Magnetizing What You Want From the Quantum Field – Law of Attraction

Magnetizing What You Want From the Quantum Field – Law of Attraction

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law of attraction breathe life into your desires magnetizing what you want from the quantum field magnetizing what you want from the quantum field field of energy that we live in is a mirror and a bridge between our inner and outer worlds is a very real field of energy as noted by science and it delivers to us according to our attention and emotion but it can only give back to us in direct proportion of what we give it to work with through medium passed down beliefs most people have been conditioned to feel the feelings of what they don’t want in life are often given information that pushes us into placing our attentional what were afraid of if we want to life by design it’s imperative to learn to cut through all the static and place our conscious effort solely on what is desired so we can magnetize those possibilities into our life how would life be different if we could simply choose what we want each moment of each day what if we can intentionally select our relationship careers levels of abundance and help there is very good scientific evidence that supports the fact that we can very quickly experience the things we wish to create for ourselves the thoughts that each hole regarding what we want is important these thoughts are the equivalent image of a quantum possibility in the realm of possibilities every possibility already exists it is the yin and yang this is a fundamental concept that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites you cannot have light without understanding the dark you can I have healing without receiving “law of attraction” breathe life into your desires magnetizing what you want from the quantum field suffering you cannot have abundance without knowing what lat is these contrasts show each individual how to decide what is wish for in life they are in place to direct a person to find and achieve what is most wanted however in order to draw these things in the physical manifestation thought process must go beyond the mind we each must reach into those possibilities that come from our mind and lock into the one that we most want to create one of those possibilities must be isolated the one of individual choosing this is the invitation presented to each of us from the universe once we have identified the possibilities that we most like to attract we must breathe life into it with the power of emotion to bring it into this world our love that possibility is what draws it into our reality to bring the quantum possibility into the particle reality of everyday existence emotion and sensation are the only ways to give these thoughts animation we each manifest daily moment by moment when we focus the conscious energy towards the choice that is desired and give it life through emotion it will show up this can happen within minutes or sometimes it is much later that is all dependent upon how much you believe you are the one creating it if your affirmations are empty affirmations with no life and emotion given to them they cannot become a part of your particle reality the thought must have the appropriate energy added to it to create it in the physical world make a list of all the attributes that you wish for regarding your desire being as clear as possible write down the details that are important to you being very specific if you were to go into a restaurant sitting at a table and tell the waiter that you wanted some food you may get one of many choices law of attraction breathe life into your desires magnetizing what you want from the quantum field available the universe is no different unless you clarify what do you want the possibilities of what you may get are endless and those possibilities may not match your desire once you’re clear on what it is that you want to create in your life it is very important to live life from that vantage point imagine that is already yours and it is already happening ask yourself the following questions to get into the feeling of living your desire what is life like now that I had the thing that I want most how is life different than it was before how’s my time spent differently how does it feel when I wake up in the morning what is my new day look like where do I lay my head at night who is with me what types of new experiences do I have and how does it feel to experience them it’s important to take the time to reach the feeling of how great it is to have your desire already in your reality these feelings lived throughout the day or what we come we feel as though this thing is already happened we invited into our life we combine the ingredients necessary to make it real and this can happen amazingly quickly it implemented with the full force of emotion and sensation in her experience can form the union between thought and emotion within each of us we carry three separate and yet related experiences these experiences are thought feeling and emotion thought is centered around the logical processing according to ancient wisdom thought is located in the energy centers of the upper region of the body if you’re familiar with chakras thought is generated in the areas of the throat law of attraction breathe life into your desires magnetizing what you want from the quantum field chakra the third eye chakra and the crown chakra each of which contribute to the thought process and its own distinct way this is the beginning of the creation process however bottle o will not manifest the thing is reality the second experience emotion comes from the creative centers these creative centers are found in the lower region of the body most notably emotion comes from the root chakra the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra these powerful centers what create human life and they have the ability within them to bring the life into all other creations desired when using the powerful strength of emotion we can literally bring life to our thoughts and make them manifest in our physical reality and thought and emotion are combined they meet in the center of the body this is the heart region of every law of attraction breathe life into your desires magnetizing what you want from the quantum field individual or what is known as the heart chakra this is the area that creates electrical and magnetic waves that influence the world around us it is where intense feeling comes from and how we manifest our daily reality feeling is the union of thought and emotion although the words emotion and feeling are used interchangeably there are distinct differences between the two feeling and emotion or two sides of the same coin and highly interconnected but are very different things emotions are lower level responses that create biochemical reactions in the body and alter the physical state originally helped our species survive by producing a very rapid reaction threat reward and everything in between there are more primal than feelings feelings are experiences which arises the mind interprets emotion there sparked by those emotions and colored by thoughts memories and images that have become subconsciously link the particular emotion and are more intimate to the physical body think of a time in your life when you love something very much and did not offer any resistance towards this thing you may note that it was or still is in your reality because of your pure feeling towards it conversely think of the things that you fear and how often those things show up in your life many people fear lack in areas such as love finances or good health and create those things their reality because of the intensity of emotion combined with thought the feeling keeps them in place this is your inner technology and their subtle ways of creating varying results for instance the thought or affirmation carried will create different results in a person’s life depending on the type of emotion that is combined with it it is “law of attraction” breathe life into your desires magnetizing what you want from the quantum field attract create manifest very similar to trying different ingredients in a recipe for a different result for example if you were to mix rice with chicken broth it would have a distinct flavor that vary from a version of rice mixed with beef broth think of the Rice’s the thought and the broth is the emotion when you change the attached emotion to a thought there will be a different result this is something that should be noted by every person trying to intentionally create their life the type of emotion combined with the thought is how we draw things into our life any thought combined with a varying degree of emotion will create a varying degree of feeling in the body and it’s the feeling that creates the force that magnetizes things to us many people since the fact that there is an untapped potential within the human body when thought and emotion become one we can move any mountain in front of us we must marry thought and emotion to get what we desire merely thinking of thought over and over using a mismatched emotion or even a complete lack of emotion will not create the intended result feeling is the language that speaks to our body and the energy within the quantum field there must be a conscious effort to conjure the feeling of having that thought has an already existing thing as well as how great it feels to have it the feeling game from the marriage is the prayer it is what is sent into the quantum field as a call to be created in the physical plane we have the ability to feel in our bodies what it is that holds this universe together the universe itself is based on feeling it will always deliver accordingly the quantum particles are made into physical particles to the strength of these feelings the challenge before each individual is to make it more than an intellectual exercise human emotion thought belief and feelings are nonverbal language that this field recognizes and understands and the quantum field of all possibilities these feelings create life if we are not specific about what it is that we desire and how we feel about those desires the field cannot deliver in the distinct manner we’d like for it to we have a power within us to transcend limitation we are more than the past we are more than any mistakes we feel we have made we are more than the limits that we impose on ourselves law of attraction breathe life into your desires magnetizing what you want from the quantum field

