Man Says She Set A Paternity Trap, Judge Says He Was Irresponsible (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Man Says She Set A Paternity Trap, Judge Says He Was Irresponsible (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor.
This is the case of
Cedeno v. Ramirez.
Thank you, Jerome.
You’re welcome. Good day, everyone.
Mr. Cedeno, you are seeking the results
of a paternity test for Ms. Ramirez’s
old daughter Aislinn. You claim you two broke up and now you have no feelings
for Ms. Ramirez whatsoever. You say she’s claiming
you are her baby’s father in a fraudulent attempt
to get you to come back to her. Yes, Your Honor, yes. JUDGE LAKE: Now, Ms. Ramirez, you say, despite that
accusation and claim that Mr. Cedeno got
another woman pregnant one month before
you conceived your baby. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Now,
to protect that relationship, you argue he’s trying
to cover his tracks by pretending he did not
father your child as well. So, Ms. Ramirez,
let’s cut to the quick. Are you trying
to trap your ex with this baby? RAMIREZ: No, I’m not trying to trap him
with this baby. I’m actually, I’m very shocked,
I’m very hurt that he would
even deny her. He’s my first love,
he’s my first boyfriend,
my first everything. And I’m tired of him
sending me mixed signals, He comes to my house,
and he tells me
he doesn’t love me, he doesn’t wanna be with me. He’s always trying to
hang up on me. He tries to sleep with me, and I’ve even
tried to prove it… I’ve proved it multiple times
to his girlfriend, you know. There was even this one time,
where, you know, I had to let her know, that I’m gonna
sleep with Michael.
And she… JUDGE LAKE: Wait,
wait, wait, now, wait. (CHUCKLES) You talked to his girlfriend? RAMIREZ: Yes. I told… And you told her? Yes, I told her that I was… JUDGE LAKE: You just
called her on the phone? Oh, well, I texted her first. Then I told her
that I was gonna… (CROWD GASPS) I told her that I was
gonna sleep with him, and she told me
to prove it, so when we were having sex, I called her on the phone,
so that she could hear. (CROWD GASPS) What? RAMIREZ: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute, you got on the phone
with his girlfriend. RAMIREZ: Yes. I gotta get this. (RAMIREZ LAUGHS) You said, “I’m gonna have sex
with my ex,” which is
your current boyfriend. RAMIREZ: Yeah, because I… She said, “Prove it.” So the way you decided
to prove it was… By calling her, so that
she can hear it for herself. Wow! Okay, so, Mr. Cedeno, you’re not over there
denying it. It did happen, I mean,
I’m not gonna deny it. And I was with
my girlfriend when it did and I have my, pretty much
my list of doubts of why I pretty much think
Aislinn’s not mine. JUDGE LAKE:So despite
the fact that you’re admitting,
that you do still sleep
with Ms. Ramirez, even though you’re
in another relationship. Yes, it happened,
I just slipped up one night. JUDGE LAKE:
Just that one night? One night, no. All the time. Well, it was day time, yes. JUDGE LAKE: Just that one day? That one day. RAMIREZ: No,
it’s been consis… Only one day. These last few years,
we’ve been sleeping together. It’s not just
that one night, it’s all the time. She’s got like five to four other guys
that she sleeps with daily. So I mean… RAMIREZ: I don’t sleep with… I don’t have time. Mr. Cedeno, are you
submitting to this court that you’ve only
slept with Ms. Ramirez one time since you’ve been
in the relationship
with your current girlfriend? No, we’ve been sleeping… CEDENO: No, this
is since I’ve… I have… I keep track
of my monthly cycles. I know when we slept together. I’m asking you. No. We slept together
just a few weeks ago. Not since I’ve been
back from Atlanta. No. JUDGE LAKE: Really? (CHUCKLES) Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, you two were broken up. RAMIREZ: Yes. You moved on,
you had a new girlfriend. Yep. I got her pregnant. JUDGE LAKE: But you ended up
at Ms. Ramirez’s house. Yeah, I have
two kids with her. JUDGE LAKE: So you
have two kids with her. Yes. Three. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: You went
to visit your children and end up visiting
your ex-girlfriend. Yeah, and I had pretty much
fallen victim that day. (AUDIENCE GROANING) Oh, you fell victim. How are you
falling a victim when you’re the one
that initiates it? JUDGE LAKE: The victim! He’s the one
that initiates it. You admit to
having sex with her. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
But you claim the child in question, Aislinn,
is not yours. No, the time and dates
don’t add up. There’s no physical way. RAMIREZ: The time
