MOST EMOTIONAL AUDITION EVER! Judge Breaks Down After Contestant Sings Her Song | Idols Global

MOST EMOTIONAL AUDITION EVER! Judge Breaks Down After Contestant Sings Her Song | Idols Global

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– Are you ok ?
– Yes (Hello) – He’s his twin brother and his mother
– Ok – What’s your name ?
– My name is Yadam Andres I’m coming from Venezuela and i’m 19 Are you coming from Venezuela now ? In fact, in Venezuela, I’ve won a song contest by “Alliance Francaise” And the price was to come in france for 1 week Travel and some other things So, how long have you been in France ? Three weeks, and four days Oh ok, you cheated, you have extended your trip – Yeah, yeah, yeah
– And it’s ok ? Are you adapting well ? Yes, I love it, I love France The french language. It’s been five years since I begin to learn it With music, with your songs – With “Coeur de pirate”‘s songs ?
– Yes, yes I wish I could stay here longer, study here And start a new life here, for me,
and And after, that my family joins me And how is it going for your family ? It’s hard. Find food, it’s hard.
Find a job also. Violence is very high. – And that’s why I do not want to go back
– I understand But I have nothing planned It’s just life who gave me that This is the road I am taking now.
And I’m very happy. What are you going to sing ? It’s a surprise… It’s time to unpack the surprise, to open the gift wrap – It’s a surprise !
– Oh ! You want to… – Obviously !
– Ok, you don’t want to… – I would like you to guess
– I want to guess in fact, it’s the song that made him
win the contest to come in France – It works, blind test, let’s go
– Ok, thank you (Coeur de pirate’s song “Crier tout bas” )
I saw you tracing along the landscape A line of loved ones who destroy your language And when you’re singing louder in your silence I kept on seeing tears Running down the wrong way But when the seasons Will wait for your return The wind will bring help to you And if the earth is dark if the rain is drowning you Tell me just so we can shiver together And If that day never comes During the night of the lost ones Tell me just so we can scream in a whisper – I’m so proud of him, that’s crazy
– Scream in a whisper Oh, scream in a whisper What ? I let him continue Scream in a whisper – Thank you
– Well done – You made us cry
– You see what you did ? So it’s a good surprise In fact, the contest I did That gave me the opportunity to come here It’s your song – That’s what you sang to the “Alliance française”
– That’s what i sang – You sing that song beautifully
– Yeah, really It’s the song that changed my life Because I wouldn’t be here without it – I’m gonna cry
– Yeah, me too She’s crying too It’s thanks to you, to this song, that he’s here Your makeup artist will be much less happy But we are delighted It was extremely moving, well done Benjamin ? Something wonderful happened What you did with this song, the way you interpreted it The second breath that you gave him Because taking back a song is that It’s… I love it by Beatrice, i love it by you And i think you’re a beautiful singer, very good musician – Thank you
– Beatrice ? Uh, I’m sorry I am very emotional because Because I sometimes wanted to stop making music I’m gonna tell the truth I sometimes thought about it,
I thought about it before doing the show I thought it was not for me and then every time there are moments like this, where I’m in concert When I live moments like this I’m reminded why I’m doing this And… And i want to thank you
because it’s a really important song for me Really. Anyone never retake it I have never really heard it Every time I do it live, it’s very hard for me And… And it’s like you had brought the project back to life It’s like you’ve brought me back to life also,
so thank you very much – Thank you
– Thank you I am speechless Can I bring him this ? Oh well it’s the least, it’s normal It’s four “Yes” by the way I’ll bring you this …
Wait. Can I walk ? I don’t even know Tell me She gets up to kiss him I am very honored to meet you, it’s great In fact, I said that… No, it’s me In fact, I said that I wanted a hug from you Look, they make a hug It was his dream He wanted it. Whatever happens. He wanted a hug from “Coeur de pirate” His mother also cries Oh my god – Thank you very much, i’m very happy
– Thank you Yadam, well done Thank you (claps) See you soon (a despues),
I don’t know how to say it “Hasta luego !” – Thank you
– “Mucho gusto” (pleasure)

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