessa Hiraman Post author

    The bride shouldn't be the one having that awkward conversation. The groom or someone close to the mother in law should have a private discussion with her telling her it's not okay to wear white

  • Maerwynn Post author

    Oh hell no!! Kick her ass out

  • ASHSID Post author

    Whitley Gilbert mama

  • Nhylia Burl Post author

    I’m sorry but it’s a no. I always said MY mother can, but my mother n law, hell no.

  • Alexandra's World Post author

    This literally happened at my moms wedding. Her mother in law (my grandma) wore an “off-white” dress to the wedding.

  • shelholl4moloweeatwh Post author

    These girls are off point. Adrienne is 100% right in the beginning. You are starting off here on a very important relationship. Trust me — from someone married 36 years, seen the marriage of four sisters, and has married off three daughters. What if the mother in law is paying for the wedding? Then you are in for being controlled. If she wants to wear white, the bride should wear black? Then that woman is going to expect to get her way . Maybe the older woman just doesn't know any better, , but this is a boundary, not a fashion, issue. Why would a mother in law WANT to wear white at her son's wedding ?? That's the question. Set your boundaries. Tell her yourself — please don't wear white. If you aren't ready to tell her yourself, or your husband isnt ready to do it, you all will have problems with this mother in law relationship more down the road. If an aunt or guest wears white, it's weird, it's tacky if the mother in law wears white, it's a problem.

  • Jasimen Metcalf Post author

    I never knew it was a rule … but I thought it was tacky if u wore white or like rude … so no one does it lol🤷🏾‍♀️

  • j d Post author

    My mom wore ivory to my wedding and my dress was ivory. She’s an attention seeker, but I was still the bride so Tamera was right, folks hated on her for it, so it was what it was

  • Frank& Beans Post author

    Adrienne face in the thumbnail is my reaction.

  • Miss Maww Post author

    I would have say something to her and whom ever I'm getting married to

  • Natalie Rocheleau Post author

    I disagree, in Greek traditions all the bridesmaids wear white to confuse the bad spirits. Let the bad spirits find the momster in law. IDC anyways lol

  • Mrs Victoria Post author

    I wouldn't care

    Wear whatever you like

  • A-A-Ayyye! Post author

    Why Adrienne change her opinion? Makes me think she's a take what you give/say even if she does not agree type of person. Hmm.

  • Jarnee in the House Post author

    I'm sorry, to say that "you're not in the right state of mind to be getting married" just because you want to stick to tradition and be the only one wearing white is trash. Idc if the mother in law is paying for half of the wedding or the whole wedding, it's a known thing not to wear white. I know that no one will outshine me on my day, but that's the thing, it's MY day. I had a specific vision for my day and that doesn't involve anyone in white, but me. PERIOD!

  • shazza more Post author

    Adrienne u sure damn care. Cut the crap

  • Deja Joyner Post author

    NO ONE and I mean no one is allowed to wear white on my day u can wear white just not to my wedding that's just me

  • Ann Mal Post author

    Somebody wore a long white dress for my wedding… not nice but I kept it cool

  • Rita Williams Post author

    Adrienne switched it up real quick lol

  • Michelle Echeverria Post author

    Before my wedding I asked my mother and law what color she’s gonna wear and she said off white I said no lmao. I said it’s too close too white. So she wore dark blue.

  • Paige W Post author

    What kind of creepy Jocasta freakwad would wear a white dress to their son's wedding? Gross. Way to try to make it look like you married your own kid in his wedding pictures.

  • Krishawna Annette Post author

    Well me personally, DO NOT wear WHITE to my wedding. I don’t care, don’t do it. White is pure and if I save myself until I marry the man of my dreams do not wear white 🙃

  • Jess Urbanski Post author

    No way in hell would I let my mother in law wear white. White is for the bride. It's just wedding etiquette, unless the invitations says otherwise.

  • KEOSHA ANEILIA Post author

    I almost wore cream/off white to a friend’s wedding. I was really young and hadn’t really been to many or any weddings before. And she was much older than me. I just so happened to send her a pic of what I planned to wear. She was kind enough to let me know it was not okay. I honestly didn’t know better and I feel terrible and completely embarrassed that she had to tell. I truly didn’t know, but I am glad she told me!