and dates add up, because he was staying
with me when
I got pregnant. Plus, she’s sleeping
with the enemy, so there’s no way… I wasn’t sleeping
with no one around the time
I got pregnant.
I slept with someone about seven months
before I got pregnant
with Aislinn. And then I didn’t start
speaking to him again, until I was
four months pregnant. So I was already
pregnant with Aislinn when I started talking
to that guy again. So, how is he the father? So, now, Mr. Cedeno,
you stated to the court that you got a list of doubts Oh, yeah, I got a list. JUDGE LAKE: I’d like
to see that list. Jerome, can you hand me
that list of doubts? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Okay, one of your doubts
is that you weren’t
in a relationship at the time, and she was sleeping
with two or three other guys
at the same time. Yes. Now you heard that,
or you know that for a fact? I know that for a fact.
He told me and she had told me. He heard it. He heard it. You’re talking about
who told you. Uh, this would be a person
that lives near me that I pretty much
don’t like and she… I only slept with him
to get back at him. She intervenes with him
to make me jealous… I did it, yes, for revenge. …which I couldn’t
have cared less. So she admitted that
she slept with him, but did you sleep with him
during the time of conception? No, I slept with him
seven months prior, And then,
the next time
I slept with him, I was already
four months pregnant. So he can’t be the father. I think she got
pregnant too fast.
There’s no physical way. And she has an obligation… RAMIREZ: It takes
one time to get pregnant. JUDGE LAKE: So,
wait, wait, wait. RAMIREZ: One time. One time. Your second doubt is that, you feel like
it happened too fast. CEDENO: Yeah, there is no… What do you mean? I don’t know
if it takes that long. CEDENO: Like… Like, there was
a year between difference between
my son and my daughter,and then,
she had this third kid,
which I wasn’t even around her
that much long of a time
for me to even
be the father. And if I was, why wouldn’t she
put me on the… JUDGE LAKE: So,
you’re saying that, when you were with her,
when you all were
in a relationship, it took a year
to conceive your first child. CEDENO: Yes. And then your second child,
it took six months. Six months. So you’re saying
this just came up too fast. She sent my friend this text… RAMIREZ: It only takes
one time to get pregnant. …saying that, “I’m gonna
have you get me pregnant.” AUDIENCE: Oh! Three minutes later,
she’s pregnant. (ALL LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: So, you heard through the grape vine,
through a friend, that she was setting you up. Yeah, he showed me the text. JUDGE LAKE:
And what did it say? Pretty much,
“I’m gonna get Michael
to have another kid with me.” Well, I just had
a kid with my girlfriend
a month prior to her baby that she just had. RAMIREZ: You mean, pregnant. So you got a baby right now,
by your current girlfriend. Yes. And this baby
is one month older. Yes. The baby
in question here today. Only one month older
than the baby you have
with your girlfriend. Yes. (SIGHS) So, pretty much,
as I’m happy with her in my relationship now, she’s been trying to just
pretty much throw
some salt in it, like… I mean, the time and dates
don’t add up. I want to figure out, why is it that
when you go over there
to see your kids, you end up sleeping with her? It’s there, it’s easy. JUDGE LAKE: So just
’cause it’s easy? Yeah. It’s pretty much
not good. Let me give you some advice
about how you stay
out of Paternity Court. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: When you
go visit your children, if you’re not able to resist
your ex-girlfriend, then take your children
somewhere outside of the house. Go to the park,
go to the mall… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) …go to the movies. You’re right, and I do that,
but then it’s always like
a catch-22. I could take the kids,
but can you do this for me? That’s not why I’m here. RAMIREZ: No,
it’s never like that. I let him take the kids. He’ll say he’s gonna
take the kids for a few days, he calls me hours later, talking about “I need
to drop them off. “I need to go do something.” He doesn’t like to keep them. So I’m more
comfortable with him watching them at my house. And what’s the point
of taking them if you want to return them?
He’ll say, “Okay,
I’m gonna take them “for a few days.” JUDGE LAKE: Well,
since we’re asking questions, I have one for you. If he’s not that responsible, for the two that you
already have with him, and you don’t trust
