Markiplier and Jacksepticeye Play Sort the Court – ANIMATED! | The Two Kings

Markiplier and Jacksepticeye Play Sort the Court – ANIMATED! | The Two Kings

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Markiplier: So I’m a king in a far off land
and I have to sit on my throne and answer the questions or requests of my horrifyingly
disgusting people and hope to help th-the-them stay alive! Royal Advisor! Royal Advisor (Jack): My lord, I’ll help you
rule your kingdom, but you have to make the tough choices. Just say yes or no, understand? *Inhales* Jacksepticeye: Yeah, baby! I understand! *Sparkle sparkle* *Ting!* *Exhales* Little Timmy (Jack): Oim lil’ Timmy! Noice to meetcha! MuuAAH! Can I haffa coin? Goddammit this AS*hole. Mark: No! Yettu (Jack): I would like some money please. How ’bout no? Winston (Mark): Hey it’s slime day! Got a present for me? No! Mark: F*ck off! Mark: Yeah, get outta here! (Stutters) Who cares if it’s slime day? I wasn’t told about this! Aw look at this little dude! Yet Yet (Jack): Mom says I need to ask your permission to go on an adventure. So, uh, can I please? Pleeeeeeeease? No. Yeah, sure, why not. Boys will be boys. Ah haha~ Yaay! I’m so excited to go exploring. Bye! *Punch* Have fun out there! Grandma (Mark): Reeeeh, I was considering opening up a soup shop. Think it’s a good idea? I’d need some gold. Aww, Grandma’s soup? It would be CRUEL of me to say no to GRANDMA! BUT I REALLY WANT TO! Alright, fine. You can open your soup shop. Very well, I’ll sell my soup in the town sq- (stutters) That was like a quarter of my GOLD, Grandma! Highway ROBBERY! Alright, bye Grandma. Have a good one. Skelly (Jack): I found a way to summon people from another dimension. Want me to summon some folks? Yeah, okay! Hell yeah! The more the merrier! WooHOO! Magic of questionable origins! See? Just leap into the darkness and hope for the best. Cat (Mark): Meeow. Looks like he wants somebody to pat his belly? Nnnno yes no yes no yes no yes no yes no~ HOW CAN I TURN THAT DOWN?! He’s so cute. Aw, Grandma! Oh, no you can keep it, Grandma! Have it for yourself. *Grandma sparkles in approval* Awwww, thank you, Grandma! Thank you! *Stomp* Yettu (Jack): Hello good sir I have returned. Would you give me some money this time? Say “yes”! Yes. *Vaccum cleaner sound* *Smack* *Meow!* NAA I’m in debt! SOME money isn’t ALL my money plus more! A hundred gold? A HUNDRED? Mark: Eeuuohh! Mason (Jack): Should we sell off some of our construction supplies to get you out of debt? No. I appreciate it, Mason, but you know what we’re gonna need those supplies to build the town that we can’t afford anymore. That’s what I hoped you’d say, but we still need money somehow. Yeah- go FIND somethin’! Jack: Your tiny little arms! Jester (Mark): Ooo! I wish to put on a show. May I have the funds to do so? I- I’ve got very little NOT-funds… Yes? I dunno. (Echo of Jack: “Just leap into the darkness and hope for the best.”) (“-leap into the darkness”) (“-into the darkness”) UUMM, how about a lil’ F to the U to the C K GET OUT!! Too bad, too sad. Go Cry in a ditch. Oh, hello! Little Timmy (Jack): Would you like ice cweam? No. Why would I like ice cream? Whawaa? Imposibllle! Get outta my court! *Fwoosh* Mystery voice: Hey! Georgie (Jack): Now here’s a deal for you, pal! Give me some of yer people’s happiness, I’ll hook you up with some GOLD. Sounds good? Yeah! I mean, I think they can-they could do with comin’ down a peg or two! The people of THIS city are becomin’ TOO smug! *It’s raining coins* AAAOOO! Oh, it’s rainin’ coins! Oh! All over my FACE. Oh, I love it! So much cooins! Georgie (Jack): Hehe, yeah buddy! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Who ARE you? (Thanks for watching! -Janice)

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