Mom forces daughter to come to court & Judge Caprio’s Parenting Advice!

Mom forces daughter to come to court & Judge Caprio’s Parenting Advice!

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(upbeat music) Surrayah Abbot. Good morning. Good morning. You wanna get before the other mic? Okay. Okay, now, who’s here? I’m the mother, she the daughter, she was driving. Oh, the car’s in your name. Yes. Oh, and what do you do for a living? I go to school. Where do you go to school? Paul Cuffee, on Elmwood Ave, yeah. Okay. You’re charged with going through a red light on Westminster and Barton Street. Do you remember this? Yes. Is there anything you wanna tell me before we look at the video? Yes, I’d like to say it said turn right on red after stop, and I believe I stopped. Okay, so you stopped? Okay, and you’re lucky because we have a video. We’re gonna show it to you. (softly laughs) Okay. Okay. Let’s take a look at it, Lisa. Did you stop? From the video, no, but I believe I did. Can I watch that again? Let’s watch it, here you come, here you come, here you come, here you come, here you come, here you come. (softly laughing) Oh yeah. After. Did you stop? No.
After, like way after. After.
No. Yeah. Right on red, then after, you stop. Yeah. (lightly laughing) You got that, Inspector Quinn? I do, Judge. (softly chuckling)
(courtroom softly laughing) That’s what the sign says. Make a right on red, and then sometime after– You stop. Makes no, after, you stop, right? Maybe in your driveway you stop. Say I made the right, and I got home, and I stopped, right? Yeah. What do you think about this? We had a severe lecture about that ’cause she just started driving. So I talked to her, “From now on, “please pay attention to the sign and stuff.” And she was like, “Mommy, I did stop.” I said we’ll go to court. She’s supposed to be in school today. She told you she stopped? Yeah, she told me she stop, I said– She stopped when she got home. Yeah. She’s supposed to be in school this morning but I’m like, “You gonna go to court “and view the camera to prove whether you stop.” So that’s why we’re here. Now I’m asking you, did she stop? No. She didn’t? She didn’t.
Okay. So, I’m ask– Did she miss school this morning? Yes, she’s missing school. Twice she got over on ya. Yeah, so pretty much I hope she learn from this, not to miss school. If you can give her a break, this is her last year. She graduating. She can use that money to buy her cap and gown and we really appreciate it. Well, first of all, I can see here a real strong family unit. Thank you. Which impresses me, and I’m impressed by the fact that you forced her to come into court this morning. Thank you. So it shows me that, you know, that you’re setting a good example for her by telling her, you know, you’re gonna go in and face the consequences. You didn’t come in and give me a sob story, oh, my poor daughter and all that. You forced her to come in. So I’m not gonna give you a record on this. Thank you. I’m gonna give you a break. I think, based on what your mother’s telling me, we want you to stay in school. Promise? Promise. You’re gonna stay in school? Yes. Okay, that’s very important. Have any other children? Yes. How many? Two girls The oldest are 20. She go to URI. Oh. This her second year in college. She’s down at Kingston? Yes. What’s she studying? Psychology. Psychology? Mm-hm. Send her down here, we could use her. Okay.
(all softly chuckling) All right. I want her to stand next to Inspector Quinn. No.
She’ll quit. No, that’s what I was gonna say. I need to keep this job a little longer, Judge, so please have her remain down at Kingston. (softly laughing) All right, good luck to both of you. Thank you, sir. I appreciate it.
Thank you. Good luck to you. Have a good day. If you know anything about Judge Caprio you know that he treats everyone with respect and dignity. And usually at the end of each case he smiles and wishes the motorists good luck. Good luck to you. Good luck. Good luck. But every once in a while, he adds a little something extra. Good luck to you. That’s right, a wink, and trust me, those winks are special. They’re not given out often or without merit. It’s like being knighted or winning the President’s Physical Fitness Award. Thanks again, President Carter, for mine. So Mrs. Abbot, Judge Caprio was obviously impressed by how you’re raising your daughter, and so am I. (bell softly chimes) Monique Reed. Good morning. Good morning. Your motor vehicle has been booted. Yes. You have a number of overtime parking tickets outside your house. I only had knowledge of five so when they told me it was that many clearly they must be right. So I didn’t realize it was that many. Get close to the mic please. I didn’t realize it was that many. I only had knowledge of the five, so. Do you have a parking space for your vehicle? No. All right. You know you qualify to buy a parking pass. Now I do. Which will allow you to park on the street for one year. Yeah, now I do that, I heard you say it before. Okay. You have 11 tickets. It’s a total of $220. Those tickets tripled because they were not paid on time. Mm-hm. So with penalties, it’s $660. Okay. Do you have any children? Yes, I have one.
How many? One, how old? Nine. Nine, so in school this morning? No, September fourth he goes back. Oh, okay, few more days? Mm-hm. My inclination is, I’m gonna charge you the originals but I’m gonna charge you half of the originals. Okay. Which would be $110 on your promise that you will buy the parking pass. Oh I will, yeah, I’ve learned my lesson. Okay. We’re not here to make it difficult for you. Mm-hm. Right, so if you buy the parking pass, one year now you can park on the street. Okay. What’s your child’s name? Americo. Americo? That’s a nice name. Thank you. What’s his favorite subject? He doesn’t have one. (softly laughs) No? No. Might a been mine, recess. (softly chuckling) Well, here’s what you wanna do. When I was a youngster, I lived up on Federal Hill and it was a five-minute walk down to the Providence Public Library. So, my parents were born in Italy, so you know, we didn’t have any money. No one had any money so if we went to Cranston, that was like a cross-country trip when I was a kid, right? So, but I traveled the world by going down to the library and reading books. He likes reading. So I was gonna now encourage you, buy him a book. Buy him a book. Okay. Yeah. Get him away from the cell phone looking at all those games, let him read. Reading, you know, he can see the world. He can listen to famous people. He can read biographies, right, and make sure he goes to college. Okay. That’s the second thing, I won’t dismiss these tickets unless he goes to college.
(Quinn softly laughing) (Monique softly laughing) I’m gonna come back here in about 10 years and see if he goes to college. Okay. So once I pay will they take the boot off? Yeah, they’ll do everything at the window–
Okay. They’ll call the company for you. Okay. You have to pay a boot fee, however. How much is that? The boot fee is $100, it’s mandatory. Okay. Okay, all right, good luck to you. All right, thank you. It’s an indisputable fact that our children must read in order to succeed. And that is why I encouraged Domonique to buy her son a book. Books are the windows into all kinds of worlds that will spark Americo’s imagination and ignite his curiosity. And curiosity is the compass that will lead him to find his passion, and when he finds his passion, he will find his future. As Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talent. “I am only passionately curious.” The future belongs to the curious. So please, buy your children books or go to your local library and read with them. It’s a great investment in their future, and maybe all of ours as well. Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune into Caught in Providence every weekday. Excuse me? You didn’t know Caught in Providence is also a TV show? Oh wow, you’re life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to, click on your local listings, scroll down ’til you find your hometown, then start doing your happy dance. That’s it, move it, move it, nice. All rise and hit Subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge, subscribe now.

