Meet the new Lesley University President Janet L. Steinmayer

Meet the new Lesley University President Janet L. Steinmayer

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That emphasis on education as being transformational
to speak to the issues that we see in society today. I’m Janet Steinmayer and I’m the seventh president
of Lesley University. So I come to Lesley with some perspective,
the perspective of a parent, whose son had a marvelous experience here in the Threshold
Program. Then being a trustee and learning firsthand
a lot about the community here. Right away my son felt embraced and he felt
empowered and that sense of the community coming forward so quickly. He got that in a moment. My son was a big influence on my decision. For him to say that he was delighted that
I would come back and live near him was an incredible compliment. My parents have definitely been huge influencers
in my decision to become a leader in education. My mother who grew up in the North End in
a very large family, and didn’t have the opportunity to go to college until much later in life. I have a huge appreciation for adult learners
and why they come back. I look forward to working with the community
to articulate that distinct place that I think Lesley serves in the higher education community
and for the mission of preparing students to go out into the world and make positive
change. Devotion to social justice in this community
to making sure that everybody feels an equal sense of belonging a sense of access is deeply
held here. Lesley has an amazing opportunity to take
advantage of the unique programs here around the human arts and the visual arts. Things around human comprehension, human connection,
human communication. I think this position allows me to bring together
my business experience with what’s obviously for many years been a great passion of mine,
a passion around higher education. More and more in the last few weeks, Edith
Lesley has been an influence on me and her strength as an innovator as a person who looked
at a problem in society and said lets go out and let’s start figuring out how to solve
that problem. I believe those thoughts and values are embedded
deeply here at Lesley University and will inform what we do for years to come.

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  • Clara Angelina Diaz Post author

    As a Lesley Alumni and Ambassador I am so happy that our new president is not just a highly capable woman professionally, but a parent of a student who benefited from the nurturing place of growth that is Lesley University to me and many of my friends who have graduated for it.

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