  • jessica mcwilliams Post author

    to me it sounds like the mother in law wants to see how the daughter in law handles the situation. maybe she wants to see if you freak out, talk about her behind her back, or aren't petty about it.

  • A PAOLA Post author

    She tried it !!!

  • Jahnesha T Post author

    Mother in law is testing the bride lol

  • yankeeharp Post author

    I know someone who wasn’t in the bridal party and wore a bridesmaid dress.

  • Rimuru Tempest Post author

    My dress was black and half the guest were in black and I didnt mind.

  • turnip poppy Post author

    My dress was a ivory lace dress with sparkles and my cousin ligit bought a dress that looked so much like my own just short. And I tolf her she couldn't Wear it. It literally matched my dress so I had to put my foot down.

  • Candy Floss Post author


  • Jenny Case Post author

    Is this from the movie Monster in law

  • Darline Esquivel Post author

    The movie Monster-in-Law

  • Roxy Nialja Post author

    It’s a bit creepy of the mum to wear white. Like she ain’t marrying her son🤢

  • Arella Collymore Post author

    I'd let her wear white and go get my momma a white dress too. We gon' be the women in white TADAY hunty😂😂😂

  • Elexis Coby Post author

    I’ll buy her ass another dress. Cause The Lord still workin on me. Haha

  • Pedro Q Post author

    Doesn’t matter if someone wears white like really

  • khizottt88 Post author

    In Moroccan weddings its actually beautiful when the mother(-in-law) wear white caftans. Beautiful look. We don't care about the colour anyway…you'll know who the bride is 🤣🤣

  • Lindsay And Drew Post author

    ‪If you wear white to my wedding, you can bet your ass will be escorted off the premises. ‬

  • Penny Post author

    I agree that you should defintely respect people enough to make the effort to give them the limelight and honour their requests. Your true friends will naturally want that for you on your wedding.

    BUT , just as a side note in general, your marriage should be more about your committment not frivolous details. I see so much over obsession with needing everything to be a certain way, it makes me wonder is the wedding serving love or the ego? Also, just because you're getting married doesn't make you more important than anyone else or override their right to authentic self-expression.

  • Tabitha Medina Post author

    I wore a black dress and my husband wore all black when we got married. My mother-in-law, Sister-in-law, sister, and my own mother all thought it was weird and "bad luck" but I wanted to do something different and so did my husband 😊

  • sonnet Morrison Post author

    Moms invite would be taken back. Nope bye

  • AJem Roberts Post author

    Why did Adrianne change her opinion “it was low key rude on the Mum and she don’t like you anyway” clearly you think there is something wrong with it. You still also said “it’s not any Thursday, it’s your wedding day”… a bit contradicting hon. FOR ME no one will upstage me at my wedding period. And no one will be wearing white unless I state it.

  • angelica hachero Post author

    My mother wore white on my wedding… And I don't care… I'm just happy… Tbh

  • Gabriëla van Leeuwen Post author

    Ade is a beauty

  • Jasmine VJA Post author

    if she was clearly doing it to be petty, i would probably say something about her character but otherwise i dont really care about that particular tradition

  • Vanessa Ro-Co Post author

    I love Adrienne’s hair so much LOVE THE CURLS

  • Isis Bell Post author

    I agree with love. You go ahead and change up that Color and bam you good to go.

  • Luchu Post author

    Adrienne changed her opinion cause none of the girls agreed with her😂

  • Olivia Gwynne Post author

    BAD JUJU! You don’t wear to white to a wedding!!! No

  • Christina Del Carmine Post author

    I'm sorry but no you shouldn't be wearing white or any form of the color to someone else's wedding. That's just the unspoken rule that everyone should follow. Especially the mother of the groom. It's not even about the fact that it's white it is the fact that the MIL thinks it's okay to disrespect her daughter in law like that.

