Manifestation Journaling: SCRIPTING with the Law of Attraction

Manifestation Journaling: SCRIPTING with the Law of Attraction

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I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve done a sit-down video but I remember how to do this okay hello my babies welcome back to my channel I’m Leo Alexandra a few new welcome to the baby elephant community on this channel we discussed the law of attraction and techniques and tools to improve your life before we get into the video I have a few announcements the first one is I wanted to give a big shout out to my girl Stephanie in the Philippines you guys won’t believe this but the other day I had to call customer service for something and I was transferred over to Stephanie she’s the one who helped me and it turns out that Stephanie’s a baby elephant when I found out I nearly cried it was the coolest experience ever and I just wanted to say thank you so much for watching all the way from the Philippines Stephanie I love you you’re so sweet and continue to chase your dreams and your goals the second thing I wanted to say is that we’ve raised almost $700 with my infinite agenda for crutches for Africa told you guys that I’m pledging my commission that I received from the sales to crutches for Africa it’s a charity that hold really dear to my heart right now and with my coadley or 50 you get 50 percent off of your own journal and 10 percent of the full price goes to crutches for Africa so thank you guys for using my code and for raising money with me it only cost three dollars to send crutches over to Africa to somebody in need so all that money is going to a great great cause the last thing I wanted to talk about is we sold out on the balancing on that you guys I’m I’ve never felt this way in my life I’m so grateful I never in my life thought that the first product that I created and sold and did everything A to Z myself would sell out in one week I’m in shock I’m amazed and I just want to say thank you to everybody thank you so much for helping me make my dreams come true if you aren’t interested in still getting on an ambulance I’m considering doing a second drop so let me know in the comments and I’ll see if there’s enough people that want it so the last time I did a video on journaling I kind of skipped over my man station Journal jelly journaling technique that wasn’t on purpose it was just there’s so much information I needed to get to you guys that I just kind of forgot about that so today I decided to do a video completely about how I use the law of attraction in my journaling how I use journaling to create the life that I want so the journaling process that I find to be the most effective has a main to it which I actually just figured out what it’s called and now it makes sense why everybody was asking me in the comments can you do video a video on scripting and I had no idea what it was but there’s a name for it what I do is scripting now scripting is basically you get to narrate or rewrite your current situation your life your future you get to design your entire life your entire world if anyone’s ever seen that show West world I believe it’s called there’s a character I don’t remember if her name was Maeve moths something like that I’ll put the clip in here to show you guys but basically she found this new pop this new power that she has and she would narrate things out loud and they would play out in front of her eyes they would play out in this world Clementine took the other girls and treated the newcomers at the far table to a stunning view of them most popular attraction on the house you boys are new you and the bartender suddenly recalled he had some whiskey in the back to water down when I saw that I remembered how powerful script team is and how fun it could be also so that gave me a little reminder and I returned to scripting last December or on my birthday around the new moon I added scripting to my new moon ritual I wrote three to four pages of this script and I will talk about this more later but every single thing that asked for manifested and I wasn’t asking I was just writing things as I want them so there are several different ways you can go about scripting and its truest form you’re a writer and you’re just writing everything in detail the way that you want your life to be you’re writing everything as is in the present form but the way that you desire it you can do this as an actual script you can assign roles and explain characters you can literally learn how to write a script and write a script up for how you want your life to go down the way I do it is a little bit more simple and I find it to be just as effective all I do is I write in the present tense I will write a letter to somebody or just a journal entry in the present tense and I will describe how my life is I will talk about how my relationships are what I’m doing in my life what I’m doing for fun what I’m doing for work what how I’m helping other people my financial situation I’ll write everything down but in the present tense and the key to this is focusing on emotion I used to do scripting back in the day and the reason why I kind of let it go is because I didn’t see that much of an effect from it because I was missing the key ingredient which is emotion if you focus on your emotion on what the emotion that your desire elicits you will be able to manifest that desire so quickly emotion is the most important thing to focus on so what you would do is instead of write I have the most beautiful husband or I have the most beautiful car you would write I’m overjoyed to be in this amazing relationship or I feel so much success since I got this new car things like that I saw changes when I started to implement emotion into my scripting so definitely try that out especially if it hasn’t worked for you in the past now another super important thing is to write with gratitude be thankful for everything that you are attracting into your life so I’ll write right right and I’ll sneak in there like I’m so thankful to have my beautiful healthy family I’m so grateful to have this amazing career I’m so grateful to be able to make this much money show thanks to everything that you have in this script out life show thanks to everything that’s yours but is it might not be in your present reality but it’s going to be in your reality because you are scripting it out in the beginning it might be a little bit difficult but it’s going to get so fun for you to just look around every day and decide what you want from life see a relationship that you want to have a relationship like that or see a house that you want and sneak those things and write those things add those things into your script when you do write those things into your script you want to be as descriptive as possible now you don’t necessarily want to be descriptive because you have to be descriptive in order to get what you’re asking for that’s not how it works the reason you want to be descriptive is because you’re paying more attention to detail thereby paying more attention and putting