them with him, why in the world are you
trying to have another baby with him potentially? I’m not gonna lie, part of me wanted
to have another baby, and another part of me did it out of jealousy,
out of spite, because of the other girl… ‘Cause she wants to trap me. ‘Cause of the other girl
having the baby. So, I think, in my
subconscious mind, I decided to get pregnant,
’cause she was pregnant. Was it your subconscious mind? Or was it your
super-conscious mind? (CHUCKLES) Maybe… JUDGE LAKE: Let’s be
honest Ms. Ramirez. Okay, maybe
my super-conscious mind. I did it to get back at her,
which is… I feel bad for it. Just… I love my daughter, and I got pregnant
for the wrong reasons, but that’s why I did it. CEDENO: So is that why
you had an ovulation calendar? So you admitted
to the court that you keep an ovulation calendar. RAMIREZ: I have
an ovulation calendar because I keep track
of my monthly cycles. And then… So that you can have me
come over when you’re ready. No. I keep track
of my monthly cycles so that I know
when I’m getting… You know,
when I’m getting ready… You know… AUDIENCE: Oh! You say you’re keeping
an ovulation calendar. I keep it
for my monthly cycles. It just so happens
to also let me know the days that I’m fertile. JUDGE LAKE: Just so happens? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: I have it here. This tracks the days that you are fertile
on your ovulation calendar. RAMIREZ: Yes,
and those hearts are the days
that I slept with Michael. JUDGE LAKE:And those
are all on fertile days.
RAMIREZ:Yes.Just happened to be? RAMIREZ: Yes. Sounds like a trap. JUDGE LAKE: Aislinn
was born in July,track it back nine months,those could potentially be
the dates of conception. Yes. On purpose. You also claim another man
actually told you he slept with her. Oh, yeah, he told me. JUDGE LAKE: Who’s this person? RAMIREZ: I didn’t
sleep with anyone else. This is a person
around where I live,
he don’t like me. So you don’t think
he would lie just to… CEDENO: Lie? He’s been over.
I’ve seen him go. I’ve seen the texts
from him to her. RAMIREZ: You’ve never
seen him go over there. You seen texts
between this guy… CEDENO: Yes, I have. …and Ms. Ramirez. Idiot shows me it, like, “Look, this is
what I’ve been doing.” Okay, why you
showing me this, huh? Well, there’s an obvious reason
why we’re both doing it. But that doesn’t mean
that I got pregnant by him. JUDGE LAKE: So you admit,
Ms. Ramirez… I’m not
on the birth certificate,
I’m not on none of that. She has your dimple, she has your skin complexion. She doesn’t have
my skin complexion So that’s on your list
of doubts as well… CEDENO: Yes,
the looks of Aislinn. …Mr. Cedeno, that… Aislinn doesn’t look like you. I don’t think. JUDGE LAKE: So when you
found out you were pregnant, you immediately thought
it was Mr. Cedeno’s… Yeah, he was there. JUDGE LAKE: You thought
to yourself, let me get my calendar out. Well, I knew I was pregnant, because I never miss
my monthly cycles, so I knew that, just being a day late,
I already knew I was pregnant. But I’m not
on the birth certificate. RAMIREZ:You didn’t wanna be… Why was I not there
for the birth? RAMIREZ: You didn’t wanna
be on the birth certificate, you didn’t wanna be
at the birth. When you came
to bring the kids
to see the baby, you wouldn’t even hold her. JUDGE LAKE: So wait a minute, what’s his relationship
been like with Aislinn since she’s been born. He doesn’t really
pay much attention to her. He won’t hold her. If he does hold her,
he makes up an excuse as to why he has to
put her down, he has to go to the bathroom,
he has to make a phone call. Just last week,
he referred to her as,
“That thing is crying.” Mr. Cedeno, to a beautiful
little baby, “that thing”? Yeah, but that’s also
a burden on my life. Like, I have two that
I already have enough trouble providing for and caring for,
and you wanna bring a third one in? RAMIREZ: Well then,
you shouldn’t have had sex with me! JUDGE LAKE: A burden
on your life? Yeah. The burden on your life
is the fact that you can’t
keep your pants up when you’re supposedly
supposed to go
visit your children. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) That’s a burden on your life is lack of self-control. You’re right, but… This baby is innocent. How is it… Yeah. True. So whether or not
she is in fact your child, she deserves better
than to be called a “thing.” CEDENO: You’re right.
You’re right. That’s very hurtful. My kids ask
why he won’t hold her. I don’t know
what to tell them. And it hurts me
that he does that. I grew up in foster care. I grew up without my mom.
