Menendez: Too Early To Judge Whether Killing Soleimani Has Restored ‘Deterrence’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Menendez: Too Early To Judge Whether Killing Soleimani Has Restored ‘Deterrence’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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23 thoughts on “Menendez: Too Early To Judge Whether Killing Soleimani Has Restored ‘Deterrence’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  • Michael Finnegan Post author



  • Michael Finnegan Post author

    God Bless Beloved President Trump. As usual, MSNBC is making mountains from mole hills and spreading fake news. President Trump has saved this country. Lowest unemployment, stock market at a new high AGAIN, Illegal aliens being deported and the flood of those law breakers is slowing, Factories springing up everywhere, North Korea mouthing off but handled, Russia crippled under sanctions, evil democrats about to see jail time for their attempted coup, ISIS destroyed, terrorist's on the run world wide, wages up and taxes down, the wall being built. Now he has completely tamed Iran and won yet again. Beloved President Trump was right. Conservatives are almost tired of winning!  Beloved President Trump has improved the lives of every American that is willing to contribute to society. Black, yellow, red, brown or white, Beloved President Trump has proven time and time again that he does not care what color you are. He cares about Americans. A fantastic President who will see reelection in a landslide. MSNBC should be embarrassed. They are nothing more than freedom hating communist.

  • Crimdor Post author

    Foreigners are scrambling for how to move forward in the comment sections.

  • The Safespace Post author

    Hmm! The child molester.

  • She's my President Post author

    This Menedez guy is a really bad perv that MSNBCannibals have been protecting!! Understand when media portects criminals like this Menedez bag of slime.. People are hurt.. How come he is not in jail?

  • I.M. Peach Post author

    Iran is not deterred. Its full steam ahead trying to secure some nuclear bomba's asap whether tRump likes it or not!

  • David Boatman Post author

    Please don't be stupid!!

  • Moebius Post author

    "Trump my scepticism"
    "Get it? TRUMP my scepticism"


  • Wallace Mulls Post author


  • chriscolonamg Post author

    Solomani Picture

  • Tokunboh Ijadimini Post author

    Wait till another hostage crisis and then you know what Iran can do!

  • Dave Farr Post author

    The Obama pallets of cash deal? What kind of deal was that? You are fake news.

  • Dearly Diane Post author

    What does a Puerto-Rican senator have to do with US politics?

  • Geoffrey Post author

    What everyone is forgetting hezollah and shia militias don't have their revenge yet. Lets face the music, worse is to come. If trump and Iran ever get to a deal it will mean that troops will need to leave middle east and lift sanctions from IRAN. I dont think the US is ready for that. Killing suleimani was the worst tactical decision that US ever did.

  • ScootMagoot46 Post author

    Iran's proxies will be killing Americans for years to come… at least for as long as Trump is in charge.

  • Mandingo long Post author

    This guy is corrupt

  • eliotno3 Post author

    It'll take way more than a few days for all the possible "#2" targets in America to feel safe from assassination

  • Honkytonkified Post author

    "Nuculer" program? Even Google voice doesn't use this word. How do you guys even get elected without a vocabulary?

  • Mary S. Post author

    Bob Menendez stop being a pu$$ycat .

  • tintinesk5 Post author

    Can’t Mia Khalifa, Iran’s favorite girl, play the diplomat role and fly to Iran, make ‘em smile again ?

  • Dana Sleeper Post author

    Thanks For Bringing This Over Due Terrorist to Justice and RE: Congratulations President Donald J Trump on the USMCA!! Thank you so much and all of your administration for working on this so hard, we the American people appreciate it very much and thank you Mexico and Canada for your part in this is great doing fair business with you ☺️🇺🇸🙂

  • T S Post author

    Ahhh I highly doubt that Iran will not get even! We are all in more danger than we have been since world war two!

  • Revealing Serendipity Post author

    I predict that this is another Quid Pro Quo (I'll do this for you, if you do that for me). When the truth comes out, this will be proven to have been just a made for TV propaganda film coordinated by Russia/Iran/Iraq and Trump for financial gain, distraction and redirection and/or other benefits to all parties concerned. In the meantime, some enterprising reporter of the facts needs to find out who were the Russians on that plane in Florida while Trump was at Mar-a-lago. Investigative reporters it's time to earn your next Pulitzer. This will be the story of the decade.

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