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    I did not picture $1,000 bills or $10,000 bills because the U.S. Mint no longer print such large denominations.

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    but still a lot of these "manifestation" techniques are good for achieving goals, but its because one is programming the mind to look for opportunities, its not magnetising anything.. if you don't believe me and think this stuff is scientific, you wont notice all the little things that debunk it.. One must be honest with oneself and not believe anything without evidence, and at the same time don't disregard anything as false without evidence.. Show me the evidence for this being true I would love to be wrong..

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    I've been studying quite a bit on Physics and Spirituality also and see that things that I thought were analogies are literal. We absolutely magnetize our desires and this begins an instant current with a time to distance ratio determined by emotion (electricity in motion) and the Law of Probability (where we start). We can't become a brain surgeon in a day but we can win the lottery today if we believe it more than anyone else who is playing today. Bruce Lee said the winner of every match is the one who believes he or she will win the most. I've seen many amazing things that I have wanted to see my whole because I believed that I would as the result of a Spiritual awakening but I didn't at the time think I could have much to say about the choosing but I saw them randomly one after the other, spontaneous combustion, singular ground cloud, supercell thunderstorm, and lots more in two years. I find very little friction in my interactions because I saw that there is no reason for enemies only friends and teachers. These things happened immediately only because I believed without making any effort other than believing what I saw to be true. Now it's time to focus my energy and remember that effort is resistance as I just read and believe. Peace, Love and Forgiveness for all.

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