  • Miss Nicole Arie Post author

    I wore a white dress to the only wedding I’ve been to:been in…

  • marleigh bradley Post author

    I'm just old fashioned and I feel uncomfortable with it I had one of my closest friends ask me to wear one of my show choir dresses to her wedding which was a Christmas white and all I heard was my grandma in my head saying there are two colors you do not wear to a wedding white and black and I just couldn't I respectfully told her no

  • BitterSwt02 Post author

    I never knew that and I wore an off-white gown to my first wedding I attended as an adult (20). Lol I learned that lesson the hard way

  • Tiffany Gibbons Post author


  • Lucy Lu Post author

    This is why my fiancé and I aren’t even going all out for a wedding. We are just happy to be getting married. We’ll have the wedding in our yard, we don’t give a damn. 😂🙄

  • fiona aj Post author

    I was no my way to my cousin wedding and I had this cute dress that was white and my older brother and sister were tell me to wear it and I was like no you can’t do that. My brother why I was like because it is disrespectful and he was like no it is not at my wedding I want everyone to wear white I was like that is different. Then we went to my cousin’s wedding i didn’t wear the white dress but when we got there were two people in white and one was the bride and the other was another family member and when I seen that other family member I was like oh my. I was honestly lost for words. I was think how you go to do that

  • Tatiana Zephirin Post author

    You guys are so annoying , how did she steer away from her first opinion, she said what she said and stuck by it . All she added in was that clearly the girl is bothered by her mom in law wearing white so if she’s bothered she should solve it , but if it was her she wouldn’t care. Y’all need to rewind and RE watch smh

  • Ba Be Post author

    I am sorry but wearing white to a wedding is asking for trouble. I think you sometimes have to scale back for people. And even if you look amazing in white don’t do it. Let the bride have her moment and you can shine any other time. Just be considerate. It’s not your day. I am sorry but I think it is selfish af

  • cleng Post author

    When I got married, I didn't really care what my guests be wearing except of course them not be wearing their wedding gowns on my special day 😂 because I am more focused on the whole event hoping everything will turn out fine. Plus I had more important things to think about at that time than what my guests be lookin like. I mean for me, it's kinda rude to tell my guest to not wear certain colors to attend my wedding though..thats just me..

  • tylerart Post author

    off white means….WOW

  • Rebecca Johnson Post author

    Adrienne get on my damm nerves

  • Indi VD Post author

    Lol when I was 8 my aunt and uncle got married and I had a white dress..


  • Rachael Brown Post author

    I had about 5 females wear white tops to my wedding

  • Adetunde Babs’s Post author

    That is shady mum…….. off white or not that mother in law is trying, who does that anyway.

  • V Post author

    the show looks so different without tamar !! I stopped waytching before she left & im back to watch it now

  • Errs38 Ggggs Post author

    I did and they ask me and a week before they changed the color after I brought my own dress she didn’t wear white so what’s the biggie it’s just clothes and that’s not what or who you’re marrying ok what you put in what you get out not marrying your mother in law ok

  • artgeek626 Post author

    My only thing is like, there are THOUSANDS of different colors and out of ALL of them the mother-in-law is really going to choose a white shade for someone ELSE'S wedding? I'd probably say something just because it's literally one day that I want for myself and my groom, and if it makes you uncomfortable you should always say something.

  • Old Short Fat Asian Chau Post author

    Lol. I love how if the situation was the mother-in-law help paying for the wedding, she then gets to wear whatever she wants. XD

  • Lexie Stone Post author

    I love loni so much but her outfit reminds me of Yurio… that’s a good thing I just see him in her outfit lol

  • CAU18 Post author

    I honestly didnt know you werent supposed to wear white to a wedding until watching this video. Maybe she doesnt know. But at the same time… shes your mother in law. Shes not gonna outshine you. Your probably younger with a better body anyways. Why is this bothering you so much?

  • Pamela Martinez Post author

    Ask her not to come. Tell her to stay her ass at home them..

  • YoungDreezee Post author

    My mother in law wore off white to my wedding. It was really weird. But i shouldve known that my mother in law would move in with us.