My mom denies me. She pays more attention
to my brother. And I don’t want her
to go through that. (SNIFFLES) I don’t want her to see him paying attention
to the other kids and she’s not getting
love from her dad. That’s hurtful. Sometimes,
that messes people up. And I don’t want her
to ever go through that. And I don’t think it’s fair. She doesn’t deserve it. JUDGE LAKE: No, she doesn’t. Do you want Mr. Cedeno back? A part of me does, but if he acts the way
that he does, no. I mean, I want him
to be there for our kids. Yeah, for the kids. Not you. Pretty much… RAMIREZ: Okay,
but it doesn’t matter, you should still be
willing to help me out. Any time I want him
to babysit, he wants me to pay him. Why should I have to pay you, JUDGE LAKE: Pay…
to pay him to watch
…to watch his own kids. The two children you know
for certain are his. Mr. Cedeno. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) It is nothing that bothers me more
to hear in this courtroom than a parent of a child calling it “babysitting”
for their own kids. You don’t babysit your own kid. And therefore, you’re not
entitled to payment. That’s ridiculous! (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Now, I’m trying to figure out
why in the world is she trying to purposefully
have a third child with a man that she got to pay
to babysit for the two that you already have. This whole story, it doesn’t make sense to me. When people begin to manipulate and sneak… You want to control him. I just want my family together. JUDGE LAKE: You want
your family together. I think our kids deserve
to have both parents. Now we’re getting to the truth. There is nothing wrong
with a mother’s wish that her family be together, that she be together
with the father
of her children. But what is problematic
is when you go about scheming and plotting
and then admitting to do so, run another girlfriend crazy, calling on the phone
while you’re having sex. This is… This… RAMIREZ: I don’t like her. JUDGE LAKE: Well, that’s fine. She’s manipulative also. You can not like her,
but you don’t have to
do all of that. My point is this. When a person
begins to plot on you, you wonder in your mind,
what else they’re capable of. CEDENO: Probably anything
and everything JUDGE LAKE: Now, Mr. Cedeno, whether you are
or are not the father, let’s be clear that you need to get
your act together as well. Because none of this… (ALL CLAPPING) …would have been possible if you had, A, respected your
current relationship enough
not to cheat. RAMIREZ: Which he does,
multiple times. B, respected your children in your ex’s home enough
not to work them up that every time you come over,
Daddy might stay with Mommy, ’cause now they’re together,
or now they’re not. And C, respected the mother
of your child enough to set boundaries. If you don’t want her back,
stop sleeping with her. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) It’s time for the results. I’m ready to figure this out. Jerome, do you
have the envelope? I do. There you go. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and are as follows. In the case of
Cedeno v. Ramirez,
when it comes to
old Aislinn, Mr. Cedeno, you… In the case of
Cedeno v. Ramirez,
when it comes to
old Aislinn, Mr. Cedeno, you are her father. (ALL CLAPPING) I told you, she is your baby. Now you can’t deny her.
She’s your kid. You look surprised. Little bit. I’m not surprised. Yeah, you knew
what you were doing. You wouldn’t be surprised. RAMIREZ: Yeah, exactly, okay. That’s how I knew
you were the father. I had no doubt in my mind. JUDGE LAKE: Now, Ms. Ramirez, as I’ve sat here today
and I’ve listened
to the testimony, trust me, there’s no
doubt in my mind that you planned,
plotted, and produced literally, and figuratively,
this situation. But Mr. Cedeno, you better believe
you played your part. RAMIREZ: Yup, he sure did. JUDGE LAKE: To the fullest. Now, Ms. Ramirez, you have three children
by Mr. Cedeno. If he don’t want you,
let him go. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) You cannot use
a child as a pawn to keep a man. The only person you hurt
in this situation is the child. So, now, what will we do
going forward? Hopefully, he can
co-parent with me. No, we’re not gonna
“hopefully” co-parent. We’re gonna co-parent. Mmm-hmm. As it relates to Aislinn, you need to
get on this bandwagon
and join it fast Mr. Cedeno. You got some making up to do. Okay. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) I learned from
Judge Lake today that it’s important
to take care of my children, and to co-parent
them together, ’cause our kids can’t
pick their parents.

