LLM Sports Law

LLM Sports Law

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My name is Dr. Seema Patel. I’m a Senior
Lecturer in Law here at Nottingham Trent University. I teach on the undergraduate
and the postgraduate courses. And I’m also involved
in PhD supervision. In terms of research,
I have a PhD in sports law, particularly
inclusion and exclusion in competitive sports. I’m an active researcher. And I’m currently
writing a book. This course in a nutshell
explores sports law and law and regulation at a domestic,
regional, and international level, focusing on
law and regulation, commercial, sociolegal,
ethical, and scientific issues in the field of sports law. Sports law continues to be
an exciting and sexy area of study, because law and
regulation is examined in a context that appeals to us
all in some way, whether as fans or spectators of
sport, academics in sports, participants, athletes
in the sports sector, or those who are employed
in the sports industry. And when you study sports law,
you don’t just examine law it is truly a
multidisciplinary area. Because of its
multidisciplinary nature, it’s really appealing
to a variety of students and individuals from various
backgrounds, such as recent law graduates, practicing lawyers,
or professionals in the sports industries, such as those
from sport management or sport science. I’m actually an LLM
graduate myself. And it enabled me
to establish myself as a researcher and an academic
in sports law particularly. If you’re studying
on the LLM, you should be expected
to be challenged. You will engage in healthy
debates about key topics that drive sports
law at the moment. You’ll be encouraged to
engage in activities related to practical problem solving. And you’re really encouraged
to think outside the box. So we use very innovative
teaching methods to help encourage debate
and thinking in this area. Sports law is my passion. I enjoy teaching a subject that
I’m truly enthusiastic about. And it’s equally enjoyable to
have students learning a topic that they are keen
to absorb as well. I really feel inspired
by those who I teach, and that’s exactly how I feel
when I’m teaching on the LLM. Really the opportunities
are endless. You can go into the legal
field, because you’ll have some of the
prerequisite knowledge to be able to go
into that sector. Or you can go into
sport generally, whether it’s the
commercial aspect or the regulatory
aspects of law. You can even go into
academia research and further your interests in a
particular area of sports law. So really there is
a very wide base when it comes to practicing. I am a graduate of
Nottingham Trent University. I did my undergraduate
and my postgraduate here, and I also completed my PhD. I’m really attracted
to NTU as a university, because it’s set in such
a thriving and encouraging environment that’s really
diverse and welcoming to all individuals from
different backgrounds. There are many
different things you can experience in the city itself. And in the
institution, we really are forward thinking
in the way that we approach teaching and learning.

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    I have questions regarding this course. Anyway I communicate my questions to her or anyone knowledgeable in the field of sports law

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