  • 333pinkelephant333 Post author

    Honestly, no one's upstaging the bride anyway AND if someone's trying to steal the spotlight, she's just going to come off looking stupid and pathetic.

  • Erick Sims Post author

    Adrienne obviously would care. Her first expression says it all. Once gain going with the table a she is part of the crowd… ugh

  • Rifkah Kranz Post author


  • Anne Verne Post author

    I honestly did not know. Well! That because I am from another culture. I'm still learning the American culture.

  • Sabrina Siggers Post author

    I agree with Jeannie. That isn't stopping my shine… at all. Do u boo. No worries on my end.

  • Musiclover KeKe Post author

    i want my future wedding themed. soo… color doesn't matter, but the theme does. I'd be bridezilla for the theme. No Party Poopers. No excuses I'll have extras.

  • A M A R A Post author

    Tameras Mel B hairstyle >>>

  • A M A R A Post author

    Adrienne was the only who was making sense until the end

  • Charlene Barnes Post author

    The mother n law may be old school and never even heard of this stupid “rule”.Talk to her……. could go good or bad.💁🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Euneil Labrador Post author

    After telling my fiancé’s parents my bridesmaids are wearing a malice pink color. Since I was wearing the color to lunch, I pointed to my dress.

    My mother in law said she was planning to wear that color too. I felt upset inside. I suggested she wear a dark red wine dress (similar to my own mother) so both could be recognized. I want her to look beautiful but, I think it’s strange especially for pictures.

    I told my mom and she said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Lol

    Our wedding is in over a year. I hope I can find something else for her to wear as a compromise.

  • 조혜선 Post author

    For sure my mom in law won't wear white on my wedding , but if she want , i don't care because I Love Her 💖

  • The Sweet Forever Post author

    Girl it’s your wedding, tell her she isn’t coming 🙄. Uninvited her. Plain and simple.

  • BMJSpitteler Post author

    Why are some of you so aggressive… It doesn't matter, you're the one getting married and all eyes will be on YOU, not your MOTHER IN LAW FFS.

  • Fatima Badawi Post author

    I don’t care if someone wears white to my wedding a) because that’s not in my culture b) there not going to look better or equal to me even if they came in wearing the same dress

  • maritza mendoza Post author

    Don’t wear white after you had a labor because your period is heavy

  • Nelly Nzeyimana Post author

    That is nothing my mother in law wore a tiara and bigger than mine 🤷. I tried not to care but it bothered me

  • Pedro Q Post author

    Just a damn dress 🤦‍♂️

  • X Nine69_ Post author

    The mom is being childish for that but idrc so just do u

  • Ana Gaby Montes Post author

    I Love Tam ♡

  • CouragetheCowardlyLion Post author

    I don't care. Don't wear white to my wedding. Don't wear off white. Don't wear eggshell. Don't wear cream. I will have security. You will be escorted out. This will be on my invitations. Try me.

  • Fenty Post author

    If my son is getting married I’mma wear whatever I want at his wedding foh hoe

  • Abdul Hadi Yazid Post author

    Asian wedding is different. Wedding dress is made with bling bling to the maximum it is hard for other bitches to upstage the bride. And in general we do not have a dress code to attend the wedding.

  • UnforgettableAlice Post author

    Nah I’d be pissed I’ve been dreaming of my wedding day sense I was 5 years old…. my wedding is in 5 days if someone comes to my wedding wearing white or off white. (Cause my dress is off white) I will legit kick them out of my wedding. Disrespect me on my wedding down you ain’t never talking to me again. Period

  • Sam R Post author

    As someone who is PALE I will not be wearing strait white on my wedding day my dress is going to be an off white/cream color because of my complexion. So anyone saying they were wearing off white would be wearing a color really close to my dress, and I can't guarantee how I'd feel. Especially if I may bring it up and no one else felt the need to say anything. Because personally I'd expect my fiancee to jump in so I wouldn't have to say anything to their mother and that says a lot about them as a person.

  • sylvia basco Post author

    Ughhh! Adrienne just make up ur mind!!!

  • HOBISGRIN Post author

    I’m not even wearing white to my wedding most likely so whatever

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