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    You are nasty respect yourself ,one day that. Will come back to you hurting another women feelings.

  • Duata Duati Post author

    The mom needs to watch her figure if she wants him back πŸ˜‚

  • Yvette Luker Post author

    I have no words SMH

  • Tumukunde Glorious Post author

    My dear keep ur legs tight for that so called man u deserve better than this let him goooooo u will be ok In Shaa Allah

  • Evelyn Miranda Post author

    Your stupidity made you be with this man that doesn't care
    about you get a daycare you trying to mess with his life cause it will get in the end.he no prize .

  • Yifat H Post author

    They are both the embodiment of stupidity!

  • Pawel Trawicki Post author

    they both are morons

  • Cecilia Gonzalez Post author


  • Rose Galang Post author

    Seriously girl you know that this guy is irresponsible and yet you got a 3rd baby… Both of you are crazy obviously this guy just want to have some fun.

  • Adrienne Clark Post author

    He’s whack af! And his facial expressions annoy me πŸ™„

  • Habibah Ahmad Post author

    He is a low life for a father to baby sit too get pay and call this cute baby a thing wow

  • nderitu simon Post author

    Both of them are just jokers.

  • Aaron Brodie Post author

    This is what I don't understand if you don't want too get someone pregnant then why not wear protection then…….. I'll wait??? Still waiting?????

  • Petra Catogge Post author

    She should get alot of child support from him

  • Taylor Sipp Post author

    Trifling heffer and dirty dog. That could be a new sitcom!

  • Petra Catogge Post author

    She looks just like him!

  • Chana M G Post author

    I feel so sorry for this girl. He was her first everything, she must be heartbroken, so sad that she doesnt have a real family, its always easy to judge people when your not in their shoes thats why its important not to judge either sides

  • Gia Gianni Post author

    Very tasteless couple poor kids will be raise by idiots

  • Rebecca Swilling Post author

    They are both nasty, both have no morals,standards or values. The child will suffer, just awful

  • Sweet_Sophie Post author

    Ugh I hate how his mouth moves. Disgusting.

  • laceypennies Post author

    I choked on my tea when I saw the very last clip.

  • Jamie Ebron Post author

    He on oneπŸ‘ƒβ„

  • Anna-Maria Garbas Post author

    He is soooooo annoying. His got one of those faces you want to give a knuckle sandwich too. Like she put a gun to his head and MADE him sleep with her.

  • Sharri Garvin Post author

    Judge has been watching screaming people for so long now these people are pissing her offf so much she is screaming πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

  • Castynept E Post author

    He said he gets the cookie because it's easy but he's in another relationship…

    News flash: Try something harder to prove yourself as a man, like being faithful to one partner!

  • AuroraLalune Post author

    Say this with me now: BABIES DO NOT FIX RELATIONSHIPS

  • MiamiBoy 305 Post author

    He talk like Donald Trump

  • Diane Thomas Post author

    She’s a mess he’s a mess πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  • FINA DE-la-o Post author

    It's both your faults, little man trying to act like he something? Little half a mother-f-er. All of you being nasty dogs in heat. I kept track of month-lees is what the Amazon women stated. So I know when in heatπŸ˜œπŸ•πŸ˜“πŸ€’πŸ‘¨β€πŸš’πŸ₯šπŸš’πŸ›β™¨οΈβ—»οΈ

  • hannah Ooi Post author

    Burden! And that 'thing'. Not only does he look like an arsehol! He is an arsehol! She is too! She knows he is an arsehol and has additional babies with him! Disgusting duo!!

    POOR BABIES!!!😭😭

  • ran with it Post author

    She beautiful

  • Shannon McDaniel Post author

    She's pretty. I hate she got stuck with this clown.

  • Harmanij4 Post author

    Why they don’t put the age & state anymore πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  • weight loss with Michelle Hilton Post author

    That baby looks just like him wearing a pink baby suit lol

  • ATLballer Post author

    Wait she was able to call mid stoke and have a conversation…..SMH

  • Jay Strauser Post author

    Omg what are the fighting over he is 4 feet tallπŸ™ƒ l think willie is missing one of his Lupalupa’s ..and that thing he does with his mouth that l think he πŸ€” makes him look hard makes him look like he is trying to put lipstick πŸ’„ on without a mirror 🀑

  • Carol Blake Post author

    "I told you…I had no doubt in my mind" mum. Judge Lake "you can not use a child to trap a man". He is trapped for at least 17 years. SMH

  • ebonyloveivory Post author

    Self Respect: NOWHERE TO BE FOUND
    "I am happy with my current relationship but she kept throwing salt in it."
    Ok but why are you letting her season the dish? πŸ€”πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈThese people really need to stop their nasty irresponsible habits 😣😣😣

  • weight loss with Michelle Hilton Post author

    Not sure what the fascination is with him….. surely there are many many nicer men out there

  • Jenny Miller Post author

    So obviously it's wrong to intentionally get pregnant to manipulate a man. But for the man- you don't get to claim she trapped you AND the baby isn't yours. If she trapped you, it's your baby. Lol.

  • lovettetlb Post author

    The Judge is wasting her breathe. They still going to sleep with each other and they'll be back again! SMH!

  • rose blackk Post author

    Her mustache makes her look like a man

  • Judith Matthews Post author

    Totally inappropriate behaviour from two people who should be responsible parents.

  • Johnson Family Vids & Vlogs Post author

    πŸ™prayers for the kidsπŸ™

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