all the focus on your desire and when you put the focus on your desire that’s when it starts to come to you that’s when it starts to manifest so you don’t have to be crystal clear about what you want because it won’t manifest unless you do that’s not true whatever you want even if you’re not really sure even if you’re asking for a feeling will manifest but if you’re having a problem attracting this into your life will really help is focusing on the detail so that you get into this flow state so a lot of people ask this question how often should I script you can script every single day you can script once a week you can script once and then never do it again you can script once a year or once a month like I do I script every new moon now and I found it to be extremely extremely effective you can write everything one time for the rest of your life just script out the rest of your life and then never open that book again throw away that piece of paper but you don’t want to throw it away because you want to go back and your read everything later on because you’ll see that all manifested in order for it to be effective you don’t have to do it more than once if you do decide to take this on and do it every single day you can make different stories you can script different aspects of your life and you can change your scripts also don’t take this seriously be very very light-hearted about it otherwise it’s not going to work the whole concept behind scripting is that it’s supposed to be fun it’s supposed to be light-hearted you’re focusing so much on having fun doing it that you don’t have any time to doubt it so the reason why scripting works is because it gets you into the flow state the flow state is when you’re having so much fun you’re so immersed in an activity that you think of nothing else your insecurities disappear your dots disappear and it’s just pure fun enjoyment and passion when you get into this flow state that is the optimal state for manifesting also as you write you are spending your time focusing on the little details focusing on this thing that you want and giving it so much focus because you want it to come out perfect you want this to be your life and you have a high vibration so what you’re actually using here is the 17 second rule you’re holding your focus on your desires for a good amount of time therefore amplifying the power behind your manifestation it’s going to come to you so much faster and what’s really important is that scripting allows you to create this new habit where you start to think and speak about the things you want in your life as if they’ve already happened in your life you speak of things as you want them to be instead of complaining about things as they are that new habit in itself is going to change your life and just allow you to manage so much more efficiently I want you to look at this as a game that helps to speed up your manifestation it’s supposed to be fun you’re the main character in this you can make a life exactly the way you want it all you have to do is make decisions and then allow it allow it to happen so I’m not going to give the exact example that I wrote back in December because it’s a little bit personal but I didn’t describe a person that I want in my life and I wrote three to four pages just describing this person so you know that there’s a lot of detail there I kid you not on I told this person a while ago that this happened I manifested them into my life word-for-word they are the embodiment of this manifestation and it’s just it blew me away but it was just another confirmation of this very very powerful universal law if you put your order in it’s going to come to you do you have another example that’s actually really interesting that I’m going to talk about on manifestation Monday as well so many of you guys know that I used to want to be an entertainment news reporter and a host for many many years I wrote down what I wanted to do what I wanted to be and right before I started taking it very seriously I was about to be there us and the precipice of being it until I completely dropped out of the race completely dropped off of the the industry and just never went back however I had spent so many years scripting about this literally explaining how my life would be morning tonight that it had to have come to me the opportunity and the option had to have come to me so it was very interesting because this past week I received an email from a recruiter a very very big news station who saw my videos had my resume on file from a while ago and decided that without an interview she wanted to offer me a position to be an entertainment news reporter to do interviews on the red carpet to come up with breaking news but well everything that I basically wanted without an interview just offering me the job and it’s it’s so crazy how things change your desires much might change but if you focus so many years on something the opportunity is going to still come to you one day so you’re still going to have the ability to do whatever it is that you wanted to do even as a child the things that you were thinking about for years as a child those opportunities are going to come to you so I think that’s enough unscripted today I hope that was helpful to you guys if there are still any misunderstandings please leave it in the comments below I or somebody else from the community is going to answer we all answer each other’s comments I try to answer as many as possible I hope you guys enjoyed this video and until my next one as always keep your vibrations way way way up by you you

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    I don't like people sitting around me bragging all of the time.

  • •LDNXTINGZ Post author

    i love to hear her say scripteen ❤️

  • Elizabeth Post author

    How many times do i write each day? Is it like 55×5 or??? Can i write it on full moon?

  • Ness7 11 Post author

    I love you and your energy. Im so happy to have found your videos. I'm going through so much in my own life. I'm coming into myself. I've been going through the dark night. Crying as I'm writing this. I need to journal allot more and wanna learn more about law if attraction. Blessings and love to you always

  • Gabriela Silva Post author

    OMG FINALLY, I want to script like an actual book, with descriptions, dialogues, "characters" and yadda yadda yadda, but no one seems to do that (they do in a letter format) and you're literally the only one I found that said that I can do this and get results.

  • Emely Dotel Post author

    Can I script about the same thing every day?
    Can I script about many goals at once?

  • Telesia venasio Post author

    \\\i did this at the start of the year, and i realised one of manifestation came to reality, i scripted that everytime i go to class i have a friend to sit next to i didn't realise this at first but it totally works!

  • Ana Germoso Post author

    would this only work by actually writing in a journal? or can it be done on your phone as well? like in your notes.

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