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    Your setting a good example to force kids to go to court and follow the rules mum!

    Case dismissed 😁✔

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    I'm not confident 😢 please I need help

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    Shouldn't have let her get away with going thru a red light. Maybe a discount but not a free pass

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    The daughter was so polite it good to see kids with manners made my evening here in London uk

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    Judge Caprio, true wisdom.

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    I really appreciate how Judge Caprio can make you at ease. But I think that he really should have give her a small or average high fine for that. Also, best mother's choice of bringing her daughter to court.

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    Your honour,you are a beautiful soul and ever so inspiring

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    and Hi From Algeria Dear Caprio .. i think people over there still don't know what the stop mean and what's park ticket mean .. i think they need more books to read about road trafic as you said reading book is the windows of the world .. and Hi again from Algeria

  • William Jones Post author

    I've been watching this program for quite some time now and it seems that there are issues with parking in Providence. People can't park in front of their own property or have to get some sort of parking permit from the landlord. Wow.

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    Let's hope that the young lady hasn't already made a habit of "stopping" at red lights. Otherwise the dismissal may not have been the just call. However we know the wisdom, integrity and experience of Chief Judge Caprio so we can rest assured that justice is served.

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    I'll repeat — Judge Caprio for Supreme Court ! I have endless respect for this man and I try to model my treatment of others after his wise words and actions. I wish all judges were Judge Caprio. Also, if you find yourself in Bakersfield, CA, do yourself a favor and go to Frugatti's. Their Garlic Chicken Calzone Deluxe is seriously a food from Heaven. Just ask yourself, What Would Jesus and Judge Caprio do?

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    A great saying at the end of the video. Thank you very much.

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    Fun comment: Inspector Quinn doesn't have a neck. 😉

  • DDAA Post author

    I think all stops other than straight at intersections and 4 way stops should be changed to “slow and use caution, stop if necessary”
    Makes more sense.
    Nobody was in danger by her not “stopping” at the light. She slowed down enough, had a clear view, made the decision it was safe to go. Why be punished.

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