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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, today I’m going to show you my morning routine So sometimes I have to go to school very early And then I have to like roll out of bed take a shower, eat breakfast, get my stuff and get going and sometimes my lectures start in the afternoon Which means I have the whole morning to do my stuff and get things done so I thought it would be a lot more interesting for you guys see my longer morning routine so that is what I’m going to show you today So I try to get up as early as possible And the first thing I do is I grab my phone and I check my social media And I check my email which is a waste of my time I know But I just do it anyways and when I get up, I make my bed, and I clean the area around my bed because when I go to bed, I often just put my clothes on the floor and my books and my laptop And it gets really messy, so I just clean it up in five minutes So when I’m done cleaning the area around my bed and making my bed I grab my bathrobe and then I go downstairs to the bathroom to wash my face to brush my teeth and to take a shower, I always shower in the morning then I go back to my room, and I get dressed and I Put on some jewelry and some makeup And then I go back downstairs to eat breakfast To be honest I find it really difficult to eat breakfast in the morning because I’m pretty nauseous in the morning But as soon as I eat something I instantly feel a lot better, so it’s kind of important for me to eat breakfast in the morning And, I don’t eat anything special or something, I just eat two sandwiches, and I try to drink at least two glasses of water When I am preparing my breakfast I also make my lunch for that day of school because I also need to go to school of course and I just make a couple of sandwiches and A cookie and a piece of fruit and a bottle of water, so that’s basically my lunch Then I go back to my room And I start to clean my desk because whenever I work on my desk, my desk gets super messy so I always spend five minutes cleaning everything up before I start working because it helps you to get focused and it’s just a lot nicer to have a clean work area So After that I checked what I have to do and then it’s time to actually get started I already answered a couple of emails, and now I’m going to do a little bit of schoolwork so today I am going to summarize Accounting that’s one of my courses this semester and I really want to pass and I’m really not good with numbers, so I really have to put some effort in this. My boyfriend is an accounting student. He also helps me a lot with understanding everything And then after that it’s time to pack my back I already made a video on what’s in my bag if you want to, check it out. If you haven’t seen it yet. I will leave a link Up in the right corner and in the description box below in case you’re interested and what I take with me to school or the library And then I take my coat, I head downstairs And I grab my shoes and then it’s already time to go to school So I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to give the thumbs up if you enjoyed it I have a bunch of videos already filmed this month So I will leave the playlist up in the right corner or in the description box if you haven’t seen those ones yet, and I hope you all have a wonderful day And I’ll see you next time bye guys


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